"I'M DONE!" Asmongold Reacts to Bellular UNLEASHED on Blizzard

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    Enough is Enough! Asmonogold watches some of the clips from Bellular's live show, where he discusses the latest Preach's interview with WoW lead dev Ion Hazzikostas and the dramatic state of Shadowlands..

    With subscription numbers free falling, Patch 9.1 delayed and now this, it surely doesn't fare well for the future of WoW. After the BFA disaster what could possibly save this MMO from its own slow death?

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    www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-JDZ... (What Is GOING ON?! Ion's Out of Touch Interview)

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    1. Michal G

      Stop playing blizzard, nothing happens when you feed them

    2. Tomasz Makowski

      at least blizz has a good launcher. I bought FFXIV a long time ago and now can't log on from fucking steam... how fucked up is that... extra tokens which I don't have because changed my phone like 10 times... shit customer support... can't even find them. I wish to play FF but just give up with acc recovery and log on system....

    3. Jurell Rapay

      Okay I laughed way too hard on that dick in the salad analogy. That was brilliant lol.

    4. Timothy Gulics

      I said enough was enough when I had to worry about anima, soul ash, phantasma, stygia, reputation, renown, freed souls, sinstone fragments, infused rubies, world quests, daily quests, ephemeral Torghast abilities, soulbinds, conduits, Covenant abilities, story quests, mission table, Ember Court... and only some of this was actual content, the rest of it was like checking my freaking bank account and paying bills. And some bills I could only pay in rolls of pennies, sacks of seashells, or stacks of $2 bills. Not fun.

    5. Hawkknight97

      I hope Ion gets removed, along with rest of dev team who doesn't care about fun gameplay, making the endgame fun, and just etc. This is ridiculous. The Wait for newer content patches is tedious at best. Feels like we are back in the dark ages of WoD again.

    6. WhiteLys

      blizzard is dying and will keep dying. they dont listen nor care about their community and its not just wow, they doing the same to Overwatch with overwatch 2

    7. SaintGabriel11

      Based Bellular Bollocks

      1. SaintGabriel11

        Algorithmic Asanine Bullshit!!!!!

    8. Acillius

      Regarding the BFA azurite gear system, I saw that for what it was and quit. I also quit during legion because when they doubled the XP requirement for leveling the artifact in that system I was pissed off, it required constant game play to stay current was hard to do with having a job and not 16 hours a day to dedicate to this game, it was annoying in legion, it was bullshit in bfa and Shadowlands is garbage as far as I am concerned, I really enjoyed classic, TBC tho, I am having issues with it (the mount you can buy and the free58) the work I put into level 7 toons to 8 feels so worthless with it, even if it is 1 toon, I leveled 7, if you dont like to level alts, then you dont deserve it, you will find you appreciate things more when you work for it.

    9. P4TTL

      started playing again in December, quit in January. Felt like I let my guild down but the time-wasting was pointless didn't feel like I was achieving anything other than doing m+ over and over again.

    10. Kemal Choudhury

      ok what kind of fing morons are you guys. If you want Blizz to make better game unsubcribe and then they will realize. And you are bitching and paying hahahahha... fing morons

    11. Adam Tengler

      They should just try to hire Bellular, I think he has game development education and experience himself. Also Ion himself was content creator turned developer back in the day, some people who play the game a lot and at the same time have game dev knowledge really just know better how to make the game than some of the actual devs.

    12. Slimothy

      Blizzard: Sir, would you like ranch or dick on your salad today? Bellular: dick?? Blizzard to the kitchen staff: he said he'll take the dick.

    13. a1karaoke

      I agree this is the same way I feel about the state of the game, I loved wow an all its expansions yes even WoD but this expansion is the lowest expansion ever released it lacks content to the point it makes no diffrence what side your on,The level crunch made no sense your weaker than when you were level 60 in vanilla and the story an lore has gone from great to good to bullshit.

    14. Mike

      simple solution stop giving garbagevision money

    15. Dominic Paulazzo

      Blizzard is gone..it’s and empty dog house in Activision’s back yard at a house that has been owned by more people in one year than people that actually live in it. The dog was named Zug Zug and he was the dog of the young couple who originally built the amazing house and loved to have guest over and loved there community. They built their own original memories and loved living in that house from young to old. Seeing the community around them become more and more commercial and their property value only increased as they aged like fine wine. Then they got old, and chose to downsize, Zug Zug died, his legendary body entombed in the soil of the lot. He is the last true one to defend his castle forever. Where the house was then purchased by some guy with a sharp face and a speedy attitude and hollow personality, bought the house just to use it as spare income and the throws it on,AirBnb, maybe visiting it twice a year, he has a property manager. The once beautiful house with a family that was pure and dedicated was tired and ready to sell out. Zug Zug’s body enchants that house, waiting to be restored, reenergized and ready to reclaim his right to the throw of greatest gaming company of all time. The immortal spirit that was once the great creativity and true dedication and the spirit of Blizzard and the fans, a company that was once the good king that everyone loved and respected became the lich king. Old Blizzard was proof that company can chanel there potential, capitalize but also having doing into pure good for themselves and the fans. They used to love what they did, and gave us a world that changed out lives forever. It’s time to reawaken Zug Zug. Give us wow 2 and fucking hit us with that one shot and blow our minds again. Stop to expanding. MAKE WOW 2 AND RULE OVER THESE PEONS AGAIN WHILE ALSO SHOWING US THE LIGHT AND FREEING US FROM THE CAVE.

      1. Dominic Paulazzo

        Zug Zug can symbolize a lot of things about blizzard but one of the things I think he truly symbolizes is the community of people who Play WoW, love WoW, and have always came back to it and had fun, we will always have a tiny flame of hope for blizzard and the return of the true king who can restore the order and honor to its kingdom so we can all blizzard again for it. It breaks our hearts to even look at retail. It like Frankenstein, it’s a festering monster that is in pain and wants to be euthanized. I have been having so much fun playing tbc classic. Unlocking memories that go way be you s the game itself but the people around it. You had it on the money. You went to fast and crashed. Nobody wants to hate blizzard, if anything we want dank heals on blizzard and get them bis’d out again. I think as a community we all have that little hope, way in the back of our minds, just waiting for blizzard to go back to eh zug zug days of emersion and a new world, born from fire and war for the purpose of being the best virtual home a little noob could ask for.

    16. MrGetownedLP

      "get the dicks out the salad, Bobby" LOLL

    17. LukeyBigKnife

      I unsubbed about a month after shadowlands and came back to check how the community is feeling gotta say I never expected to hear "I'm done with these jokers" from Bellular lol

    18. Avi S

      Poor Asmongold, he is stuck with the failing wow because of his toxic fanbase.

    19. Purnima Gurung

      Now that I have finally gotten my own pc, I was so ready to try out WoW, a game that has been on my mind since I was a child but never had the opportunity to play. But after seeing this video, I'm doubting if I should invest in it or not

    20. SilentMorbus

      that's what i said on Legion launch guys. Algorythmic asinine nonsense. Nighthold was absolute shit.

    21. CIM Dude

      Guys ... Guyssss BLIZZARD banned my forum account for 1Day couse I started a fan vs Blizz fight when I spoke the truth about PVP STATE ... I mean WTF BLIZZ is just a name a BRAND there is no longer a BLIZZ anymore .

    22. Betazero

      Not sure what everyone is surprised about. Blizzard does not exist anymore. Its just Activision trying to wring out some money out of old amazing IPs (Diablo 2, WOW, Warcraft 3, Starcraft) and they do not even know why people like the old IPs because they never even played them back when they 1st came out. I played classic for a month then canceled. If you really want a change in how Activision does things there needs to be a player union. Get a majority of people to join then when something is breaking the game, the whole union cancels their subscription and stages a strike until the list of changes are made. The Union can police the bots and every month compile a list of the botters. The players have the power but not individual players. Joining the Union will have a requirement that you must not buy gold from the day you join on. Not much you can do about the past.

    23. Tioko

      “Dick in the salad” - I died 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That whole bit is genius. And the BDSM paddle vs just a paddle X)))

    24. Taylor Peterson

      my guild went from at least 30 active and consistent, high-level players online to having 5 ppl online for the 5th day in a row. They waited too long to release the patch and the content lull is making even experienced and long-time players leaving WOW. I think blizzard has taken advantage of their long-time loyal fan base as people who will "always be there" when in reality these people have been hanging on by a thread since Shadowlands released. Sad state of affairs here.

    25. Ace Town

      Since I quit wow and moved on, it's been so much better. I hope it gets better though, I've been playing wow since 2006, it hurts to see the game in such a sorry state..

    26. Standard Cake

      Wow, hearthstone, overwatch, HoTs, Diablo... all of them. Current blizzard has no fucking idea on what to do with past blizzards creations. They’ve just made things worse and worse as they go on everything

    27. Matt

      Damn, hes really going at that 'pepsi max'

    28. OneDankind

      My parent's weren't right when I was growing up. But they would be right today. Games are a waste of time. You no longer build social groups, friend groups or build relationships like you used to. On top of the games just literally being designed to waste your time instead of being good and you CHOOSE to spend your time playing. It's so weird too. Because who the hell is making the design decisions to go this way? Is it popular actually and we are the minority? Doubtful seeing the HUGE popularity of "classic" style everything.

    29. Michael Moore

      About time you slagged off the development Idiots. Sack the team completely in charge only way to fix the game. Hats off for this 👏

    30. Gord Fulton

      asmond is totally right,, if it was him people would automatically disagree cuz hes a jerk and dont wanna be on a jerks side

    31. ImAlwaysMadBro

      asmon is that guy who just never shuts the fuck up and lets you enjoy the movie.

    32. imbuto;

      belluar is fucking funny. he really fucking is mate.

    33. Mobius one

      I abandoned the game on early 8.2 because I couldn't have fun in the game, it was a pain to gear my character by playing things I like to play. 1 year later the phylosophy remains the same. I believe the game is dead, the company is randomly doing things to a dead product only to prevent the IP from falling into public domain where some random indie dev will do a better job than the multibillionaire company has been doing for the past 6 years. Blizz wants to keep the game in the early alpha atmosphere because new games that does that have better conversion rates, BUT NEW GAMES ARE DEVELOPED AND THEY DELIVER A FULL PRODUCT ON LAUNCH! So for all those mindless goons out there that keep paying the company, keep playing the game, do them a favor, pay 3 subscriptions and don't play the game, just give them 3 subs because "poor blizz, they're trying..." "You don't have the right to complain about something where you don't provide any useful insight to solve the issue" - keep paying the game expecting it to get better, is this simple idea, you're not doing anything to fix the problem, you're just feeding the problem.

    34. I Trow

      Us Ian’s feel the same ferocity as one singular conscious. I heard the call

    35. Mashu

      I have been playing WoW for only nine months. I’ve had nights where I grind and have fun for hours, and I’ve had nights where the tasks at hands are so boring I log right back off. I want to move to FFXIV, but my father is buying his first gaming PC just to play WoW. And I’m like. Bro. FFXIV.

    36. wowOKlol

      who do you think tests the game? This is news to anyone? You think they have raid team upon raid team and dungeon groups going non-stop? They don't know how a lot of stuff is going to work until they publish it and it plays out. Otherwise nothing will ever get released. This seems silly to get upset about.

    37. Michael Zephyros

      FFXIV is handled so much better by square Enix in regards to being maintained than WoW is by blizzard. Legitimately even I don't always like the story in FFXIV but the raids are really good, the designs are cool. There was a glitch that would cause people to be unable to load their characters, 16 hours later they fixed it and then fixed any other bugs.

    38. Label07

      I keep saying it...no one is listening...fire Ion. He is the problem with retail WoW

    39. doc B

      canceled wow. went ffiv

    40. Marc Roy

      I have a hard time relating to these rants tbh, maybe it's because I actually have other things to do aside from WoW, but I just do not understand the outrage.

    41. Ricardo Lembo

      70% of active WoW players today are from China. Take a pause, let that information sink in for a moment (look it up if you can't believe it). So next time you think or ask something like "why that particular thing in WoW is like this? do they not listen to the community at all?", just save the headache of overthinking it and remind yourself that you're not in their target demographics anymore. What is not good for you may be acceptable or even good to 70% of their players. This answer all the confusion you guys are having on believing why Blizzard took those decisions.

    42. Poneglyph

      I have never even played this game and I'm dying laughing.

    43. YYONN

      I can't believe he's still playing this

    44. Taylor Ruiz

      People wonder why blizzard and wow is fuckin dyin lmao

    45. MR.C&A Video911Game

      Blizz died with WOTLK

    46. Levant

      Bellular blowing all his cooldowns for a big DPS critique of current wow.

      1. Vincent Proud

        He's mad as the video starts, this dude popped a prepot.

    47. dudle core

      lets just 86 it... because neckbeards will pay any1

    48. Ace Palomino

      Retail has been terrible since MoP imo. Id even say in cata, when they changed the talent system

    49. ggg21201

      Man I just love watching Asmongold's eyebrows. They're just so active.

    50. Mothman

      I play both wow and ff14 both are fun and have very different feels. Wow has a more open feeling environment, and has the most balanced pvp system that your gonna find in a mmo. FF14 has got one the richest stories to play in the genre. And an emphasis on crazy boss fights, with things like player housing and what not. Both games have try yards, weebs, and some toxic behaviour. At the end of the day don’t listen to doomers of any side, play what’s fun.

    51. Mothman

      Wow does azmongold does a good Carl from jimmy nuetron

    52. Nethr

      You know what mmorpg has a dev team that listens to their players, fixes bugs quickly, and actively works to improve their game? Final Fantasy 14. And they do that without constantly telling their customers to go fuck themselves. They actually show some basic respect. Sounds nice right? The community is really nice too. People are generally helpful. -Cactuar Server Player

    53. Studios Nightmare

      The shit is becus of hearthstone even if everyone would quit they would still do it

    54. Douglas Diggins

      Man its crazy how many people still play this trash.

    55. Sweet Reverb

      So glad I quit on BFA launch. Literally don't want to give them any money whatsoever.

    56. Jake Eisler

      Sure sounds to me like the handcuff's aren't fuzzy anymore....

    57. Youtube Emperor of Mankind

      Ion Hazzikostas is incompetent but Blizzard won't hire someone who asks for more money

    58. RealnoMis

      I would like to ask Bellular how big the difference in dps was back when he was a kid. Because if my memory serves me, balance has never been good in WoW. Ever. So complaining that covenants or legendaries are not balanced within 0.5% now and that is ruining the game, then the game was ruined since release.

    59. suprezgaming

      Elitist greedy game design = state of the game. Easy fix, be a roleplayer.

      1. suprezgaming

        Make shadowlands fake good(players love it but its sad and broken on purpose) -> reveal tbc(people escape to tbc 40-65euro) -> profit -> make shadowlands good(they spend a few min fixing numerical things(ilvl disparity/world rewards etc) -> profit.... greedy bastards.

    60. suprezgaming

      the top people rly dont matter, m+ is toxic, world is empty and raiding sucks(it doesnt suck but i cant enjoy it when world sux), ilvl disparity sucks, Blizzard sucks at making a good adventure(like tbc)

    61. TexasDad

      Now someone needs to post ALL these videos of Asmon,Bell,and the others being pissed off cussing Blizz over their stupid shit on their IG,FB,forums,EVERYWHERE and maybe the idiots will get a fucking clue.

    62. Josh Towne

      dude you are trash....you and your toxicity belong with League of Legends.

    63. Pekopekopeko

      Who cares about either of these soy soaked losers or their reactions to anything

    64. Set2 Outdoor

      35:00 I died xD

    65. Set2 Outdoor

      Ion Hazzikostas Needs to retire, I said it first week into BFA, please. Also this game is going mobile.

    66. Jose Villegas

      I actually can’t believe WoW updates every 6 months to get sucker punched in the cock n balls.

    67. Jeffrey 778

      In economics and industrial design, planned obsolescence (also called built-in obsolescence or premature obsolescence) is a policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life or a purposely frail design, so that it becomes obsolete after a certain pre-determined period of time upon which it decrementally functions or suddenly ceases to function, or might be perceived as unfashionable.[1] The rationale behind this strategy is to generate long-term sales volume by reducing the time between repeat purchases (referred to as "shortening the replacement cycle").[2] It is the deliberate shortening of a lifespan of a product to force people to purchase functional replacements.

      1. Jeffrey 778

        some things are designed to fail

    68. Frank D

      bellular is a blizzard apologist. he calls them out on things (nicely) and then makes their excuses for them, before they ever make their own up

    69. Hugo Veentjer

      This is actuallly really fun to watch lol. Bellular is always kinda calm and now this.

    70. James Dalton

      Guys drink some god damn water.

    71. Josh N

      I'm amazed people still play WoW. I just like watching Asmon for Asmon, and I've heard plenty others say the same thing.

    72. Ryan Kinel Did Nothing Wrong

      these wow creators think they are more important than they actually are. ego is a bitch lol

    73. Michael rosado

      Oddly enough, cataclysm was the last time I took wow seriously as in I raided regularly and had good friends to enjoy the game with. Panda land dropped and it was fun but it started the downhill spiral. Every expansion after just got worse.

    74. bryanJr8

      Retail Andy’s crying about shadowlands LULW

    75. Simon Bergström

      Just hearing "the developers" and/or "the devs" continuously blaming these individuals for what is probably not their fault as they are not bound by their own decisions but most likely the decisions of people up the chain just looking at charts of monies is frustrating. I'm a developer (not in gaming though) and as a developer, most of the time you are not in charge of the WHAT, just the HOW. So if you guys want change, then try to find and blame the correct people. And why these things still happen and no devs speak up - NDAs. I would never take employment with Blizzard from what I've heard of their internal work-culture (if I were a game dev to begin with). It sounds like a soul-crushing experience having to implement dick salads and then have the whole community hate YOU for what is not your decision. Maybe the senior devs/game designers may have some way of deciding things, but ultimately they have a mission to make money and they are most likely made to meet certain money-making criteria which they higher-ups don't give a flying fuck about how you achieve them, so long as you do.

    76. Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu

      People that have massive complaints about the game are still subbing. They're not going to change.

    77. Sonnabend00

      If you feel this bad about it then why play

    78. Phillip Smith

      And you dumb fucks keep paying 15.00 a month and buying shitty store mounts...

    79. MrToastly

      Ahh the WoW community - Bunch a whiners who bitch about a game they just wont quit playing......

    80. atnip

      I just wanna say that just like with the blizzard turning off the stream during the “hong kong protest” portion of their stream, its also a popular conspiracy to think that there are chinese owned businesses outsourcing money from america. And i think blizzards no different thats why they ruin all their games with greed. Theres a reason why America hasnt experienced inflation after printing 40% of americas total dollar just last year alone. I mention the hong kong thing cause i feel like it contributes to the chinese conspiracy i mentioned. Its real! Look up “why havent we experienced hyperinflation” by ”jake tran” on youtube

    81. Bisterk Ding

      7:13 that's just not how math works lol... it's still 0.5. From what I've seen, it's either way more than 0.5 for one particular feature that they're not changing, or the fact that they're trying to balance too many flat out quantitative damage/healing/tanking buffs with quality of life enhancements.

    82. farouk darwiche

      Bro your advice on torgast is so stupid. No we don't want to be gods u idiot we just want rewards that are meaningful to show the effort we put in. Maybe a tmog that you can only get if u do x amount of stages. I don't want another freaken mythic raid version. Your so disconnected bro.

    83. Nebula

      Why do people play WoW when they say it's so shitty and blizzard is the worst company? Like sure, then why do you play the game and support said shit company? Why does the community like to meme about how shitty the game/blizzard is and then pay up for the next expansion expecting shit to change? Like bruhh....

    84. Bibi .SurpriseMe

      i havent been playing wow since shadowlands launch i have been playing ffxiv so i am here to get some news xD i dont know whats going on over on the wow world but you seem to be hurting guys

    85. Beastly

      33:00 what if they design flawed systems because its cheaper to 'fix' problems and add some random shit to bring that out as a patch.. than make good shit and then have to create a full patch with enough content..that just sounds more expensive..

    86. Beastly

      oh shit they should start doing some burocratic systems noone wants.. oh oh i know how about doing taxes you should have to sit down and calculate a % of you profits off of your progression raid income and pay that into the auction house or sth..bro lit

    87. Beastly

      the sc2 team lmfao

    88. adam sinclair

      they need to stop borrowed powers and convoluted systems that makes the game tedious. I much prefer the old talent trees. Focus on making the open world immersive and bring back player interaction.

    89. Kegs

      unflattering angle. Bellular is quite unathletic....yikes.

    90. John McKay

      Listening to this in the background while i do my dailies in wow on my 5 max level toons.

    91. Mithorium

      U N L E A S H E D

    92. Alfred Jodokus Quack

      Blizzard devs create problems so they can solve them. Job security I guess.

    93. Eva D

      Boycott the producers, not the creatives. Remember them, search for whoever created what you liked (script writers, game artists, level designers) and support them: it's a good way to encourage new products, whilst calling out greedy publishers.

    94. Angelo Colon

      Im happy that tbc is fun.

    95. σ - sigma

      I’ve been happily playing tbc and wotlk private servers for around 8 years now. Haven’t touched retail since shadowlands dropped. I’ve had more positive experiences with the private servers than I have had in the last 4 expansions of retail. I understand this is subjective and my own opinion, but blizzard has lost it, they lost it a long time ago and fell out of touch.

    96. sandra schade

      I hope you blocked the person in the comments that said he followed you home one day, and wants to come meet your mom, and the person that asked what your moms bra size was. That is stalking behavior.

    97. Ar Ramon

      Asmon's "o" face 14:23

    98. NASTY ANON

      Ian has always been out of touch. He's 70% of the reason I quit because he would always try to gaslight us over the state of the game.

    99. Tyrant372

      Why are all theese WOW nerds have receding hair lines and trying to hide it,

    100. Altian00

      Maybe just stop playing wow....?