Lil Nas X, Cardi B - Rodeo (Official Audio)


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    Official audio for "Rodeo" featuring Cardi B by Lil Nas X
    Listen & Download '7' the EP by Lil Nas X out now:
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    Animated by FvkRender (@fvckrender)
    Produced by H+ Creative (@hplus_creative)
    Creative Direction by Blake Kathryn (@blakekathryn)
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    1. LilNasXVEVO


      1. London Jenkins

        Family and friends and

      2. London Jenkins

        Vs pink eye 👀👀 to be a good

      3. Diego Rodríguez XO

        Call me when you need baby

      4. Mouhamed Ngom


      5. Zorteckgamingx


    2. zap PLAYER

      Lil nas x went to cowbow to devil 😈

    3. London Jenkins

      How are they doing for lunch today or tomorrow morning and I'll be there in about the

    4. Avirup Sarkar

      Cardi B is on fire🔥🔥🔥

    5. musiclova2112

      This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...❤️🤍🙏🏻

    6. あBlitz Shortyあ

      did cardis rapping hit diff in this song? cuz it did for me

    7. longdongbob69

      I'm very dissapointed that he collab with a fucking criminal

    8. Izzysu Frog 2247

      This song is amazing 👏 😍

    9. Zane Landers

      Cardi's verse is dope

    10. Rafe Knell

      I love this song but I don't like the crome

    11. CHUT

      love you

    12. Jacob George

      N now to a striper for Satan 🤪

      1. Gosho BG

        Dead joke btw

    13. Nur Sofina


    14. Superbowserlogan

      Ewww carrrr=rrdi b

    15. malinda Wallace

      Hey I wonder what's next will it be giving God a strip dance

    16. Kitty Koolaid

      This is no t the official Its just repetitive

    17. Ayden Fairley

      I am uncomfortable with the energy we crated in the Studio you are all fired

    18. Comixx

      1:29 so he recorded two features?

      1. illan̺͆

        Yes cuz cardi couldn't do the video

    19. Fennekia Chanelle

      Satan's wife : Hello I am here 😄 😨 Wtf

    20. Mar Kinney


    21. Gaia Mahina

      All his video clips are like sorry goooooood 🔥🔥🔥

    22. Oliver Dusil

      OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRREEEOOO please let me knowwwwwwwwwwwwww

    23. •AcestoAces•

      Did anyone notice they showed the same scene over and over but one of scenes a few lasers went through lil nas x

    24. nightfall

      song was firee then cardi b dropped turds in my ear

    25. OfficiallyUtterlyTaylor

      Also, I LOVE YOU NAS! I came to your concert and I even made everyone stop using internet so I wouldn’t get disconnected

    26. ItzRealJaegar

      Lil nas x past: riding horses Lil nas x in this video: riding bulls

    27. Ingridy Macedo Stinghen

      Best version

    28. Yeet Skeet

      I call this Hip-Haw

    29. Ingridy Macedo Stinghen

      musica viciante

    30. Mar Kinney

      Buy & Stream BIG PAPER by CARDI B and DJ Khaled

    31. Quirky Master

      Wait this was supposed to be a sequel to old town road?

    32. Maah Polemico

      Flopou pq não lançou com a rainha do rap vulgo Cardi b

    33. Arran Gaming

      The Cowboy 🤠 The Robot 🤖🦾🦿 The Santa 🧑‍🎄🎅🤶 The DEVIL 😈👹👿👺

    34. flipflopp 1994

      Carti b carried this song 😍😍😍😍😍😜😜😜😜🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🙂🙂🙂🙂😍🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😛😛😛🥳🥳🥳🥳

    35. اينو Aino l

      عمييي والله 😩

    36. UwU YES IM DERT

      He’s the only person that can be a vampiristic santa demon cowboy robot

    37. Young joe Liljoeesupreeme

      I miss the old Lil Nas x 😥🤧

    38. Sebastian Balcárcel Palomino

      *Chariot Requiem song*

    39. kya

      from riding a bull to riding Satan

    40. luma gotchi

      Baby girl?!?!

    41. C-Joestar

      Only recorded evidence of cardi b being a good rapper

    42. prinxess lysha

      Cardiii 🔥🔥

    43. **Diablita Dreams**

      Bring cowboy nas x back!!!

    44. Priya Arunajatesan-Stull

      This is Nas. Nas says "hi". Nas says "Clap your hands!" Oops Cardi died. Oh wait what-

    45. The Ihal's family

      "Lil nas x went from cowboy 🤠 to robot 🤖 to vampire 🧛🏿‍♂️ to santa 🎅🏾" And now, *devil str*pper 👹*

    46. Red lotus

      Robotic twerking

    47. ؤظءنءننذ مؤمؤءمؤن

      Lil Nas x Went from 🤠 to 😈

    48. J Owens

      This version was way better

    49. GreenDeadpool

      🤠: Old Town Road 2018-2019 🤖: Panini 2019 🧛🏾‍♂️: Rodeo 2019-2020 🎅🏾: Holiday 2020-2021 😈🏳️‍🌈: Montero 2021 My Predictions 👨‍🚀🌌: Kimbo 🏳️‍🌈: Scoop 🤡: Old Monkimoopliinieo

    50. Stereo


    51. promotingly

      This video reminds me of Comethazines videos lmao.

    52. Basketballislife BIL

    53. Ebrahim Ebrahim

      Reminds me of Silver Chariot Requiem


      1:27 🤢🤮🤮

    55. Асан Алихан


    56. Cagri Siyah

      Basliyalim ??

    57. Qtaro Kujo

      bts went silent after hearing this

    58. 1xfent

      Lil nas x went from a fuckin cowboy to roblox dude to vampire to a satan supporter wtf

    59. KheiredineDz

      *Lil with cardi Twerking*

    60. Philipp-Fabian Wipe-o-Master

      This is my dope

    61. Asunn Asunn

      sht sounds scary

    62. Dominik Bendezú ururo

      Tmr por que el vídeo oficial no fue con cardi , este track está de ptmr !!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    63. nathaniel enriquez

      *cowboy twerking*

    64. Nevan Paras

      From cowboy to robot to vampire to santa to weird XD

      1. 1xfent

        Copied comment nigga

    65. Seema Rani

      Demonic shit

    66. DricoPlay


    67. mome

      damn who's this chick ruining this song💀💀💀

    68. Potato Gaming

      Lil nas x went from 🤠 in 2018 to 🤖 in 2019 to 🎅🏾 in 2020 to 😈 2021 things change to much 😭

    69. ussp wassup

      miss this season,why nas remove montero

    70. guy_fox12


    71. Andrew Write

      Chef Nadeem now he's Satan's Little helper if you know what I mean 😏

    72. MattPlayzRoblox

      Lil Nas X Goes From 🤠 to 🤖 to 🧛 to 🎅 Not Finished,Yet. The Last Form:👹

    73. •Gamming with flowers•

      He went from a cow boy 🤠 to a robot 🤖 to a vampire 🧛 to Santa 🎅 to pole ridding to hell.

    74. don hb

      only the OGs no thanos y would he delete it it was such a good song

      1. don hb

        @1xfent how this song isnt

      2. 1xfent

        Nigga this is some demonic ass shit.

    75. The Homies Vibin


    76. Steve Empire Videos

      this is one if his best songs I'm just saying

    77. Koldo Swift

      The best

    78. Ethan wolf 13

      2019 🐎 2020🧛🎅 2021👹 call me by your name

    79. EdGarcia07

      Silver chariot requiem

    80. FNAF Animations

      He went from Amazing, alright, going into a dead person's album (which never happens in the future), and Hey Lil nas what you- okay hes giving a lap dance to the man in red

    81. Ava Scott

      *stop making fun of lil nas x new song he’s a grown adult who believes what he believes*

    82. Papon Sry Devil

      Utterly disappointed- sions you I Big pletse

    83. Gizem Nur TERCANLI

      Burada çok yakışılı çıkmişsın cano. :D

    84. Omar Qais

      so the official video is 5 second animation keep replaying wow what a creative guys working out there

    85. Whalien69


    86. Elon_muskey.act4

      Lil nas x requiem

    87. Joanderson Brandão

      Card b meu amor 💘

    88. 1ce

      I used to like this guy but you know what happened...

      1. 1ce

        @Acien I still like his old work for the most part

      2. Green tea Cosplay

        Cry about it

      3. Acien

        Than don't watch his videos smh

      4. Tyler Harris

        But you watched this XD

    89. Gab Campos


    90. Sharky Du69

      a tous les francais qui passe par le je vous aimes

      1. Its Khouma


    91. Daz black funniest moments

      He has definitely had an upgrade from this to robot to vampire to Santa then to dancing on the devil I mean this ain’t no iOS 14 this lil nas20000

    92. habibi

      Only good song with cardi B

    93. Lil nas x Fan

      Wassup x

    94. Lia

      well, we know lil nas is a barb and a bardi isnt that cool Stop reading this lol

    95. Marcos Felipe


    96. Carmina Gonzalez


    97. Kylynn Boi

      if your are reading this, please know the Jesus loves tou and if you just confess your sins to him, and bring him into your life you will go to heaven

    98. ferreli

      why is this version of rodeo so underrated

      1. I AM AMOGUS

        C a r d i 🅱️

    99. Pain

      Cardi ate this verse up fr

    100. St1nky8

      Lil nas x finally tamed a horse Oh he spent 20+ days building a futuristic city Oh so now he went to a cave and then got bitten by a bat forgot to turn off the minecraft christmas pack accidently entered the nether