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    1. John Redd Taduran

      안녕하세요 포

    2. Md zinnat Shikdar

      why would you lose your bottle cap? like why is she capped still? its cuz something wrong with ur birth dog

    3. Marcus Bauer


    4. Happy Canuck

      SEprom removed my like from this video, this is the 4th video so far out of about 20 videos that had a like removed.

    5. Kervin Quilapio

      say what HAHAHAHAH

    6. Skullbugzzz Gaming

      Jeannie I'm holding my heart. You are cute. Also Henry you ain't gorgeous..... 🙃❤️😑😤🤣

    7. Romie Yates

      What's wrong with him being gay Jeannie? What are you homophobic??

    8. NameLESS

      15:23 i know you all come Here because of this right 😂

    9. Andrew Moreno

      7:21 Thats me when im done with my death star lego and then made it to my own space ship with out a manual lol

    10. Gheorghe Florin

      Jeannie i think its the most cute and beautiful girl i ever seend [sry for my bad eng ] Henry u are a lucky mother F


      Anyone else who wouldn’t even give this video a chance without her? Even with her it’s a bored and late video watch.

    12. TD Games

      Beastiality is Illegal because AIDS CAME FROM HAVING SEX WITH ALMADILO AND MONKEYS, =_=

    13. Salty K

      The bestiality segment was the funniest thing I've seen all month. Granted, it's only been 2 days into the month, but ... I doubt things will get much funnier.

    14. Donald Martin

      The cat at 10:55 is named Joe Biden...

    15. Charles Sheets

      Just found this channel. These two are great. I love her little voices.

    16. RPGaholic

      Jeannie has small hands? Well, that's a plus for Henry. Small hands make "it" look bigger, IYNWIMAITYD.

    17. Stephen Mahilum

      That girl cooking looks like Jinyoung Hodong lol

    18. Sands

      I saw nothing, NOTHING!

    19. Scøpe demonX

      The imitations of this girl so dzaammn accurate though

    20. eric devore

      Nah the horse is more like, what in the ever living unholy demon is that!?!? I think it wants to eat me!!

    21. Poke Moke

      Ok... seprom.info/clone/video/17mUepaPYmOlzZE.html

    22. A Non

      4:06 I'm surprised Henry didn't say something like "BAHAHAHA! Stupid kid!" and laugh his ass off. Jeannie must really be fixing him after all.

    23. Secretly A Cat

      I swear that's theodd1sout at 9:37

    24. Phobia006

      "No such thing as princesses." - Jeannie, 2021

    25. Random Person

      Jeannie: “There is no such thing as princesses” The whole monarch system:👁👄👁

    26. theshadowcult

      Never be ashamed of your skills and talents. Doesnt mean you should always show them off in public though :D

    27. Hinata Uzumaki

      15:24 if u r here for the thumbnail.

    28. Wilson Sperry

      to know that ive been using the same soap as henry and jeannie makes my day

    29. LKL Fam

      Woahhhhh 8:16

    30. Lightrus

      Beastiality is illegal not because they don't want cat girls, we want that, but because we don't want minotaur going round in mazes eating people

    31. Kevin 102

      the disappointment she felt when he turned her down at 1:07!!

    32. Mobbs

      You're both wrong. The baby doesn't want to be held by masculine features. Barack doesn't have any.

    33. Purwanti ATM


    34. rj hill

      12:00 why do you think beastiality is...

    35. Kenneth Chery

      Jeannie, did you really just ask “違法です?” 🤦🏽‍♂️

    36. 144p Rizuo

      The last clip is the clickbait thumbnail 👍👍👍

    37. darkgamingdoge darkgamingdoge

      i need this sight for research totally nothing else

    38. The Mighty Mulqueeny

      "No such thing as Princesses" Britain, Spain, and other countries with a royal family. "Checkmate."

    39. Ahmed Abrar


    40. Coldlolololir

      For one of the last clips: I got one of those candles for my birthday once, after lighting it the music went on infinitely. We even tried putting it in water, it still kept playing

    41. L3X Bunny

      Isnt it funny how our brains work, Humans be like Ohhhh kittens, omg so cute omg Ohhhh Puppies omg ohhh so cute omg Ohhhh baby crocodiles omg so cute ohhh Ohhhh baby cathulu omg so cute ohhh ... Ohhh human baby, eww

    42. L3X Bunny

      The mom, resembles that baby face pretty good LUL

    43. Pora Eroz

      Can you please speak up I didn't hear that part about anal.

    44. Vargas Lestrae

      16:10 Calling it now, there will be another post on the Reddit about Jeannie's hand positioning.

      1. CJTzy


    45. Tow Doctor

      Small hands. Life hack skip to the end to see the thumbnail. Pretty sure they would do more on cam if it was the right kind of green

    46. zombie kidkiller

      no the brand name is an*l animals, hence it saying animal twice and an*l once this is just a joke not legit

    47. David Savage

      10:52 she used catnip shampoo

    48. Ari Andsoon

      6:55 ruuuuude

    49. Mike Webb

      His eyebrows look pissed 🤣🤣🤣

    50. Hiraghm

      "Maybe she just wants a strong man?" Then why didn't she stay with Michael Obama? Or, y'know, find a strong man?

      1. D Z

        Found the baby !

    51. Hiraghm

      "There are no such things as princesses" Uhm... Princess Kate would like a word with you about that...

    52. Elizabth Harris

      Those got damn snow plows! I live in Central Washington state. We get about 2-3 feet in like 3-5 snows..sometimes more. Snow plows man

    53. Elizabth Harris

      Kittens and insecure cats sleep or hide in the litter because they feel safe there cause it smells like them, and hides thier scent. Another reason they rollin it as well. It is supposed to be a instinct. Also How much older are you from this magical woman! Vietnam?!

    54. Aka A

      11:25 the pain

    55. Rocus KōM

      2:46 i took my eye off the screen looked back....really for god sake i saw jean as naked😂😂

    56. ROGUE X94

      0:58 my internally repressed emotions trying to surface be like:

    57. Morytania

      We buy the same soap from Costco haha 👉😎👉

    58. Laurender

      Seeing the blue bone on the dogs collar near the end, the first thought I had was "Something pet me, something that isn't moving..." Undertale anyone?

    59. Adam Dolatowski

      The irony of the Democrats wanting babies aborted to

    60. Wahya Danuwoa

      Thanks Obama!

    61. Wahya Danuwoa

      If the baby is cute you say "He/she is such a cute baby." If the baby is ugly you say "He/she looks just like you."

    62. Taylor Evans

      telling them that there are no such things as princesses is also lying???

    63. Gordon Simpson

      @3:34 | There at one time was a hat company, that their advertising was literally that a zookeepers elephant ATE and POOPED out his hat TWICE and it was still wearable. Uh ... waaaaa. True story.

    64. Spencer Burke

      That cat with the lemon was like "what is this black magic"

    65. Victor Contreras

      we've been in this panarama all together for over a year now... 0:47

    66. Demarge

      ... when you try to find the cat video by looking up cat lemon on youtube and find how to cook a cat videos instead.

    67. Michael McKinnon

      That would be a prince not a princess because it was a guy

    68. David John

      10:06 damn triggered my ptsd.

    69. David John

      00:20 lowkey I like it.

    70. Hammyboi Gaming

      That baby is a god 7:15

    71. Bruce Aitken

      6:20 - Try dish soap. That trick requires a high moisture content.

    72. Mccoolfriend6

      15:23 is what we came for

    73. Terrence The Bass

      Jeannies’s question is interesting, so from what I’ve heard it because animals can’t offer informed consent, therefore it’s abuse.

    74. cyborgpunch

      yo I really got click baited with the thumbnail tho, had to skip the whole video and got NOTHINGGGG

    75. cyborgpunch

      "ever heard of a bottle cap" yeah man but we can't put it back on😂

    76. Goodytushoes

      the dogs never take the one piece cause they know it's a terrible anime

    77. Dengers T

      got a new pc now seeing henry and jennie in HD hits different

    78. Dead Temple Knight.

      4:09 annnnnnd traumatised!

    79. Amine Anons

      F** clickbaits

    80. 2101995eu

      Actually a bit of detergent alone will do the trick with the bubbles. No need to have thick lips or anything. If it is liquid soap, you might want to dillute it first. Used to do it all the time in my childhood. But remember to wash your lips. Soap does not taste that good.

    81. milcoll73

      how i understand how OWEbama got so many millennial votes. well, that and election fraud.

    82. The Wardogs

      my ex had a dog who was obsessed with anything he thought might be good. Had to stop him eating rocks multiple times. Stupidity dog

    83. Jeancarlos Santana

      perfect content

    84. Darío

      7:59 welp, I got a condom ad right here

      1. Darío

        @Saeed Majdoub yap

      2. Saeed Majdoub

        @Darío ... Just searched it... Go to hand it to you, innovative spin on the rick roll with...condoms??

      3. Saeed Majdoub

        @Darío thank you so much

      4. Darío

        @Saeed Majdoub since I am spaniard it was a spanish one, I tried to put a link but YT won't let me, if you search "durex España anuncio" it will appear

      5. Saeed Majdoub

        Small question, kind sir/ma''am/none/both/whatever you get the point... Do you happen to know what song was playing just then?

    85. Spencer Deavers

      9:02 what happened here?

    86. Kara Lefevre

      The bubble thing actually works when I went to my bathroom put the soap on but you have to add water

    87. Righnor

      anyone have a link for the one at 13:24 I wanna see it.

    88. John Smith

      12:10 ginny is wrong, it's only because of disgust, which is a shit reason to lock people up

    89. Sarp Ius

      The girl: Are you a priences ? The lady: Aww thank you The girl: Viva la revolución *Shoots the lady in the head*

    90. Greg Martin

      yeah, "we need to spend millions on game development" while they enjoy watching a cat play with a lemon wedge in a glass of water O.o

    91. Awesome Larry

      are u a princess? henry: yeah, sign up to my onlyfans

    92. Logan Kokoth

      Henry: says aliens Captions: ah yes, the Italians

      1. Around The Sun

        Mine said allen lmao...

    93. SMthegamer1

      Anyone else surprised SEprom let them show a sexual assault?

    94. Firstimeshooter

      The “ping” sound made me laugh

    95. Foboz

      I guess Henry needs a first time at the aquarium as well :D

    96. Batttlecoin

      I just clicked on this video out of no where and as soon as I saw you guys all the memories came flooding back I love you guys so much thank you for constantly making content

    97. Inexternal Records

      Elephant was like "got chur hat! Hahah just kiddin"

    98. thefriendlydeadguy

      the amount of recoveries this mans HENRY here has to make to save his ass per video, ridiculous

    99. Wage Robot

      Jeannie: Why is bestiality illegal? me: Should I be concerned that she's called the Panda Queen?

      1. Cobra3111

        I mean pandas are endangered so they need all the help they can.