How To Beat Every Trap In "HOSTEL"

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    You’ve been kidnapped by criminals, and locked in a room with a human monster who wants to hurt you in the worst ways possible. No one’s coming to your rescue, and you’ll have to outsmart everyone if you want to survive. When you’re trapped underground and being hurt , what do you do?
    Thank you for watching Hostel explained and review of how to beat.
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    1. Quinn

      Have a damn good day

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        @TheRat Superior yessir.

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        U too

      5. Agol wipp

        I read this comment exactaly as he said ot

    2. platypus

      I seen this movie so many times that I dont need this voice

    3. Aryan Chatterjee

      hey there's an alternate ending where the man doesn't have any daughter and paxton kills the businessman in Washroom

    4. *KevBo*

      this channel gives me nightmares but i love it

    5. Mikey Brate

      this video contains so much bullshit logic xD in this way you would never even make two steps out of the torture hell

    6. Lazer Zazer

      I 100% agree 18:12

    7. TexanTube

      I'd like to say "thank god this is just a movie" but in reality, human trafficking exists for purposes of sexual slavery, labor slavery, and torture. The movie probably exaggerated something of it but sadly, this kind of shit does happen.

    8. Ozzian Ljungqvist

      Imagine Cinema Summary as one of these leaders! He would be unstoppable and he would think of every way to escape-proof the building.

    9. Official Grhymz

      Whoa thats not the ending i saw. At the end in the version i saw he waits for the guy to come to the cubicle and kills him in there. Nothing about kidnapping his kid. Can someone give me some answers please?

    10. LOW MEI JIN Moe

      19:59 why do i feel bad for the man

    11. Angelo_ 265

      Welp looks like I'm going to Finland

    12. LeoKasper426

      This is why I’m scared of the deep web

    13. Richard DarkHeroTex

      Have a good sleep people...:)

    14. 4Star Jedi

      Holly hell, that ending is freaking beastly 😂

    15. Ltdash

      I dont remember end like that? I remember him killing the dude at the end?

    16. laura

      Lesson: Let go of your fingers

    17. Dr Phot

      Next video... "How To Beat Cinema Summary." Prediction... You Can't!

    18. Jaiden Torres

      Hold up I thought he killed him at the end are there two different endings to this movie

    19. Laura Lala

      Shitton of ads :I

    20. William Cramton

      Once the girl said she was paid money to bring my friend there, I wouldn’t care if she was a girl, I’d beat her ass.

    21. Fox Fire

      why compare solid handcuffes (in the movie) with cheap chain handcuffes?!

    22. Genesis Ardi Liong

      Have a Fucking good Day bro

    23. Bảo Long Vũ

      now that;s a sweet end for once

    24. ViduzZz

      I'm from Slovakia and remember when this movie got released so many people got triggered by it, to the point they wanted to ban the director from ever entering country 😂

    25. Serperior Chaos

      Packston is now my idol.

    26. MilkSHOOK

      “Getting hit on by a strange old man isn’t the adventure we wanna go on” LMAO

    27. Ron Atkins

      Those are hinged handcuffs, so the little twisty thing, even if it works, won't work on those.

    28. Super gamer

      I just saw a different ending what? Can someone explain?? What i saw was that Paxton followed the business man to the rest room and Paxton killed him there brutally and then safely escaped there was no daughter wtf??

    29. Christianity for Jesus Christ

      Europe need Antichrist to be destroy completely.

    30. Dalton Kung

      På gång

    31. phoenix wright

      17:29 he's in suits and called louise

    32. Phoenix Raiderz

      I haven’t watched this movie but the explanation generally had me intrigued like I was actually watching it.

    33. Denta

      Amsterdam is a country now?

    34. Functional Gaming

      20 20 😀

    35. Jason

      I was just a kid when this came out but it legit made me scared to visit Central/Eastern Europe lmao. I believe this was filmed in Czech Republic. Been plenty times since - great part of the world.

    36. Patriot Machine

      So don’t get into this situation in the first place? Gotcha.

    37. giselle delumen

      Have A Damn Good Day.

    38. I.SS.I

      That’s why uae is one of the best nations in world cus Arabs are rational 😤😤😤

    39. wendy rasmussen

      ayyyyyy i live in denmark

    40. foodmore

      How to beat hostel, after watching and knowing the storyline and having time to think for solutions.

    41. Luis T07

      I believe you covered the alternate ending of the movie that is featured in the directors cut. In the original ending, Paxton kills the man in the bathroom, then boards the train back home. Then in Hostel Part 2, Paxton is brutally murdered at the start of the film in his own home by the underground organization

    42. 0nd4r4j TfS

      I actually live in Bratislava.. and the city.. as u said is nice.. until u live there.

    43. Kryštof Endršt

      That Guy from the train and the police man are Czech actors

    44. Landon Whitaker

      Love your vids

    45. kris _v3

      After the info about Finland and Denmark i'm happy i live in Denmark XD

    46. Owen Matthews

      This movie sounds fucked right up

    47. Owen Matthews


    48. T XxxX

      In the uk version he never has a daughter he follows him into the toilets and drowns him in there. Then ends with him running for another train.

    49. Hope Lindquist

      1:16 im gonna ruin this shot for you... look at the backround

    50. Augustus Constantine

      They say, if it’s good to be true…. It’s a trap

    51. Trax

      I HATE THE ENDING, the little girl did nothnig therefor the man should die not the kid. Even then the kid is still suffering i hate that. other than that this was a nice video lol.

    52. Pojebwersum

      Paxton is one of the smartest characters in horror movies

    53. Richard Richard

      I watched 18 sec from this video, decided to watch the movie, finished the movie, and now I'm back

    54. Alexandria Shelton

      Can you do the Truth or Dare movie?

    55. Elucidated Conn

      Does anyone else remember the movie ending differently? I definitely remember him killing the guy who killed his friend in the bathroom and don’t remember the daughter at all

    56. TheyNamedMePlayer

      Lol dude Karl Pilkington

    57. Andrew Murphy

      The cops would obviously be part of this as well. So even if you got photos, the cops would take you to the killers.

    58. Andrew Murphy

      You too made a critical mistake that would have killed you at once. The kids you want to recruit will most certainly already work for the mafia deal that sells murder victims. The kids would then feed you bullshit information that you would follow to your death.

    59. Yusuf Rizvi

      When Louis loses his mind and joins a murder cult

    60. usernaames

      6:48 Bro, why did you use a map of the European Union from before the 1995 enlargement of the European Union? Lol

    61. Icey

      ayo where my denmark gang at?

    62. J Just

      I guess I watched a different version of the movies cuz at the ending of the movie I watched, he killed the guy from the train in the restroom by chopping off his hand and drowning him in the toilet, there was no daughter in sight

    63. Kleberson Vitoriano

      There are actually two endings to Hostel 1, one where Paxton kills the guy and the other (director's cut) where he takes his daughter with him on the train.


      Another perfect example of why u should always have a gun on u

    65. Kuklinski

      Snippur is trouble...

    66. nedo-cat-007

      What is the meaning of the elite hunting club logo ?

    67. RedBeard222

      I dont remember that ending? I thought he killed the business man?

    68. TJ Tyree

      The handcuffs do not have a simple chain between them so that unfortunately would not work. If you look at the handcuffs, they hinge joint bar that connects both of them specifically so they can't torque the chain.

    69. Marisela Catalan

      Thank you for censoring the blood


      19:50 the taste of revenge

    71. THE MANNIS

      I always remember this movie ending with the main character killing the doctor in a toilet cubicle, the doctor never had a daughter. Was this the American version of the movie?

    72. Lucky Lefty

      I just really don't want to die lmao

      1. Aaron 87658

        Becareful. Be a virgin is the best way. This is actually real life too because there are human trafficking in the world. remember to also get a gun as well.

    73. AnbuAimz

      I see he only likes verified SEpromrs

    74. GR8GUYISHERE Pictures

      lol the kid got kidnapped

    75. Mr. Maxya

      I would have followed him then pay that company to capture him so I could beat him up a bit and confess to his bad doings

    76. Timothy Smith

      Damn, Paxton kinda smoothe with it 😳

    77. Ant Hill

      Wait this is a video game that’s crazy how much is it

    78. Casio Pistachio

      The most fucked up thing is that I can imagine similar organisations operating in real life right now..

    79. Stavros Kyriakakis

      Cinema Summary: that conversation is going to ruin their lives

    80. Peachy Queen

      Hmmm... We're all gonna ignore the fact that Cinema Summary knows where the "best place to get lucky" is, off the top of his head? 😂😂

    81. YES BEATS TM

      You forgot one of the kids could be a suspects family member and tip them off to the search.

    82. Liliana Rodriguez

      Wanna be friends?

    83. TheBeldin

      I don't think the jacket is helping. If you want good jackets in europe you often take skandinavian or nordic producers. My favourite jacket is from fjalraven of sweden and has a swedish flag on the arm...

    84. Sad Cyclops

      Ive seen another ending. Instead of taking the girl hostage the guy goes to the mens toilet and kills the business man. Way better imo

    85. Daniel Ringgaard

      that is not the ending i have seen, the 1 i have, is that he meets him in the toilet and kills him.

    86. Hopey Boi

      3:04 No it’s because we think ur stupid, lol.

    87. Studio MANOKLIN

      Niekto zo Slovenska?

      1. FichDich InDemArsch


    88. Fo0D

      dude i used to dreads these movies making me feel, sick and hopeless and morbid but you have made me appreciate and further understand these movies more than i could to a point where these have became to my top 10 thank you so much im glad you are here you deserve more of an audience. these videos have made me more suspicious and careful of my actions thank you a lot i needed this everyone here needed this im not kissing your ass to get a pin i generally appreciate these videos a lot i hope you become more popular and successful my deepest regards have a good day

    89. Sky Master0yt

      19:51 That's weird. When I watched Hostel the main character just killed that man.

    90. Sky Master0yt

      6:46 You idiot forgot about Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia, Austria, Norway, Finland.

    91. shaguar1

      Finland just made my bucket list.

    92. Sky Master0yt

      I watched it and I was so uncomfortable.

    93. lolololdaniplayz

      Me: Walking in public, picked up a pencil, but poked my self letting out a drop of blood. Cinema summary: He could have avoided this by using a glove...

    94. Angel

      my recommended is literally overflowing with you, nerd summaries, and spooky rice lmao.

    95. Wooflez

      Kidnapping the daughter of the person who tried to kill you is the best revenge. Nothing more horrible than taking away the thing he loved the most.

    96. Ezequiel Corral

      How to beat Hostel: don’t have friends.

    97. Niclas Dahl Aabo

      cries in Sønderjysk (The map of Denmark you used doesn't include all of Denmark)

    98. Isaac Self

      The fact that they have a data sample of every citizen is terrifying

    99. scriptBread

      The fact that he took the 8yo looking daughter instead of killing the guy is kind of cursed

    100. Corrected Insomnia

      how do i beat hostel? fuck hostels xD