Karens Who Got What They Deserved


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    Karens Who Got What They Deserved! Which Karen do you think was the worst? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one seprom.info/clone/video/s5SlgNyfoaSA1mw.html Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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    1. SSSniperWolf

      which Karen was the worst???

      1. Ariana Walker


      2. ꧁MoonFlxwerGaming꧂

        All of them

      3. Bindy 24

        I don’t like all Karen

      4. RocketLeague Master


      5. grayjl2000

        The one that got yelled at by her daughter 😂

    2. Vigya Vinoy

      The first girl is amazing, we Stan u Sarah

    3. zach hext

      If someone asked me where my mask was they would get bitched tf out

    4. shipo 911

      We need more Sarah to slap those Karens

    5. Deplore Venom

      all of them were bad

    6. Bob Judd

      The real Karen is the chick narrating.

    7. TDS

      If you dont want to be on the internet too bad Karen

    8. Gabriela Andrei


    9. Natasha Dcruz

      00:00 ding ding ding!

    10. Absatron 007

      Karen aint hooman, karen be punching bag.

    11. Robert Bougie


    12. Michele

      Most apartments have to buzz their visitors in. It is her business if someone is coming in behind an authorised visitor when a door is opened. That is how criminals get into buildings. This guy, to protect his own aunt, should have understood this woman’s fear. It is for the residents security.

    13. Koch Muncher

      He can record in public all he wants

    14. Danielle Westrik

      That poor waitress who had to watch that girl and her mom 🥺

    15. Kelsie Burns

      You go Sarah you're the best!!!!

    16. Madeleine Mckenzie

      Poor kid (no 1) I know just what it is like to have an embarrassing mother. I always judge people by how they treat waiting staff.

    17. Kimmy Brown

      Why did she have to show her I’d anyways ?

    18. linda aswad

      I can’t believe we are in 2021 and we have women still stuck in 1950 where they expect women to be docile and “nice” . What is the equivalent of a male Karen??

    19. Your Mom

      Sarah needs her own show.....

    20. pink_whiskers

      sarah is brave and right at what she did.....but I kinda felt bad for the mom to see her daughter shouting at her

    21. Shirley Allen

      Some people lives are so miserable and pathetic, instead of improving themselves they feel better spreading their misery around.

    22. Sean Michael

      Ehhh I won’t watch a second video. I don’t dig your theme or flow. No worries good luck.

    23. Andrei Reyes

      yas sarah!!!!!!

    24. Thekra Al Khaja


    25. Art Aizen

      having a high end platinum credit card , I'm rich me : If you're so rich you probably don't do shopping yourself in some random small store with that big attitude.

    26. Ed Cessna

      Get her Sarah. Dont take that shit

    27. Adriana van der Zwaan

      Ppl earning money from another persons videos. EASY MONEY

    28. Syria Gamers

      She doesnt believe in the internet 🤣

    29. Ankur Gupta

      Check it out

    30. Ankur Gupta

      Love your video I have a challenge it's called tiger tastic

    31. Jeffrey Foerster

      I like the last clip, we need more karen reenactments

    32. Callahan Zex

      Tbh the mask one isn't a karen , she fucking apologized and her being upset was for a valid reason atleast

    33. Rick Razor

      Wow you didn't realize that the nacho lady and the restaurant waitress were the same person!! Lol

    34. Laimute Jasiukaitiene

      Dang, thats good i live in lithuania🇱🇹 Theres no karens who act like they own the building ;-;

    35. Bell Daikokuten

      I remember my run in with Karen, it was hell😂

    36. Dan Kirby Nadonza

      OMG Karens are such an act

    37. John Turner

      I have know idea who you are or who you think you are but I love you.

    38. Shoto I am still team pizza Todorki

      One like=one nice Karen

    39. Suahanne Carpenter

      This Rona got people acting alot dumber than they were before .

    40. Sherry West

      Masks do not work. It is an enslavement tool. They knew masks didn’t work in 1918 Spanish flu. Destroys immunity system that is why people get sick. 10 min. Breathing into a mask has enough germs in it to cause pneumonia.

    41. Anita Cunanan

      Did Lia just raise a v bucks card?! I WANT ONEEE PLS

    42. Dragon king Gacha wolf

      Omg my dad feels so sorry he was in a rush and he forgot to put on his masked

    43. plutoMOB

      This Karen Flexing but shopping at a gas station?smh

    44. Roberts Gaming

      where my family lives you can get pulled over for not wearing a mask

    45. kaleb case

      The one that throw the water it was funny ha

    46. Prayer of The Day

      Spoiler alert The lil.girl was prankin

    47. Nick Miller

      I need your help.

    48. Sayed Ahmad

      customer is always wrong. learn from Apple company.

    49. Robocam 01

      Another video that could be good if the host talked 90% less.

    50. Eva Aube

      Why are you talking so loud???????????

    51. NoobMasterr R

      Karen’s use 0 brain percentage while Sarah uses 99999999999999999999999 percent of her brain power

    52. lps FNAFgirl 123

      "Add a bit of.. ✨Spice✨"

    53. Kelly Genna

      Proud of her it’s not like she didn’t try with her mom she went to get tacos with her lol...She Was Fed Up Lmao UNDERSTANDABLE👏🏻👏🏻

    54. RainbowWolf

      Ain’t no one gon talk about the Karen who did not wanna show her Id Did NOT Wear her mask??

    55. •Axsthetic •Ashlyn•

      *that moment when she shows her credit card*

    56. Leah’s Roblox Channel D


    57. Bunbun Playz

      Karen : yes I’m rich me : then why are you at a gas station and not Louis Vuitton or at a Gucci store. Hah lol

    58. mrs honest opinion

      The woman who was wearing the face mask obviously chose to wear it to provoke that react she got! So I can't blame Karen for that!!

    59. Finley J. McLean

      well sssniperwolf the karens are right about masks, its your right and its very hard to think

    60. Calamity Chloe

      Sara’s mother

    61. Chris Batchelor

      why cant you make a video that people would like?

    62. tomisin adeko

      Good 😌

    63. CHEETAH KC

      I love that cop at around 6 minutes. He is trying so hard to stay calm. I love that the guy never stopped recording 😂😂

    64. Shamah Saeed

      That girl that said where your mask she said sure

    65. [•Win•ter’s•Be•st•]

      9:11 Karen: WhEn ThEy WeRe MaSkS tHeY lOsE tHeIr OxYgEn Me: So does they same happen with hats? Cause you seem to be missing quite a bit of Brian cells

    66. David Snay

      Did you all notice in the "nacho queen" segment, the same person played all the parts?

    67. Ed Martinez

      Someone bless Sarah and her dad for bringing up an amazing human regardless of the shit hole she came out off

    68. Greg Williams

      Everyone gets platinum. But it only counts if it is BLACK AMEX. Asking someone where their mask is, makes you the karen. I would ignore that woman also. That woman may claim it is water, but it is definitely assault throwing it at someone.

    69. Josiah Imagoro

      Police officer watching this be like :👁👄👁

    70. Kidsmodeapps

      The first one

    71. Brandy Adams

      The lady that threw the water needed to calm down over a dollar 😂🤣

    72. Rachel Brockman

      2:33 It would've been so awesome if her card declined lol

    73. Dakota Flores

      9:20 “what’s your excuse?” 😂

    74. Dakota Flores

      :42 is she just wanna walk to her dads? 😂 I mean I imagine her mom drove her to the restraunt lol where is she going

    75. Juliah Lewis

      and supidty saturday

    76. Juliah Lewis

      you should go karen hunting on tik tok every wensday

    77. Jacqueline Brunson

      I was gonna watch this before I realized it was this notsee chik lol

    78. Talia Hanley

      The girl with the Platinum cards and yes I am very rich shopping at a gas station

    79. Silver Sleek

      she stood up to her karen mom imagine if there not her mom 🤣

    80. Tim Nobody

      Stop screaming

    81. Dietrich Blair

      Wow! Thanks for sharing these. I am new to subscribing to channels on SEprom. And your channel is great! its funny and not disrespectful. I appreciate that ! Be Blessed

    82. Shadow The Rogue

      I encountered a Karen on the Internet the other day. She wanted consent a story she was making. I told her I didn't like it because it was bashing something I like. I gave her my consent so she went all Karen and started getting defensive. It was funny as heck 🤣😂

    83. Cassie Plays

      the girl standing up to her mom yasss girl

    84. Ruki Ruki

      The One Said i don’t like that stuff bi***

    85. - Madguru -

      When a rapper flashes his money sheep everywhere bow down but when a Karen does it it's some horrible thing

    86. Void

      Kid on second clip was an absolute god.

    87. Glossiipink

      Bruh, these Karens get on my nerves, meh gawd! I just wanna punch dem in le face >:[

    88. Riya Thakuria

      Sarah has been taught right by her dad

    89. Mani Wasaki

      don't like your pic taken? wear a burka :-)

    90. BanDavid

      Joe Rogan be the Best FR

    91. xuroi

      my name is zuroi

    92. Kim van der Linden

      I laughed really hard at the woman freaking out over the dude filming her.

    93. 3333hd

      why the noisy OTT commentary just show the video

    94. Ireyale Lewis

      Who that Sarah girl. Girl prrrrrrrrr💅🏾

    95. Louise Strand

      The waitre like : ...oh my god.....

    96. kenjimon

      0:43 when she is 16 she will choose her dad to stay with

    97. The Fisherman

      Why do I want to see someone just yell “F OFF!” at a Karen, pretty much right in their face

    98. Ry Priest

      You have brown parents...you sure? 😂

    99. Sicko NaNyNoBoT

      I Will never bully you

      1. Jillian Doyle

        Don't bully anyone

    100. simon brigade

      Me. Mom wtf why did flex Mom.i am rich I platinum And she danceing like a clown me . 😅😂🤣