I Built a Wither Skeleton FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#39)


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    In this video I built a WITHER SKELETON FARM in Minecraft Hardcore! Welcome to Episode 39 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Series. Today I Built a Wither Skeleton Farm in the Nether to get INFINITE COAL, BONES & INFINITE WITHER SKELETON SKULLS. Want to find out how to build a wither skull farm in minecraft hardcore? watch the whole video to find out!
    Wither Skeleton Farm Tutorial (by ShulkerCraft)
    "Minecraft Wither Skeleton Farm - Over 60 Skulls Per Hour - 1.16"
    Watch the Series from Episode 1:
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    1. standinline

      Wadzee watch a Video From GD Venus

    2. Photon

      You could have just blown up the bastion.

    3. Hardy Sellers

      Just subbed and turned on notifications

    4. CG Minty

      I’m 99% sure they can only spawn on nether brick

    5. DiamondGuy676

      You don’t have to thank us for 3 million subscribers. You deserve it 👏

    6. Cris Formage

      4:01 who else thought my phones on 5%

    7. reema raskar

      Wadzee only one more video then you will have 200 videos🎉

    8. Connor Morrissey

      make a item sorter to throw out swords

    9. rue

      that outro music tho


      who dare dislike this video he worked hours on this if one of those people see this comment explain why

    11. Moses Jebraj

      What is the intro music

    12. RIX_S

      28:10 you forgot the gunpowder farm

    13. sjcfever

      You missed a spot - 9:14

    14. glaze 80 YT

      R. I. P dog 100000000.0


      U could have blown away the bastion after looting the chests and gold

    16. YAKUZA SID

      Commenting cause it is good for the algorithm.... ....

    17. Timothy Christian Stephensen

      you can actually trap the piglin in a boat and rope the boat then fly the boat to the middle of the farm (it works with other mobs to!)

    18. zander

      7,800 mellons in total wow

    19. Pramay HCR2

      too much effort ,hope it is worth

    20. ImmaSpicyLilBean

      Next is an infinite diamond farm

    21. Sebastian Schmidt

      I really need the Name of the music at 0:30

    22. Oliwier Barancewicz

      I would of just used tnt to explode the bastion

    23. Sharky Boy

      Most of this video was him placing slabs

    24. Mary Tulanowski

      You: lets just apreseat all the work I've done "What sounds like a msm song starts playing"

    25. Hassan Omar

      again, piglen farm with lots of nether bricks

    26. Hunting 1.2


    27. Bikash Dhar

      A million like is even less for this video

    28. Angel Dacurin

      Wadzee how about make a village on nether

    29. Daniel Ruston

      You should use a stone cutter for builds like this it saves so much stone

    30. Agustin Restrepo

      that's a lot of cobblestone you got there xd

    31. CoolMinecraftPlayer!

      How does he kill a whiter I can’t even find diamonds

    32. Archana Sheoran


    33. Lil kid lol

      Fuuny how a week mob turns into a hard boss

    34. Nico Sosa

      For your melons instead of going horizontally that’s taking a lot of space try going vertically to save space

    35. Lucas van Arkel

      Next time you need to spawnproof an area and you don’t know if mobs could spawn on a certain block, open coordinates, look at the block you are unsure about and look to the right, in the block information you’ll see if mobs can spawn or not.

    36. SamaFamaLamaSamaFama 123

      When u realise that philza also did this to make a void 😂

    37. Biz Boi

      Boy, has that totem seen some things.


      İnfinity slabs

    39. Config

      How do you not have 10 mil subs? you've earned it

    40. shiwang saini

      blaze rode fram

    41. Caleb Christine

      Why didnt you just cover the entire area in lava or something

    42. Caleb Christine

      I think he just loops the footage for when he does the melons

    43. Luke Ramsey


    44. Harry Wynne

      What's the song at 9:59

    45. Bryan Frisco Peraira

      grey slabs

    46. Dylan Hartley

      Can’t remember if you have one already but you should do an Enderman farm

    47. h4v

      i like how he just does not give up

    48. Yu Lin

      Btw ender dragon=noob to u

    49. lah kok ilang?


    50. Crypticx

      him: covers bastion in slabs me: why didnt you just break that side of the bastion, it wouldve been easier... this is how many people agree. 👇🏼

    51. Soul Play

      27:39 😳

    52. Vitu Gostoso

      the legendary tale of the man who spawn-nerfed the nether with wood


      Lol your a builder I can't make all of that in a week bro chill out..hh

    54. Ayd wa

      me when I first watched 300k views, me when I finish 4.3million

    55. Bitscuit

      13:08 why am I just ready to hear “OH DREAAAAAAM” screamed by like 3 people

    56. Sloppy Seconds

      If u ever want to build one try and do u it in a soul sand valley as it'll increase spawn rates and require alot less spawn proofing.

    57. ItzTiffoGamez

      Wadzee: Doing cool slab stuff. Me: Looking at his hunger bar ;-;

    58. Miggy Lim

      4:22 4:21

    59. Zayne Weller


    60. nö fgfdsg

      Why didnt you use buttons?

      1. ImOld

        Bruh buttons are terrible because you cant see the gaps

    61. Kryštof Kadlčák

      only 4.6 mil people knows about the secret gold

    62. Sans is pogging

      Wadzee never asks for likes.........we do it anyway tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    63. Ben Vinke

      i cant believe i just spend 15 minutes watching someone place slabs

    64. Henry gregor

      You should have blew up the bastion.

    65. Niveau Ente

      Next one should be a witchfarm for infinit redstone.

    66. Matthew Johnson

      all these videos are just shulkercraft tutorials lmao

    67. Luminous Wind

      As of this episode, there are 6,800 melons

    68. Elvin Bajrektarevic

      Make a 41 please

    69. Nicolas Velasco

      can you please tell us what that song you used while you were slabbing the whole place upp please

    70. King Derp

      #wah wah army

    71. Nigl

      I love how he says OMG to 2 ancient debris even tho he mined like 6,000

    72. LUCAS_PFL


    73. Jdawg Poolz

      Anyone else miss water checkpoints

    74. mixa bond

      why do you like skuls

    75. mixa bond

      how do you build so fast

    76. Jack Howls

      Wadzee: MY Arms hurt like level 9000 from placing slabs

    77. Mathias Cernica

      Hell its not even that effort consuming i did it in less than 3 days, 3-4 hours per day

    78. grazyna kielpikowska

      I love u

    79. Joshua Lawrence

      Good vid

    80. Owen Cook

      mate, just put the eggs in a dispenser hooked up to a red-stone clock and you can AFK while the chickens are spawning.

    81. Dane Kennedy

      Try and give the dogs a looting 3 sword

      1. Cillian O'Donovan

        You can't

    82. BasherOPS


    83. Valen Pika

      man this farm must have taken a ton of work, nice job, and i find you super efficient when it comes to building, it would've taken me days just to spawn proof the whole area lol. Nicely done, earned urself a sub :) !

    84. VOLT GAMER

      Wad make a second flor of the melon farm And make an elevator no reason just for fun

    85. DannyYT09

      Cover the top of the chests in the fortress

    86. The Stuwits

      Make a giant melon filled with melons

    87. Niilo Koskimäki

      "One dog died, whatever" 😭😭

    88. Ansha Umer

      Not only slabs were the must u can also use buttons

    89. Ansha Umer

      This guy is amazing

    90. Jakob Cobb

      He should change the name to terraforming hell to heaven

    91. Ya F1sh

      Wazee I have watched you for a long time but if you get a charged creeper it has a 100% chance to give you a skull if you blow it up

    92. Harjot Dhillon


    93. Harjot Dhillon


    94. Zaid Hamoud

      He rapped the nether with silver foil

    95. Gavin Kok


    96. ItzJustGr

      Very nice you are very brave and strong WadZee

    97. Nicole Kjenner

      I know you made a full netherite beacon and all the other blocks, but what about a full beacon made out of beacons?

    98. Shazia Khan

      This man is most patients person ever

    99. colton arendt

      you should catch up on the mellons because you didnt start till like episode 9 please for my ocd lol #hardcoreidea

    100. MacZajSci

      Could you show us how you get those totems of undying so fast in hardcore?