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    Apple announced a new “Color Balance” feature for Apple TV in their Spring Loaded keynote. Does it work? How does it fair against professional calibration? What is color, anyways?

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    The new Apple TV 4K doesn’t just sport a new remote, it has a new Color Balance feature for color calibration. In a bit of a surprising move, Apple brought this feature to any Apple TV running iOS 14.5 or later. In essence, it uses the Face ID array on your iPhone to measure and analyze the color output of your TV against the baseline targets established by filmmakers and the industry: Rec.709 and Rec.2020 for HDR. The AppleTV will then modify its color output over HDMI to make your display more “color accurate.” The question is: does it really work? Is it better than just calibrating yourself? How does it compare to professional calibration? And is color really the biggest issue that your TV has? Find out this and more-as well as how color, luminance, and chromaticity/locus charts work-in this new Snazzy Labs video!

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    1. blankarung

      Well. Apple way cost you $0. I think its a win


      I've learned something new today

    3. Abdikadir Abdi

      After watching this video, now I know everything about colors

    4. OneManShow

      I have questions... How did you measure color accuracy of the appleTV? Wouldn't you have to make the appleTv itself generate patterns for your hardware to measure?

    5. Tarun Yadav

      Your voice is so much like Lew later

      1. Snazzy Labs

        That is the first time I’ve ever gotten that one lol

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      Thanks very well formative important video that was hidden issue and you have exposed to it.

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      That was very educational. Thanks.

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      Why am I watching this

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      Great work so we don't have to, thanks

    10. ツFredi

      I love the detailed explanation about color spaces. Haven't been able to find a good, simple explanation like this before.

    11. Rob Cabrera

      I've always wanted to buy a colorimeter and go around my house calibrating every screen I can. But they are really expensive, and nobody in my home cares about color anyway.

    12. Der Nerz

      I watched this video in night mode

    13. Marek

      Really cool Video. Thx

    14. Kristin Otto

      Bummer, I probably can't take advantage of this new feature because we have a projector in place of a tv

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      Why not create a discord server? Seems like a great idea 🤷‍♂️

    17. Anuradha Ranasinghe

      I'm tryna sleep and instead I'm watching a guy with the worlds best looking displays tryna calibrate his screens.

    18. nym49

      This raises the bar for tech SEprom. Thank you! This was not only entertaining, but actually one of the best summaries of color profiles, color spaces and standards. Amazing!

      1. Snazzy Labs

        Thank YOU!

    19. Paul Crosbie

      Your Snazzy😎

    20. onth3hous3

      Another SEpromr paid to hate on apple….you and Linus are the worst…

      1. Snazzy Labs

        You’re a moron if you actually think that’s true.

    21. Sebastian Huth

      Your orange backdrop instantly reminded me of a video I watched on Technology Connections on the color (or rather hue) brown and how it's impossible to have brown light. Now I saw that you even have him listed in your recommended channels - did you think about that when setting the back light to orange (with the context, the perfect color when speaking about color accuracy) or is it just a weird coincidence?

    22. robwitty

      Wow! Great coverage on a topic I thought I understood a little until watching this video. BUT WHAT COUCH IS THAT?! IT LOOKS COMFY AS HECK!

    23. Dao O (Oala)

      Apple is a dyeing corrupt company. People should just switch to Samsung, Sony or Asus

      1. Snazzy Labs

        They’re hardly dying.

    24. Javier Pan

      I have a 720p tv from 2011 and this was a really notable difference

    25. Al - Chicago

      LOL Your such a passive aggressive hater of Apple

      1. Snazzy Labs

        No…? I used science and measurable data to come to a conclusion. I love Apple and their products but it doesn’t mean everything they make is worth using.

    26. Ferry van der Zwan

      Fantastic video! I haven’t looked into it much, but as I’m only using a projector to watch content, I’m curious how it will work when having the phone face the projection.

    27. CF542

      I'm seeing red after this video, and yet, feeling blue and I'm definitely green at this.

    28. zenceL

      For me: Snazzy Labs DeltaE is 0.

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    29. Christian

      I too was transported into the Snazzy Lab. Great video.

    30. Marcel Poisot

      It’s too bad the appletv can’t adjust the Tv’s settings over HDMI-CEC. I wonder if a future version of CEC will expose more settings? Also, why does apple’s calibration use the front facing camera, when the back cameras are so much better?

    31. Jon Vickery

      Starts testing all the calibration methods at 8:40.

    32. TechyBen

      "This chart does not have" [the colours my poor monitor cannot display] ;) PS "Colour R:255 G:255 B:255" That'll be $2k for the "pattern generator" thanks!

    33. WillBeHere2013

      Color Calibration has been on my bucket list, thanks. The question unanswered, what TV are you using, LG ?????

    34. ps

      Great video, my daughter has a projector - curious as to your thoughts? It's a modern 4k projector with a killer 91" screen and looks amazing - just wondering how I'd do white/color balance, any feedback would help. Thanks :)

    35. Stop Dying

      We have 3 pro colorimeters laying around for our printing machines but never have used them for our screens.😅

    36. Tarek M

      Color perception doesn't happen in the eye. But in the back of the head

    37. Curt Devine

      Yikes. Marriage has not been kind to you.

    38. Noah Smith

      You're so close to 1 Million subs, I'm like a proud distant cousin.... Keep up the great work dude!

    39. Nelson Pelayo

      NGL, I was expecting a rant on Apple, not a color science class.

    40. Dene. F. (Dodge)

      That was tough viewing for this colourblind bloke. Thanks anyway.

    41. Wesley Knapp

      I don't associate with high Delta E people

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      The first step to turning into Vsauce

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      the best color science class

    44. Kapono5150

      Is it true that REAL Dolby Vision requires a display that can hit 4000 nits ???


      So it gets you like 90% of the way there, only takes a few seconds and was added in a free update, in addition to only using consumer equipment that people already have? yeah sounds totally useless man

    46. brandy alcantara

      Shave the beard bro love the video tho been a fan since the iMac Pro Apple store broke

    47. Artur

      Question - so if You calibrate with professional software - does that impact the whole TV settings or just HDMI from Windows??

    48. Dominick Washburn

      You’re my favorite

    49. Prot Eus

      color calibration is like audiophile equipment. BULLSHIT for the no-lifers that need to exchange money for status. Of course your eyes and the room lighting should be taken into account when calibrating a screen, because your eyes interpret color in a very subjective term. Next stop: gold-plated HDMI cables!

    50. Halvard Lund

      c") The biggest thing for me is to find out that I have (sort of) one-eyed aliens living inside my eye, called Photoreceptors or Pigment Epithelium. Welcome, little buggars, show us the good stuff.

    51. FunkinTaco

      Yesssss the beard is back

    52. Saksham chauhan

      He really makes things way too much easy to understand. I really liked it 👍

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      This was awesome. Thank you for educating me. 🙏

    54. vjfajardo0728

      This actually reminded me of Technology Connections channel.

    55. Slicksilver Singh

      I like your beard

    56. CuteBlastSamo

      how can you use calman to test apple tv ‘s calibration if apple tv manipulate the hdmi signal. calman can run apple tv and generate the test pattern?

    57. Almarillion

      As a photographer, I am calibrating my monitors with calorimeters for years. You do not need opensource for that. Entry level ones are very cheap nowadays. Last gen also has ambient light sensors in it and switches to different modes. Calibrating once is not enough. If the amount of environmental light changes(day/night or sunset etc), a new calibration is needed. (Unless you are working in a no-natural light source ( windowless) room) Ones with an external sensor built in tries to compensate that for a degree by switching modes due to the detected light. (Note: a calibrated display is less appealing to a home user. Home users often are after vibrant colors, higher contrast, higher brightness and exaggerated whites)

    58. gabest4

      But how do I know if my eyes are calibrated?

    59. Mark H.

      Fantastic video. Literally just had a conversation about this type of stuff with a friend who really isn’t into this sort of thing but they were talking about getting a new TV. I tried explaining stuff to them but they were like “a TV is a TV.” I’m sending them this video for sure.

    60. Daan Brusse

      100% solution that costs thousands and several hours - vs - a 80% solution for free in seconds.

    61. JoshKeatonFan

      Tim from Hardware Unboxed would be perfect for this video because he goes over everything about this sort of thing.

    62. Christopher Smith

      I just did this color calibration with the apple tv and the iphone and the before and after were close, but it is objectively better post-calibration. Since I only use my tv with apple tv, I don't mind the fact that I'm not actually calibrating the tv itself. This is just one more example of apple's devices working together to deliver a better experience for the customer. Even if the hardware of, say, the S20 Ultra is objectively superior to the iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max, the experience of using an iPhone if you own the watch, pad, mac, apple tv, etc., is just superior. It results in a world where my choice each year is deciding between either keeping my existing iPhone or buying one of the new one's apple releases. Buying an Android phone, even if I'm jealous of that 10x optical zoom (which I absolutely am by the way), is just not something I can realistically consider.

    63. That Guy, Dakota HD

      You could teach anything

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      Oh my gosh. It's been a while a didn't -attended- *watched* a such masterpiece SEprom Video. Thanks for that quality content, I sub !

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      Great video

    66. 24th

      Id looove this to work for external monitors to be honest.. my second screen from samsung is soooo blue compared to my imac

    67. Jared Plowman

      Wicked colour montage, also beard growth time-lapse!

    68. ZiobriscolaTM

      And That’s not even the best way to calibrate a tv. Take a professional with the right tools and it can get even better. Auto calibration is sometimes not accurate due to very long time needed to complete the process, it can be even counterproductive if done badly. Good video BTW!

      1. jason dads

        Yeah, like watching HDTV test, you need like a black out room, testing of multiple zones, a high speed camera... just so many things

    69. A Frog

      I love it when people say et cetera and not ecksettral, I bet you even you even use "you`re" correctly hehe ;)

    70. Hicham Gouchida

      Hello give me old RTX2060Super Please if you can ♥

    71. Stefan Wilck

      Can you use Apple TV as only smart tv device without LG webOS? will settings for the LG overlap Apple TV OS or do you need to switch to webOS for tv settings?

    72. NineOneOneFx

      I'm a professor and I will use this video as an external source of reference when color theory session is given. Outstanding work!

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      That beat at the end, really nice!

    74. Spencer

      Fact checkers get blocked

    75. Tech Nology

      Great summary of Apple TV 👏👏

    76. Diego Sanchez

      You should've tried it with a bad TV, be it a CRT (can you even calibrate it?), a best-buy hyper saturated OLED, or a plasma.

    77. Nick Post

      I have Dolby Vision on my LG TV... I prefer the colors the apple TV calibration gives me anyway. Eggs on SEprom fro example were green before now they are the right color!

    78. SlipScopeTwo

      So the multi thousand dollar setup was only a little better than the Apple TV built in one…

    79. Darryl Cooper

      Thank you Quinn, I'll be receiving my LG C1 soon and this video has explained a lot. 🙂

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      Masterclass, thank you man.

      1. Snazzy Labs

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      No Spectrophotometer mention? But it’s so much more fun to say! Thanks for the great video!

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      Why didn’t you use the software that comes with the gizmo, I have this it worked well

    88. Michael Steiner

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    89. akhtar razzan

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    90. Anton Larchey

      Seems like Samsung is planning something like this too. Can totally see Microsoft putting out something in the same spirit too

    91. kasziel

      I tried to set it around 30 times, it stops when it gets to white and gives an error, every time

    92. Pierre-Jean De Villiers

      ANOTHER,Apples anylises paralysis fails to let humans make their own decisions, no you have to do wat jobs and cook do in the walled garden,is it not rather pro calibration or something 😉just like the privacy battle,if google isn't allowed to sell your data,apple will in house at cupertino the get to launder your data,and now decide what color you are allowed to see,which by the way couldn't bother me. Next thing you know they let me take a photo of my meal and tells me that's not how a good meal should look like. I buy an expensive TV for a reason,it must deliver its purpose, I don't want another company trying to overrule it with it's own philosophy

    93. James Stonks

      thats cool, old apple tv and suddelny my colors are much better

    94. Dumtiedum

      I bought a secondhand TV from a guy who used the callman to calibrate it. He gave me the settings he used. But what if he didn't? For a TV which such low cost its not worth it to calibrate it with expensive devices

    95. Mango Talks

      This was one of the coolest videos you’ve made yet! Very informational and super SUPER cool!

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