KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD) (Acoustic) [Official Video]


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    Stream KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD) Acoustic - ksi.lnk.to/PatienceAcousticID!AOV
    Stream KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD & Polo G) - ksi.lnk.to/Patience!ID!AOV
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    1. FadeUG

      If funny how his reacting vids get more views than his music vid

    2. Chris magic88

      Love this version just makes the song come out more pure

    3. Kian

      Ive always enjoyed acoustic music more than normal versions

    4. T -Shirt

      Ddg and ksi

    5. Zeth

      I can tell polo ain’t fuckin w these two 😂

    6. Pigstyle Presents

      1:42 Him playing the guitar with no sound. Kinda ruined the moment, kinda bad editing

    7. Alanna Paramo

      ksi sounds so different now he used to sound like a gordon ramsy but like a few hints of deepness

    8. Her Sey Yaxsi Olacaq

      God luck

    9. Ilyas Al-Shamiri

      How many subs can I get from this cooment

    10. Daniel Thomas

      I think the acoustic version is actually better you know

    11. Ellie-May Sanders

      0.25 damnnn

    12. Gelyyow

      This is seriously giving me summer vibes

    13. Trash Can

      ngl, i actually read Yungslut instead of YungBlud XD

    14. Chevi Shahid

      But really why ru taking so long to fight jake, you really do a lot of ducking bro


      big Man From Minecraft Of Tommy 😂

    16. snap stray

      Happy bday ksi may god bless u have a good day

    17. YO HO Gamer

      JJ sings incredible, but looks like he's taking a dumb.

    18. Dean Ashworth

      How many people hear a song then go searching for acoustic covers!!!!

    19. 53 tnz


    20. Rhys Darby

      0:27 is the best part

    21. Marco Gergen

      Hits different

    22. Shrek Donkey

      I need a little bit of patience

    23. Luis 159

      From Boxing to singing🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️ Ksi you so stopped

      1. Luis 159

        @Abdul Rehman I don't think so

      2. Abdul Rehman

        He said he is going back to boxing

    24. Aaryan Nepal


    25. Boyeco Famaliss

      I just came here to know who punched Wilbur in the face.

    26. AntoineBeKillin


    27. James Cain

      Well better than actual song

    28. lilo makes edits


    29. Mustafa Özeren

      Logan PAUL and fack you KSI

      1. Abdul Rehman

        Ksi better

    30. Raissa Cerano

      guyane française

    31. Raissa Cerano

      GUYANE FRANCAISE ; is good vibe positivité. on vous adore belle continuation . gros bisous de la guyabe je vous adore

    32. Octavio Leal

      Is it just me or do I love KSI’s music

    33. ZLIKE

      He has improved This one so fucking good

    34. Harald

      I really think ksi have become a really good artist

    35. Rupzo

      Fat neek is great on this

    36. ZaCk SAwYeR

      Knee how Kay es aye

    37. Luana Xavier

      KSIs part at 1:21 is my favourite i swear omg

    38. Khaqan Khan

      I saw something on tiktok and I'm going to ask are you Muslim cuz in a video about people bathing in pork you said it wasn't halal so Is it true


        No he's not Muslim. He uses muslim words here and there.

    39. Kyle Corrales

      hey ksi what will you say about mayweather vs. logan fight

    40. Yousaidwhat?

      Jake Paul: JJ's music isn't that good JJ:

    41. Terrible VGC

      This is my favorite

    42. Lilliana Walters

      Yungblud 🖤

    43. Gavin

      It’s actual fucked to be in the car with my mum and be like that’s the guy you says shouts on the tele

    44. _Emmaxx9

      This song is the best


      Dedicated to that mcdonalds lady at the 10 k calorie challenge

    46. Jay

      The Acoustic Is better than the Original in my opinion

    47. Abdul Basit

      MO is a legend

    48. Kelly Kemp

      Love yungblud so fucking much. His a king!

    49. Selena Handwerker

      This song hits different

    50. Nano Julian p


    51. Joco

      KSI joined the crips

    52. Freedom atelier

      Ksi's send verse is good in the original version.

    53. Freedom atelier

      This acoustic version is so good ... been listening to it for a week now .... Nice JJ

    54. Freedom atelier

      Best ksi song

    55. top fan gamming

      Ksi if uoy sae you are beater then logen plau then get your game up becose how is vsing mawether

    56. Zachary Cramer

      Ksi is going to get the liven s*** out of him by hitting tommy init. Fuck you ksi and you are a peace of shit for all of the other youtubers.

      1. Abdullah Saleem

        Yh because he got punched in the face and thought “Hey let me show that clip to the world instead of editing it out like a normal person” You stupid kid

      2. Jamzy 33

        Not real you 5 year old it’s fake

    57. hazza123live

      Rip the hazzard light relay there slaking in some shots

    58. M I T S A R U 》《G A S A I



      Bernyanyiij bernyanyii bernyanyiii bernyanyiii....

    60. Delic_ Danteツ

      next song: ‘burning’ with ksi and Jason Derulo????

    61. Lawless Spyd3r

      he getting better for real

    62. OTG J


    63. Vatsal Dubey

      The live chat should be disabled. Tf are people spamming NDL instead of listening to the music 🤷🏻

    64. Spaniard SRK

      this is mad fruity, next

    65. Chisomedia Portfolio

      Wow this version lit

    66. Qheety

      Happy birthday to your mom JJ

    67. Austin Hewitt


    68. Karen AnimeF

      This slaps

    69. jaime_elgamerYT


    70. Jedrick Baldevas

      I thought JJ only sings rap music

    71. Enchanted Toes

      This guy is quite good, maybe he should start a youtube channel where he looks at reddit and funny videos that his editor sends him.

      1. Middle Finger Canelo

        Maybe he shoukd try bulking aswell and get a hair that looks like a dirty mop

      2. SddKnight

        Hmm maybe he should but doesn’t someone called uhh what’s his name..oh yeah fatneek already does that so I guess this guy needs to be more original

    72. RelaxingGameplay 67

      This version is better lol, when they start singing together its so wholesome x

    73. Jinxmoe

      Lets see how much subs i can make from this comment : currently i have 458


      Wow kren

    75. Kathryn Foster

      still needs autotune aha

      1. Eking Gwapo

        ? Lmao on the singing part is not lol 😂

    76. Bassist 224

      I seriously didn’t know JJ could sing like that, jeeze.

    77. XxchuglifexX

      this is better than the original version for ksi's verse

    78. Skye Rutterford

      Love it

    79. Jkloner

      Voice of a angel🥺

    80. Karl Wood

      This song helped me out of my own head

    81. Louise Hodsden


      1. Abdullah Saleem

        These fans are literally baiting us at this point And we just buying 😂😂

      2. Louise Hodsden

        I know it wasn't real I just wanted to se how many people said that

      3. pure slyce

        R u dumb it was a skit they were acting it wasn't real

    82. TTV keago2

      Now we just need 3 more versions

    83. Reecey Rascal

      Yungblud is sick in this

    84. GameTV Ibrahim

      Believe or not, JJ Olatunji Reacting/Reddit vids has more views Like, Get lost KSI😂😂

      1. pure slyce

        I hope ur joking

    85. Mr Andrewz

      I know you may not notice this but this version is incredible an I can't wait for the album! Btw once the tour is finished you need to dig Jake Paul an early grave brudda

    86. mmitcch

      KSI -> Down the Rabbit hole festival in the Netherlands

    87. saba kashif

      JJ has improved an his singing

    88. TheMageOfWarth

      cool him a doctor because, this man needs pashaaahhhnts

    89. TheMageOfWarth

      mum i shrunk the nazi

    90. ArshEpicGamer

      Person in car: 👁 👁 👄

    91. NOVA Pulze

      Watch his new album have an acoustic version for every song

    92. Lewis Bennett

      I am speechless!!

    93. Aakash FF

      5 hogya 10 karava do 😘😘😘

    94. Aakash FF

      5 hogya 10 karava do 😘😘😘

    95. Aakash FF

      5 hogya 10 karava do 😘😘😘

    96. Aakash FF

      5 hogya 10 karava do 😘😘😘

    97. ファック・ユー

      am i the only one how liketh old KSI?

      1. G.C 9

        The old KSI will never be topped

    98. GameForOne

      0:24 KSI'S verse has to be one of the best we've seen in a song since it's just so smooth.

      1. Middle Finger Canelo

        @Gufemo 🚫🧢

      2. Gufemo


      3. ashton TGB


    99. TranceMission

      Spanish guitar on the rocks