If You Build A Lamborghini I'll Pay For It!

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    1. MrBeast

      Go on your favorite delivery app and order the new Dream Burger from Beast Burger!

      1. Thuglife

        I do not believe this to be a reality🤦‍♂️

      2. Evan Wilson

        I would get a MrBeast burger but im in Canada

      3. Shan Tan

        Buy a Bugatti I dare you

      4. Nathan Brown

        I do not like letece

      5. Walter Preedy

        Bring it to the uk and i will!

    2. Kamrul987 Richard linda987**

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    3. Noore Pasanghilan

      i like the tesla one

    4. SonOfGoku Capetillo


    5. Instant_Twitch

      Can I have your friend Bc u said if anybody wants his friends🥴😂

    6. gtadancer lilpump stupid

      But my house cost 900k

    7. Elliot Hickey

      They love cartoons and me. 0:35 What team doe you like more. Cartoon team or Cartoon hater team Comment

    8. Brett Lundberg

      the first one should have gotten more points, it was the time machine from back to the future

    9. SrStorms

      Sure ill have your friends

    10. Sharra Miller

      Today is Wednesday tomorrow is Thursday mysteries

    11. Sharra Miller

      What’s your name or tag in Minecraft mysteries tell me

    12. Sharra Miller

      What is your name in Minecraft mr. beast

    13. Isabelle Jackson

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    14. Daniel Zane

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    15. Abdalla Elabgy


    16. Banana army290yt

      F*ck Mr beast freaking the baby

    17. Baybay28 00

      The baby

    18. LazyDriver2907

      My house is 1.3 Million dollars so I don’t think the lambo is more expensive

    19. Sarah Hastings

      It doesn’t cost more than my house it cost more than my life

    20. boplutu febucreb

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    22. avoiddjinfared


    23. Matthew

      I am SO disappointed nobody built a big red car

    24. King Joey plays

      What. You said that that the labo is more expensive then my house then is the car more than 4.5M

    25. SomeRandomSlimGuy


    26. Victor Sumano

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    28. ross scobbie

      do you have a best burger in London

    29. Del Steele

      I do


      Cool I was in it and I won it

    31. Porfirio Auguslin

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    32. GREENCOBRA 16



      need ur restaurant in canada bruh

    34. The masked fox UWU

      Where’s the bruh meme or breme

    35. Gutmann Crossman

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    36. Kristen Sartori

      Can I have your friends please I watch all your videos

    37. Josh McDougal

      Me I want your friends

    38. luka khazhalia

      My house cost 5 milion dolar

    39. James Witt

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    40. Uzi Storm


    41. Adam STEPANOV

      1st was delorean not mini lambo

    42. M A R E M

      My house is 100k dollars i aint joking so you sure thay car is mor expensive?

    43. Gaming X

      4:32 People scream: LAMBORGHINI Space princess from adventure time: OH MY GOD LAMBORGHINI

    44. Leah’s World

      Mr beast I know you like playing Minecraft and stuff like that but can you try playing animal crossing new horizons and if you like animals you will like animal crossing it is a really fun game and I think it will make great content

    45. First Name


    46. Hunter Shaw


    47. charles

      Karl when scream = rdt2 scream

    48. Ducky

      ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ᶦ ʷᶦˡˡ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᵗᵒ ʸᵒᵘ

    49. PAR_2010

      No the lambo does not cost more than my house I live in Canada and my house is 1.4 million btw

    50. Ryan Manter

      5:27 lol

    51. Mary Grace Buenaventura

      Hi hope someday i get a chance talk see u and most important is be part of your video Your beloved fans

    52. dzul ilmi arrasyid

      1:31 see the book self

    53. Shaurya Garg

      It's kinda wierd that no one made a bugatti..

    54. Bobby Tylka

      Look at the comment number nice

    55. Alice Anning

      Do you know what I like more than my Lamborghini? KnOwLeDgE

    56. Avnita Raju Patil

      8:36 if you guys see clearly there is a bruh meme.

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    65. music boosted

      WOW ,that burger was delicious , everybody try it

    66. Rajiv Thakare

      Mrbeast: we got 162 seconds left karl: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    67. Free My Grandma

      Ummm can somebody explain to me why the person that actually made a Lambo as the same color as the prize didn't win the lambo??

    68. Curious Aly


    69. dont tripbot

      Dude who made dadbaby car is such a troll 😂

    70. Euphoric Seoul

      Wow! Lamborginis are cool but would be glad to help the poor with the amount of the car. Anyway, God Bless @Mr.Beast

    71. •sarani chan•

      Is your delivery food at Malaysia too?

    72. Enrique Narjinary

      A dislike for karl screaming all the time!

    73. Chiam Jing Xi

      I want Chris and Karl

    74. Tlani Fanchun

      We like you mr beast

    75. •R o s e•

      Haha! My box cost more then that Lamborghini

    76. dudao fegoo

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    78. Fannie Molloy

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    79. William Randolph

      make more videos with Karl in them

    80. Anthony Acosta


    81. Blake Tarpy

      What so it’s over 10 million

    82. Lucy Hunnicutt

      There are 69k comments

    83. D Dmand

      Me i want ur friends but...i want to say some thing ur mom bommmm

    84. Hailey Whitaker

      Jimmy I want your friends

    85. Clxdy_magic

      I’ll take your friends-Come to meh house Karl and Chris

    86. Tallie Wolfe

      Chris: I really want to give it a 10 but..... They didn’t name the lama’s 🥲

    87. MARK LEIGH

      1:46 my ears hurt

    88. King PTR

      Can I have Chris?

    89. Parker Essential

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    90. Samantha Soileau

      I can’t believe it I wan I won the challenge wow but I sold the car because I’m nine years old and I can’t drive but I did get a ladder though

    91. Samantha Soileau

      That’s not true I live in a mansion that was war 90 grand

    92. Zachary Martinez

      🚙+🗿= baby car + da baby can speak = Lest go!!!

    93. Zachary Martinez

      Bana bana banana car