I Survived 600 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World...


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    Hope you guys enjoyed this 100 days of ocean world! drop a like to tell me you guys want me to keep going to try to complete the netherite beacon!

    100 days playlist! ➡ www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7u1s...

    Credit to @Luke TheNotable for the original 100 day idea.

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    1. PaulGG

      Drop a like for 700 days 👀👀👀 also reply with some ideas you would want to see in 700!

      1. Sebbog

        also live

      2. Four Eyes Gaming

        I did

      3. Sathbir Singh Vlogs

        700days plese

      4. noble cub

        Maybe make all of the color different beacons like iron, gold, diamond, etc.

      5. nune K

        YESSS do iron block platforms !!! it’ll be a nice contrast with blackstone

    2. The Joke Ruiner

      14:02 for 100 days? Thats short you should atleast make it 20minutes! Even 20 minutes is really short

    3. Jeff Jefferson

      hi paul your cool :D

    4. Jeff Jefferson


    5. Hanvika Reddy

      U know what why the people is only for the monsters. Bones u didn't feed them

    6. superobicat

      10:18 he said "in the end" when he was really in the nether

    7. Bomb boy56

      Use silk touch on gold nugget blocks and smelt them for whole gold ingots

    8. Evo Docturine

      Damn dude.... How many times are we gonna be asked to subscribe?!

    9. Golden Pheonix

      Wow this montage is satisfying"i am satisfaction

    10. AgencyOf Ghana

      There is no one in his phone who is talking

    11. Joey gilpin

      Dude why did u put a phone on the screen for no reason around 6 minutes

    12. Midnight XD

      LTN: Finally! A worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!

    13. Kolex

      Anyone else saw the creeper at 13:33 ??

    14. Cason Davis

      me who started watching dope or nope and now ended up here and i’m just fine with that

    15. Ammu VS

      Release him

    16. nubbz3 fan

      Paul should get a fisherman since they sometimes buy string and if they do it's extremely cheap like 12 string for an emerald and if zombified it will be very broken since 1 string for 1 emerald

    17. Stathis Antonopoulos

      The smelly was like REEEEEE!

    18. Rhys Gannaway


    19. ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ Shootnstr the bee  ⃝ ⃝

      Can you please give me the seed

    20. Jackbro1 1

      Don't sub for John the traitor

    21. quick


    22. Misha Sorochan

      That was animate music idiot but I do like your series

    23. jakob rožmanc

      To l

    24. Aarav gaming yt

      Can I stole your emerald blocks ???????

    25. Sirpugs-lot

      you here a faint voice.........Pathetic said lookthenotable

    26. Yeni Guevara

      This ain’t 100 days:(

    27. Shmairbear

      Seriously, what is that montage music, I can't find it anywhere

    28. Oday CLAPZ

      11:43 agreed best montage ever

    29. Muskaan Jain

      Why doesn't he sees the iron again and again 😅

    30. Kelpie YT

      Luke the notable striped mined and “accidentally” got 2 ancient debris. Paul uses 7 stacks of tnt and only got 3 ancient debris. P.S check out Luke

    31. Abraham Cohen

      shaut out for your editor

    32. BillieBobJoe muffin

      Jake, that was a beautiful montage

    33. Crazystaff4K

      John Sean is saved

    34. K1ngpin1975

      This is the most shortest video ever

    35. Urek

      you better off mining the nether gold with silk touch, it will turn each block in an ingot, while if you use fortune III it will still be nuggets

    36. James Sutton

      Yes more ores

    37. Isis

      Paul you didnt put 600 days and 700 days in the playlist😂😂

    38. Diamond Blade

      6:35 Why is there just a phone and a voice????

    39. Crystal_UwU Pantaleon

      Omg four stacks of aincent debrei

    40. Alex Gregory

      Post 1mil sub here is cena out of the fone yet

    41. P Chan

      In Minecraft days he has only been in his word for 2years lol

      1. steelers 1126


    42. Demarcus Haygood

      Yeah do that

    43. rednaxprime6011 rednaxprime6011

      Four stacks of ancient debris " its not much really" says 'not paul

    44. sprayer T1

      Congrats on 1 mil :)

    45. lowkey1221

      Why did you not do diamond block and then Turn them to netherright blocks

    46. dewarior

      you can also use beds for netheriting gettering

    47. Ash Cash

      You forgot to put this and 700 in the playlist.

    48. Logos LAI

      maybe you can use ores and blocks to make a pattern for the other parts of the base

    49. nerdy noctowl!

      Use diamonds for bridges.

    50. Charlie Zenk

      Build a hidden base underwater For 700 days

    51. dan owen

      Use silk touch to get the nether gold and smelt it to get gold ingots it’s a lot more gold

    52. THEREAPER 8793


    53. KESHAV MOR

      Plz add efficiency 5 on pickaxe. Do haste mining by making a full layer beacon underground and selected Haste 2. You don't have Speed 2 selected on beacon. Make a sand duplicator for sand.

    54. T M

      Use A Fortune Pickaxe On The DIRT To Get More😇😇😇

    55. Chicken Nugget

      John you can get out nowww!

    56. Jeremiah Johnson

      That montage was god tier. Bless up jake.

    57. Buddy Montero

      Where’s 700 bruv

    58. slime

      PaulGG: Mining for ancient debris. Duckio: Duplicating ancient debris.

    59. Cheeto Thepeedo


    60. Ethan Ng

      Nice editing Jack.The montage was absolutely obserd

    61. George Rice

      I need 700 days or I will die!!!

    62. Jax Bartoletti


    63. AZ Learning

      What do you mean? We already hit 1M subs!

    64. Dhrumil Dhamelia

      Please bring the 700 days please

    65. Aarnik Nagarkar

      let him goooooooooo

    66. Tengis Shikhtulga

      wow I just subed forgot to sub and I watch alomst every video

    67. Guillermo Montes Guzman

      Make a 700 Days Video

    68. Roza Alega

      The ill lan accordingly look because position reciprocally visit aside a evanescent journey. fragile, enthusiastic insect

    69. Dan Provazník

      A nother one pls

    70. Parker Saunders

      700 Days pls

    71. Boriz Schotsman

      Maybe its a cool Idea to make a wither skeleton farm or a gold farm

    72. macklin sebastian

      Can I get an automatic progress in the chat

    73. macklin sebastian

      poggers can I get a poggers in the chat 🤣

    74. Maria S

      No not Paul GG can you make a Minecraft Video but it’s 800 days?!?!

      1. Maria S

        You make the best videos ever!!!!

    75. C Fletcher

      When he's doing 1000?

    76. Honors House


    77. BOT_193

      Ho else want 700

    78. KIVAN 1


    79. James Mcon

      Yo u gotta finish the netherite beacon make some col.ore.ful platforms and give chickpea a soul mate

    80. pablo gomez lopez

      poor john

    81. Adam Tybutski


    82. The Lego Master

      I think you will need 90 stacks of ancient debris for a full netherite beacon or about 2-4% of all ancient debris found in the Nether

    83. mazen gamer HD


    84. XxDeathHeadxX

      Epic Montage Breh

    85. s4g3

      i feel like jake has so much fun editing the parts where paul messes up and slurs his words.

    86. اياد ما عنده سالفه ليش تقرأ

      Why do all minecraft youtuber like to waste them rare items ? . also jhon cina saved !!!

    87. qcxlz

      I dont know if it will work, for i think you have to tame the llamas to make them stay and not despawn. And because the scam man owns them i think you need to put a carpet on it to own it. I dont know if it will work but maybe they wont respawn

    88. kjhbdfw

      700 I beg you

    89. Faiaz Juhan

      Can't wait to see 700 days

    90. Hussen Plays

      How do i get a ocean only world?

    91. Bricktuber Bros

      Can we just appreciate that 600 Minecraft days is exactly 200 hours

    92. weidekampsgade


    93. Charlie Byrne

      You hit 1 mill well done carry on the series

    94. Robert Turner

      Congratulations on 1 million subs now let John Cena free

    95. Hello YouTube

      Im new here soo... I have a question. How did you get a villager on an ocean only world?

    96. Minecraft Master

      I want to see you get enough netherite to make the floor of your house netherite blocks

    97. Isabella Williams


    98. Louise Goldsbrough

      Anyone here when he reached 1m?

    99. Halil A.

      U hit 1 million

    100. Halil A.