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    The crew is in Miami and finally puts an end to all the latest drama. Griffin Johnson joins to talk about the Nessa/Jaden relationship, and loyalty between LA celebrities. We finish by reacting to some viral TikToks.
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    1. BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards

      The crew is in Miami and finally puts an end to all the latest drama. Griffin Johnson joins to talk about the Nessa/Jaden relationship, and loyalty between LA celebrities. SUBSCRIBE -

      1. Keelan Ross

        I think he has matured a lot as well as the diss track was simply for fun while taking a stab at Chase. This shit happening now hits a different nerve. You don’t get spiteful just go numb when something like that happens especially when it’s all in the public eye.

      2. Susan Sung

        @KIRAN KAUR is

      3. Esther Poz

        Ok but why do I feel like griff and bri should go on a date

      4. Imma Savage

        @Olivia Leigh Lowkey true 🤣

      5. Ben L

        Since when does 49 yr old Dave Portnoy gossip with 18 yr olds?

    2. Deanna Galdo

      Okay and honestly can we just Stan griffin for being a good friend. I don’t pay attention to tiktokers like that at all, I only even know about nessa & josh because of all the problematic things nessa has done since she’s had a platform. But I have a whole new respect for Griffin cause of this support

    3. Deanna Galdo

      Aww man, josh is straight up in denial. Stop blaming mads & just face the facts. Nessa & Jaden are awful , how can you believe ANYTHING they say? You fell in love, got matching tattoos, and “are the happiest you’ve ever been” all within a 2 week span? Na

    4. Masih Hussainie

      Josh is heart is broken now i feel bad he is acting like he doesn’t care but he is broken I hope he gets through it

    5. Jury

      Am i crazy or did griffin go through the same shit too? His best friend dating his ex?

    6. Tawny

      This just doesn't feel right, Josh and all of them were soooo pissed at chase for KISSING nessa, went to chase's house, posted on twitter, harrased him ect but he's not even mad his best friend is dating/sleeping with the girl he planned to marry? This makes no sense.

    7. Ikram Youssoufi

      The interviewer on call her daddy raised my standards now this one is completely 👎🏻

    8. Aisha

      14:50 that burp tho-

    9. Ashley Williams

      I feel like it’s just a pliability stunt personality to get the video more videos. Bc he would break up with Mads before the songs were released. But maybe Nessa actually accepts him for the way he is and doesn’t try to change him like Mads always tried to do.

    10. Angelica Mrad

      Mads didnt say shit dont tell me he is still with jayden and nessa omg

    11. pouya parhami

      I watched this only for Dave; basically watched the most watched vid in this channel. So no idea who these guys are and who cheated on who? But Josh is a p****y.

    12. Kendra A

      Anyways if I were Josh or Mass I wouldn’t take any of this bs. I wouldn’t bash anyone but like... save your pride

    13. Kendra A

      Josh is being a walk-over, no one builds a whole ass relationship in 2 weeks this guy needs to WAKE UP, he’s in denial

    14. Jessica Jirak

      Mads is being blamed and made out to be the bad guy in the situation because they’re just mad that she knew what was going on !

    15. Jessica Jirak

      BECAUSE YALL DIDNT ANSWER HER AND MADE HER FEEL CRAZY! Shhitttt if I was mads I would’ve snapped on my platform !

    16. sss ooo

      Josh isn't "mature". He's just embarrassed, so he's pretending to "support" Jaden and Nessa so that people take pity on him and see him as the hero instead of the jilted lover. That's why he's hating on Mads - he doesn't care who had his back, and who betrayed him. He only cares that Mads made it public.

    17. Aryan Dhoot

      Who tf is this beta Jason nash

    18. Destiney Torres

      Yes, it’s sad and messed up he’s blaming mads. But understand he’s in denial. He’s hurting and can’t think rn.

    19. soiung toiue

      But did you guys notice that this isn’t the first time nessa’s caused a breakup like this

      1. soiung toiue

        lmfao josh so Canadian he just be chillin

    20. Banana Watermelon

      I support Jaden and Nessa. They can't help that they fell for each other. I ofc feel bad for mads and josh but I think that evreyone needs to realize that they are not the only people that were hurt. Think about how much hate that Nessa and Jaden are getting.

      1. soiung toiue

        he's being way to mature. the wall hes about to build rn is gonna be crazy. he fucking loved that girl. i feel horrible for him bruh.

    21. Asha Williams

      I know Josh is in pain I can tell and he is on the wrong side and Josh needs to forgive mads im actually mad at Josh ( no hate pls )

      1. Asha Williams

        @soiung toiue that's true he is literally a player

      2. soiung toiue

        okay im upset with jaden because he got matching tattoos with both of them

    22. Tru Taylor

      Josh’s channel did better on a lot of videos. Josh I hope you’re getting THE MOST out of whatever deal this is.

    23. Kat H

      Justice for Mads

    24. Valentina López

      I don't feel sorry for Josh, I think all of this drama is just like karma to him after all the Chase drama and how they humiliated Chase (and Charli indirectly) because of 'Saint Nessa'. Besides, I don't think all of this is just a coincidence; I mean, if Nessa does those kind of thing TWICE and now with your best friend, she couldn't be a good person. I always support girls before boys, but I also believe that there are toxic-bad people who always ruin people's life with or without intention, and Nessa is that kind of person.

    25. Kylie

      guys are finally understanding what girls go through with not being loyal

    26. kayla milne

      Bro I’m sorry but it’s like josh is trynna hide something . Who would go through this and reflect every question and situation?

    27. qopoy dnon

      i feel like josh is still shocked and isnt trying to accept it and he blames mads for nothing becuase if she didnt bring it he wouldnt have known anything

    28. dolita windo

      But did you guys notice that this isn’t the first time nessa’s caused a breakup like this

    29. Sofia Mikitarian

      I feel so bad for josh. like he does not deserve this at all. He is trying to say the nicest things possible I feel so bad for him

      1. dolita windo

        love you guys!!!! 💙

    30. Amber Bagliere

      I love Josh. He's such an amazing person

    31. Katelyn Lawrence

      it makes me so angry how mad he is at mads and how quick he is to talk shit abt her when she’s in the same position he is.

    32. Makenna

      Josh is in denial .. poor guy

    33. lilli lünsmann

      is osh okay .He looks so thin as if he is not feel well

    34. Farheen Rokon

      he's being way to mature. the wall hes about to build rn is gonna be crazy. he fucking loved that girl. i feel horrible for him bruh.

    35. Kelsie McGahey

      lmfao josh so Canadian he just be chillin

    36. megin stacks

      okay im upset with jaden because he got matching tattoos with both of them

    37. J J

      Dave is an absolute God, I handle people who bring pain to my family, my company or myself the same way he does. Absolutely spend ever waking moment thinking of how to ruin them. The pettier the better. I am such a terrible person and completely happy with that.

    38. J J

      What would any chick see in Jayden? He is a little weirdo.

    39. J J

      Loyalty anywhere is very very rare. 99% of these people will throw each other off a bridge if it benefits them. All of this team houses are not at all true friends, they would absolutely shit on anyone in their current house if it helped their personal situation. I am not saying I blame them, it is just business. I own multiple businesses and I have absolutely shit on people that I was "friends" with for a short amount of time. Can't say I am much of a fan of fake people, I will tell you up front I am about my family, my businesses and myself. Josh is much better about holding the pettiness in, I can't do that myself but respect to those who can.

    40. J J

      Josh just has his way of dealing with this and it seems like he just wants it to be over. Almost all of us have been here at some point and all have our different ways of dealing. He is definitely in denial but that is his way of dealing. He seems to just be doing whatever he can to move on. Best of luck, it definitely suck to be cheated on.

    41. Ciara Wilson

      Josh can’t be blaming it on all on Mads yea sure she shouldn’t have put it on social media but she was in a legit relationship with jaden and he was sneaking around catching feelings for nessa, of course she’s going to react like a normal teenage girl

    42. Nicholas Arvay

      josh is awsome

      1. Nicholas Arvay

        @alida flus what do you mean by that????

      2. alida flus

        matching tatts like wtf. He’s blinded.

    43. Clay Coward

      Yo watch out for this Kenzie girl man. Top comment robot alert. If anyone has access to a super computer please let me use it so I can hack into her mainframe before it’s too late. 27/04/21

      1. alida flus

        So jaden kissed nessa i feel bad forads amd josh they both desrve better and do not deal to go all this

    44. Eva Vazquez

      Josh I know you hurting but you own mads in apology I think she really cares about you not like nessa and jaden

    45. Marina Smallis

      love you guys!!!! 💙

    46. Marina Smallis

      love these!!!

    47. Marina Smallis


    48. MD X

      I know Josh will be hurting but he needs to stop downplaying the situation and DEFINITELY needs to stop deflecting everything on to Mads

    49. Sarah Daniels

      he should be mad at mads... she made the situation a social media thing. it was never that serious to begin with. he doesnt owe her an apology, she owes him one for being weird and putting that shit on social media, bruh. stop being odd.

    50. Mae Editz


    51. Mae Editz


    52. Mae Editz


    53. Mae Editz


    54. Mae Editz


    55. Grandma Chelby

      Josh definitely is in denial 👵🏽 can’t tell me otherwise

    56. the one and only Lulu

      Okay now I'M 100% SURE Nessa and jaden are holding something on him cuz like LOOK HOW HE'S REACTING (remember when chase tweeted that jaden & Josh cheated on nessa and Mads multiple times? Sooo...)

    57. Zodiac

      So jaden kissed nessa i feel bad forads amd josh they both desrve better and do not deal to go all this

    58. Michelle Tuladhar

      Literally had to do watching cause he just keep defending them and their actions but then shits on mads for making it “public”.. they literally are out in public cuddling and getting matching tatts like wtf. He’s blinded.

    59. Emmanuella Sarfoa

      Jaden was so protective of Josh when Chase kissed Nessa, but doesn't he realize that he's hurting Josh way more then Chase did

      1. sss ooo

        And Jaden and all the Sway boys were so mean to Chase, but then just followed in his footsteps. They acted like he was the worst person on earth when they're out here doing the same thing. Ugh it's all for attention anyway. Literally hate all the Sway boys.

    60. Apoorva Chandra

      He’s being such goody shoes here and I respect how he’s standing up for his friends but doing that on the cost of demeaning someone else does not make sense It’s brave of mads to deal with this shit she deserves way better

    61. Apoorva Chandra

      Apologise to mads like rn already, this is nothing but mean. She wasn’t the reason for your breakup or you hurting She deserves better And you protecting someone who hurt you doesn’t make sense

    62. A Hy

      Jesus, Josh it's okay not to take the high road. The two of them are trash for what they did to him smh. As Dave said they dont care about you. If they did they wouldn't be flaunting their relationship

    63. Jenna West

      Hate to even say it but Josh really seems kinda like a simp :// she told him they were going on a “break” so she could “be alone and work on herself” when that clearly wasn’t the case yet he’s so much willing to shit on Madz when Nessa clearly did more wrong...

    64. hudson busta

      I love how Josh can't say that he loves the support but he can do this himself. So for me I never believe anything on the internet until the person actually talks about so I basically am just like Josh, like when this stuff happens I put my phone down and just leave it alone. People would hate on me if I stood up for anybody so I am respecting Josh and letting him do it himself. Love you guys

    65. Tyrell

      once a cheater, always a cheater.. Thank you nessa for confirming this

    66. samantha benson

      Mads is the real one. Y’all should of apologized way more. She was messed up and put her feelings out there. Something that shouldn’t be looked at negatively.

    67. Ama'sLife

      Josh is pitiful. Yes Mads brought it public, but she is sorry for that. Meanwhile you ex and best friend are dating, getting matching tattoos in a small amount of time. And you still rooting and defending them? Hope that he wakes up and distance himself from them. He also should stop being so obsessed with Nessa.

    68. hoiy vinosa

      it public and turned out she was right. He’s still defending Jaden and nessa poor guy is so much in denial

    69. Danna Proa

      people are meant to break up they are young stop being obsessed with who dates who tf josh probably did something shady to nessa for him to be defending them we don’t know sh*t only what mads put out tf get a life people

      1. hoiy vinosa

        josh needs to cut his hair omg it looks crazy

    70. Shiv Vlogs

      His reaction is sus lol something isn't adding up

    71. alida flus

      it public and turned out she was right. He’s still defending Jaden and nessa poor guy is so much in denial

    72. Ariella Friedman

      Josh is so polite Oh wait he’s Canadian🇨🇦

      1. alida flus

        Looks like some fucks need a life 😭

    73. mikea hiooi

      He really doesn’t wanna accept the fact that his best friend really took his girl....😅

    74. Eliana Acosta

      Did y’all here that burp

    75. Isaiah Joyner

      Josh is being too nice,

    76. Isaiah Joyner

      Josh don’t want to believe it, but nessa and Jaden did him dirt. He shouldn’t talk to either of them

    77. Xoxo Hannah

      griffin looks like he feels so bad for josh

    78. Chastity Parker

      People are always going to have their own opinions but Josh... This kid is seriously handling this in the most adult manner and it speaks volumes on his character. Good on you Josh. Haters always going to hate but keep your head up kid because I promise your Happiness is coming. ❤️❤️

    79. Kayla Andrade

      I respect that Josh is trying to be mature but literally he needs a reality check those are not his real friends

    80. Minnie Chaya


    81. Caleb Duggan

      All drama aside, screw griffin

    82. Natalia Arroyo

      I honestly don’t care of what tiktokers are doing. They are so young and all the Drama is like high school all over again.

    83. niduoe stre

      it public and turned out she was right. He’s still defending Jaden and nessa poor guy is so much in denial


      Full publicity stunt , Tik Tokers are so lame . They do anything to stay relevant .

    85. Indira Robinson

      josh needs to cut his hair omg it looks crazy

    86. Connor Hoebee

      they are so young to get matching tattoos in general, but there’s no way they get matching tattoos in 2 weeks this def has been going on for longer than tjag

    87. barka gupta

      STOP BLAMING MADS FOR WHAT HAPPENED JOSH RICHARDS !!!! She DID what she thought was right........if you have taken any of mads texts or calls seriously this situation should never have existed!

    88. conner hamlin

      Looks like some fucks need a life 😭

    89. Lo Lo

      daves giving off dad vibes in this video. i wish he was my dad

    90. Konstantina Vasilopoulou

      Griffin just chilling lmao

    91. Olivia Sho

      Why does he try to give life advice instead of accepting the fact that he’s been two timed lol

    92. Courtney Allen

      I think Josh is just really hurt and is taking it out on the wrong people (Mads) but he shouldn’t defend jaden and nessa and Mads reached out to josh but he didn’t even care.

    93. Kenzi Marie

      Why Dave look like an older version of Jake Paul?😂

    94. WaveCatcher

      Josh made Nessa, he can also end her... jk hahah

    95. Natalie H.

      Sooo, I'm on Team Everyone and No one! ♡ There is no 1 person who should get all the blame. It just wouldn't be fair to them. ✊ Can only hope everyone else can see it that way...Bc blame is just unnecessarily toxic, used as a excuse to stay mad, not take responsibility for our part in it & never actually solve or help anything or anyone... Josh made some really valid points in what he said about everyone still being young, & all bound to make mistakes and break hearts, bc that's life and its how we learn , gtow up, be better and find ourselves despite the bad times. Kinda sucked to hear him say "That's just how it is" (Also, facts) but he just seemed kinda sad about it when he said that part, which makes me feel for him even more bc I've been in his shoes. I remember being his age and I didn't know what I wanted and still finding myself and a lot of hearts had to break, including mine in order for me to be the person I am & get to where I'm at today. Tbh I am even more grateful to the guys who broke my heart when they said we are breaking up, bc it wasn't until much later i realized that I thrived after he was out of my life! 100% looking back... I wouldn't change a single thing, bc all the good and bad together helped me grow and I learned soo much that helped me be a better friend, lover, daughter, ect... Anyways, props 👏👏👏 to Josh for saying that and not doing the typical f boy thing and try to put all the blame on Nessa or Jaden and allow social media to get himself all hyped to fight Jared... Instead he's been nothing but hella Mature about it all and has acceptance about the situation... That's such a beautiful freedom & peace some won't understand bc they just wanna see some more drama in your life, but screw that. I'm glad your staying true to yourself, dude. Respect & Ilysm ♡

    96. kkaarina M

      nah cuz what they got onn him 💀

    97. Phoebe Mitchell


    98. Kitty Kito

      14:50 am I the only one that heard that ........

    99. Ptao Tom

      Josh literally saw so many red flags yet he still sides with her and blames maddy. Like tf.

    100. Leah Hernandez

      The fact that Josh is talking bad about mads and she talked so good about him is sad like it wasn't Mads fault and he talks good about Nessa and Jaden like wtf?