It's over.


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    1. Billa Bong

      8:50 for my 5 dollars to equal bill Gates 10k I would have to have a net worth of 50mil, I don't think Ludwig realises how rich people like Bill Gates are lmao

    2. JE8US


    3. Radovan Andjelic


    4. Theodore Lance

      Real ones got 20 seconds :0


      i wonder what the vod looks like

    6. John Stewart Pedroza


    7. Laveiathan


    8. a famous mouse

      this subathon was an expensive pain for lud

    9. Syrup Sapper


    10. [GD] JaydenB118

      someone explain what's happening 😕

    11. shadow7


    12. caldeo2

      He predicted it

    13. Eric Kz

      me realizing that i was definitely listening to the lofi hip hop stream at this time and missed ludwig's chat bc i was doing homework. wow.

    14. [redacted]

      "Times bombed Syria? Zero"

    15. Cal

      and you passed ninja!

    16. Cold Cut Gaming

      you're free!

    17. Nokoji

      my friends say I look like you at 0:09 lol

    18. Fragrance Man

      The stream was very comforting and the chat was fucking nuts

    19. Marc Alexander

      Ludwig should have said “In case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight”

    20. funkyXII

      What a ride

    21. TTate

      Such a mogul move Lud. Congratz on writing a chapter in the twitch/internet history books

    22. William Stamer Bergerling 9X

      But....... it was not over


      What the hell am i watching goodbye

    24. Aa

      Why do you repost you videos 3 times

    25. haklbarry2

      Track ID at 4:30? :))

    26. AConTheBeat

      Tbh I just watched for a gifted sub

    27. Skylar_atthedisco

      If you didnt know who Ludwig was before this past month... You do now. 🙌🏻❤❤❤

    28. A J

      Imagine if at the end of the stream Ludwig raided ninja it would be the biggest power play in twitch history

    29. asma H

      there is no reason for his laugh to be that funny

    30. Vincent Davis


    31. Invectous

      This man knows his worth

    32. Jack Malin

      Subathon is the pogest thing to have happened this year

    33. NuGGet

      I bought 1 sub and got the 10 sec it took with qt ;)

    34. Spencer Bishop

      Ludwig i know you hear this all the time, but i still remember waiting for ludlocke uploads, seeing you pop off from beating jump king. And awkwardly flirting to get with a certain twitch. And i saw a super special guy and you really have a talent man. Im glad so many people see how amazing your content is. Have a great day Ludwig and thank you so much

    35. Sleepy


    36. Adele

      ludwig7 i cried

    37. Gim, Tomato King

      Ludwig stream was a historical event, as well as the worlds longest Mogul Movie Marathon

    38. Lina •

      10:10 well this video exists

    39. SomiFlaw

      My only flex is that I was there when it ended 😂

    40. dede deeb

      Ludwig be looking like Zeke🤣

    41. chefshev

      Illuminati sleep

    42. Dane Brumfield

      Time to be on Joe Rogan

    43. FishGuyJer *

      I bet you’re ready to just have a nice relaxing night

    44. Sauzzze Wrld

      i still have the tab open

    45. Hazard

      Haven’t tuned into a Ludwig stream in months and logged onto twitch like 3 days after it started and was gifted a sub to a stream I haven’t been in for literal months I didn’t even know that was possible

    46. Dea

      the fucking clickbate oml

    47. yyyamzaH

      This is history

    48. Mops -

      Lud salute

    49. Yvette Maclang


    50. Greg Roberts

      Congrats on that 31 ( 30 ) day Live stream youze the shittt!

    51. Richie Truong

      I remember the VGHS days, good days

    52. Volpi

      11:20 What’s a millunaire?

    53. MimikyUWUxD


    54. Austin Wannemacher

      Cant believe he told the truth on this one.

    55. Corey Sanford

      Was literally unus annus two

    56. Ceramic tile

      When you stop being held hostage by your chat

    57. Danne Yeelah Agusila


    58. annamaris 101

      hi twitch chat

    59. moonkey

      How much did he make

    60. Meagan Chey

      Congratulations Lud 👏💓

    61. Sean Dietrich

      All great things must come to an end boys 😔

    62. Sean Dietrich

      Sadly boys, I didn’t get to see the end 😔

    63. B10H4ZZ4RD

      Millionaire has no U

    64. StriderOTR

      You remind me so much of my partner and honestly so much respect for you. I’m not the best with math or the English language but I know what you did was amazing! Keep being the best human you can be! I know at least my partner and I root you on

    65. Buck Gaming

      Ludwig inspired me to do something similar this weekend I just dont have the following he does lmaooo

    66. Dayton Bailey

      Lud made 43,200 per day in new subs.... 1800 per hour just from new subs... 30 dollars a minute🥵

    67. TheSuperAlex249

      Ludwig: looking at his Reddit SEprom: #49 ON TRENDING FOR GAMING

    68. Biodebatable

      With Ludwig now being the biggest streamer on Twitch, he usurps the throne of the face of twitch from ninja, which I reckon is definitely for the best. Ludwig is a variety streamer with a bit of edge but is media trained and is not tied to a specific game or community.

    69. Mark L

      Can one of you idiots tell me why you even gift subs? You gift a sub, dont receive a thanks and the message just insta gets flooded away. You gotta hate money i guess to give to ludwig

    70. Bigfootstoe

      Lud ratiod lofi hip hop beats lmao

    71. Plazmaaa

      Can anyone say how long exactly he had been live?

    72. TheBoiSam

      Congrats on the record

    73. Sheahan Kodikara


    74. Mitchell Colgin

      I stg I every time I watched he was asleep

    75. BNK-3R

      This man needs more subs

    76. Pleke 202

      Im getting unus annus vibes

    77. ChipTherapy

      It’s like having a “friend” out of town with him offline, although needless to remind anyone, he’s not our friend

    78. The Gaming Machine

      We just witnessed History

    79. Sneaky S1az

      I was ther

    80. Cairns Chaos

      Just found out about this guy through cr1tikal, he's fuckin brilliant.

    81. Tbawesomeness

      i can’t believe it is finally over i thought it would never end.... it is literally unus annus all over again.....

    82. Sean Bennett

      I'm literally banned in your chat on Twitch for calling you 'a gay'. My unban request was denied. How the hell do you give your mods so much power for such a minor overstep, fan lost.

    83. Caleb

      imagine being the guy who saved it at one second and knowing that without you he never would've beaten ninja's record. o7 to you my man

    84. cvfootballer2006


    85. jakemsnakem


    86. Daniel Chang

      Whys this video #50 Trending in Gaming

    87. xde0xys_shitpost

      me watching the reddit recap and rewatching it in youtube for no absolute reason.

    88. Fawful's Galaxy

      I'm the outro :)

    89. Zooted Bot

      Major respect for this man

    90. Ayo Ayo

      I'm absolutely upset I missed this entire historic event

    91. Johnny Sins

      I did donate can u poop in a container and sign it and send it to me

    92. Lord Bamse

      The hair. Yes

    93. Grant Stumler

      A genius

    94. JBitzz

      "And you'll probably get a sub for free" I never got one and I was there for the 7000 and 1000 gifted subs 😭

    95. JBitzz

      It's weird to not wake up and check Lud's stream and he's still sleeping

    96. Squishy Milk

      omg ur hair is so nice!

    97. xmH Nab

      What a legend!

    98. Evan Dien


    99. wooooooooooodsy

      Can done really cool person please make a subathon highlights video?

    100. Cade Thompson

      Ahgren 2024