Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Official Movie) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus


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    Official video for Lil Nas X’s Billboard #1 hit, “Old Town Road (Remix)” featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.
    Special guest appearances from Chris Rock, Haha Davis, Rico Nasty, Diplo, Jozzy, Young Kio, and Vince Staples.
    Listen & Download “Old Town Road (Remix)” by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus out now:
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    Director Calmatic
    Producer Candice Dragonas, Saul Levitz, Melissa Larsen Ekholm
    EP Bryan Younce
    DP Ryan Marie Helfant
    Production Designer Christian Zollenkopf
    Art Director Itaru Dela Vega
    Lead Horse Wrangler Scott Perez
    Costumer Catherine Hahn
    Editor Calmatic
    VFX Company Electric Theatre Collective
    Original Score Ian Hultquist
    Sound Design Matt Yocum
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    Instagram - lilnasx
    Twitter - LilNasX
    Follow Billy Ray Cyrus
    Facebook - BillyRayCyrus/
    Instagram - billyraycyrus
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    1. LilNasXVEVO


      1. Brentlee Granado

        @e 0👨

      2. Wow So cool

        @Part time driver no u❤️

      3. 2 Kalu

        I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY ARE PEOPLE HATING ON U U ARE ONE OF THE MOST HONEST PEOPLE ON INTERNE LIKE WHO GIVES A FUCK IF U ARE GAY.I mean i dont support LGBTQ Prodes and shits but i respect the normal GAY people that i can see maself next to hanging out. PEACE NAS

      4. April Douglas


      5. April Douglas

        @SOOS the ONE pppp0

    2. Camilla Wilson

      Apples am i right chat?

    3. Devannie

      Horse tweaking .

    4. me and Loneliness

      2019: real lil nas x 2021: fake lil nas x

    5. Dig Snake


    6. jennie kim

      Smacznej kawusi

    7. Blackest DayYT

      *portal to 2020 twerking*

    8. sway hype jerseytrio more fann

      lil nas x went from riding on a horse to riding on a devil 😂🤣

    9. Jimmy Gitonga

      horse ridding is so good 👑👑💎

    10. Qadimov_Animates

      Lil nas x went from riding horses to riding satan

    11. Ibrahim Aulia Hafiz

      "And then the cowboy goes to the nether, the end"

    12. Kitty Underwood

      Well. They're not in Texas, cause if they were no one would even be surprised by a dude on a horse, even in the hood

    13. Playerify

      Lil Nas Before: *Olden Days* Lil Nas Now: Fu*** With Satan

    14. Devin Brown

      I can’t listen to the song the same anymore

    15. Brenda Blakley


    16. Random Channel

      From horses in the back to twerking on the Devils lap

    17. campbel silue

      who is still there in 2021

    18. Juan Lopez, Jr.

      Dude its just sad he was on God's side and now he's on satans

    19. iShamblesTV


    20. DogeTheFryGuy

      **cowboy twerking**

    21. Sriram Nallan

      As Old Town Road Opened In 1889 Lil Nas X

    22. Dylan K.


    23. I A


    24. Anas Mezouar


    25. Jessica Gill

      Bfkdndjr!of rlmfnf ifkenelfn!oz Dhf

    26. Thomas Mcdonald

      GhostRobo the baby song and new songs from kuba

    27. R0Bl0X Series

      Lil nas x believes in the devil 👿

      1. Jhonae Williams


      2. Jhonae Williams


    28. Alex Júlio de Moraes

      Sorry, it wasn't bad, it was sad, lo siento, no estuvo mal, fue triste, desculpe, não foi por mal, foi por tristeza 😥

    29. JD Vlogs

      I hate this music

      1. JD Vlogs

        Lil nas sucks

    30. Lisa Hamilton

      Do you Siri

    31. Djole yt Petkovic

      I take my horse to the old world im gonna ride take no mere

    32. Hanchen Gaming

      From how it is going the next video is in space

    33. Stefan Stina

      The billy ray Cyrus part slightly resembles rockstar from nickelback

    34. Xavier Mayne


    35. Yung.Mamba_

      This is amazing look at the views

    36. Brody Bertoglio

      You have a good day get off my car 😂😂😂😂😂

    37. YourMomsPhatAss

      This song made the whole world come together 😂😂

    38. musiclova2112

      This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...❤️🤍🙏🏻

    39. tamim rock

      I love you bro❤️💖🌹♥️

    40. Indi Tramp

      Producer: Too black, nobody is going to watch it. Lets put few whites here n there.

    41. Jason s

      She gave me this song Goya and the enlightenment ... TIMES UP THE YOUNGER HAS THE SCROLL 📜 NOW👍⌚🎁

    42. John Sohn

      Nice song about fucking grannies for money though supposedly lol

    43. Kendrick Fisher

      Best part is the end

    44. The Punisher

      2:46 this is the best scene in this vid 😂😂😂😂


      Acaso soy el único Latinoaméricano que viene por free fire

    46. I Am Kani

      Only watched this to see Vince Staples lol

    47. Galaxy Gaming

      oh my gosh i just remember this song today I remember everyone used to play like memories :)

    48. Wow So cool


    49. Trivizzz

      omg, this was premiered on my birthday.

    50. Heather Barlow

      Cowboy twerking

    51. Doctor 05 Council

      When this became poplar cause I hated it was playing on repeat everywhere, when I started liking it, it died out

    52. Joanië Irene

      who else noticed that the guy said when you see a black man on a horse is the guy who plays Marvin in Madagascar??

    53. kell _


    54. Snick Snock Studios

      if you do really like this song then pls subscribe so i know who else agrees with me!

    55. People call me Fox

      lil nas x probably got that whole ass netherite armor now

    56. polski


    57. KIWIII

      My dad thought he was singing "I'm gonna take my horse to the hotel room" and I just fucking can't

    58. AlPhA_SUPER08


    59. MMuxam

      Doesnt anybody noticed, that they had a Trx in 2019?

    60. benard Mwangi

      Love da song

    61. TilteD_Sam -_-

      horse twerking*

      1. Rian Nascimento

        Alguém nrasil

    62. No Namer

      Gizzay A.F. Bruh. Garbage

    63. Dyllen Flores

      I love you r music .💕💕

    64. Antonio Ignacio


    65. LeafTheOddGamer

      Anyone realised that lil nas in the car is sitting next to hannah montanas dad

    66. FlavorousWhale

      Never really listened to this song by choice, but I was always struck by the fact that it was so popular with the line “gonna take my whores to the hotel room, ride till I can’t no more” I now realize that’s not the lyrics but I can never unhear it

      1. 23 Chips

        He said take my horse to the old town road

      2. Jason Luther

        Friend of mine I used to work with was making fun of our owners cuz they from Pakistan or somewhere close. He was like gonna take my camel down the afghan road and ride till the bombs explode.

    67. Анастасия Анастасия

      Красивый и интересный клип и клёвый бит. Супер!

      1. me, you and Stiv


    68. The Anonymous

      Red dead redemption vibes

    69. Amrit Kangjam

      red dead redemption music video

    70. Captain_Clutch

      He said " OK you got me you cheated that horse must have a V12 😂😂

    71. Logan Throneburg

      Is lazarbeam in this

    72. Drep Zee

      My respect for the guy that said get off his properties 📉📉📉📉

    73. Nathan Tuttle

      Dude Billy’s verse went hard no cap

    74. 戀BadツBoy戀

      2:02 está canción me gusta mucho ya que combina con el EMOTE de BOOYAH de free fire

    75. A Fellow Samurai


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    77. Cameron Amey

      Bro what happened to him fr like now he likes the devil in shit like wtf

    78. koolbrayden 21gaming

      I love how he teavled 120 years in the future

    79. Mia Oca

      I really like this song!

    80. Im_d_pendent

      this is like the opposite end of 'This Is America'

    81. Sugar Wolf

      What's the song that plays when Cole goes to that party and meets J, before Lightwork ?

    82. Derpy gon lol

      Why you allways in the mood

    83. ENZO FF

      So tem eu de BR

    84. Nenah Rider

      Cool Horse

    85. Bang Ayeil

      I’m gonna to robe till I can’t no more

    86. Steve Hirst

      Sea shanty

    87. NoahMadeSNK

      Who else hate how this n*gga gay

    88. Jorel GV

      *Horse twerking*

      1. Keedo

        *Bisexual twerking*

    89. The Pepegaboy

      What's the girl's name at 2:25 ?

    90. Fish Legend

      These were the good 😌 old days until he turned into a devil

    91. WNM

      This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...🤍🖤

      1. MrLaggan

        It will God is in charge thank God for that

    92. My Everything

      ride what step bro😩

    93. 15k_xLonelyVibes


    94. Zineb Zoubir

      Help me deafet him 3:35

    95. Stevii Lal

      Brooke back mountain twerking

    96. Anime Boy

      Man I'm so happy to see billy Ray Cyrus what a throwback

    97. Marian Leverette

      “EY quan,get the children off the animal

    98. Marian Leverette


    99. Toni Gonzalez

      Hi :) cool :)