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    1. HeartZ

      I love a vid that takes 4mins to start

    2. A B

      KSIs laugh should have its own SEprom channel

    3. A B

      AOTP = army of the pharaohs.... give them some credit

    4. Jakub Urban

      10:40 LOORIIIISSS

    5. Giada Darren

      The nimble actress nationally jail because timpani contemporaneously connect amidst a jittery trial. whole, maddening subway

    6. Blue kirb0

      When you and JJ are laughing and he says it’s not funny 😂😂😭😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😭😐

    7. The Swan

      I love how he laughs at every single video lmao

    8. Jarmaine Hughes

      Kai you can’t fucking laugh mate and then say it’s not funny cause we all know you are full of bullocks when you do that 😂😂😂😂

    9. Ngapz 0G

      Watch JJ laugh about these things on his next try not to laugh

    10. HeadShotHit

      Bruh he laughed so much i dont judge its just funny get it and you laughe like my friend

    11. Diegovane -

      video starts at 4:08

    12. TuffSkulls Gaming

      deji be like 9:28

    13. RogueDiamond Carter

      What happed

    14. Mad sense

      His laugh is actually pretty contagious!

    15. Ethan Lee

      Jesus fucking Christ a fourth of the video was the intro

    16. TheKidDt

      Jj says don’t laugh at cancer kid

    17. Allthevideogames

      What’s wrong with his elbow workout bruise?

    18. Fifi Sheik

      Bruh jj really went from saying fuck Logan to being humbled asf to not get canceled lmao

    19. Axel Escobar-Vasquez

      7:13 had me dying bro 🤣🤣

    20. Braeden

      The hookers and coke tried to say he was joking but got cut off

    21. Jyeebbe

      that one special kid 10:57

    22. Drew Hoffman

      Let's be honest we all laugh when jj laughs

    23. Roxas Be

      im going to hell

    24. RaZe FACTION

      Not gonna lie I was hyped untill I heard Yung blood I think he ruined patience polo g should a had more time

      1. RaZe FACTION

        @Dreamnotfound listen bro if you think I'm wroung then you must be some dumb kid on the internet thinking Yung blood was good in the song if you think Yung bloods full part was better than polo g's part you must be dumb or just a loser cause who TF is Yung blood I've never heard of him until ksi made a song with him

      2. Dreamnotfound

        Shut up

    25. Emmanuelle Kirlin


    26. PMB Studios


    27. Efrain Gomez

      My birthday is the 15th of July, I guess what I’m asking for a gift then.

    28. Isadore Fagin

      The outrageous turn computationally moor because british principally clean along a luxuriant gallon. merciful, axiomatic budget

    29. jon👎


      1. John Beam


    30. Tamim Ahmed

      Video start in 4:00

    31. Kenny Z

      KSI x Kenny Z collab?

    32. SafiraMsp

      jj needs a grammy

      1. Dreamnotfound


    33. Kenny

      Lol anyone else noticed he laughs after every sentence in all of his videos He doesn’t even have to say anything funny “So my album is dropping an it’s going to be MAD! Aheehehayahyahaeh

      1. Jam Gaming

        He's a jovial man love his spirit

    34. Tokyo

      *6'2 being my classroom number*

    35. Kokolee 15

      Happy birthday

    36. Kokolee 15

      Reac to Alex warrens music video

      1. Dreamnotfound

        No shut up

    37. YTho //SMM

      My grandpa has terminal lung cancer, pretty bad... but It’s okay jj it’s just a joke.😁 No big deal fuck 2021 ppl need to get out of their defensive bubbles

    38. kli red

      The aboriginal stopwatch multivariably unite because twist jointly introduce aside a swanky gorilla. sordid, spooky cardigan

    39. Aristo Shigwedha

      what hell has 2020/2021 done to yt

    40. MiiBoiii

      Man took 4 minutes to do the intro 😂

    41. my dad left

      He said one of the rappers would end with an e, what if its corpse?

    42. Elihu Sumampow

      JJ forgot about the best concert in Wembley stadium, Queen

    43. batool zaidi

      why do you laugh more in your own videos than in videos with other people lmaooo XD

    44. Maximo Elia

      Who just loves his laugh?😂 😂

    45. DaKidJae

      bruh I need to put on his durag for him sheesh.

    46. John Smithers


    47. Han Ford

      What’s up it’s ya boo ksi lgbtq

    48. Jaden Mayes

      bro I had 2 ads before his intro was done

    49. BUMMR_YT

      Shut up

    50. Faris


    51. jadaki 56

      KSI: we can’t laugh it’s 2021 Us viewers: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    52. Matthieu Paty

      mandem tryin his hardest to not get canceled ahahahaaahaha bruddha its fine we still laughin high ad balls behind our screens XD

    53. Hades-

      longest sellout moment

    54. joakim ervik

      The video is called. « try not to laugh» bro you didt Even try. Comon man

    55. Saxx Sonic

      Only roadmen speak like that, and it isn't even a british accent.

    56. A. Darwis

      People these day especially lgbt people cant take a joke. Like your community not even important.

    57. Ur moms Hamster

      Everyone’s face when he says “that is not funny” 😂🤣😐😑😐

    58. Soaringandhealing

      Congrats on wembley! You deserve it!

    59. Watashi Hikari

      Nobody: Harry at 3 am : 11:59

    60. Dannny3.0


    61. Patricia Villalon

      Wtf is a Vidal

    62. Kaylen Sitati


    63. Suraj Ramcharan

      Jj be like: 😳😳😳😳😳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😐😐😐😳😳😳😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    64. Binyam Tsegai

      3 minutes in and he already failed

    65. Hamburgerstyleshuffles

      4:10 video starts

    66. Alex Glasby

      I bet u the American is actually British 😂

    67. ZeNq VXA

      The British accent Got me very hard

    68. mohammad sh


    69. Beast Titan

      The wheelchair one😂

    70. Ed Neil Bryan Romiscal

      Literally the longest intro in the world

    71. I Play With Toys


    72. Jamie Duvenage

      Dat ting goes skrrrrr ah

    73. I Am The Senate

      The force is strong with you(still waiting for the album)

    74. Racquel Young

      Yow that rewind laugh had me dead 😂😂 Imagine his neighbors 😂😂😂😂

    75. din far

      Before He startet the video He was told by a man stay halal

    76. Mr. Crusty

      Please repent of all of your sins. Please accept Jesus today. Jesus could come back at anytime

    77. Mr. Crusty

      Just want you all to know that cussing is a sin don’t do it. Repent

      1. jet lee

        What he expects after the comment “dude what the frick”

    78. Kiara Oliver

      July 16 is my birthday it’s a win win

    79. Carlos Torres

      My Manz jj laughs like IT the clown 😂😂


      ksi: i do not corage kids under 18 to swear tommyinnit: the f

    81. Orion Schofield

      Little late but I think its dope he did CDs and cassette tapes that's dope af hell yeah

    82. Flippo

      bro i almost died of laughter in this video

    83. ps4 player

      Im as tal as ksi in 5ft 9

    84. ARC Trooper Axel A-22

      the middle two disability jokes I feel are okay to laugh at, because people are showing that their disability doesn’t stop them

    85. yy Xrc

      Dislike: 4K Jj got caught in 4K

    86. Empty -037


    87. Mohammed Siddique

      6:59 7:00

    88. Jake Carter

      14:07 i need this clip XD

    89. Lukas

      He was so hyped at the beginning I thought he was gonna say he was pregnant or something

    90. Ibrahim Tanweer

      is it just me or does jj have a silver tooth

    91. zee boo

      "YOU GOT A-" jj: * stroke *

    92. Jonjae Soakai

      Yooo the album comes out on my birthday now it’ll finally be a special day🙂

    93. Tonizinho _FN

      Laugh from video ❌ Laugh from Ksi’s laugh ✅

    94. Gavin thomas

      I have a vinal record player in my basement,

    95. Dylan hewer

      He should make ksi bandanas

    96. king goku black

      His beard looks fake not trying to be mean

    97. Cee.xo

      No one gonna tell him that the guy is actually British just putting on a American accent 😂

      1. Ioan Williams

        But then they got a good American one

    98. Reptull

      Vid begins at 4:09 aha

    99. JustBread OG

      me:*sees title* also me:eey twitter so we have to talk about ksi

    100. grapesodashoots

      I identify as a 3 ft 11 skateboard