If You Lose... SLAP ATTACK! Chad vs Melvin in Roblox Arsenal

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    After Chad Wild Clay made "VY QWAINT IS BALD After Losing Wheel of Dare", Vy Qwaint created "NEW BLUE SPY NINJA... TRY OUTS to Find New Crewmate", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "LIFE WITHOUT SPY NINJAS", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "NOT FRIENDS OVER A GIRLFRIEND? Hide and Seek Across Roblox Marble Mania" Melvin PZ9 The Best Fighter and Chad Wild Clay team up to take bad guys down in the FPS shooter, arsenal in Roblox! They set up the rule that for every 10 kills they get, they earn one slap that they can use on the other one whenever they want, however powerful! They use the game to take their minds off Daniel leaving the Spy Ninjas and to discuss if Vy will ever be able to compete with them in gaming! Will they survive arsenal? Who will slap the other one more, Chad or Melvin? Which will have the reddest face!? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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    1. Abdi Ali Hassan

      💤 and the two sides are the two sides in the final of the vy CBC

    2. Abdi Ali Hassan


    3. Abdi Ali Hassan


    4. Claire Xie

      Cool 😎

    5. Harry Hughes


    6. Glen Cortez

      Daniel nis help

    7. redblox

      chad they run faster than u bc u got a heavy gun if u press q or 3 then u will run faster bc u switch to knife and 1 to go back to gun and q again to go back to gun

    8. mrtop reacts

      Daniel needs help

    9. mrtop reacts

      Daniel needs help

    10. WingdingsGuy ❶

      5:22 karma

    11. Mohamad Mater

      Jou ned de help beniel ples voor de spy ninjas p les voor us Rel ples help beniel

    12. Mohamad Mater

      Beniel rip alie LIE toe beniel se Love cahd Se bewret de beniel

    13. Mohamad Mater

      @beniel help me Bee hitunis me beniel kepie men Hie is rip

    14. Hrag Boghos serop

      Daniel need help he is not hipnatisd he is in your team now hours radish hipnatised him

    15. gg

      Daniel neads help!

    16. Peyton Laier

      Daniel needs help

    17. Michelle Russell

      # dainel needs help horse radish hipnitysd dainel thats why he was mean to vy

    18. Stephanie Leffel

      # Daniel needs help

    19. spykecas

      Danielb needshelp

    20. Anastasia Perez


    21. Pamela Nicholas

      Daniel needs help

    22. Rxsella


    23. po k Doe

      Melvin Daniel need help

    24. Sylvie V

      Pz leder is de dopelganger❗❗❗

    25. Steve Tattershaw

      I got you I got you to Ghana so sorry my finger is bleeding my

    26. Steve Tattershaw

      Make sure to I said

    27. Steve Tattershaw

      Melvin I have a baby brother that is called Melisa we always have the same name

    28. Anshula Sharma and Malavika Sharma

      # Daniel needs help 🆘

    29. Yabes Pro


    30. Yabes Pro


    31. Yabes Pro


    32. Russell scott

      So go save Daniel before he gets it by thighs please and let him join the spy ninja he said he wants to dream back please

    33. Russell scott

      And you need help he was hypnotized by horseradish and all of them you need to unhypnotize nasal gang but horse riders is not hypnotized that's why the cloaker was trying that's why he said to the cloaker look into his eyes

    34. Joselie Alcide

      Daniel need help

    35. Rachana kumar

      Chad Daniel needs help

    36. Vega Padia

      Daniel need help

    37. Donald Easterday


    38. Wade Wiles

      # Daniel needs help

    39. Aline Barragan

      Daniel esa hoptized bye hourse radis

    40. Nat Letunovski

      Huge selection of funniest things on internet users who’s

    41. Vien Nguyen

      i am better than melvin in arsenal

    42. Situ z

      You are so bad at Arsenal Chad and pc9 I could beat you both in a 1v2 but I'm on my phone now because my Roblox ran out of date so yeah when I get an iPad I can destroy you

    43. rama chandra


    44. Sanrizza Mae Restauro

      2v1 me

    45. Pzninja

      Spy ninjas play arsenal

    46. Amanda Dunn

      Whey did you leave the spy ninjas you were One of the main ones

    47. Bartolo Quezada


    48. Hoss Hayden

      Wat a bot

    49. tr h


    50. Kevin Gordon

      Daniel is in trouble

    51. Rofich Yb

      Why chad shoot at his teammates haed he didnt realize thqt is red

    52. Sasha Ridhan

      I am level 122 on that game my username is sasjdjx

    53. Gian Miguel Manabat

      I bet i can beat you in arsenal.

    54. Green Boi

      Why did you have to ruin my favourite game

    55. Ethan Daniel


    56. iiElectriczRB

      Oh my gosh, a 40 old man playing arsenal.. smh

    57. Joshua Santana

      If u shoot at the ground with one of snipers u can fly

    58. Zoxtens28 JoGGie

      I played this

    59. Pedro Lacerda

      I dare all of the spy ninjas to 1v1 me I will crush all of you

    60. ziyop squad gaming

      Its just so funny chad shooting his teamate

    61. Bennybillby77

      Want to 1v1 in Arsenal? Username: 10X_LIT

    62. Pink BAR GARCIA


    63. Pink BAR GARCIA


    64. Xyrel Garcia

      Looser melvin

    65. Bad kid Kid don’t know how to lisen

      I watched chad since 4 and wars or 3

      1. Bad kid Kid don’t know how to lisen

        I watched chad wild clay since 4years or 3

    66. Darlene G


    67. immrFigi okkk

      If chad 1v1 tanqr he will be slapped alot

    68. L /\

      Chad Wild Clay I Friend You On Roblox OK Chad Wild Clay and I Friend You TO Melvin

    69. Van Nguyen

      I haven’t play in almost a year

    70. Van Nguyen

      I wanna play arsenal with you pls:(

    71. real_aalberto

      im pro at that game so 1v1 me you trash player

    72. Angelo Canares

      Be careful in that game, there's tough people in there bc ur too new

    73. Sopheap Albuquerque

      Hey Melvin play energy assault and big paint baller they are arsenal alike

    74. oskar cool

      Chad Wild clay More like Child wild clay cuz he can’t play arsenal lol This is just a joke I’m not roasting anybody

    75. Ahmed Nur

      I I'm a little bit but I'm not going anywhere else to do that and I'm a bit worried

    76. Random Dude

      If I see chad in arsenal and I join him. My Guy it's on sight.

    77. FB - 05SA 907620 James Grieve PS

      And how chad fell after slapping Melvin that killed me with laughter

    78. FB - 05SA 907620 James Grieve PS

      I am a beast in arsenal in iPad

    79. Andrew Patel

      I like it when it slaps

    80. icy numbers Roblox

      Im pro at arsenal

    81. Ok Taylor

      High PC 9 I'm I'm a big fan pz9 so please come back to the spy ninjas I watch the video when you quit I wonder why did you join private zorgo in the past I know y'all defeated president and thank you thank you a lot and I and I am described to your videos so like people

    82. hari prasad

      I play this game I’m also over level 150

    83. QRNXSM

      I can smoke u all in arsenal tho 🙂

    84. Suppaツ

      I will beat them so fast

    85. zxdle

      if anyone here is a pro at arsenal is me

    86. Sheridan Villadolid

      Imagine having bad aim and 70 fov they are soooo bad 😂 lol I can beat you guys in arsenal

    87. Dax Gavin

      challenge you to arsenal

    88. shome lol

      Im better bruh im level 80+

    89. X9

      im a hater but i love this vid tho bcs i really like arsenal

    90. Buur_grBuop12

      I can do better then you chad

    91. dwayne tabio

      Lol chad fell BIG OOF

    92. izabella Nicole

      hi i’m a Big fen i love u

    93. Ajahni Walton

      The Clutch

      1. Ajahni Walton



      Tuis video crineg

    95. Sima.Sadst


    96. Sima.Sadst


    97. Adrian Taveras

      dog water

    98. Adrian Taveras

      melvins trash

    99. hi hi


    100. Hess Giffin

      Did Melvin make a family guy reference