How To Beat Every Stand In "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Ch I"

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    People in your town are being attacked by enemies who can summon deadly spirits. These things can control your body, erase you from existence, command an unstoppable army, and even freeze time. Locked in the most dangerous fight or your life, what do you do?
    Thank you for watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable explained and review of how to beat.
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    1. Cinema Summary

      I, Cinema Summary, have a dream. A golden dream of a comment section full of JJBA memes and sh*tposts.

      1. Toilsome Actor

        A yo wtf

      2. zardy

        I, dio dont have a dream :(

      3. Just for fun

      4. Central Intelligence Agency

        Me too

      5. Nexxol

        Haha I'm the last comment

    2. black haired guy dc2

      Everyone:watching* Me:listening music in the background

    3. Max Englert

      I don’t think you’ve seen the series both of the jojo’s stands do have limitations like a time limit and amount of stuff to reform.

    4. GabTRG314

      14:10 josuke can't restore whatever the hand erases, so yeah

    5. Mr. Random


    6. Tenmei

      For the hand, it's stated in the anime that "Remember, my Crazy Diamond can't repair the stuff The Hand erases"

    7. Hortobågyi Balázs

      Omg joske looks awful

    8. wUt

      Meme gang

    9. cutethyrone

      Cinema, Jotaro's ability lasts for SECONDS, and seconds isnt enough time to look for a hiding, camoflauged killer , and also jotaro in JJBA:DIU (Wait..) Can only stop time for 5 seconds or so.

      1. cutethyrone

        Plasma: maybe i am a killer

    10. cutethyrone

      The urine: *chuckles* im in danger

    11. solar gaming

      i don't like how he made JoJo make sense that's the whole thing

    12. Sophia B.

      I- I didn’t even know this existed

    13. christian reales

      is that kira stands killer queen is coming woow

    14. Zithecus MC

      I wonder if there is somebody here who doesn't know that JoJo was originally an anime and sees it recreated as a "horror" movie of some sort. I do not find it scary knowing it's just a recreation of an anime series "JoJo's bizarre Adventure".

    15. THAT DOG

      Basically jjba with rtx

    16. Gamer Matty

      Jotaro sees joske SUS

    17. Trevor Nguyen

      how to beat older brother Stan which is a army get some plastic army solders so you can have your own army

    18. Weedbuck McChum


    19. A Random Chicken

      Dumb Jojo becomes smart

    20. A Random Chicken

      Water go brrrrr

    21. Strength is the new beautiful

      Archer has a stand arrow

    22. Nederick music

      koichi is taller than levi

    23. Gremmy

      bruhhhhhh, you said "the longer that jotaro stays in time, the more ground he can cover" Jotaro can only stop time for 2 seconds, he isn't like DIO who is a vampire and can keep making his time stop longer

    24. Gremmy

      *when you watched and read Jojo's bizarre adventure and just see this and how the movie changed some of the scenes*

    25. Agatsuma Zenitsu

      until he gets a sheer heart attack” good one

    26. Jay NYCE

      To be continued....

    27. Cooper Roberts

      Bruhhh you’re so smart you would expect SEpromr to be stupid but yet you’re naming every detail of the body

    28. Funnyx pg3d

      Imagine walking with some friends in a dark alley And u hear this narrator say: they just made the worst mistake

    29. The Silent Guy

      Yare yare daze....

    30. Scott King

      Did they really make the villain of the first episode the movie villain... man they beat him in like 2 eps

    31. Help me

      Yada yada zada

    32. TheABCshow 000

      I would tell araki to give me a overpowered stand

    33. The Atomic Food Truck!!!

      Bruh, Crazy Diamond can't fix things that The Hand erases. This narrator guy is very wrong about how to beat The Hand.

    34. JameshyiaZyra Dalmacio

      When you have a stand your hair its supposed to be like jojo's hair style

    35. FuzzyD1ce

      ‘’ and live a quiet life’’ KIRA YOSHIKAGE

    36. Cian Thompson

      "I would just stop time, run outside the house, find the killer, kill him, probably grab a sandwich and do my taxes while time is frozen"

    37. Lester James Guerrero

      Okuyasu stand meaning: Mad fold in Jojo reference/by viva reverie diamond is unbreakable but really fasr.

    38. Jadenggoh13 TwT

      “Up attack and slap he”

    39. DUH JUH

      Why would you even try to beat a stand, especially if you can’t even *see* a stand unless you’re a stand user.

    40. SilentCodeLockTC

      i- i cant i cant deal with this these memes i swear

    41. Jean Poh Gan

      Kira kills Okuyasu's brother but why?

    42. Jean Poh Gan


    43. Squishy Potato

      the fact that a live action jojo movie exists disgusts me, koichi isnt even the smol green bean >:(

    44. Joel Lim

      Dude,70%of the human body is water so that means Angelo could control our bodies

    45. Jackson Newman

      Where is the prequel to this movie Companywho made it jabPart three

    46. Potato Guy

      Damn the ad has jojo references

    47. T0NY STRK

      Just going to say that, Stands have range, and Crazy Diamond's range is only 2 meters. while Aqua necklace's range is 20-50 meters, also, the arrow is only giving people stands, because of worthiness, and if your not worthy you wont survive, but spoiler for others who didn't watch Jojo, Koichi gained a stand because Josuke healed him. and Jotaro's Star platinum can only stop time for 2 seconds in actual time. 19:09, is an ability from Killer Queen named sheer heart attack, the ability or secondary stand is only going to blow up it it's close to something hot, if your body temperature is high, the ability will kill you first.

      1. T0NY STRK

        Also, the best way to defeat stand users is by using a requiem stand, Requiem will only be obtained if the arrow thinks your worthy, GER or Gold Experience Requiem is the Strongest stand in the anime. if your stand is strong enough, you'll win.

    48. KWAN Ping Siu

      Holy crap the adds on this vid have Jojo music XD

    49. larzon playz

      njice joke

    50. Carlo Miguel Casino

      Yoshikage Kira

    51. Claire DReyes


    52. Keegan Ice Lugtu Barbas

      When the user dies doesn' the stand also die?

    53. Lhadee Tumbali

      Part 2? 😃

    54. Carlo Miguel Casino

      stando powa

    55. Weena Joy Pedrasa

      make them sckrim put the rokakaka fruit in there waut and stab him whith the knife

    56. Ultrabruh Is kinda

      Koichi what happened to your hair

    57. Ali Kunting

      if he was a stand user it wont eve be 50 days for him to get to dio

    58. SomeoneHumanMan

      wait, there's a live action version!?

    59. I-

      16:39 JoJo be like: WHAT DID HE SAYY??????????

    60. Reynaldo Vito T. PINEDA

      if I was him I destroy a few and recreate soldiers then recreate them for my use

    61. Epic Gamer

      This video is good and all but in the end with the army stand while punching the floor would make them fall the equivalent of the Statue of Liberty their small size means that they have a small terminal velocity and so making them take no damage


      Oh so they removed CHILI PEPPER

    63. nickolai Seal

      wait since when did they make a jojo movie wtf?

    64. Telafore

      14:41 So that statue doesnt get censored, but the blood does? Pause to see it, and look at the torso.

    65. Kamui 2004

      this movie is pretty cringe, but the anime is good so watch the anime instead

    66. Mr.Biggs

      11:43 Nice one 👍

    67. R.I.P. Ple Gaming

      So stands are like Pokémon but more connected to its users

    68. Foxy SML 99

      Nice joke sheer heart attack

    69. Dr unknown

      Season 2?

    70. Foxy SML 99

      That is not Jojo his name starts with Jo buttons with something else I don't remember

    71. Andrew Ewert

      How did you get SP??????

    72. DiavoloGej

      oi Josuke

    73. Genevieve Wilkinson

      did u even watch the anime or only this weird live action movie u should have just used the anime thing like wtf im not tryna be mean but i dont really like this ur just exlpaining the gross live action movie fuck it or did u even read the manga atleast like im really not tryna be mean but like y AND Y IS JOTAROSO OLD HES LIGIT LIKE 28 IN PART 4

    74. Jojo RBLX

      ZA hando

    75. MeMeArT

      bro anime is beater than film

    76. TETP

      yep, the anime was better. -I- -did- -not- -know- -why- -i- -said- -i- -when- -i- -have- -not- -even- -seen- -the- -live- -action- -adaptation-

    77. javan soetan

      this guy is a profesional murderer

    78. Dontoch

      this is and netflix anime adoptaton so a toy car comes when i did not see it in the anime bc it comes like 20 episodes after that shene

    79. srytus

      i wonder what live action shigechi looks like

    80. Potato Guy

      This guy might be watching animes

    81. Bamanath Fernandez

      is this on netflix.?


      For some reason I fought that having a power like a stand scientists would experiment on me or use me for there own gain like in the army.

    83. AMFangirl1

      Cinema Summary: ...Okay this isn't normal. Me: Yeah no shit🤨

    84. Talal Fitih

      You don’t like my hair have a piece of Bob the bildir

    85. Mike Cuneta

      If the brother of okuyasu wanted his father to die why didnt he just used okuyasu to erase his dad:/

    86. Enrico Ilagan

      Josukes stand is crazy diamond

    87. JazzBandit Clips

      So I’ve noticed multiple things so far that I felt like commenting about but one thing I need to say is that around the 10 minute mark he’s talking about using jotaros time stop to safely track down the killer,so I assume he doesn’t know jotaros limitation,being that he can only stop time for about 2 seconds at max Edit : yet another thing,at the 14 minute mark he talks about restoring the space deleted by okuyasu as a method to keep him away,crazy diamond can only restore things that still exist,and stuff swiped away by the hand no longer exits

    88. she be mad mad

      Lol crazy dimand STOP TIamE JOUTORO : star platinum I'm good ur crazy dimand

    89. Neo

      He can only stop time for 2 seconds he can't keep stopping time

    90. Wendigo Creator

      2:39 Cinema Summary: These kids- Also the film: (Shows a grown man with facial hair)

    91. Cheshire Smile

      chapter II when?

    92. Alex Lau

      Make more anime ones

    93. Bluestrike12


    94. George John

      It's not as stupid as I thought it was.

    95. Hampter Drip

      “Cant bring someone back to life” Jotaro: so I geuss I didn’t revive joseph

    96. Frosty Ze


    97. MrSoba _

      So do you also accout for the lore in the anime or just the film because in the anime stands have limitations in their range and speed this way josuke couldnt make shrapnel and the serial killer cant move though the entire city because the further a stand can Travel the less strength it has with a few exeptions ofc and also jotaro cant stop time for longer periods of time he can only do it for a few seconds this way he cannot search the killer with his ability and you cannot beat okyasu with the restore ability because in the anime its saied that he cannot make what isnt there hes only fixing matter not creating new one the next enemy would be the archer even thouh you saied that you would punch a hole in the ground to make them fall an equivalent of 90 meters physics dont work that way because of their tiny mass they could potentially survive the fall

    98. Darkuss 00

      look how they massacred my boy is not even the true histori

    99. naruto maki

      you think so fast and so smart you must have had strait A+s

    100. cool sheet

      He better make a part 2 This is amazing