I bought Raycons.


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    1. FireFox Gamer

      Beats are flat headphones the Beats audio sounds really good to me but I dont want beats due to its quality, earpads, and its wireless (RADIATI0N)

    2. The Lax Soviet

      i want to get raycons to blow them up with bfg division or the grub hub theme

    3. Barış Oktay

      I'm still unable to understand why would Ray Jay or whoever thought his name would carry a weight in music technology industry.

    4. aerousumisu

      12:38 internally I am screaming, he's doing that on top of the IPad!

    5. brandon9689

      Whoops I searched for the channel "dank buds". Luckily I was redirected to the correct "dank pods" channel

    6. NORI

      they spent more money on sponsors, than on their actual product, and thats a fact.

    7. The_Red_Ditto

      Bought some TSL 79s after this video. They’re so good. Don’t buy Roy jams

    8. Yuvraj Pradhan

      more people need to see this

    9. Theroseboy11

      From what I can gather from this video: Buy KZ Pros instead. Got it.

      1. Srdan13

        my kz zsn pro just came today and they are awesome

      2. Chris Vee

        ​@Srdan13 they're pretty rockin' I listen to blues/rock heavy metal, the zsn pros are pretty good for a bit more but the cheaper ones sound the best i think theyre called the kz zst they were under $20 US, the purple blue ones, I cant recommend them enough

      3. Srdan13

        is it any good?

    10. X Æ A-Xii

      Raycons more like Gaycons.

    11. Hatwox

      OMG Data driven.... WITH A FUCKING UNERSTANDING OF WHAT THE NUMBERS SAY? WHAT THE FUCK? HOW.. subbed immediately Okay... can you show the graphs for those other things

    12. Ahren Scholz

      Raycons are a scam he's just reselling rebranded Ali express crap

    13. ZampaPaws

      The worst thing about sponsors nowadays is that SEpromrs legit make full-on ads now. It's getting really bad since now SEprom is adding SEprom ads to channels that don't make revenue, so 75% of your SEprom experience is either a Raycon sponsor ad, or a Coke commercial you can't skip.

    14. Name not Blod

      Raycon would like to sponsor this video

    15. Ebio

      14:03 personal button

    16. Bogdan

      The whole video I was waiting for you to grit them.... oh nevermind

    17. Ivy

      i don’t even care about earbuds but i’ve been here for 30 minutes

    18. Munx

      "But what about the royjoys?" Love it

    19. Charles Tannehill

      This man (Ray J) slept with Kim Kardashian. And filmed it. Obviously he doesn't make good decisions. The trend continues I see. I'll stick with with my beyerdynamic dt770's for corded and anker soundcore liberty 2 pro's for wireless.

    20. Just A Girl

      You should check out the Aukey T-21s. I have a pair and I love them. But I'm curious to hear an audio expert's opinion of them.

    21. Cheese Potato

      *bus noises

    22. Break Wild

      Mpow m30 plus for about 36 bucks.

    23. Womble

      "oi better not waist dis" Y E E T

    24. G. Jan Krašovec

      Didn't you know that Avstralia doesn't exist! All lies!! NASA IS LYING!!

    25. QUE TE FOLL**

      Try the "tronsmart spunky beat"

    26. lilsmy

      you explained that graph so well

    27. person

      Raycon and raid shadow Legends should do a collab cause that's all I hear on youtube.

    28. Ryan Graham

      I just bought the kz's es4 hope this goes well!

    29. Lil’ Red Crewmate

      T H I C C

    30. Lil’ Red Crewmate


    31. OldsXCool

      Not shocked to hear that Raycons suck. Chances are when a product is constantly being shoved in your face no matter where you go, that's a sign of aggressive marketing for a overpriced garbage product. It's sad though. Companies used to have to pay big money to push out their garbage. Now all they have to do is give out their worthless products to greedy You Tubers that will say anything for a buck.

      1. OldsXCool

        @Matthew Ockey True, but then again making an honest living means being honest, not bought.

      2. Matthew Ockey

        Making a living doesn't equal greedy

    32. ITZ PHE

      I have a pair or raycays and decided to get the kzeds, I search ‘kz earbuds’ and the first thing I see is GET RAYCONS NOW I’ll still use the raycoons especially when I upgrade my phone (stupid no headphone jack bs) but I’ll use the kz when I feel like having the good ones.

    33. Big Man Dan

      It's the law of SEprom: if they appear as a sponsor, they're probably crap.

    34. Jason V

      Funniest and truest unboxing I’ve ever watched. 😆

    35. Corporalis

      As someone speaking English as a second language it's sometimes fucking hard to understand you mate. Lol

      1. Tai Bannister

        as someone who only speaks english i can relate lmao

    36. Foxipep

      I don't like the raygays

    37. disappointed armin

      Dankpods singing iPad gives me life

    38. epic yes

      bro i would buy the kz for just 20 freedom bucks

    39. 0HoursAgo

      Man, this really came out in August of 2020. Thought this dropped in 2019 or something.

    40. Zachy Cat

      Raycon: Our headphones are great! DankPods: *I’m about to end this man’s whole career*

    41. Henti Kirby

      I never buy anything that is sponsored unless I know can confirm the info for myself.

    42. Yakoob ali

      Why did u sound like Eddie and joshdub

    43. F. Miller

      Mans here ending that phone whole career

    44. Vincent

      raycons go brrr

    45. blue sansball

      DAMN I wanna buy those SoundLiberties now

    46. Spud Russet

      The e50s were pretty ok, but 2 months after I bought them they replaced them, same price and all, with the way shittier e25s. Yes, they downgraded. For the same price. Look up how the e50s looked and you can just tell they screwed us over.

    47. Isaac Bailey

      So basically Raycons are bass-boosted.

    48. SpaceSloth707

      bass is nice, but too much is bad.

      1. Tai Bannister

        bassheads would disagree. mfs would kit their car with big ass subwoofers and be surprised when their rims fall off

    49. YouTube User

      I do wonder though, how much money ray-con has made off of these things

    50. Delmo Boneta

      This video started off with so much nitpicking I can't help but think this is sarcasm but I could be wrong lol don't own these

      1. Matthew Ockey

        Nitpicking doesn't exist

    51. Jamal

      Hey uhh.... you tryna raycon these nuts?

    52. Jamie Junk

      I got a pair of the taotronics because of you. I absolutely love them.

    53. duke

      I have BNCHI wireless earbuds and they work better then RanCans/ShitCons

    54. Disadadi


    55. Austin Knott

      Imma trust ur review on Taotroncis gonna pick me some up

    56. ThrashMetal

      @4:55 Feat. Sassy

    57. Jesse Enriquez

      🤣 You’re so mean haha!

    58. gvi341984

      -SEpromrs do not want to sponsor these products -SEpromrs request money donations but give nothing nothing back SEprom is a weird place to be when it comes to money

    59. Default_to_Default

      He said "nice catch 1 grit" and I absolutely lost it.

    60. A Ivy


      1. memeking 1179


      2. Matthew Ockey


    61. conyo985

      I'm from the Philippines and we don't get Raycons. Because it's impossible for Raycon to get into our market. There are way cheaper wireless earbuds from countless Chinese brands that people are satisfied with.

    62. Harvey Atkinson

      When this guy raises his voice, he sounds like Rick Sanchez.

    63. Robbie Gibson

      Saw the vid, thought I'd get a pair of taos myself

    64. Sophie Filo

      I gasped when he smashed them open. Minutes later, I'm still trying to recover from that...

    65. Skullduggery

      Wow this video showed up in my feed at the right time i almost bought racons.

    66. Zebra

      Their logo looks a hit like the Beats one

    67. Aadil Farooqui

      No wonder Why they didn't Sponsored it to you, You had no respect for their product even from the Start

      1. Matthew Ockey

        No one else does either, no one they send them to actually use them

      2. C - Valer

        They won't sponsor someone that actually knows about audio stuff.

    68. broskie gang

      you should check out the SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE Earphones

    69. i am a fan of many things

      I really like my raycons :(

      1. Matthew Ockey

        @i am a fan of many things tbh it's actually good that you like these, cause whatever you buy next is gonna blow your fucking mind. It sounds like you just like extra bass, since apple products are typically very flat. Something like kz zsn hybrids might be good for you, real cheap as well

      2. i am a fan of many things

        @Matthew Ockey so sorry for the essay, haha 😅

      3. i am a fan of many things

        @Matthew Ockey so I got the og e25 ones, and they ended up getting squished in a parking lot. (to be fair someone else bought these for me) however, these earbuds held on for a good 9 months after being squished (and they were in rough shape) when they finally quit. I got a new pair, which is the upgraded e25, and I love them. I know theres better out there, but i personally like the heavy base and the vocals reallly arent drown out at all. to me, they're better than any apple ear bud I've ever used. the sound is very clear, they block out all the noise around me and I love the design. tbh the way he describes the design I felt like he was nitpicking. the case really isnt that bad, i dont underysand what he meant by "it feels cheap" bc to me it doesnt. the size thing may be because I'm a gal and have smaller hands. overall I felt it was worth buying new ones. I think you definitely get a bit more than you pay for, they're the best earbuds I've ever had- but maybe I'm just used to dollar store ones. tbh it's all on personal preference

      4. Matthew Ockey

        @i am a fan of many things You bought 2 pairs???????????

      5. i am a fan of many things

        @Matthew Ockey maybe in the future when I feel okay with the fact that I bought not one but 2 pairs of raycons. 240$ just seems like alot to go to waste rn

    70. Michael Hoying

      Dank pods and cyberpunk 2077 have greatly contributed to how I talk now.

    71. Tru Titanic0


    72. Thelma Dixon

      The like radio neuroanatomically heat because vacuum excitingly please beyond a six pisces. dynamic, plausible scallion

    73. Jim996

      tbh nice video on the roycraps

    74. Il AJ

      Yeah never buying sponsored shit again without researching it regardless of how much I trust my subscriptions lol.

    75. Oaken Solstice

      The Raycons remind me of KZ S1's, also for 20 quid. You should compare them to the Raycons

    76. Dr. Vybe

      That do be a nice looking box But from that graph, they sound like shut

    77. Angel Reyes

      Of the KZ earbuds.. which one do you recomend the most?

    78. Ori

      Wireless G8 at amazon i think they are good

    79. ATM

      Wait...Ray J actually sells these? I thought that was a meme. It all makes sense now.

    80. Uk Thatguy

      I think this guy likes raycons bcos of the box

    81. JustEpik

      Thank you for the recommendation, I was gonna buy raycons but when I saw your video on them I immediately changed my mind and I got the taotronics soundliberty 94s and they sound great!

    82. MazeFrame

      But KSC75's!

    83. Wyatt

      I know this is an older video but I just wanted to say that because of Dank I now own both the taotronics and the KZ's and I daily drive them all the time

    84. Aimee Barrett

      I feel like they must have spent more money on the flashy packaging rather than the earphones themselves

    85. DJ BMX

      i like how u call raycons any name u can think of lmao.. 10:15

    86. Robotic_Pigeon

      I dont know if anybody how’s about this but my dad got some *this video didn’t exist and I can’t control what he gets* and where the headphony bits where IT WAS METAL. AND EVEN WORSE THE METAL WAS SHARP. Like no for real it was all not cut well and trying to get the bud hits out I almost cut myself. So the what was this story saying... RAYCONS ARE TRYING TO KILL US...jk

    87. AstroKuiper


    88. Kate Emanuelli

      Missed opportunity for “kangaroo dollarydoos”

    89. Exploding zombie

      Ain't no wonder why people are getting sponsored

    90. Ezz Eissa

      Could you try some budget wireless buds something like mi air dots?

    91. Riverbend1792

      This is proof that the best entry level or mid-range product is often the one you've never heard of.

    92. The Adventurest

      I am watching this with raycons in and I am not picky so I like them

    93. Krombopulos Michael

      These are like the MVMT Watches of headphones. Cheap AliExpress product sold at a 10x markup with some slick online branding that touts out "inexpensive" it is because it absurdly chooses to compare itself to its top end luxury contemporaries instead of the bargain bin stuff it actually is most like.

    94. Dude

      Got the e100s a year ago and they literally just stooped working. Won’t charge, won’t pair. AirPods may be expensive, but they haven’t broken yet

    95. Terry Cornelius

      I bought the KZ ZSN Pros and I've never been happier :D finally I can ditch those Samsung buds that came with my S8.😂

    96. hunter limu

      Your videos are awesome and fun to watch. Can do give a feed back on bluedio T monitor? And how to make it sound beeter using eq?

    97. Atha Pratama

      I’m convinced that these buds can turn any song into an earrape song

      1. ITZ PHE

        Wrong, but it can literally ruin “Medicine” by Au/Ra if you listen on Spotify with my equalizer settings. It’s so bad sometimes

    98. Richard F

      Anker do good buds at a good price

    99. Tabalt 711

      Raycons may not have the best audio, but mine survived the wash so

    100. Egor Koshmin

      KZ have been my pick since ZSX came out REALLY recommend that model in particular