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    1. Funny Videos

      I don’t know what to say......

    2. ASOT Forever

      um this is clearly illegal..rn my bf is on testing period on one work while working elsewhere and even they say they will pay him some money for that time

    3. Bee / Wattpad: Pico_Bee / left youtube for now

      I bet he kins Haiji Towa (Danganronpa fans will understand)

    4. Danna Boy

      It so sad to me, to see my favorite SEpromr getting into these situations. I cannot support this type of behavior from James Charles.

    5. macyDances15

      Are you implying that she was in the hospital the entire time that she had a concussion? That doesn’t happen. Anyway, screw James

    6. Fuckt MeDaddy

      Honestly I don’t like James but this sounds so fake lmao like the level of extraness 😂

    7. Apollyon&Abaddon

      I had a really mild concussion about a month ago and could hardly look at my computer to do school work. I can't imagine having to edit videos and do other work with the concussion I had, let alone the much more severe one it sounds like she had.

    8. Tea _N_

      I have never wanted to psychically punch someone in the face more than I do with James Charles

    9. Layla Wash

      I know this is a serious video but when you said “they probably can’t even find a mouse” it absolutely sent 💀💀💀

    10. Sofie

      he is as fake as his freckles.

    11. Redefine Art Boutique - Beyond Business

      Me : oh cool more tea. The video : “James Charles is getting Sued.” Me : *spits out tea in shock* WHA- ok.

    12. XCIMLINN _


    13. Moonxsta

      he unleashed being sister sued purrr

    14. Cara Bialous

      Ok so I’m a little conflicted on this situation here. This girl did sue erika (if that’s how u spell it) b4, so what if she’s just doing this for cash? If taking advantage of the fact that James is being cancelled? I don’t know. the allegations could be true but this just seems a little bit sus. Idk

    15. Jahseh😎Fan


    16. Jade Love

      Hmm. Looks like I was right to believe Tati about this piece of trash. Yes they are allegations but I don’t doubt this ish happened with what she says.

    17. Megan

      You know who saw this coming? Antphrodite. 💅🏻✨💁🏻‍♀️

    18. BambiLena666

      One more time, this is the boy who got his fame, covergirl cover and went on Ellen on a lie about his graduation photos. He admitted multiple times he was lying about all kinds of things during his rise to fame as "you gotta do what you gotta do". I am surprised by nothing from him, and I dont expect much other than lies and doing whatever he needs to get what he wants.

    19. HemS16

      I’m honestly not surprised if this is true. James is so selfish and I can just see it through his energy online tbh

    20. Aesthetic Ideas

      there is always some drama going on with him I'm really starting to hate him first being mean then lying then fake apologies and now this! there may be more wait no I meant there will be more in the future and i might have missed much more drama in the past

    21. Nia Miller

      Honestly no matter the age, you shouldn’t abuse your power over someone vulnerable and starstruck on you! I’m 30, and I never even think of entertaining anyone over 5 to 6 years younger. The mindset is just too vulnerable and unaware. He knew what he was doing. I had a bf who was 16 when I was 18 (we went to the same school) once but I couldn’t go thru with it because they were just too immature with high school things that just didn’t pertain to me anymore. So James Charles needs to be held accountable

    22. B M

      Staring at a laptop screen with a concussion would be nauseating

    23. Matthew M. Stevick, CFP

      I was was 22 and started working for Merrill Lynch as a Broker (year 2005). One of the last things I would have been called is a ‘kid’.

      1. Matthew M. Stevick, CFP

        My point is ... 100% he knew better.

    24. Jailene Rosario

      Omg i just started doing youtube again for the first time in years (used to do covers, now I vlog) and recording and then editing is soooo time consuming its disrespectful that he had her doing all of it without proper pay

    25. Beatrice

      Commenting for the algorithm 🧡

    26. Neyah

      baby you're a SEpromr, you can literally open iMovie and edit your own videos. this could've been avoided

    27. Luis Antonio Rivera

      Antphrodite Said This In A Card Reading ... Wow!

    28. Lizette Olmos

      Hahahahaha James you're doom

    29. Blass

      NGL she sounds like a serial suer and complainer.

    30. Evelyn Bonilla

      I have people that say that just because your in the hospital doesn’t mean you can’t do work like my 5th grade teacher was like this and we always had so much pressure

    31. Huiya Yuan

      Shit 12 hrs 7 days a week? Not even nurses do that

    32. Elaine Pytel

      I think the most disturbing thing for me is the texts. Like HE KNEW he was being unacceptable and his behavior was cancellable, so he was ACTIVELY making himself look like a perfect little angel. If you do that then you need to go to some therapy or something because that's not right. 💀

    33. Mell Watson

      So you’re telling me that he got Sister Sued lol

    34. Queen of Horror

      I’m js if she sued someone before I’d probably either not hire her in the first place or if I did made sure to not screw her over

    35. Earus Chi

      Honestly I’m glad she got fired because no one deserves to be in the position she was in I hope she takes time to recover and improve her mental health.

    36. Megan Donohue

      If this is all true James is sooooo effed and he’ll probably get audited by the IRS. Wow so crazy when he could have just paid her and avoided all this

    37. ew

      The end of sister

    38. Ameina Ismaiel

      wow not suprised tho

    39. Nicole Pepiakitah

      Everyone is after everyone

    40. Jamal Best

      She’s suing for 10 things She winning atleast 6 And his defense she wanted a week of because of a friend ? Okey and she should be able to get a week if she requests it. Who do these SEpromrs thinks they are 🥴🤣. Y’all gassed him up too much. He just sounds manipulative telling her he’s disappointed, she’s literally in the hospital bro 🤨

    41. Zack Lee

      Just give back our Tati..

    42. soobin thee stallion

      why is it so hard for rich ass influencers to just pay their workers??? you’re RICH and actively have money flowing in you can afford it

    43. matthew white

      but why that kelly didn't leave him earlier? like when I heard about overworking, two jobs, 12-hour shift seven days a week I was like girl leave this is kinda weird

    44. Milano B1

      I believe anything negative form James Charles he is a bad person

    45. Marisol6778

      SISTER SUED!!!😂🤡

    46. Curt Devine

      She lost me once she said Amnesia... lol

    47. Emmie Nichols

      Business savvy lmao 80+ hours a week? Sis thought you were a business woman .... lmao makin everyone else do the business for you

    48. Brianna Hill

      i mean isn’t it a little fishy she is suing her past employers who are celebrities tho? i’m not saying she’s wrong and i don’t support james i’m middle ground rn

    49. Jade Gosling

      Hahahaha he’s getting sister sued 😂😂😂

    50. Carlos Cerna

      Sister sued

    51. Daniel Ramos

      Not surprised if this is true. SEpromrs are narcissistic and money hungry by nature.

    52. Xia Cheng

      I get sick basically once a year at this rate, and at my first job I got really sick to the point of needing to go to Urgent Care. My boss didn't believe me when I was already out for a couple days and feeling like crap, and the day I went to UC I could barely breathe. When I got home my boss sent me a text saying I should've fired you a long ass time ago. I still worked there for another year after that before quitting and telling her to get mental help, dunno why I put myself through that, but here's a bit of perspective for those prolly about to go attack the girl who is suing JC. Shitty bosses exist and sometimes in the most drastic and horrible forms, just cuz he's famous and puts on a face for his fans doesnt mean you know what he's like behind the scenes/closed doors.

    53. Mackenzie Kane

      Am I supposed to feel sorry for this girl?

    54. Yadira Arnold

      those who confess with their mouth Jesus is Lord and truly believe in their heart shall be saved turn away from ur sins for we are saved by our faith turn away from ur sins God loves u

    55. Mary M

      Team James

    56. Mary M

      I dont trust that lawsuit bitch tbh

    57. Grace Bower

      I just can't believe it really, what a horrible person.. If this is all true.. I can't wait to see what comes out next

    58. Marina Martinez

      That’s like the number one thing to be in a high production SEprom channel. One of the main things is to have an editor or skills in knowing how to edit so that you can edit your own videos because a lot of creators don’t want to do it themselves so they hire somebody anyway so I don’t see why James didn’t just hire somebody right off the bat and why he expected his friend to do it.

    59. Arya Joseph

      Brag and show off your house and lifestyle on yt while underpaying your employees? TRASH honey, TRASH

    60. anna

      this is so weird because, james has never really seemed like a good person to me. similar to ellen, he has some like weird... energy to him ig? like, for example: when he played among us with tommyinnit and a few others, whenever someone killed him he would just- yell at them for being “homophobic.” and ik it was a *joke* but cmon dude. another example: no more lies. this is probably the most power hungry, “i’m in the right” attitude i’ve ever seen after being called out for allegations that are so far, coming true. this is just my thoughts but lmk what you think.

      1. pretzel cat

        I think you are probably attuned to the narcissistic energy James has always given off. Unfortunately many people feel that same energy as the ‘charisma’ most narcs are said to have. It’s a big part of why there are so many of them who reach the top of business, politics, etc. as well as end up as cult leaders. Some folks are drawn in by that type of manipulative personality wrapped in superficial charm. I always feel very put off by them right away too.

    61. RoniN

      Get a new mic. Your sound if really off

    62. Joseph Zarate


    63. Chelsey Faye

      Wait kelly sued erika?? Aren't they cousins? I watched her back then, when she got a whole new team. That's gotta make thanksgiving dinner awkward af🤣

    64. Alex Ramirez

      Wtf am I watching 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    65. Malayna Marie

      Are you gonna talk about the gero and paeka drama?

    66. Bedriah Ali

      Concussions literally are worsened by light especially electronic lights. Like if anyone's had a concussion you know your doctor tells you to limit looking at screens like your phone, tv, etc especially editing videos ! Like literally staring at a screen would worsen her concussion-- it makes perfect sense that she would have to return to the hospital if that's her job.

    67. Lexi Woolsey

      Depending on your state, a job does not have to accept a doctors note

    68. Sara Hoxha

      yall need to apologize to Tati rn

    69. serena

      the word “allegedly” is strongly used here 👀

    70. Bijou

      Hilarious! I got curious about how well or poorly the beauty gurus pay their employees. I did not go down that rabbit hole with any expectations of what I would find. I just wanted to know if the way James paid assistants was the industry standard or if anyone else was also a problematic employer. You'll never guess what I found. The employees who left five-star reviews on Indeed and praised their generous pay, bonuses and overtime pay for extra projects or hours, flex time, company insurance, travel perks, ability to rise in the company, work/life balance, and feeling of being appreciated and treated like family........? Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Drama channels call him a villain and try to portray him as a racist, bully, and perv, but his actual employees think he's an amazing boss who treats them like family and they all seem to genuinely love their jobs. Bonus: when the C-19 lockdown caused his factory to shut down for months in 2020, he paid the full salaries of every single employee in the factory for the entire time they were closed. Say what you will, but for the past two years, everything you've been told is the exact opposite of real life. James Charles manipulated everyone because the OGs who called him out were _right about him_ . Sister Smear Campaign is finally getting exposed as a dirty rotten little liar that he truly is and I'm here for it. He's being sued to bring this poor woman's back wages up to minimum wage. Minimum wage. Meanwhile, Jeffree Star Cosmetics just revived the entire economy of a little community in Wyoming, where he opened his warehouse and fulfillment center. He's put almost 150 people back to work in good-paying, steady jobs with healthcare, in a town that was already in a serious employment crisis before C-19 forced people further out of work. That's 150 families who don't go to bed anymore worried about how they're going to have to choose between keeping their lights on or putting food on their tables, much less "extras" like birthdays and Xmas for their kids. All those things the politicians can't figure out in DC, Jeffree Star just went and did. Bet nobody saw that coming! LOL it surprised me more than a little, and I don't even have the popular hate-on for the guy. If Jeffree Star ever gives a seminar on how to "turn dirt into glitter" in business, I don't care what you say, that's the class I'm signing up for.

      1. Bijou

        @Chloe N oh, FFS. You can click from the names in the reviews to the Linkedin pages. But you wouldn't know that, because your info and narrative and even thought process are shaped by para-social media influence. "The government" didn't pay those salaries, it loaned back taxes that had already been paid by those businesses. Meanwhile, Sister Sister llc is being sued for working a woman into the hospital and failing to pay her minimum wage. Dunning-Kruger is a good shade on you; do you wear it often? I mean, obviously.

      2. Chloe N

        ​@Bijou In any case - you're previous commenting praising Jeffree for paying his employees during the pandemic is incorrect. Once again - it was NOT Jeffree paying them out of the kindness of his heart. He didn't pay their salary. The government did. Period. You also failed to address that perhaps it was maybe his PR team or fans writing the "positive reviews" about working for him. You can't really take an anonymous review seriously. Anyone can log in and write whatever they want.

      3. Bijou

        @Chloe N I really want you to learn and understand about this so you don't charge through through life in a rage without truly comprehending the nature of the loans. Certainly, there were abuses by corporations which exceeded the number of total employees by the thousands and are not independently owned and operated. That's a crucial difference between ethical and unethical application for the funding. You may not understand that there is a massive difference between personal assets and the assets of a company. If you don't keep them separated, there are legal liabilities that can plunge both of your tax and income structures into all kinds of treacherous waters. Furthermore, an independently-owned factory with 200 employees provides the exact kind of return on investment impact for the economy that absolutely deserved those loans. You can cry about a home baker who employs three people in its third year who has just started to turn a profit, or you can recognize that losing 200 jobs from a factory which was already turning profit until the shutdown---and carrying its full tax burden---- is a bigger loss to the economy than the cupcake lady. The loans were not intended to prop up failing ventures, they were intended to provide healthy independent companies the return of the taxes they've already generated in order to protect them until re-opening. Our entire economy was on the verge of collapse, ma'am. Get mad at the right thing.

      4. Chloe N

        and I wonder how many families lost their jobs because of Jeffree? Him applying for that loan and taking a spot away may have taken a spot away from a small business who had to close down after not getting approved for the loan since there were no more spots left. All of that companies employees would have been let go and left jobless because the small business owner could no longer afford to pay their salaries during the pandemic. Meanwhile, Jeffree is so rich that he didn't NEED that loan. There were companies out there who desperatley NEEDED it which is what that loan was supposed to be for. Jeffree could have walked into his 14 million dollar mansion, walked into his closet the size of a house and reached into his gucci pants pocket for spare change to cover their salaries.

      5. Chloe N

        From what I have read, it sounds like Jeffree didn't pay them anything. The government did. Jeffree applied for the loan that the government was giving out to small business's during the pandemic and the money was to be used to pay employees salaries. Imagine - Jeffree, the rich multi-millionaire, taking that money from the government away from another small business who could have really needed it desperately to stay afloat. There were only a certain # of those loans granted and he took up a spot. Also, there are former employees of his who have made videos about their terrible experiences working for him. Who will you believe? an anonymous glassdoor/online salary report that anyone could have made up and written (such as his fans, him, etc) or people willing to put their face on camera in a video to tell their experience?

    71. Fuzz Buzz

      no offense to yall way of thinking but being young isn't an excuse to get bailed from a problem you cause he was 18 when he's first problem happen, seriously 18 for me is an adult. Back then he should be lockep up in jail for what he had done, if 18 was young he shouldn't even have a youtube acc cause how can he manage it he's too young. Seriously i dont understand how some people think nowadays

    72. XXX

      Well, if he didn't pay her over time then that's illegal. I mean I'm sure he has all the money to pay her back so I don't know why he never did now. But, all that money is going to go down the drain since the U.S. legal system is a backstabbing system of debt. James honestly is sounding like a complete ass. I still think this story is more believable than the others. But, some businesses will fire you if you're in the hospital just noting that. They don't care if you're injured. If you can't work than you're fired. One reason why I don't live in the U.S. But honestly, James, that's completely unacceptable. Like you're really lucky to have a job like yours and you treat people like that.

    73. Fuzz Buzz

      I never like james at all even at the beginning of his youtube career cause he just too ugly. Hate me all you want

    74. lexi tehrani

      why did youtube as a whole become so unproblematic. can we go back to 2014 to when the beauty gurus I was watching was zoella and tanya burr

    75. lexi tehrani

      the fact that james continuously denies everything just makes him look like a huge liar

    76. jocee ang

      Bring back jayscoding

    77. joxmtns

      if these allegations are true why didn't she sue before?

    78. Scarlett

      i recently got terminated for "poor performance" as well- which made me feel awful bc i really thought i was trying my best. but turns out it was because i didnt want to do unpaid work. like volunteer. (what???) i remember the conversation but i didnt realise i wasn't actually allowed to say no to that. beat me down a lot, but past employees who were also terminated from this place found me on fb and told me the boss is actually pretty insane. lots of dark stuff going on behind the scenes i didnt know about, and i guess they masked the crazy well enough. im glad im out now. looking back there were a ton of red flags i should have looked out for. it all makes sense now.

    79. emily hoang

      I mean the overtime thing is fair game if she signed a contract and agreed to salary pay vs hourly

    80. Solanar 797

      I’m not a native English speaker and was having a hard time understanding the use of the word cringey. THANK GOD you post these videos

    81. Steven M

      Judging by the "centre of attention" theme running through Kelly's social media it's a wonder James Charles didn't suffer concussion having to deal with her on a daily basis.

    82. Caroline Piazza

      James is so fucking disgusting

    83. kassy kreutzer

      Wow james just wow

    84. Witch Doctor

      this is essentially how the American employment system works

    85. MissGrace4

      If my friend had been hospitalised with a head injury, I’d want to come and visit her too, especially if she needed additional care during that time. So for James to ✨aLlEgeDly✨ accuse her of chilling with her pals instead of working is a stretch to say the least.

    86. Denis Mihai

      Are u really gay lol

    87. Katrina Torrealba

      if he really fired her for having to take time off for a medical issue.....that is so bad.

    88. Ben Martin

      The narrator sounds like a 14 year old teenager XD

    89. Smriti Misra

      I don't work 7 days a week, but I work for 10-12 hours 5 days a week continuously, since more than a month now. This goes upto 15 hours on a few days. This is not first this has happened in 2 years of me working. Never got paid overtime.

    90. Gabi Adragna

      I’m so happy I unsubscribed from James. He is a monster.

    91. zoe m

      Why does this man keep getting into scandals, can money just not save somebody for once

    92. A J

      No, what's happening to James isn't karma, it's the result of what he had done, and what he's done is a crime and I hope at least one of his victims is suing him

    93. FroggieJ

      Lol oh wow, I think some people didn't understand th CA labor laws are strict as hell...

    94. G H

      If he doesn’t get cancelled at this point, then idc what’s wrong with the internet tbh.

    95. Keira

      I’m sorry but “sister sister”

    96. Cori Dewri


    97. Spiderboyspiderboy Islit

      Sister sued

    98. Sweet Pit & Girl


    99. lil king

      This truly doesn't surprise me one bit, considering how having a flippant attitude towards TBI's is essentially the norm.

    100. Hey It's Mae

      how could you call it Sister Lawsuit, when Sister Sued was right there?!?