I GOT INJURED DOING ACROBAT DARE! (bad idea) | Rebecca Zamolo

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    1. Rebecca Zamolo

      That was a bad idea. Dont be shy, SUBSCRIBE and join the ZAMFAM!

      1. cristina radu

        @Faheem Khan yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      2. mulford11

        Hannah Scott fdhdfgn

      3. Chris Lai

        I want to say something can you even on like say sorry to your wife I’m actually talking to your husband please

      4. Tina Manning

        Matt going to push you in the pool and madde

      5. Rob Snider

        @Samiiro Nuradiin Rebecca’s not actually hurt...

    2. Nick Carey

      So haleareas hehehehehehe i love you i goined your zamfam 🌶🌶

    3. Ezequiel Ortega

      I Love Rebecca

    4. Red_Roses

      I can’t believe Matt sabotaged Rebecca that is your wife Matt

    5. Hannah Derby

      Rebecca Matt sed he would sabatoge you

    6. Barnsley Methodist

      Hacking and snaking

    7. Fionn Muldoon Crawford

      Daniel said hacking and sacking

    8. Demonic Ash

      Matt and Maddie and danial savotosd you rebbeca

    9. Ipad Man

      He said hackin and snackin

    10. Ava Nicole Castro


    11. Ava Nicole Castro


    12. Avelina Gonzales

      Hack a sec

    13. Ankita Singh

      Rebecca your friends are sabotaging you

    14. mars


    15. Alana Claire

      That's a nice song Ashley ☺️☺️☺️!

    16. Ana Rodriguez

      I love youj

    17. Alana Claire

      He said hack and snacking

    18. Michelle Walden


    19. Linnea Lehman


    20. Bradley Johnson

      Hakin and

    21. Destiny Rush

      YES it is matt's fault

    22. Kimara Haughton

      Daniel said hacking and snacking

    23. Rosemary Rhoden


    24. Luis Ibarrajr

      Daniel said hack in a secent

    25. Kay Phipps

      it is youre fallt

    26. Emily Hawks


    27. Yousra El Mourabit

      I love I love

    28. Ieva

      The fotn change couler the couler is green

    29. Kinzlee Kristine!

      Matt apologize NOW

    30. Galaxy Intruder


    31. John Anderson

      HadAnd snacking

    32. Asia Vasile

      Dow not gow rebeca

    33. Thiago Pedrollo

      I have subscribe and turn on my notifications on

    34. Josie And Benel Jesus christ is my lord

      I'm never watching it again

    35. Cows2029


    36. Arlete Costa

      Hi Rebecca Daniel said take this shot

    37. AmyD

      Haking and snaking

    38. Thuto Sharel

      Rebecca just to tell you that Mart and the others sabotaged you so that you can do a full twist

    39. munira’s lab

      phew it was a prank

    40. Josephine macdonald

      That didn't work

    41. Josephine macdonald

      No you didn't

    42. O for Olivia VLOG

      Maddie and Daniel

    43. O for Olivia VLOG

      Matt cheated

    44. Emma Senatore

      How did you win the championship

    45. Chad Wild clay

      He sed snacking and hacking

    46. Clara Goode

      He said hacking and snackin

    47. jenny olsin

      He said hack in a second

    48. Mita Jonatan


    49. Uriel Baniqued

      Best prank ever hehe

    50. Greg Crabbe

      Do it

    51. Ashlyne George

      abcdefghijklmnoprstuvwxyz the sandwich is a word that stands alone for how much is the

    52. Nikki Meaney

      It’s really cool that you have tunnels in your house

    53. Nikki Meaney

      Daniel said when he was jumping in to the pit he said hacking and snacking

    54. James Guidi

      Daniel said hack and snack in

    55. Abigail White

      Hacking and snakin

    56. Pedro Perez

      You should ask them who's your crush

    57. Princess Evelynn11

      That prank

    58. Josephine Onokah

      Daniel said hacking and snacking

    59. thomas samples

      Having and snacing

    60. Andrea A

      Rebecca are you ok or is it a prank

    61. Ashlyne George

      Ya Matt what did you do

    62. Kayla Mariner-Hartlin

      Baking and snaking

    63. raniya brown

      Hi Rebecca

    64. dulce aznar

      i love you rebeeka

    65. breana wallace

      I did it

    66. Renée Johansson


    67. Fast Cloudy


    68. Jaiseon Moore

      Misdemeanor you are so scared of Geist and Ben will never be your boyfriend

    69. Chris Brian Ascano

      Daniel say hack in a second

    70. Edward Salazar

      Daniel said tect nis tect

    71. Phyre Dean

      he said hack in a second

    72. Khloe Reece

      Hacking and snacking

    73. Sarah Thomas


    74. Peace Peace

      matt can really sing he sings like a angel

    75. ROSIE ROSE

      If I ever see matt I would be I mean to him for sabotaging Rebecca

    76. Fire games

      He said hacking is snacking

    77. tony Whitaker

      Danail said hacking and snacking

    78. Curltastic With Elle


    79. Tina B

      Matt it is your falt

    80. Darcy Rosa

      i did it

    81. zaineb alawadi

      I can't believe that the boys fall for that was epic and hilarious 😂

    82. Janay Withers


    83. Carolyn Anderson

      Matt is going to sabotage you Rebeca

    84. Lily’s  fidget trading

      Daniel said hacking and snacking

    85. จัดหนัก จัดเต็ม

      I think Daniel said "1 2 3 zen"

    86. Kazi Akhter

      Rebecca when you pretend to break your leg I cried so hard😭😭😭

    87. Neha Talwar

      No maddie Daniel matt

    88. Isabella Sophia Arias


    89. Lela Dewey


    90. soniacontreras2


    91. Heather Dahl

      Matt it is your fault you were the one who kept on pushing her and stuff and you guys were the one who put

    92. Andrew Tawil

      Rebecca you are the best you are the best in the world not want to be friends in the candy shop in the store

    93. Cora Archibald

      I love your SEprom channel it os so cool!

    94. Bianka Rodriguez


    95. Ze Yang


    96. Ze Yang


    97. Jennifer Rowland

      It is your fault matt.

    98. Christina Garcia

      Daniel said hacking and smacking

    99. Jaylah martinez


    100. Eve Moore