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    Camera Settings:
    FOV: 110
    Distance: 270
    Height: 110
    Angle: -4
    Stiffness: 1
    Music from EpidemicSound.
    Intro Music: Fasion - No Cry
    Editor: DannyLotusTV
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    1. Lethamyr

      I just realized when I said "I'm trying to play at this rank" after the guy said "why is he playing so poop" came out in the wrong way and I apologize LOL. I hope you get what I mean.... anyyyyway, hope you guys enjoyed the 3rd episode :D

      1. below average gaming

        Leth a smear. Smear your face over a rocket league ball

      2. OddHeathen

        IMAGINE THAT!!!! Can you just IMAGINE it?!?!? Wow IMAGINE!!!!!!

      3. Hodor Hodor

        @VeXxYesHejs around @12:25

      4. BaldToby

        you turned into lethabae. nice

      5. Michael Mueller

        You are litterally saying people at/in those low ranks are just poopy....

    2. Denileism

      It’s tough to play like lower levels. Yes people are inconsistent and lack some mechanics but if you are always making the right decision you will be noticeably faster and better than everyone else.

    3. Dan Jesue

      "Sometimes it's good to fake it" - Leth I fake all the time, just, unintentionally


      How can I see my mmr in game?

    5. Ph1nza


    6. Parker Gonzales

      Imagine if leth gets copy righted

    7. DrPastah

      Why is the playlist named season 1?

    8. Marten völker

      name idea: do rizzo my pants with rizzos face on spongebob with ripped pants

    9. Sammi Gielen

      Us ranks are so bad compared to eu

    10. Hugo Roberge

      mario kart face

    11. Ray Atallah

      Leth the meme(get a meme and put it on your face lmao)

    12. Bohde Schultz

      Idea: flena have Athenas face getting flicked by an octane into the crossbar

    13. Ash. TTv

      Name: lethamirror Picture: leth being a mirror

    14. Marnick88

      Name: Corn flakes Picture: flakes his face on a piece of cornflakes?

    15. Stefan Hoch

      Yukeo an Ice

    16. ItachiRL

      Name Dusty, mustys face inside some dust lol

    17. l0wskilled

      Someone tell him about masking in photoshop...

    18. Ddkay Jr

      Leth goo Description: Leth’s face on the dababy meme

    19. Jacoby Gonzales

      Leth plays rocket league like a grandmaster strategizes in chess. I play rocket league like a color blind child playing checkers.

    20. Johan Van den Neste

      How about 'aztral projection'? 😁

    21. Grayson Gardner

      Don’t worry a ton about doing too much at this rank. You aren’t playing aggressively or anything and usually in plat-low diamond there is one player on the winning team with a lot more points

    22. Margarete Ribeiro

      There is a brazillian pro and his nickname is firewall154 make a wall with fire pls im am a brazillian fan

    23. Timothy1a2b

      Frozen is best anime

    24. Shyam Parmar

      9:30 When he said “mermaid man and...” I immediately thought barnacle boy lol

    25. lizz 2006

      Leth im not asking u to come back with the road to number 1 in 1s cause i know that it is tiring but do some 1s vids pls it was helpful and its a vid of urs so its funny, it helped me and it was good

    26. Kaidyn Gwinnup

      Name suggestion: Archibald. Pfp: Crop Arsenal's fancy on some 1800's clothing

    27. Exotic Boss

      Try trump and super mario

    28. EXT Wurly

      My friend reached diamond in doubles first day second day he got diamond in ones

    29. Umad 500

      Title: Hotel Lethago Pfp: Leth on a hotel

    30. Austin M

      Overgyro with a picture of a greek wrap

    31. carrying u

      Am I trash or when I play high plat games people are way better then that?

    32. lil Denis

      obamatruck, obamas face on a truck

    33. Rajin Osu naruto

      Why do yall underestimate diamonds I've seen some demon like diamonds that are really good -champ 2

    34. Campbell Andrews


    35. Lord Football


    36. Evxn

      Name Idea: LethaMeerkat: You as a Meerkat

    37. T_go _

      Plat it go

    38. jijiblub dada

      Lethina photoshop your face on athenas

    39. Kyuu Chan

      Lethmeknow leth face on albert einsteins

    40. Shanthi S

      Plz don't stop doing those Photoshop intros

    41. Bev M

      Name: super sonic legend pic: sonic holding a ssl logo

    42. Meo

      POV: You are only watching this video for leth to coach you cause you are in this rank

    43. Ashten Hargrove

      name idea: fabuletho leths face on a bottle of fabuloso

    44. Timo Rapp

      What about Sunlethcow?

    45. Red Venom

      Rusty Cow (A cow with old rusty armor with Mustys face)

    46. Toplo Izbeljivalo

      name ide: cannonmyr photo: leth inside a cannon

    47. Acrxzy

      Name idea lethatear you crying

    48. Acrxzy

      Name idea sunless khan without the sun

    49. miaomiao You

      a human that plays games

    50. Ayaan Huda

      NAME FOR THE SERIES : “Lethsi go a”leth on mario face 2nd NAME : leths goo you on a dababy face

    51. TheGefen

      2 minutes into the video, am I in photoshop road to ssl?

    52. *OCE* LUCAS YT

      Name: sussy jessie's face on a red amoung us character

    53. *OCE* LUCAS YT

      Name: Rusty Musty's face on a piece of rusty metal

    54. Angel Nuñez

      I just realized I’m in this video lmao, the last match of the day, I’m the only guy who scored on the orange team

    55. Greg Muoio

      Do damustycow

    56. Matt Lawson

      SunlessFawn Sunless's face put onto a deer

    57. ReReRe

      Imagine having imagine as your title for every road to super sonic legend video.

    58. Emani Woods

      Frozen cant hold a ballon and u don’t know why ile tell you she will let it go

    59. Max Thomas

      Mermaid Man. I need to make friends with this Mermaid Man. Solid teammate.

    60. nolan Armbruster


    61. Kevin Gaming

      Lizzo Rizzos face on lizzo the singer

    62. Jace Studi0s

      Name idea: Musty trip. A picture of musty tripping 😂

    63. Brandon Hall

      Cooxir. A pic of a cook with kuxir's face on top of it

    64. vasilis nomikos

      idea:funless can

    65. Brandon Hall


    66. Adoomie D

      Plz blow this up :Spider-Kahn

    67. First Last

      Bronze, Silver, Gold, Champ, Grand Champ, and SSL teammates when you make a slight mistake: *No problem.* *Close one!.* Diamond and Platinum teammates when you make a slight mistake: *Wow!* *Okay.* *What a save!* *____** Left the match*

    68. Mytea

      i don't know somehow it feels to me like americans at that rank seem to be worse than europeans OR i'm just facing smurfs, but the ppl i face on european servers are more on like champ to grandchamp niveau doing aerials and wall reads all over the map and even hit them into the goal. it's pretty weird comparing that to the ppl you are facing because you always say that you can see if somebody's smurfing on your part and you even said in your 2v2 r2ssl that even the ppl on champ and grandchamp niveau weren't really "solid" in aerials, positioning etc.

    69. minty_33

      Name : Lathabeer Leth holding corona

    70. Chase Powell

      Leths a go from mario

    71. Town noodle


    72. JustALethalNinja

      Grump and have trump blended in with the grinches face talking on the phone

    73. Cay1 Official

      Since watching you do this im now a d1 ive been p1 for so long

    74. Sir Grimm

      Sir lethalot

    75. Lil FatKid

      Leth. I just got diamond 3 this season. Stop flexing.

    76. Din Mamma

      Name: thirtzy Take mertzy face and him drinking water

    77. Miggy899

      name idea “Khanye West” a pic of sunless khan with kanye please😂

    78. R2 is Nutz

      Musty is already SSL😂 crazy how leth use to be better then musty, musty grown so fast

    79. Liv Seyffarth

      Ha ha ha

    80. LCSgaming boi

      i dont get it im plat 2 oceana reverybody is speedflipping but here...

    81. Novaa

      pc plat looks so much easier than consile on plat and its so much less toxic, im considering getting a good pc and use controller

    82. nick huff

      Leth I’m sorry for saying this but, why’s your face look like a TikTak 💀💀💀

    83. Hunterrr_

      why is leth playing like poop

    84. Robert Snyder

      so leth, if you wanna show us lower players how to get better, open it up to discord.. ask a bunch of bronze, silver, and gold players. Have us join one of your neat maps.. Cheaters will have VPN revoked?. Just a thought

    85. Brian Baumgartner

      I'm crying watching you edit the faces 🤣

    86. Devon LeClair

      name idea: Dusty, musty as a coyboy

    87. Northern Star

      If a picture takes you a long time to make use it for 2 episodes! Another dank vid Leth

    88. Art The Great

      S2= Plat S3= SSL 😎

    89. Justin Dubero

      Let’s team the whole time “great pass!” “nice shot!” Leth: *ignores it and just keeps talking*

    90. Jonathan Appert

      I have a weird suggestion Meth Leth and Meth Not sure how this would look

    91. Namadon

      "I'm almost at the bottom of the leaderboard, which is pretty good" Yeah right, that's the goal of all of us

    92. Beanieboi13

      I realized that “leth it go” can be spelled like “let hit go” and it sounds better imo

    93. Brendan West

      Name: ALustyCow Picture: be creative

    94. NeLLo

      Name idea: “CarrotG” GarretG on a carrot

    95. Ian Russell

      Leth Rogan

    96. maxime gagnier

      Name suggestion: RZR JZR shaving his legs or armpits

    97. Christian Bullock

      you should make a pfp of fishy muffinz squishy fishing a muffin

    98. Flameyeet sad

      The meme face lol hahaha

    99. Stefan van der Bend


    100. Sketchy

      ritzo rizzos face on a bag of ritz