How to Test and Replace a Bad Car Battery (COMPLETE Ultimate Guide)


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    Is your car battery dead? Need a new car battery? Learn how to test if your car battery is bad and how to recharge a dead car battery. Also learn which car battery is best for your car. In this video I show you how to test your car battery with a multimeter, clean corrosion from the battery terminals, test your alternator, test for a parasitic draw, load test a battery, and replace a car battery properly. I also show the inside of a car battery with a bad cell and I show how batteries work with multiple grids and how they go bad with heat, vibration and corrosion. And finally I show you the main difference between the different grades of battery and which is right for you.

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    1. shahnaz davis

      Fab video ! I learned so much !! Thank you and keep 'em coming !!

    2. Xnepp Exty60

      22:32 that is awesome

    3. Urwin Florin

      Hey Chris fix my battery is very bad and a lot of dirt corrosion plus the terminal is leaking acid alot

    4. Alton Rowell

      Is this got anything to do with piston return spring's.

    5. Peter Frenzel

      ABSOLUTELY the best video on battery's, voltage and testing etc that I have ever, ever, ever seen. Thank you so much, I give this an eleven out of ten rating, I can see why you have 8 mill subscribers. Was wondering, I have a 1995 vette and the battery needs to be boosted every day (always showing 11.32 volts) charged it for 3 days straight but after one day its dead again. Due to the location and removal procedure of the battery, there is no way to keep the booster cables on the terminals while changing it out but was wondering, will I have to reset anything else on the car (other then the radio) or is it safe to just disconnect the terminals and do the change out? ALSO, what type of battery do you recommend for my 1995 vette? I drive it about twice a week (maybe 3 times) Thx Peter.

    6. hugh janus

      Can I take my old battery out and use it for a random electrical projects given that it's still outputting 12.6 volts but just has trouble starting my truck, that's recycling it right

    7. Hendrickx Willem

      i have a Ford transit custom 2019 and my 2 batteries are located under neath my seat, wich is a pain to get to, imagin you need to pull a new wire to the battery, all the things that has to come out first: edit after watching a bit further, my voltage after the car has started is alway's at 15v - 15.1v but yet i think there is a prob with the batterie because the start en stop function of my car does not work anymore and the parking heater (not shure about the translation, i shud be able to pre heat the car remotely) doesn't work either, the onboard computer say's to low voltage. maby i have a combo of both, bad battery and bad voltage regulator. what do you think? edit 2, greetings from Belgium

    8. Arbab Uddin

      Or you could just disconnect the negative Lead if you’re not going To use your car, so much easier than doing all that

    9. dababy

      LES GOOO

    10. Ryder Plays

      I don’t know why but it felt like he has getting quieter like his car was actually going to sleep

    11. GLOTING MAPLE 94

      Here's a link about car battery having double a batteries in it from 2007

    12. Garrett Fantin

      One time, someone on youtube said that someone got their battery replaced at the shop, and guess what? The car still wouldn't start. So, the customer had to get the vehicle toed to the dealership, and they literally had to reprogram everything. From what I heard, it is recommended that you have a battery saver, or use something that can still give the car juice. Also, I hope you don't mind when I say this. Not to offend you or anyone out there, but something you should know. I am actually blind, so I can't see what you're doing. You do great descriptions and details, but when you make your future videos, would you mind describing exactly what any part you refer to looks like, and can you also tell me where it is exactly located? If you can, that will be greatly appreciated. Again, I'm not trying to offend you or anyone. You make great videos, but yeah. Again, if you can give me more detailed description, that will be greatly appreciated. Other than that, great job!

    13. Blades and Fun Stuff

      2012 dodge journey has one of the worst battery spots. In the front driver wheel well. Have to take the tire off and pull back the fender liner to get to it.

    14. DRIPPY •

      How did a Penney end up under a battery???

    15. Vagos Gouvalas

      2004 Citroen Xsara Picaso, buttery under driver seat

    16. worroSfOretsevraH

      Would be interesting to see a teardown of that battery load tester. I'm really curious how does it load test with those skinny pissant wires. Thanks.

    17. N30N

      Year make and model won't give you right information battery. Battery capacity as well as Alternator current is different with different equipment of heated seats, mirrors, AC, independent heating,.... But you can also decode PR codes from the label you find in cargo space, near spare wheel, or sometimes they are printer in service history books.

    18. eatsadz

      Chris can you please work on a hydrogen car I think it would be cool

    19. hoincko the neighbor

      Chris you shouldn't do this at home me aw but why not I want some sulfuric acid

    20. Pedro

      I work at Advanced Auto Parts...I notice a lot of stuff from my workplace.

    21. m “mininovolador” G

      @chrisfix Honda odissi lacks at starting, we have replaced starter, alternator and gas pump/filter and it didn’t fixed. Any idea what it could be? The battery is full charged

    22. duman daniela

      Super... foarte frumos!

    23. Mind Bender

      No one should test the battery voltage on the hot car - it must be cooled down for the battery acid to get a proper density. And only after the time lap you will have the right battery voltage testing. The second point - the battery should be charged at the warm weather only - above 15^C, and with the negative cable is disconnected. The third point - the 100% battery charged is when the voltage is 12.7 V at 20 C, 12.8 V at 15 C.

    24. SPEEDer

      RIP avenger owners.

    25. Thomas Geertsma

      Is there a reason why you do not explain on how to recondition batteries? If a battery dead most of the time with a proper battery charger you can fix it for atleast a year.

    26. Fonkboii

      Porsche cayenne 2011 the battery is underneath the driver seat, you need to remove the seat in order to access the hatch where the battery is located.

    27. Loony Toon

      DONT do this with newer Cars, they might not work anymore because of the technical monitoring by the Control Unit. Example are new Audis from 2018. I would recommend to not do it if your car is younger than 10 years. At least check the manual or repair books what to do. The industry made it also impossible to do that at home with new cars, because you need to program the control unit with a special software, that a new batterie is installed, otherwise it will not work or not properly! + Btw my BMW E39 goes to sleep ater 16 min. so maybe wait at least 20 minutes!

    28. x3lvz

      Nice video cause I just bought 90' used car and kinda bad car for now but u r giving me a lot help thanks

    29. Ant Man

      Don't forget Hondas dual mode charging, it will lower the alternator output to 12.5v under certain conditions, if you test then you might think your alternator is bad, I learned the hard way (replacing a good alternator)

    30. King Ming

      If you park your car in a garage, but doesn't drive your car that often. Get yourself a battery tenderer like CTEK MXS 5.0. It helps keep your battery in tip top shape. I condition my battery once a year, the car is part in the garage 6/7 days out of the week. It definitely also help extending the life of the battery.

    31. Jack Weyland

      when is the next vid coming out?!

    32. Totanka1989

      Just for a little extra information let me tell you my experience with my alternator gone bad. Every time I started my old beat-up VW the battery problem indicator stayed up on the dash, but after a couple minutes it went away, showing that it was capable of recharging, so my battery was good, althought it drained overnight. So I started the usual process of measuring voltage, 12.6, 14.0 running, 12.6 with battery disconnected after waiting a week, everything nice on that side. But measuring resistance gave a solid 700 milliohms. So I started to pull fuses, and no change at all, so it must be the alternator. The cable is not shorted, no parasitic draws anywhere at the alternator, still charging nicely, and still there is that huge resistance, that got me thinking. You see ,the alternator - as the name states - generates alternating current, that gets converted to direct current via the graetz-bridge, basically 4 diodes placed like a square. It has a little play in it, but nothing bigger than 150 millivolts. So just for a quick test I clicked to measuring alternating current, and it showed a 4.5 volts of alternating current, 30 times the accepatable, next to the 14.0 direct current. That graetz-bridge somehow still wanted to do its job, despite that it was basically melted into a chunk, so after it got a new one (one dollar part, with 50 bucks of labor payment) it worked normally again. So whenever you're suspecting your alternator, it's a good idea to measure not just the direct current but the alternating current as well, and check for the 150 millivolts play.

    33. Tucker Chapman

      1990 Chevrolet lumina APV. Battery is under wiper fluid tank

    34. Jeff Ptak

      Don’t a lot of newer cars require new batteries to be programmed into the computer?

    35. Nicholas Ayivor

      Great teaching thank you very much 👍 From Nicholas Ayivor from London England UK 🇬🇧

    36. Harpo

      Someone said that with all the computers in the newer cars that you should always carefully disconnect the positive first so you don't have 12v going into a computer without having a ground for it to go to. I take it that's not true??

    37. Datboi Kyaxx

      This man said 4 years ago he’s oitt

    38. Howie NA

      ran across your YT looking for something completely unrelated to cars (actually forgot what i was looking for prior). learning what i can watching vids and this gave me some good things to check out why my car battery drains randomly. thank you!

    39. CAT thatwork

      perfect video 11 of 10 SALUTE!! ChrisFix. new friend here from Philippines

    40. Tay Gumi

      Some modern Cars, you have to re register the speedometer to the board computer, when you cut the power and the car wont start again. I dunno if thats also the case with US Cars, I only know that my friend with its GER Car had this Problem.

    41. Matt

      What about flickering interior lights and stereo turning on and off as well as when the van is being turned off.. The dials on my gauges start moving and ticking for a little time after the car is off.... 2006 chevy uplander LT2 3.5L fwd

    42. PS

      It's more important to know know to test and charge a good battery. A bad one won't hold a charge, a good one can become discharged and then recharged, a truly dead battery won't take a charge. A chronically undercharged battery can be still good but discharged so deep that a "smart" charger can't recharge it automatically at a higher setting in 6-8 hours. If that seems to be the case and your charger hasw a low current setting, try using it overnight, then selceet a higher current.

    43. John Q

      You are definitely the best on SEprom. Love your vids

    44. Mokakami

      04 Chrysler Sebring. The battery is in the front bumper right in front of the left side tire. The terminals are routed up to the engine bay but if you need to replace the battery the whole bumper needs to come off.

    45. Kenneth Kay


    46. Johnny o yo

      Some intrepids and 300 m models probably others, the battery is behind the freaking fender, have to take wheel and liner out to get it

    47. jermain brown

      Very good i love this channel

    48. Amir Karimov

      14:53 69 F ahahahah

    49. Jonas A

      One way of checking where the problem lies with regards to low charging voltage while car is charging. Clip only told that the positive cable from alternator to the battery could be bad. But it can be the negative "cable" as well. 1. Measuring low voltage with both probes on the battery. Red probe on + and black probe on -. 2. Move only the black probe from the battery to the alternators metal while still keeping the red one on the battery. If it gets good voltage you know there is a problem between metal on alternator and the negative battery pole. Move the black probe from the alternator to some good metal on the engine. If it is still good then you know the bad connection is between engine and negative battery pole. If it is the same low voltage go to next step. 3. Move the black probe back to the metal on the alternator. Now instead move the red probe from the battery to the plus terminal on the generator (shown at 17:55). If it is good then the trouble is between the plus terminal on the generator and the plus pole on the battery. The last step is shown in the clip. I just thought it missed the step 2 checking the negative connection.

    50. Jonas A

      16:32 you should have used the red/pink selection (10 MegOhm Input) on the multimeter when just measuring voltage. The selection you use probably activates a load inside the multimeter so basically you are heating up the multimeter and taking power from the charger. It is not so much but right should be right.

    51. Jonas A

      You can call it a multimeter. But the multimeter you show has a battery tester function that most of the multimeters do not have. The battery tester function input has a much lower input impedance so it loads the battery while testing. Though this little measuring device only loads that big battery only a little. It is probably intended for smaller batteries. Basically one could do the same with a regular multimeter. Just measure battery voltage with some load turned on like the lights for example but still have the engine off so it is not charging.

    52. David Regan

      ChrisFix wares a Superman costume when he does his videos! He's a SUPER FRIEND!!! When he hits 8 million SUBS he needs to ware a cool costume!

    53. Jordan Brown

      I don’t need to replace my car’s battery. I just want to kick back and enjoy a quality ChrisFix video.

    54. David Regan

      AC/DC must be one of Chris's favorite bands! LOL

    55. Bipin Desai

      You are geniuses excellent presentation 👍👍👍👍👍

    56. curtis alan

      This battery that battery and one with the top cut off. Made it confusing for me. I'm sure a mechanic in a shop could follow however.

    57. Brandon Morgan

      My battery is under the drivers side I’ve got a A190 Mercedes UK if that makes a difference with 100,000 miles on do I need to change it ?

    58. Sam Trail


      1. Sam Trail


    59. Wei Shen

      My 8MR evo battery is fucked ⋯⋯

    60. Kimmie

      Thank you for this . Good info.

    61. Pharax 101

      You're the best Chris big fan.👍🏿

    62. Antonio Carranza

      I have a 2013 Ford Focus and the battery is tucked in far back in the drivers side. Removing it is such a pain😕

    63. joshGerbwrecked

      great videos and content ChrisFix! been enjoying and sharing your content for a while. that said you missed to comment about some of the newer more complex charging systems that require using a factory or high level scan tool to preform a 'battery reset'. basically you need to let the car know its got a brand new battery so that it can restart its very complex charging system. charging systems that now take into account more than we can imagine. Josh Gerbrecht ASE master/L1/AAS degree Automotive technology

      1. joshGerbwrecked

        shoot also what was shown in the video that you referred to as a load test is not a load test. load test literally pull hundreds of amps as if the vehicle was being started. therefore have much larger gauge wires. what is shown in your video is whats common today, a conductance test. not as good as a true load test. but harder to screw up.

    64. Mike Simonian

      Lol Playlist name wooder

    65. James Rochester

      Simpler method to preserve computer/alarm/radio memory is to use an OBD Memory Saver. Inexpensive device that uses 9 volt battery and plugs either into OBD port or 12 volt power supply socket (think old cigarette light looking plug) to keep electricity to these areas when battery disconnected. Use mine all the time. About $12. Google OBD memory saver. Nice video Chris.

    66. Lucas Dt

      2010 sebring under the bumber tires needs to come off

    67. Satujoda Srivathsav

      Hi Chris! I just started watching your vids and I have probably binged most of them. And to think you live so close to where I m (New Brunswick)is unreal . I got my first car like 8 months back... it’s a 2016 golf r.... kindly consider making some videos on a golf... the way you explain things is nothing short of amazing.. thank you

    68. jjacobsensnake

      BMW E34 5-series, battery is under the rear bench seat! BTW, when replacing the battery you can use the charger to retain memory/power.

    69. Diablowar 84

      For AGM batteries ; EFB would do as well...

    70. justgivemethetruth

      I noticed you took the positive terminal off the battery first ... which is against every other video on SEprom ... they all say removed the negative terminal first. Why does the negative terminal come off before the positive terminal? Seems like if you take off the positive terminal first, voltage is no longer applied to any part of the car, there is simply a bare positive terminal hanging in the air. Then nothing that happens on the car as long as you do not touch the positive terminal will matter. Then virtually anything that happens when taking off the negative terminal doesn't matter. You can even put that little red plastic cap from the new battery onto the old battery while you are removing it so nothing can contact it? I am going to change a battery now and do it the suggested way, but I am wondering why? I wanted to check on the Internet what is the correct way to change the battery, but I wonder why? Any wisdom on this would be appreciated. Does it really make that much difference?

    71. Fidel Lopez

      Chris did all your batteries go bad at the same time lol ?😎😂

    72. flipwait

      The available output arespectively switch because sundial presently grab against a devilish hammer. sad, fresh armenian

    73. XNova Blast

      1992 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP It's located under the washer fluid tank. You have to take out the tank to access it.

    74. leon hayward

      I have a 2008 Chrysler Sebring and the battery is in the front of the driver wheel well

    75. Lucas Caros

      An absolute ChrisFix original

    76. jolyn g

      I wish you lived next door to me. My husband has lots of cars and mostly streetrods. He good with fixing them. But my car which is a 2006 corvette had a dead battery charger it good to go, but didn't last, so got new battery worked for a day died big time couldn't even charge it this time, so my husband put in battery from another car and we drove it to mechanic and he can't figure it out either. Never had this problem before..... Not the alternator either. And our mechanic has over 30 years experience. We are at a loss. We live in Florida, do you need a vacation????? You could stay with us!!!!!!!!

    77. Gersson B

      I love your videos bro!

    78. PauloTheKat

      2017 Chevy Cruze hatchback, battery is just behind the rear seats. Not the worst but a bit of a pain cause it's so far back into the trunk.

    79. Goat1 Branden

      Wide body the driftstanggggg

    80. METALLROCK79

      So, 14.2 at the battery and 14.1 at the alternator. That is good or the alternator is bad?

    81. Can't Buy Freedom

      You can start the car with the jumper cables and then change the batteries while the car is running.

    82. The Plane Expert10

      My nana had a battery from 2015 in her car in 2020 and there was a ton of corrosion.

    83. Richard Kimble II (LunarRosebud)

      A 2005 Dodge Stratus SXT, and it’s next to the Bumper, in front of the Wheel Well.

    84. Dimitri Morselli

      Strange place for the battery: Alfa Romeo GTV (916) for weight distribution, in the front of the trunk behind of some upholstery ( hold in place with the plastic plugs that always break) over the fuel tank, under a non removable panel with very little room to spare and very little room for access, and where you can't see what you're doing it's a nightmare really... but the car has a 50-50 weight distribution, and as centered as possible, so slightly better handling, it's difficult to explain how uncomfortable that place is without seeing it, go look it up and have pity in me ps: really cool affordable car that Americans don't know

    85. Kloko Loko

      ALSO you need to know that lead metal is toxic, especially compounds of lead inside that battery. Also acid have dissolved PbSO4 salt in it, so it's contaminated with lead. Just to know.

    86. SYSTEM_EDITOR.1995

      Isn't battery acid actually a "Base" (opposite of acid) because it's an alkaline? Or is that just household batteries?

    87. Heavy Metal

      You CAN use a Multimeter to conduct a load test. Set the multimeter to Volts DC, connect to the battery terminals and crank the engine. If the initial reading is a fully charged battery (12.6V) but under cranking the voltage drops below 10V then the battery is lacking in CCA’s and should be replaced.

    88. Heavy Metal

      Some modern cars do charge up to 15.1 Volts

    89. Heavy Metal

      Some STOP/START cars also can take an EFB or Enhanced Flooded Battery rather than an AGM.

    90. Morgan Keller

      I got question i got a ford fusion and it wont start turn over no lights on dash. I though it was a bad battery do you know what else it could be nothing is coming on at all?

    91. ars tamu

      Thank you very much Sir, informative video. Great work.

    92. Juan Youtube

      Weird question but would coke cola work?

    93. NIK

      hi, Chris, I need a suggestion. Every now and then my card doesn't want to start. I have to charge the battery from another battery only then it works. The car is fairly new around 6 months. Any suggestion should I replace the battery or there is some other problem. There are some more problems like even when you turn off the car the engine still hummed until turned back on and off. AC doesn't work on the first go had to switch off and on again.

      1. NIK

        @Heavy Metal ok sir

      2. Heavy Metal

        Go back to the dealer to inspect and repair under warranty

    94. Chris Bragdon

      Hey, when you disconnect the battery, do the negative side first!! When you reconnect install the positive side first!!!

    95. Roberto

      That platinum battery is for a tractor

    96. Mark Nagel

      Hi Chris, might want to surprise your dad with a new driveway. He'll love it and your videos will present better.

    97. paul pepe

      Thanks for the tip to keep the power supplied during battery change. Never seen that done before.

      1. ChrisFix

        No problem! I know some people dont have their radio code and it creates a mess haha.

    98. hotdogbuns255

      This man does a lot of shopping at Advance Auto it seems 🤔

      1. hotdogbuns255

        @ChrisFix No shame in that. I work there haha

      2. ChrisFix

        It is only a few min from my house and I work on cars a lot so... haha

    99. Joe Sib Cars

      In my 2002 Volvo V70 my Battery was in the Trunk and to get to the battery you have to Lift up the Floor And remove the spare wheel Cover then you will see the Spare wheel and the battery was on the Left next to the Spare tyre and to remove the battery cover I had to losen a 13 MM bolt and 2 13 mm Nuts then I had to remove the Bracket then I removed the battery cover then I losened the Negative Battery Terminal then the Positive terminal then I had to remove the 12 mm bolt for the Battery hold down then I was able to remove the Battery I removed it because I was installing Reverse Sensors and I had to remove the Spare tyre because I was removing the rear bumper but you don't need to remove the Spare tyre to replace the battery and my 2002 Volvo is Right hand drive because I live in the Uk and I've owned that car since August 2012 And the thing I like about this car is no one really thinks about buying one but there good Cars Have you ever Driven one of these cars before if you have Driven one they don't have a Good Turning Circle but that's the only design Fault Take care From Joe Sib Cars