I Opened A 5 Star Restaurant On A London Bus

Niko Omilana

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    I decided to challenge myself and take my mayor campaign to the next level by turning a london bus into a 5 star restaurant.
    NDL Channel- seprom.info/least/9K44RtwiROAwCpALm1wdyQ
    4frontproject- www.4frontproject.org/
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    Business Email - Grace@totalpsyclone.com

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    1. NDL


      1. Pinwarrior

        I've been watching since 500k

      2. Omerlala


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      4. tinaj sews

        Repent , Jesus is coming back, Jesus loves you , he died so that we can live❤❤❤..

      5. tinaj sews

        @i love hammers Repent , Jesus is coming back, Jesus loves you , he died so that we can live❤❤❤..

    2. HyperGames


    3. Habibur Rahman 1

      my bro has gone to vote for u

    4. King Frxstyy FN

      They left their dad. It’s usually the other way around🤣

    5. Behram's Pot Of Memes

      Wheres my million pounds

    6. cei


    7. tianna

      8:57 it can’t be just me that saw Percelle Ascott

      1. tianna

        @Ryan Syed he’s an actor

      2. Ryan Syed

        who dat?


      HAHAHAHAH the guy's face at 2:33 is soo funny LOL

    9. Cassie

      “They left their dad. It’s usually the other way around.”

    10. Roman's Trains And Fans

      7:41 Niko" "he's carrying 8 pounds of crack" Me: HOLY S- XD

    11. Roman's Trains And Fans

      I vote for Niko Yw

      1. Roman's Trains And Fans

        @Cassie no idea

      2. Cassie

        Instrumental name? 12:28

    12. ExcessPixels

      Honestly, Politics + buses never ends well in the UK...


      Everyone is vibin on the bus take me whit you I pay you 50Ponds

    14. FWP - FATE

      My mum said she’s not voting for you I’m really sad 😔😭😢☹️😕🙁

    15. Henry Dowling

      “They left their dad it’s usually the other way around”

    16. pop Alin


    17. kais mahmood

      Lets do what Wall street bets did to the stock market to the political market 🙌🙌🙌

    18. نيات يوسف

      4:20 hahahaha

    19. Kwame Otiende

      Repping Dalston.. yup!!

    20. Big Boy J

      if you fit a demographic that is known to commit more crimes, not only in the uk, you're probably more likely to be stopped and searched if youre acting suspicious in even the slightest bit

    21. Andre Silva

      He is a joke but I did vote for him and even though he is incredibly funny I honestly hope he makes it 😂

    22. Gabg2 Dorce

      2,9k people out of 431k are racist

    23. Zarif Ahmed

      Man just vote for this man already

    24. Bijoy Chandra Roy

      make this guy the supreme leader of our galaxy

    25. Doneout 21st

      just put in my vote!

    26. j 157

      Instrumental name? 12:28

    27. MrDuck

      NIKO FOR MAYOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    28. Eddie Whiteley

      That German girl is stunning, guten Morgen :)

    29. GamingWithAryan

      NDL X LDN

    30. 13ZPLAYZ

      NDL forever

    31. Mimi Costelle

      Im so suprised they left their dad its usually the other way around - niko🤣🤣

    32. JackerTheHacker

      My friend referred to you as neeko earlier so I gave him a knuckle sandwich

    33. Jacqueline’s Game Box

      Tomorrow’s your big day Niko, you could become Mayor LMAO

      1. hen ko

        Well done Niko. Im literally gonna move to the UK just to vote for you

    34. xx slayer _ muh


    35. Andrew Burridge

      2.8m views for totally stale shit content. Wow.

    36. Zachary Adams

      I've only been watching Niko for about a month now and he's already one of my favorite SEpromrs. Keep up the good content man

    37. LUCAZADE _3

      4:09 Black Ops 2 Zombies Tranzit moment right there

    38. ToxicSniper

      I really want this guy to win

    39. The EmilyZ Gamer

      Omg I am in high school and I voted for u

    40. Ayden Ward

      vote for niko or your racist 0_0

    41. Stealth Bazzy

      This vid is jokes

    42. Pro21oofer


    43. CubicIsCubic

      4:24 lmaooo im dyinngggg

    44. archie c33

      "they left their dad, its usually the other way around" - Neeko Omilana, London Mayor

    45. i Grim

      Well I get a heirloom

    46. Rahel Amalaha

      8:56 I can’t be the only one who saw percelle ascot from shiro’s story 😭😭

    47. Sports Card Junkies

      Well done Niko. Im literally gonna move to the UK just to vote for you

    48. Joe Zullo

      Mr mayor fuhrer we love you bro

    49. ace_fryte

      Me: *Gets a Nims Obunge ad while watching "FUCK OFF"

    50. Ria Richardson


    51. YuupNok

      No more Back Kicks .... as a Mayor 😂

    52. TechnicalLimbo

      A 23 year old GOD

    53. ATG SQUAD

      Ur vids are sooooo funny u should be maory because ur vids are funny I am only 10 but I will tell my fam to vote for u

    54. Diogo Faria


    55. Paddy Mapper

      Imagine working in Starbucks 9-5 and then you look up from the counter and see a man with a (whatever it’s called) shouting YOU HAVE NO CUSTOMERS ANYMORE STARBUCKS and then the bus just moves on

    56. Mr Hallows

      “They left there dad it should be the other way around” LOL

    57. Pasrival

      the 2.9k racists: (-____-)

    58. Breno Borges


    59. Breno Borges


    60. Breno Borges


    61. Breno Borges


    62. shootingfrenzzy

      reminds me of a mr beat style "prank"

    63. I’m built different.

      Niko you’re a legend

    64. IA Otohikilisos

      .......shush 🤫

    65. Ominus Gadfly

      A question for all Tiko fans out there doesn’t the guy at 11:13 look like him?

    66. Ptao Tom

      “They left their dad, it’s usually the other way around” 😂

    67. RealJoeMp

      niko omilana is the only person changing society, look at all the smiles he should be the mayor of london

    68. nin_flame

      Watching people eat food while I'm fasting is like hell to me

      1. Ptao Tom

        11:02 On May Sik

    69. Dutch Van der linde

      Is that justice young ?

    70. Wisama Ahmed

      you are amazing The funniest man on SEprom I believe in you iwe had Donald Trump as president you should be the mayor

    71. Mpho Jan Tsokela

      I like NEEKO'S persistancy

    72. chely ಌಌ chanಌ

      I'm pretty sure he won't win, but big props man. If he tries again the next time, he might get it

    73. Harry Blake

      How did he not say "Justice will be served" when the guy called Justice refused to be served??????

      1. Vedanth Ganesh


    74. Miguel Muñoz

      You qualify to be the leader of a sect

    75. ShinyHunterFrano

      11:52 “It seems the Naked cowboy didn’t age well” If you get that reference you’re certified NDL! 🤣😂

    76. CaptainAutism

      imagine that "couple"s answer when their kids ask them where they met lmao

    77. X Rager

      Ay yes a man of the people , told my Nan to vote for you btw

    78. BraZyyy ConTent

      Anyone know that German girls @😍

    79. Blake Heckler

      extra dislike button

    80. Cristine Scott

      what’s 9:49 @

    81. BraZyyy ConTent

      That German girl 😍



    83. Crazy Crown

      11:02 On May Sik

    84. 4LokoPeach 69

      No need to include the propaganda ‘fact’ about black people getting stopped and searched

    85. The Roblox Stranger Things

      NDL X LDN

    86. Sweety's Lockdown Life

      My 17 year old showing me his videos, very impressive. Want to go to London for a ride in that bus.

    87. Crime Tv Uk

      I voted Niko because it will be a prank London

    88. Trent FD

      2.8K RACISTS

    89. I forgot -_-

      NDL NDL NDL I love how he called big Barry

    90. Karan Singh

      NDL For life 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶👑👑👑👑

      1. Karan Singh

        Pls niko reply

    91. I don't feel bad for bullying GenZ

      What do you want, a fucking sweetie, Niko

    92. Alexander WILSON

      So no one gunna talk about how Pecelle Ascot, (the guy from Shiro’s story) is sitting in the top right of the bus?

      1. Simanye Mazosiwe

        I clocked that as well

    93. Gaming Xoxoxo

      Good job

    94. Sst Ryley

      I just soar my guy on live tv

    95. NIKO Omilana for Mayor

      Vote niko

    96. lil cow

      NDL people are smucksz

    97. Archie BONNER


    98. Drippzy

      watch jjs new video he called u neeko 🤣

    99. hen ko

      “They left their dad. It’s usually the other way around.”

    100. camxirr Gaming