How I Won The London Mayor Election

Niko Omilana

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    What happens when a youtuber runs for london mayor? Well this documentary will show you, hope you enjoy it.
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    Due to an error, a hugely important person was left from credits. Special thanks to NDL campaign advisor Ayaz Ali who was instrumental in our success.
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    1. Raul Vaquer

      I mean, how many people on London dont vote?

    2. Elisia's Evolution

      You did it for us, keep it going!!

    3. marco alkhaldi

      please try again after 4 years i beg u

    4. tebketi nipodmo

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    5. GlitchFox

      actual fucking legend

    6. Amberthatperson

      Just imagine niko on I’m a celeb that would be the best one yet

    7. Paralyzed Turtle


    8. DarkNeon

      20:20 oh no this made me die of cringe

    9. Shelley Maxwell

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    10. Yazmin Galan

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    11. The Cuber


    12. Claude Tiffin

      Congratulations Mayor Niko !!!!

    13. Brodown64


    14. Cody Harrison

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    15. Raid Server


    16. TizerTplayz

      I look so like niko it is so unreal niko please can we talk

    17. Cristian Martín

      What a strange black mirror movie.

    18. ASMR pro


    19. itzaey

      People that came from the sidemen video being butthurt, clearly don’t know that niko was playing a character and Phil knew that too so don’t act stupid and stop being haters (it shows that you guys are new sidemen fans that are kids).

    20. frostshock

      the only documentary I would watch

    21. Chewy

      Surprised Bxrry isn't here...

    22. HDF Aimen

      chunkz pro footballer

    23. King Slayer


    24. Skybe


    25. Skybe


    26. Skybe


    27. Skybe

      nice :)

    28. Skybe

      Hey :).

    29. HTV

      we need more people like Niko fearless and genuinely cares about the young people

    30. Brandon Evil

      this man said "from one BBC to another..." lmfao what a G...

    31. thunderpopzzz

      So damn impressed

    32. jake ison

      This actually made me really emotional like nobody believed in you and now look where you are, and with the faded music makes me just so emotional

      1. K Gordon

        Be warned! If you crawl any further up his backside, you may get lost.

      2. Hade

        by far the cringiest shit ive read all day

    33. PolarEnchants

      It's cool to know that he didn't just win the election for the meme, he actually had a reason in mind for why he wanted to run.

    34. Rohan Appavou

      The likes should have been the votes !!!

    35. mllop aeet

      Honestly, if he took it 100,000% seriously in 4-8 years. He could actually win.

    36. Pio Sinisa


    37. Adsdsdada

      *Wait... SEprom is commented for a SEprom video in SEprom*

    38. Ryan Powell

      It's his message that the youth need to stand up and be represented all odds were on him to lose and he still did very well, he did it while making a fool out of himself and for a less serious cause

      1. Ryan Powell

        @mllop aeet sorry that's not true the youtuber hasn't either

      2. mllop aeet

        only a youtuber has the ego to score 2% of the vote and think he won

    39. Ryan Powell

      Since you have we have kids now we need to watch the news like dad's happy upcoming fathers day I loved mine and I know yours will be magical Make sure to remember your father's face and think of the good men who gave their lives to watch this and please watch the videos if you do anything it helps a fellow father get back to his kids

    40. Alex Gabriel

      Narcissistic. Ego. TWAT. My conclusion after sidemen sunday.

    41. Abdullah hassan


    42. Syth xG

      Big up the ndl. This is inspiring 👐only Dubs. W W

    43. Ignas Pukas122

      VAR will be remobed from the premier league with The Glazers 🤣🤣

    44. Bee R

      best video ive ever seen tbh

    45. Sam Harris

      Misleading title?

    46. DELETUS

      Niko: Walks past his opponents Them: best wishes hahaha.

    47. Jim Bob


    48. Tropic Tickler

      america is boring


      Why isn't EVERYONE subbed to youtube?

    50. xKiwi

      your so akward but your also confident

    51. Nasi Lamak

      This is crazy. It shows what young people can do.

    52. Christopher Williams


    53. burstfire lol

      only a youtuber has the ego to score 2% of the vote and think he won

    54. Gregg Ruane

      my respect has went down because of the clickbait

    55. The Plant Paradigm

      Such a vibe!

    56. pasindu wickramanayake

      if you haven't been a bit of comedic, could've scooped more than 2% of votes !

    57. Jammer Gaming

      this video must go own in history, youtube themselvs commented on this vidoe and he prooved thosands wrong and was in it for the vibes

    58. jordan froggo

      this is why you have to be 18 to vote

    59. Tastier jungle 46

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    60. thaiboy20

      He genuinely has good manifesto points

    61. maretio Huur

      where MRbeast

    62. Creeperman 6499

      Count Binface tho

    63. Jackintosh A

      rq can u imagine how devastated your career would be if u were the guy who was beaten by COUNT BINFACE

    64. PLADAPUS

      This just shows how England is collapsing as a country. God speed lads, pray you survive the next 50 years!

    65. lukesky

      The first move is open fake mcdonals

    66. Anita Davis

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    67. WesleyAtkinson

      bro please don't get 'clinton'd' the youth needs you.

    68. EverythingBasketball D1 (EverythingBasketballD1)

      stop giving me 10000 ads

    69. maria Harris


    70. George El Murr


    71. Simon Richter

      Niko, it says you have 3.82 Million subscribers, but you didn't get 3.82 million votes. I think there's some voter fraud going on here...

      1. Verializable

        @cam's bestieee it's a joke, you're the one who's supposed to be using your brain

      2. cam's bestieee

        Maybe because not all his viewers are over 18 and live in london? User your brain.

    72. A9 Drilled


    73. Datte Bayo

      In tears mi lord.

    74. Fu Shi

      What a joke London

    75. Banana

      Guys Niko needs us in Big Brothers club go to MM7Games in the community page and vote foe NIKO

    76. adam info

      the funniest thing is that thw word niko or "نيكو" means in arabic fuck him

    77. howard


    78. adam info

      pov: you searched who is the mayor of london before watching the video

    79. Alec Morrone

      The mayor should show that he is interested in representing that entire community you have spoken for by allowing you to suggest a few changes that your campaign was based off of. respectfully.

    80. Pole Valuable

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    82. Kian O'Leary

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    86. Ben 10 Animations

      I voted

    87. suvas

      I've seen this in 2019 how is this only 2 weeks old

      1. Kryptown


    88. Luca Worley

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    89. Luca Worley

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    90. Luca Worley

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    93. Daffy Duck

      Niko kinda looks like the worlds tallest man

    94. Fiona Wood

      Were u I'm Uxbridge today

    95. RedeyeFR

      randolph dissed u ;/

      1. RedeyeFR

        @Ulises Castaneda nikoW

      2. Ulises Castaneda

        It's a joke don't worry

      3. YeetGod

        we know 😢

    96. Averic Aura

      LET'S GET HIM TO 10 Million Subs NDL!! WHO IS IN?