Husavik (My Hometown) - Acoustic Live Video

Molly Sandén

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    My Marianne performing an acoustic version of Husavik at Öland island in Sweden together with pianist Pontus Persson.
    Recorded August 9 2020.

    Video produced, shot and directed by Siren Forever

    (Composed by Savan Kotecha / Composed by Rickard Göransson / Composed by Fat Max Gsus - )

    Published By: MXM Music AB, administered by Kobalt Songs Music Publishing / WC Music Corp. o/b/o Warner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB / Wolf Cousins / Maisie Music Publishing
    Performer: My Marianne
    Vocals by Will Ferrell / My Marianne
    Produced by Savan Kotecha / Rickard Göransson / Fat Max Gsus for MXM Productions
    Recorded by Max Grahn / Steve McLaughlin
    Will Ferrell vocals recorded by Peter Carlsson / Savan Kotecha
    Mixed by Michael Ilbert
    Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound

    (C) 2020 Maisie Music Publishing, LLC under exclusive license to Arista Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
    Rec Period - 2020

    Repertoire Owner: Arista Records Exclusive Licensed In

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    1. Matt Polidoro

      Please release a download version of this, or put it on the steaming sites or something! Or hell press it on vinyl or something! Need more of this in my life!

    2. Steve Ingrassio

      I just love this!

    3. Roman Lelek

      I don't understand, why this didn't compete at Eurovision, nor at Melodifestivalen. Is it because production was American?

    4. Ann Carlsson


    5. Joe Stark

      canadian feeling icelandic pride give this woman a freakin emmy

    6. Paul Studer

      A beautiful, moving song performed in a stunning location. Congratulations.

    7. Rob Laidler

      The voice of an angel

    8. Jacob Ashcraft


    9. Ismael Barraso Franco


    10. Lobo 1


    11. AD Dtyu

      Song is very old school style... good for old people....

    12. Dennis Michael Kaonohi

      I wish this version was available to download

    13. Everson Costa

      Jaja Ding Dong!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Jonathan West

      Det er sådan en smuk sang

    15. Doug Shinstrom

      I had to come back after the Oscars performance. Both, so beautiful. I’m in love.

    16. Yuki Senjuku

      You could literally destroy the Eurovision competition

    17. zzr1200 Kawasaki

      Egal wie oft ich es höre, und in welcher Stimmung ich bin- sofort wenn ich diese wunderbare Stimme höre, scheint alles gut zu werden-.....Danke für 🥰👍

    18. Chris David

      Omg I wanna live there!

      1. Chris David

        @SE U in the US. Getting lamer by the day here XD. Iceland looks like a beautiful peaceful place to run away too lol.

      2. SE U

        Cool, welcome to Sweden. Or, wait.... Where you from...?

    19. Yannick Gallina


    20. Ohio Vet Outdoors

      The talent to rock this acoustic..🤯

    21. SkateForLife304

      This girl has one of the prettiest voices ive ever heard. Why did she have to burn herself into my brain, cant stop thinking about this song at random.

    22. Marie Axén


    23. Angggy Rap


    24. Harmoni Lui


    25. A. Nikolaev

      Would be kinda cool if throughout the song her makeup and colorful pop clothing transformed to no makeup and a knit sweater

    26. Michael Rantzow

      Underbar låt, Molly! Du gör den underbar. :)

    27. c wildman

      I cannot stop listening to this song! It's simply amazing.

    28. Bernardo Sillva

      Im from Portugal and I would love to go to Iceland ... beautiful country

    29. Chris Irvine

      Unbelievable vocal performance. Just beautiful.

    30. Yuhsuan Huang

      Finally don't have to listen to a freak yelling "She's singing in Icelandic!!” with a weird accent.

    31. Griesche Karl - Heinz Akkinfenwa

      Seid ich dieses Lied gehört habe über kommt mich ein Gefühl, vllt sollte Ich nur mal einfach DANKE sagen... 06.2021...

    32. Per Ivarsson

      Molly... alltså... bölar av denna låt. Otrolig sång och hade ingen aning om att du kunde sjunga så!

    33. Daniel Swardsén

      If i should die today, and this is the last thing i would hear, i would die a happy man, with a big smile on my face! Just saying!

    34. Kampf0r

      Hold fast en stemme!

    35. Faylla FA

      i'm here b'cuz Luke Voyage

    36. Myah Meade

      You should have won the Oscar!!

    37. ljacobs357


    38. JEDI

      Well now you get to stay in your Hometown forever. The Eagle flies alone. 🦅

    39. fat boy

      So fucking good

    40. Juan Pedro Dela Cruz

      Just BEAUTIFUL ❤️

    41. Petra Ilic

      This is song for national anthem 🇮🇸

    42. Moon Rider

      Sometimes I can't listen to this song because it makes me cry almost every time 😭

    43. Carina K

      Helt otroligt så vackert du sjunger. Får goosebumbs över hela kroppen när du sjunger de höga tonerna! ❤️

    44. Narcis Marton

      OMG , 4 real best song i ever hear , amazing voice

    45. patrik jeppsson

      Vacker på alla vis👍

    46. SweMithra

      Molly du är grym!!

    47. Vanesa Venkova

      I'm bulgarian, but i cry every time i hear this song! Its amazing!

    48. Stella C

      Never heard her original voice before. Bloody hell she sings amazingly

    49. gerson antoneli


    50. Alex Previtali

      Beautiful! Congratulations from Italy! 😄

    51. A N T O N I A

      Pre-recorded and skipping the hard part and then effortlesly come back? Who are they kidding? Acoustic?!

    52. sirThomasGray

      Sush a fantastick woice 😍

    53. Grayfox541

      This girl has all the necessary tools in her voice to make me cry everytime I listen to this song.

    54. john cuthbert

      SING Jaja Ding Dong

    55. Pepplemint

      Fun fact: Molly Sandén was "discovered" at 14 in Junior Eurovision of 2006, where she competed for Sweden with the song "Det Finaste Någon Kan Få" that she wrote herself. She has since competed in swedens eurovison qualifiers several times, but never won.

    56. Elian Coria

      To think that I was introduced to this subject at the Oscars ... And at the end of May it still gives me goose bumps. Beautiful version, it is impressive since it does not go out of tune in the high tones, it is very sweet. Sing perfect, a shame they could not win the Oscar with this beautiful song.

    57. Sui1ovesyou

      we need to do a duet sometime, promise it'll be so magical and this song breaks my heart.. and soul as it is. let's make people feel :')

    58. José Pires

      Husavik has 2 thousand people, I just wonder how they felt when they watched this film and heard this amazing song.

    59. pmbsfilmy

      ILY4ThisSongTHX :-)

    60. Charles Morelle

      I’m so proud of being from Husavik, but the only problem is that I’m from France

    61. vindhya thomas

      So lovely, smooth feeling is fabulous ❤🎶🎼🎵

    62. Edwin Vandenbossche

      Germanic as well as 'Viking' pride... Although being of West-Germanic origin this song connects me with my North-Germanic brothers (and sisters) :-) Vele groeten aan de lieftallige en bevallige Molly Sandén uit Vlaanderen, België

    63. Neve O

      I love this song and her voice so much🙌❤️

    64. Jas Jansen van Vuuren

      damn girl. your voice is just like crack. i couldnt get enough of it even if i tried. XD

    65. Jimmy Parker

      Everything about this masterpiece is beautiful.

    66. SyNc_VeLoc1ty

      I want to hear jaja ding dong 😡😡

    67. Moonaliza_29

      Oooooooh.. so so beautiful 😭💜😭

    68. Knuffsed

      Wow that voice

    69. Christine Mader

      Yes Austria 🇦🇹👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍❤️‍🩹wonderful song .

    70. Tracey

      Beautiful song.

    71. annika brandell

      go girl, du ger mig hopp

    72. Kenny Centeno

      ok this is the first time i listen to a song in a movie that make me want to travel to the country and feel the love for the land and the people, the feelling in the song is so incredible and i am Mexican damn.

    73. HUSSEIN Alrubayi

      Älskar dig Molly

    74. MMAoracle

      She has those beautiful fine features so many Scandinavian women have

    75. Armandosweden

      Fantastisk sång, röst framförallt en enormt vacker Molly!!! ;)

    76. James Anthony Lawson

      Anyone else thinks she is hot asf ❤❤❤

    77. Martin Eriksen

      Fantastic voice and song, gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

    78. Fernando Quevedo

      Molly Sandén has a gorgeous voice, saw the movie and right away looked at her. And instantly loved her voice, she is gorgeous!!!

    79. brian rhoads

      Born in Alaska..... I cry evey time I listen. I miss my skies being afire with dreams man......

    80. ROBERT Simpson

      Such an exquisite voice

    81. Alto Montero

      Whichever Part of the World You Are Now.... I Know This Song Reminds You 0f 🗺️Your Hometown🥺😭🥺 #migrant-workers #expatriate #immigrants

    82. Pauly Dee

      How can such an epic song come from such a ridiculous movie?

    83. N V

      Just beautiful

    84. Petko Krushev

      Is that Alexander Lemtov on the piano?

      1. Petko Krushev

        @Henrik Modin you obviously didn't watched the movie

      2. Henrik Modin

        No, it´s Pontus Persson.

    85. swisspuppy

      Great! I want to hear Ja Ja Ding Dong too!

    86. DADASHI

      Hi MOLLY! why don't you come here and play JAJA DING DONG? please play "Double Trouble" as well. Sing only with your voice..,please.

    87. Maria J.

      I absolutely loved the movie, so funny and just a sweet love story....and this beautiful beautiful voice of Molly, wow:-)

    88. Hannes Hov

      why isn't this in eurovision

    89. john jensen

      she is very good great singer perfect

    90. John Dunlap

      I'm living far from home and this song brings tears to my eyes.

    91. SimonAnderssonHQ

      Löjligt bra. Så världsklass det kan bli. (PS, Nån gång ska jag få äran att spela/komponera med dig. Blir det inte av innan jag dör så jagar jag dig som spöke) :)

    92. Bull and Bear Investor

      Who else can hear will farells parts?

    93. press alt & F4


    94. Melanye Welch

      Awesome vocals!!

    95. Peter Jarunek


    96. Brian Kidd

      This blows every song from the 2021 eurovision competition away. Absolutely unreal!

      1. ljacobs357

        And it the Academy Awards as well.

    97. RedCubUK

      This is inspiring me to sing more. My first natural gift that makes me the happiest ❤️

    98. David Brown

      Has me in tears 😢 😭 everytime such a beautiful song . Watched fire saga again the other day and yep went again blubbering wreck a travesty this song didn't win the oscar

    99. Ashiq Hussain

      I can't believe how American,s snubbed this movie and the songs from movie at Oscars shame

      1. Marcus Olofzon

        The Nordic quota was full after Denmark won best foreign language. Can you imaging the outrage if the Swedish songwriters win with this song, most US top hits are Swedish produced is something US don’t like to advertise 😜

    100. karlindaa1

      Amo esta canción 😍