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    1. Dr Salt

      *new white board* " i like this" *Old chad board* " but this is better"

    2. epikSam

      1:40 looked like sasageyo

    3. Zara Ankrett

      Oh yes muglocleene

    4. shaz farrington


    5. ShiniDekuran

      I think I got into Jacksepticeye of the late baby period, all I know is that Happy Wheels had 60 episodes or so.

    6. TheDeadCobra

      Its just a white board it was pointless

    7. KCjoules 18

      Flashback to him saying POOR HAHA etc lol

    8. Charlotte Kendrick

      I listened to your "all the way" song at the age of nine.

    9. Sophia OSheaf

      jack said “sasageo” when he stood for the anthem 😂😂

    10. RNG SwItCh

      I found you green hair period

    11. Erin Forester

      Whiteboard is back no more rip

    12. Dezel2332

      Anyone else miss babie jack but when they found them was a child Oh and that chest pain crap is sometimes air in your lungs basically drowning you

    13. ItsUnpug


    14. Brie Hutchins

      I feel old... I found you in your "baby period" and watching you grow has been something else.

    15. Jess Birnie

      10:07 I didn't know ow which jack was talking then 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    16. AFINGGOD

      12:57 McLaughlin

    17. Jess Birnie

      I want the old meme time somg

    18. Skeletor _

      6:50 I nearly spat out my coffee trying not laughing

    19. just a random unus

      “What era did you find Jacksepticeye in?” Me who found near the end of 2020: *shoot*

    20. Rob Dinglasan

      I get pains all overy body for no reason

    21. Alex Vercia

      I’m eleven 👁👄👁

    22. Gay_Insomniac

      "What era did you find Jacksepticeye in?" Me, who only got the internet a year ago but has been watching through my friends for years: *yes*

    23. Craig B.

      I used to get those random chest pains when breathing in pretty regularly. Usually if you just suck it up and inhale deeply it’ll hurt but then there’s this pop and it’s gone. I assume what happens is the joints between your ribs and sternum pinch something and it hurts until it pops out from betwixt them again. Which would be why a deep breath fixes it with a pop.

    24. Logan Thornton

      White bord baby white bord is dead SHE left white bord baby with jack

    25. Nave Plays Games

      7:12 baby period 😎👉👉

    26. Cassie Calvert

      Junior whiteboard

    27. VoxelVarries

      Jack: "everyone on this channel is over 18." Me: "Are you sure about that?" ( cue Giorno's theme)

    28. Kyler Wilkerson

      Yay New white board

    29. AyP FoOT

      my leg is broken but my insurance will cover another hospital visit for jackaboi

    30. Game God

      6:32 more like yoda

    31. Minecraft Gamer

      I actually stood ❤

    32. I exist (PrincessAnna115)

      10:39 Jack: Everyone here is over 18 Me: But I'm 17-

    33. Honorable “Petite Queen 13” Mentions

      How’s this McGloclin

    34. Roylol

      "you gotta put some effort into it!" Me who uses flipaclip to make memes: I'm already cropping every picture by hand WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO-

    35. Shai The lightsaber guy

      Jack what happened to you? I haven’t come back in years, dam everything’s different now

    36. Drake Arnold

      I found jacksepticeye during the Happy Wheels Era, when i saw him he JUST posted the 50th video, "KOBE"

    37. the peanut gallary

      E E E E

    38. Random human  Person


    39. Matthew Workman


    40. Linda Kay Bostwick



      Nope! The random and sharp chest pain when your breath in or out sometimes is called Precordial Catch Syndrome.

    42. Frank Mesa

      I’m 12

    43. Gamer J

      YoU nEeD HeLp

    44. fallenfromgracee

      not me actually standing for the anthem XD

    45. jono gillespie

      Mum was wondering why I randomly stood up while eating breakfast. “For the anthem mum!”

    46. Lee .000

      Anyone else realise he did the aot salute?

    47. Yogi the bunny


    48. Austin The gamer

      Robin, nice vaccine edit!

    49. SQ 2029Liu

      Anime arc for sure. I remember that I got sad that it was gone, got depression for 2 seconds. Meme time.

    50. Katherine Tressler

      I cant be the only one who thinks that's Jack's mr krabs impression sounds like yoda

    51. ricky bowersox

      I miss the old intro

    52. Bizzzie

      They need to play the meme time intro at every sports game ever then they give everyone a small whiteboard and when it says laugh they are REQUIRED to scream laugh as loud as they can and smack the white board ye that would be good LONG LIVE THE WHITE BOARD we will miss you buddy 😭

    53. Michelle Lynch

      I have been subscribed for so longgg i love ya sean

    54. Pug

      yes, were all over 18

      1. Pug


    55. Nathan Irizarry

      Jack has a new white bored Rip old bord

    56. Nimhly

      i love the reddit everyones is so nice on there

    57. Demon Wolf9941

      Found him at gream

    58. SoniVids

      Did he just.. call me a silly Baka...

    59. Alexander Magne

      9:44 is so cursed-

    60. Max Myrene

      You fool...I've been subscribed for almost four years now.

    61. Denis O'Connell fc

      Whiteboard rip

    62. moon child

      S e a n M c L o u g h l i n simple

    63. artic depth

      3:40 it's a whiteboard we don't love it..but it will do as a replacement

    64. millbut2

      1:33 Seán:Stand for the anthem, you cowards! Me, watching this for the second time, taking a shit: Uh-

      1. SonicBoss 1991

        It's worth it

    65. Killuas wife ❤️

      When he was singing the laugh song in the beginning he did the aot stance 😅 I love it

    66. ghostbur

      Jack you are 1.73 m And willbur soot is 6ft 0inches 🤣 Short.

    67. nameless King

      Jack: I have one thing to say, FOOLS! Me: *gets dragon ball legends ad*

    68. Paytonimore Bruh

      The new whiteboard won’t feel the same

    69. H i

      IT HAS LIL NAS X NOW WTF- (From Corpse Husband search

    70. Robert Celaya

      Got in to jack during dababy period...

    71. TNTFreddan

      12:11 I don't have asthma and my blood pressure is 130 through 65 when I'm not stressed (which is very rare) so that's quite normal but I get both random chest pains and sometimes it feels like someone stabbed me right at the bottom of my ribcage for a minute but then, all of a sudden, it disappears.

    72. James Reilly

      Jack no White board Jack I have a new one

    73. Kim Elliott

      Green hair jacksepticeye was smexy

    74. azure

      jack: idc what you say everyone here is 18 me who is 14:guess im moving out

    75. K o n i.

      Tbh,Jack is the opposite of corpse

    76. Fæć

      I didn’t know I was 18 😮

    77. Caleb Riccius

      Jack it’s not the same board

    78. Dragonboi

      i managed to discover jack in every single phase of septiceye

    79. Michael Tosh

      I miss the hat period

    80. Nathan Cain

      Bro I found you since the damn crustaceans came to earth

    81. Chelsa Kamid

      Bitch I’m 13 so that meme don’t apply to me but sorry NOT everyone here is 18 so HA!! 😝

    82. Chelsa Kamid

      I’m always the punching bag in my friend group 😢 my life is crap also I’m also the short one, I feel your pain man

    83. MAD BOY

      What I’m 11 not 18 :( jepers crepes

    84. Sin Peccatum

      i found you at the tail end of your baby phase. Skate 3 with meat man and dem bonezzzzz! "dem bones dem bones need calcium! dem bones dem bones need calcium! OHHHH DEM BONES NEED SURGERY!!!!"

    85. Blue Fire


    86. Ruby Cornejo

      MAN i love your microphone its amazing

    87. Benjiboi Creates

      Welll ummm sorry to say but I've watched u before i was 10 and I'm only 17 rn 🤣🤣

    88. sans the red pikmin

      The Whiteboard its back but now with a new portable feature 🙂

    89. 5g Amyar

      I am 10

    90. Quentin Courtright

      Anyone else miss the old JSE 😔

    91. Luke Dela Cruz

      Jack: STAND UP FOR THE ANTHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me: I can’t my legs have osteoporosis

    92. wyatt patten

      nope I 13 haa

    93. M4G-NU5 FTW

      found in the green hair and just binged all of the first videos and am still in the process lmaoooo

    94. Kyann Botelho

      It said meme time it said laugh in the end we’re all sad

    95. Kyann Botelho

      It said meme, it said laugh but in the end we’re all sad

    96. Seth Friedman

      it’s prounounced sean mcglaughfaguhin

    97. Timothy Dodd

      😆Granny Gain Gang! YEEEEESSSSSS!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆

    98. Slopstix

      Jack i think i could lift you 🤣 dont take this seriously

    99. gaming with skullture

      Jack: why am I here why haven't i bring the white board Me: it's sad it's sad time don't gather all your friends it's sad time the only cure for...happiness:(

    100. Ralph Forsyth

      the intro song is just a vibe