Kids With DISABILITIES Get SHAMED, What Happens Next Will Shock You | Dhar Mann

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    - Sister Ashamed Of Her Disabled Brother, She Instantly Regrets It:​

    - Life Tips:​​

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    00:00 Sister Ashamed Of Disabled Brother
    05:59 Popular Girl Humiliates Disabled Girl
    10:19 Student Humiliated Special Ed Kid
    20:00 Recommended Video To Watch Next


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      💥 Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel by clicking here ➞ ➞ **Make sure you CLICK THE BELL ICON so you can get notifications when my next video goes up so you don’t miss anything!

      1. PM Payton mileer

        @GAMING SSLB lol

      2. PM Payton mileer

        Ok I will

      3. ok


      4. Gojo 35


      5. Wide Cayde-6

        After I heard Kelsey act up I thought “her dad is gonna say she is adopted”

    2. ChanningJ

      Triple COOL!

    3. I Dunnu

      2:20 just drink milk jk jk

    4. Laugh Entertainment®

      It's Good That You're Bring Awareness To Stop Ableism

    5. laila alia

      I got 1 bigsister and I’m am girl and 1 brother

    6. poppie Scott


    7. Ayaan Amanullah

      Miss greens favourite colour is green

    8. Atzieli Sanchez

      This makes me cry i love this one and others ❤ 💜 💗 💖

    9. Liu Xiaolei


    10. Axel Mejia

      Sean dont bully him youre the one thats duh duh dumb

    11. Vls plays roblox


    12. keyana franklin


    13. Caiden Pickett

      At the end of these videos I always get an smile that I didn’t choose to have it just happens

    14. Caiden Pickett

      Every time someone says their backstory the person who was doing the bad thing is always like “wow”

    15. Ricky Twood

      My brother Ruli was in. A while char i make sure to help him so i help him every day im 9 i made sure he feels happy so he feels happy i love him so much help people and make people happy my name is Esteban❤❤❤

    16. Fowler and  savannah

      Ayden u are so awesome

    17. Miajennifer Garcia

      Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god

    18. ExplodingShark

      my best friend is non-binary and gets called every name in the book at school. their name is eli, i think it might help people understand them and other lgbtq people better if you do a video on them.

    19. Mr,sunwarrior1902

      i just found of they say "so you see" alot

    20. Ella Thompson

      I would say This is the most saddest video that I cried 😭😭😭😭😭 and I limp with my nee that I went to fast on scooter

    21. Blacksreen 🖤


    22. EAslurp

      Me watching dhar mann: 2 mins later, CC: so you see Lol

      1. EAslurp

        But I do love these vids

    23. azhar haque

      Hannah tt7ty uh young opppppouuuuggg

    24. Leon ribun Mark


    25. 「sᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇᴀʀʏ」

      Wtf Wendy is absolutely GORGEOUS

    26. ・Cxtton Cxokies・

      Dad: “he would never be able to walk again” Me: *Terry Fox Flashbacks*

    27. Dam Sam

      Indians never think like Americans and Europe country's. Wtf man indians respect wheel chair and disable persons.

      1. ZombiePugMan

        Most areas in America aren’t like this, but the media kinda portrays it like that.

    28. Dam Sam

      Wtf man sister hated brother fk I thought friend

    29. Faze  Fe4rless

      I have special Ed

    30. Riotide

      "Why does he walk so weird?" LOL

    31. ItzUltraz

      Man: “he would never ever walk again” Me: “Then why don’t you just amputate his leg and get a prosthetic huh”

      1. ExplodingShark

        @ItzUltraz ah, that makes a lot more sense lol.

      2. ItzUltraz

        @ExplodingShark I’m not saying that what I’m saying is the doctor said he can’t walk again and he could’ve said prosthetics is an option

      3. ExplodingShark

        prosthetics cost thousands of dollars, as they’re really advanced. so a lot of people can’t afford it.

      4. April Carter sunny

        then what’s the point on the video

    32. darkdreamgamez

      3:00 i am so sad

    33. Cill Mill

      Holy crap I constantly meme on dahr man but why am I gonna cry right now.

    34. Tessa Byrd

      Me and my little brother play together and have fun together

    35. Javiena Cummings


    36. *Bøbå_gįrł*

      I mean I’m 7 and I know how to read

    37. *Bøbå_gįrł*

      My real name is Angela!

      1. Blacksreen 🖤


    38. Aiden Mark

      if a girl or girls embarrass you and makes fun of you they have a crush or a thing with you 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    39. Aiden Mark

      the girls has a crush on the boy

    40. Aiden Mark

      did you guys realised that

    41. Hunter Daniels

      He could be an excellent reader but does not like reading outloud. Because we saw him reading to himself



    43. Malgorzata Gumienna


    44. Mohamad C.

      love dhar menn so match

    45. hong wei

      i allready did

    46. Dara Jordane Buenas

      The last one was my favorite

    47. GK TV. PRODUCTION (genevieve kairi)

      Well I don’t have a normal sib cuz my sis watches sponge Bob

    48. Ashley Rodriguez

      I hope it not like that when I start middle school😐

    49. Skyline Siberia Records

      you know this helped me a lot. The story really told me that I should really believe in what I want to be. No one believed that I was going to be a famous music producer And dj but now I realize that I can be one just by believing in myself and then I can achieve my goal

    50. Stick animater

      The girl in the beginning always crys after she hears the story

    51. hydro pump

      2:00 mY cAkE

    52. ANIMATOX

      So you see 🙈🤟:3

    53. Bob Brandt

      I broke my leg falling off a cliff

    54. PM Payton mileer

      I cry so sad and my mom was like what’s wrong?

    55. PM Payton mileer


    56. PM Payton mileer

      So sad

    57. PM Payton mileer

      So sas

    58. PM Payton mileer


    59. Darcie Johnson

      These videos are really life changing 💕 Never judge a book by its cover ❤

    60. Jahari Dansby

      He's a hero

    61. Umar Waqas

      Allison day

    62. Selma Silva

      Uau, please translate this vídeo into portuguese, I loved it. ❤️🙏

    63. starshin ranch

      This made me cry

    64. Evanne Joy C. Moscosa

      My brother and I were playing outside and when I was biking in the roads I never see a motor coming and it almost hit me and now he got a wheel chair and cannot walk and I fell sorry for him cause he saved my life

    65. jab335

      I don't like the bent leg thing

      1. jab335

        It creeps me out

    66. keonna clark

      i can’t be the only one who cries though these

    67. Potato sasha


    68. Jayden “Redviews” Maula

      They would let him sit with them with she catched the ball

    69. Damian Morales

      The first video was actually the saddest one to me

    70. Rudra Mani Bista

      Mrs Green was a great teacher

    71. Rudra Mani Bista

      This video is so cool Sean was wrong he became a janitor but the other guy who is bullying Sean was bullying became he wanted of Mrs Brown's help

    72. {- cHiAkI -}

      I thought he was about to say “The Truth is.....Your adopted” LMAOOOOO

    73. Sky I LOVE BF

      What that is her. Brother

    74. Penguin Girl

      Dhar Mann I have a story well me and my brother fighting today I wish I’m brother would be nice to me😔😔😔 he tell my mom that I fight him his name is Rico severiano my sister fight me to my name is Magdalena severiano wish to luck bye

    75. herbieplays

      SO YOU SEE

    76. Ellatastic

      If they are embarrassing you your friends must care so many fake friends. Sheeeeeeeesh

    77. shadow505yt // gacha productions


    78. William Anehagen

      So you see

    79. Alice

      when i open the chat i saw someone name fuck off keep saying f f f f ff f f idk why and others also

    80. Sweet Salt

      how is he going to play dodgeball bruh

    81. Marjorie Jaquez

      I like it when they said “you see”

    82. Elly and Rachel Gaming

      Kelsey is a great actor yk

    83. Byte YouTube Channel

      Why would they play dodgeball he is with w limp

    84. Unb8able

      Kelsey’s team lost because they didn’t have his brother on it who is really good

    85. Richard Torres

      Is there three videos in one

    86. Christina Vesce

      That’s so nice.

    87. JuLiUs_ YT

      Allison Day !!!???

    88. JuLiUs_ YT

      Allison Day !!!???

    89. Fatoumata Barry

      The girl that drop the book almost like she did it herself

    90. Shiba Gamer

      Script writers of Dhar Mann be like : *oh my gosh i need the "so you see" or this wont get normal*

    91. DarkWolfyDarkness


    92. Kai Qing

      Now im gonna cryyy againnnnn!

    93. Lol Head

      u know its good when u want to punch the bully in the face

    94. Craig_TiMe

      The first One make me cry so badly

    95. Cappuccino Kittys

      Ugly cheerleader lol

    96. Krishnaiah A

      the girls are sooo mean

    97. Unicorn-squad🦄🌈

      I love his acting ayden yea

    98. Makyla Tinsley

      She amazing I. Here. Friend

    99. War machine _

      I once had a teacher named Mr. Green

    100. Naomi Taylor

      Why are you being so mean to him he’s my crush you bout to make me cry I feel so bad for him