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    1. McGnarles Filmz

      She said her earphones are expensive. Like really you have a freaking mansion

    2. Ahmad Abd

      ولله ما اعرف انكليزي ههههههه

    3. عاشق انفاسك

      والله عندك سستر اله فول

    4. Narins Beauty what's behind

      Narin cheated on Mo and dropped him 3 months ago for Ghaith Since then there is no contact between them and Narin is currently dating Ghaith. This is what happened

    5. Random19


    6. SAM

      She: it's expenssive Me knowing that she's a millionaire: really

    7. Meshh 994

      ولا يهمك ولايهمك

    8. Danny

      dude if your sister wasn't hot af your channel would not exist

    9. Abubakr Alhamde

      They are not funny and am watching them I don't know why 🙃🙃🙃

    10. shaik buran

      Hi hi hi

    11. punjabi vloggger

      If lana dont have big boobs What u do on youtube

    12. omar asud

      Lana i love u

    13. محمد للتصاميم

      Verry Verry nice my dear friend

    14. محمد للتصاميم

      1. محمد للتصاميم

        اتمنى الإشتراك بهذه القناة قناة طبيه فيها معلومات جميله 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    15. Chessoo Hang

      Dear Lana you have gained weight a lot..😁

    16. BD FooD

    17. Derek

      He is just use her sister for her vlog ....🙁

    18. روتيني اليومي مع بناتي

      السلام حبوباتي أختكم من الجزائر ربي يفرحكم إنشاء الله و ربي يعتيكم ما في قلوبكم و يفرجها على كل مهموم إنشاء الله نتمنى تشجعوني قناتي للروتينات و الوصفات دعموني بالإشتراك و لايكات و هذا فضلا و ليس أمرا

    19. Romeo D West

      I don't know why you tube suggest me this Nasty video ...and lana and your team why don't u make Po** movies because you are looking very thirsty for fame ..😂😂

    20. Faster P Vlogs

      Subscribe to this Vlogs Also You will enjoy ☺️ 👉MARINA BEACH 🏖 JBL

    21. Mpilo Khumalo

      I dare you to buy your self a Tesla Model X. For me a Huawei P40

    22. MrJuandiego1988

      Who are these ppl?

    23. Videos Nhật Ký

      Her body is nice

    24. LifeOfYazz

      I used to remember mo vlogs at 80k subs he's putting in the work 10 mill now but at what cost do pimping your sister out i can never do that have some self respect for your sister how big would this channel be without lana in the thumbnails.

      1. zmz4 real

        Correct... But she's built for that😂

    25. Vipin Singh

      Bro make this type of video

    26. Vipin Singh

      Milk 🥛 dairy rakha h re

    27. THEone WHOcomments

      Well I gotta appreciate the cameraman

    28. Laura Brown

      In Modern Living Room Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

    29. Best Vlogs

      Wow love lana body

    30. meraybadul vlogs


    31. Hemlata Yadav

    32. Ansh Patel

      Bro, kicking girls is considered to be a sin in India and mo did so....

    33. Tkboss Vlogs

      Mo Chu ho Gaya hai Kuch banayga view aayga

    34. One Man Army

      What is the name of that stick which Mo was showing?

    35. tikato yeptho

      Anyone here only for lana?

    36. Princess Farrah

      Lanas getting fat wow

    37. علي فضل


    38. Riaz Hossin NekBer

      Lana Rose more videos

    39. Mandeep Singh


    40. بيسو '

      مين شاف شي غلط لما كانت في المسبح ھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھ' ھ "😹🍿 '. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      1. BaDer`2 .


    41. sameeullah dahri

      what is thisssssss 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    42. Akshansh Pahuja

      I am from India My name is AkshANSh PAhuja

    43. Mohammed Abdul Salam

      Movlogs fans here?

    44. Queen Here.

      Entry Done Need iPhone

    45. Bulbul Islam

      Hello I am from India

    46. Learti Uka

      “Entry” “Done” “Need” a laptop for Autocad because i want to be an upcoming engineer and one day i will hopefully come to dubai and meet you mo

    47. Ramel Gaston

      Im ganno win...

    48. Lil Nate

      Hold up expensive

    49. syed saif

      OMG very big

    50. Shadman abdulkalam Kalam

      Lots of love 💕 for the beautiful gorgeous lovely Lana ❤️💕😍👍🥰

    51. Your Financial Adviser

      Over age children 😝😝😝


      Honestly i watch this vlog only for lanaaaaaa.... 😍😍😍 and who else is just like me???

    53. كراوش 乀๛

      صممت لبو علوش منو مشتاقله

    54. Basir

      Does anyone know where I can get that gadget from?

    55. Jahanzaib Raheel

      Dubai sunny leon

    56. Line Maker

      “Entry” “Done” Need an iPhone mo pls

    57. علي سعيد


      1. علي سعيد

        رزململتسهلاىههطن6حغب. ذوزرأاذرءصصام99ىد،ظبف6

    58. علي سعيد

      زهراىهحا دذاطغت

    59. Ibrahim Çelik

      So Fake !!!

    60. Arabic vlogs

      " Entry " " Done " " Need " Reason: I need a laptop or money for my online classes

    61. Lech Orlowski

      It takes 30 secons to open this car without damaging lock ; ) Just use metal ruler ans push it down.

    62. Mahendra Gurung

      Bro nd sister amazing...God bless u

    63. 636abdul samih

      Mo vlogs

    64. محمد المنصوري


    65. Vaibhav gajbey

      best part mo kicked lana into the pool

    66. Arjit Mathur

      @3:12 🖐️🤣😂😂😂

    67. jd engineers

      Entru Done I need an IPone X Because I do not have one

    68. The K'S.

      Entry Done Need: Need a laptop Mac book or Chrome book Reason: Need it for school project at university as I do a lot of editing for my coursework. In my last year of university would appreciate if you could help.

    69. devansh goyal

      My family and I see your mo vlogs and lana rose vlogs, we all love it.❤️❤️ Instagram I'd- @devanshg10

    70. devansh goyal

      My family and I see your mo vlogs and lana rose vlogs, we all love it.❤️❤️

    71. M.Talaal

      Honestly MO needs to be much more careful he could have hurt Lana badly especially with that stick thing..

    72. Khalid wanted

      Bruh please picke me i want To win i need it man i'm a student bruh..,

    73. All india channel

      You are sun shine for every ♥

    74. Sadia Khan

      "Entry" "Done" Need: iphone Reason: I have never won any giveaway😭🙏

    75. Sami Sf Live

      lana very hot

    76. Athu

      Dubai is 🤩

    77. Gagara sangma

      Hi bro

    78. Suhail MV

      Again in black

    79. Suhail MV

      That’s cool

    80. Ayush Dhariwal

      You are very good bro 😘👏

    81. Aras Ahmad

      تقليد البائع التركي بطريقة كوميدية من اعمالي اضغط وشاهد وفرحني بلايك واشت؟راك

    82. an3i3 3naaa

      What’s the song

    83. Rozifa Ahmed

      Lana day by day going to be golmatol..

    84. Ooi Kah Lok

      "Entry" "Done" Need-Anything Reason-I want to use computers and study to get more knowledge.

    85. Mr Parmar

      I also want to win something for myself 😅😉

    86. Husam Agwan

      I am wanting for onlyfanlana 😝🥵🤤🤤💦

    87. Priyanka Ghildiyal

      Entry. done. Need=laptop for study

    88. Gareth Harker

      Never missed an episode

    89. Shahaan Shanavas

      3:56 whats the name of that thing plz reply

    90. Imane Imane

      "Entry " "Done " "Need" lap top "Res" i dont have one and i relly need him for my study

    91. Imane Imane

      "Entry " "Done " "Need" lap top "Res" i dont have one and i relly need him for my study

    92. Imane Imane

      "Entry " "Done " "Need" lap top "Res" i dont have one and i relly need him for my study

    93. Imane Imane

      "Entry " "Done " "Need" lap top "Res" i dont have one and i relly need him for my study

    94. محمد ك

      زق انت


      Incest (/ˈɪnsɛst/ IN-sest) is human sexual activity between family members or close relatives. This typically includes sexual activity between people in consanguinity (blood relations), and sometimes those related by affinity (marriage or stepfamily), adoption, clan, or lineage.

    96. Tanmay Rai

      No doubts he was not realised that maybe lana got to bra on or maybe something else...... sometimes girls do that after all she was relaxing at home 🏘️

    97. Adil

      She massive thick potato, Wtf u upto

    98. ABODE 《9》

      أحبك متابعك من العراق استمر يا احلا يوتيوبر

    99. Mian Hamza

      "ENTER" "DONE" "NEED - mobile " REASON : i wish to win because i have never won any giveaway or my mobile is so old even not working properly. also I am watching your videos from very long time Wish you good luck Love from pakistan