Logan Paul Takes The Win Against Floyd Mayweather!! **KSI, Jake Paul, Canelo React**


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    Logan Paul Takes The W Against Floyd Mayweather **KSI, Jake Paul, Canelo React**

    Logan Paul fought Floyd Mayweather tonight and managed to last 8 rounds (the whole fight) against arguably one of the best boxers of our generation. Logan Paul didn't get embarrassed by Floyd Mayweather and didn't take a loss. In my opinion Logan Paul comes on top with the W, he gets a tonne of money and gets to say he lasted a whole fight against Floyd Mayweather.
    KSI, Jake Paul and Canelo all react to the fight.

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    1. Kavos

      Don't take the title so literally, Logan takes the W for lasting 8 rounds with the best, getting that fat pay check and not getting embarrassed. He did very well

      1. KalmoK

        Floyd WAS the best, he has been retired for years and Logan knew he can't KO him. Big L for those who bought the fight. It's a shame people talk about the money like it's the most important thing in the world.. It's not, don't make it about money honestly. Just a complete farce, luckily it's just you Logan stans who are flexing about this fight, would be embarrasing if Logan did flex this much about money and lasting the whole fight vs retired old man 🤣🤣

      2. Davis Hinkle

        Definitely didn't win the fight, but you still made the title to milk views

      3. The King of Sairs

        And you think it was a legit fight

      4. Dylan Byrne

        But thats not what boxing is, you can't say anyone that lasts a full boxing match is also a winner, thats just dumb, floyd won logan lost simple as

      5. William W. Carter


    2. Rock girl

      Imagine going the distance with Floyd Mayweather but losing to KSI 😂

    3. seeni gzty

      Logan the whole fight: I’m a hugger not a fighter

      1. Kellen Villeda

        You literally copied the same comment that’s above you lmao

    4. Nabil Rahman

      0:33 The fact that he even won 3 rounds that’s even more of a bragging right.

    5. Amen Zola

      Floyd mayweather always last til the last round because the fans get what they pay for

      1. Amen Zola

        @seeni gzty stfu

      2. seeni gzty

        blow this out of proportion just like everything else you do.

    6. Ask to seduce Miss

      actually think logan Paul won this 🤣🤣🤣

    7. opzz xsin

      You sound dumb. He’s a 150 lbs, 40+ fighter. Mayweather most likely couldn’t knock someone his size out in his prime. The size difference is massive lol

    8. MrFishSticks

      Tbh it looked like Floyd wasn’t giving close to 100% which is perfectly okay He knew he didn’t need to give it all to keep Logan at bay

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        IT WAS IN THE RULES THERE IS NO WINNER Logan was cuddling him half the fight

    9. minij hooi

      Logan the whole fight: I’m a hugger not a fighter

      1. opzz xsin

        The commentator's were so terrible as u said, really disgusting to listen tho Floyd and Logan showed respect to each other

    10. SpongeMan

      2:50 I saw yourrage

    11. bofooit gojo

      Floyd doesn’t KO people. He is the best defensive boxer in history.

      1. C86Deluxe


    12. David

      You actually think Mayweather was actually even making an effort. You actually Paul didn't pay him to not humiliate him live. How adorable.

      1. minij hooi

        Huge knockout, didn’t think he would get up after the 4th knockdown

    13. niduoe stre

      ever. Hats off to Logan, he stood 8 rounds which is a lot longer than the average joe could last.

    14. KalmoK

      He didn't lose but he didn't win either. I feel sorry for those who didn't know there wasn't any judges. Good for him if his goal was to get more money, like he even need more, but honestly that fight was a farce. I don't understand why people are rooting for Paul's making boxing a complete joke, fighting retired old men and bragging with their money etc... Shame, I started to like Logan because he has matured up but his stans make it really hard

    15. Adrian Navar

      Pov: You see this after watching Floyd knockout Logan and hold him 💀 Needless to say he didn't actually last 8 rounds, this is such a shit take

      1. vliduu zeeb

        Everyone who says Logan won the fight, don’t know what boxing is. He did well though

    16. Gustav Nissen


      1. niduoe stre

        Cant say either won🤣its was a joke fight but if it was scored floyd took it easy

    17. shani yan

      ever. Hats off to Logan, he stood 8 rounds which is a lot longer than the average joe could last.

    18. Mikkel Christensen

      Everyone who says Logan won the fight, don’t know what boxing is. He did well though

    19. misolou fout

      Jake paul calls out Canelo 🤣🤣🤣🤣, Jake wouldn't see daylight ever again.

      1. shani yan

        Bro he didn’t win omg

    20. Johnny Z'Salt

      Paul didn't win the fight. Paul is not the only one to go the distance and still lose on points if they were scoring the fight correctly. It was a joke fight and you kiddos are going to blow this out of proportion just like everything else you do.

    21. yuitr loing

      it lol

      1. misolou fout

        Bro Logan got knocked out extremely early but floyed was holding him up so the match would last longer

    22. The King of Sairs

      So many boxing fights have been fixed. I highly doubt Logan Paul survived 8 rounds with him legitimately when 50 pros didn't. I don't doubt the kid has talent, but that was a very "weird" fight to say the very least. And here comes the hate from the Logan/Jake Paulers

    23. Tpearson 118

      IT WAS IN THE RULES THERE IS NO WINNER Logan was cuddling him half the fight

      1. yuitr loing

        those involved. But you don’t see that cuz you’re a ”God“ you say. Does that deserve respect? What kind of man does that? If it was Jake or Logan who did that, the internet wo

    24. dolimi jotoo

      The commentator's were so terrible as u said, really disgusting to listen tho Floyd and Logan showed respect to each other

    25. cnmmd qiuoo

      Floyd taking this fight with Logan is an absolute W for the SEprom community

      1. vliduu zeeb

        thank you for talking about the commentary in this fight I completely agree that it was one sided and they were basically sucking off Floyd

    26. The CLAD

      Huge knockout, didn’t think he would get up after the 4th knockdown

      1. The CLAD

        @dolimi jotoo the RKO should really have finished her off

      2. dolimi jotoo

        He didn't win tho😂😂😂

    27. Cam

      Logan didn’t win bro you’re smoking meth

    28. vliduu zeeb

      What a performance by Logan

      1. cnmmd qiuoo


    29. Jonathan Bassett

      Dude shut the fuck up already. Lasting 8 rounds against a dude twice your age and half your size is no accomplishment. Its pathetic! Logan should have knocked Floyd out cold in the first round. That would have been an accomplishment. After all his big talk he barely even survived and Floyd was just playing. Logan looked like a drunk pelican stuck in fish net . He is going to have to get way better if he ever to box heavy weights .

    30. Peter Seymour

      Cant say either won🤣its was a joke fight but if it was scored floyd took it easy

      1. vliduu zeeb

        Floyd won the fight

    31. Emmanuel Nygård

      Very nice music video, so emotional. It makes me feel powerful, as a white person

    32. E Sanford16

      Stfu this shit was played out. ACTING. Def scripted

    33. Zombie Zach

      Bro he didn’t win omg

    34. Iron Artists

      Definitely didn't take the win like

    35. Anthony Gallegos

      Bro Logan got knocked out extremely early but floyed was holding him up so the match would last longer

    36. Brandon Fermin

      "Logan Pawl"

    37. Robert Roberts

      Logan did not deserve that shot he has not put in the time

    38. Robert Roberts

      1990s boxing all day long you cant call this boxing - it shows how bored America is

    39. Gaxah

      *”So you’re saying Im now the best boxer in the world?” Please KSI, this is exactly why nobody likes you. Your huge ego etc. This is a long text but it will teach you all alot about the clown:* Don’t like KSI that much now adays. Sorry I used to love that Guy. Now I have realized that all he does is talk shit big time about everyone that says 1 word against him and he ain’t got no actions to follow up on his words. Just talk, and one day that’s gonna break his fanbase. Mark my words. Ohh you’re gonna get smacked man. But.. not by me. Fight my friend Gib, he will crush you. When Jake won, KSI: Uhm.. I woun’t fight you myself because of COVID. Man is out there on everything he wants to do.. not giving a sht about COVID. KSI has announced he will embark on a five-date tour of the UK throughout May 2021 in support of his debut album. I thought you couldn’t do those things because of COVID.? #what you said to Jake? Also said: I ain’t got time to fight you cuz of my music etc. Bryce hall enters the chat, talking shit big time about Bryce cause he said some stuff. Now KSI has made a 15 minutes long video just laughing at Bryce.. just for doing that. How cringe just to watch. Got no clue who Bryce is tho but still.. KSI said some stuff about going to knock him out, I am a God etc. Skipping Jake, are we? The one you have talked shit about for years? The one you always say you’ll f*ck up. Nah man. I wanna see results from your words the last years. Not Bryce Hall. But he is easier to beat I guess so you ain’t making up excuses. This is exactly why your fans are 10-14. your words about being God is something they believe and they all write sh*t about you being able to take over the world... The people who are older than that who has been watching you for as long as I have, they know better. When you challenged Justin Bieber to a boxing match, I knew.. your quality standard better. Nah, people 17+ know that all you do is talk shit behind the screen on your own channel, and that’s all you have ever done for the last 1,5 years. I was hyped at the beginning, but then I realized that every video was promises never to be taken serious. And I grew tired. There will be no things happening from him. All he does is talk shit and make promises to his fans but he doesn’t do shit. Actions after your words man or they don’t frikkin matter. By the way, do you think any other SEpromrs with milliins of followers would make videos lasting hours upon hours for over a year about a boxing match that they won against a SEpromr? #Logan. I know it ment alot to you but.. the fans.. who are 17+ only sees a huge ego with no upgrade in his video content. Shit dies out man.. After realizing this, he just got annoying and boring to me. He talks about fucking up Jake and Bryce. But all he does in reality, is sitting in his chair for more than a year making One Question Go and Reddit videos. And btw he uses depression as an insult to hurt people when he is arguing. Like bro.. are you good? People kill themselves for that stuff and you’re out here making fun of it? - He did that to Joe Weller aswell, talking about his mental issues etc. making fun of it. And there has been times when you randomly talks to girls and ask them: were has your titts gone cuz I can’t see them. And you asked girls: how much would you suck d*ck for? All this.. tho girls he randomly meet on the street, uploading it on SEprom thinking he is funny. Nah that ain’t funny. That’s very hurtful, disrespectful and could actually cause depression to those involved. But you don’t see that cuz you’re a ”God“ you say. Does that deserve respect? What kind of man does that? If it was Jake or Logan who did that, the internet would die from anger. But KSI just laughing it of like it doesn’t matter.. Nah, show respect or gain none. KSI, you’re good at music but you ain’t a god. You’re a person. The day you realize that, is the day you grow as a man.

    40. LaughterSlayer

      Couldnt agree more about how awful the showtime commentators were

    41. Perry Aldis

      He didn't win tho😂😂😂

    42. Kamal kamal


    43. Error 404

      That facepalm was for the soccer match not the boxing match

    44. Error 404

      commentators called him Jake Paul who made his come up on Vine then Tiktok 🤣🤣

    45. Louise Newberry

      Floyd won the fight

    46. Cuban Pete

      Whats next:Floyd vs.the janitor...Floyd vs.. the bus driver..Floyd vs..a politician...Meanwhile Pacquaio vs. Spencer..salut to Pacquaio..

    47. matt

      Floyd won. And logan got knocked out at one point and floyd held him up hahahaha

    48. Archie jay the frenchie

      Baddo Jack v logan would be a great fight he's a light heavyweight and 2 weight world champion.

    49. FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

      So we just gonna ignore how bad the event was literally

    50. Dakota Stepe

      Commentators are the biggest boomers in boxing these days

    51. What Sub

      I won too by Kavos following me on IG

    52. Abstract The Flamboyant

      You have perfectly described how the fight went, and I agree with pretty much everything you've said in this video. In my opinion, no matter how this fight went, Logan still goes away with the W. Not only is he making a lot of money, but if he won, he would have beaten the greatest boxer of all time. Hypothetically, if he lost, he still walks away with money and can brag about fighting the greatest boxer of all time. Being able to go the distance with Floyd is not an easy task, and Logan, an inexperienced SEprom boxer as the garbage commentators put it, did exactly that. He pulled off what most of Mayweather's opponents could never do and for that, I give him a lot of props.

    53. Aj Mcintee

      Facts....agree with everything you sauid

    54. Jayk Dos

      People online seem confused by the fact a boxing match can be rigged...

    55. Poppa Wheelies

      No judges in a Mayweather fight? Mayweather wins on points not knocking people out... this just makes me laugh even harder at how stupid boxing is.

    56. BlueOnyxx

      Looking at LP's bank account it's obviously a dub. I wish jake looked more up to his brother bc people actually respect him nowdays. Can't say that for jake lmao

    57. Kristopher mcauley

      At 26.29 minutes in to the fight at the end of the 3 round Floyd hit logan with a elbow

    58. Michael Triplett

      Floyd knocked Logan out but Floyd held him up until Logan got his feet back under him... Floyd knew he wouldn't get his full pay if Logan got knocked out early!

    59. Cameron Butcher

      I don't hate them but honestly logan looked tired and beat and floyd Mayweather looked just fine

    60. Robert Damian

      Kavos ,what do you know about clean punches?

    61. cubanopati -

      Just came to dislike this video for the title. May weather didn’t want to knock him out, it’s an exhibition match.... glorified sparing

    62. Ovenia

      the first video in a while about logan paul which isn't against him

    63. sheeshgelato

      this was the most boring ppv fight ive laid eyes on

    64. goatmilk77 tv

      commentators were garbage yo

    65. Anz Bunnydo

      Yes there is no judges but if there is and given the scoreboard there's no question who's winning...

    66. Greenski

      2 clinchers face off, hugging match. GGWPNTHF

    67. JL Tha Kad

      Click bait

    68. ricodahchico

      The boxing wasn’t legit between these two, they just had a idea for some money and obviously got everyone’s attention as planned. I’m telling you, if they would of hit any harder we would be at risk of actually being satisfied.

    69. Studio 22

      *Logan pool *

    70. Simon Vance

      I think Logan did well but also Floyd went easy on him... I’d bet they agreed to drag it out for the entertainment factor.. if it was over in round one people would have made less money.. this was a publicity stunt not a boxing match. No wonder Vegas wanted nothing to do with it...

    71. Nugget Porm

      No, Logan was pathetic to think he could win.

    72. Samantha Whitter

      Great take on the whole thing. agree with u 100%

    73. jlaz90 *

      Floyd let Logan live.

    74. rico rico

      Floyd won. Just because floyd didnt knock him out doesnt mean nothing. Logan looked ridiculous out there and didnt even land more than 4 real punches .props to logan for makin money but ppl gotta stop being suprised that floyd didnt knock him out lmao floyd is literally 44 ,155 pounds with no knuckles and small hands he relys on defense thats why logan couldnt even land a hit so all you non boxing watchers can stop thinkin logan won now

    75. Martin Sarmiento

      Quite sad people don’t realize Mayweather was most definitely NOT trying as much as a boxing fan like me expected.

      1. Martin Sarmiento

        Everyone Logan Paul and Jake Paul fought were low tier horrible fighters excluding Mayweather not trying.

    76. Maurice Beasley

      Logan lost the fight period

    77. The Anime Playa

      Floyd wasn’t even giving it he’s all if he did he would have destroyed logan

    78. 245gw

      Any idiot with half a brain and a bit of boxing knowledge knows floyd LET HIM last 8 hours

    79. GroggyJim Gaming

      But Floyd's past shows he dosen't go for knockouts soooo nothing really interesting in that fight

    80. Benjamin Turek

      Honestly I can't believe Logan Paul was able to throw that many punches in 8 rounds and that he landed that many punches.

    81. Glory_in The_3rd

      Another little boy that does not understand that the size of a person does not equal how hard they can hit you LOL have you not seen small dudes knock out bigger dudes if you don't think it's possible just Google it man you got to stop listening to these morons you keep hearing talkin saying this crap

    82. Glory_in The_3rd

      You should probably look at the fight again surviving and winning are two different things

    83. Edgar Jake's

      Your crying cus logan got shitted on by the commentators lol floyd got shit his whole career from hater and still didn’t give a fck Floyd a goat

    84. whos snaps

      this logan paul redemption arc is insane

    85. itz_dariuz

      This video was kinda dumb. Floyd let him survive imo, he was in it for the money.

    86. cwalt Derz

      Logan won 2 possibly 3 rounds. That is insane

    87. Go away

      Clickbaity shit

    88. Bensley-SwagboyQ

      I want a rematch

    89. Bensley-SwagboyQ

      The whole fight logan keep hugging him

    90. Juan Arredondo

      Idk if you guys noticed but the stupid showtime commentators kept calling Logan Jake Paul and they said he was a tik toker Lmaooo they were dumb afff

    91. Me uTube

      Logan vs Floyd looked like Tom &Jerry lol Well done to both Floyd got $50m Logan got $20m, I bet 70% of the kids in here don't even have 20quit hahahha, and they making comments about the fight :p

    92. siraaj rhoda

      this guy does not know what his talking about

    93. LandOfSand

      He lasted..yeah i will give him that..lets talk about a small guy walking up to a big guy n being scare!! Right! Bro!!! The commentary know what the fuck they are talking!!! He had two fucking years!!! And he still hasn’t progressed!!! He lasted because of clinching!!!! Look at vidal!!! Look at anyone that knows about boxing how they could tell u!!! Logan doesn’t got what it takes to be a boxer!! He doesnt got the science of boxing!!

    94. Carl Contreras

      Golden boy Floyd?? 😂😂 you might be the first person to call him that

    95. Brandon Horrorfan13

      Floyd landed 40% of his punches Logan landed 13%, props to Logan for getting the fight, he clinched more than he threw punches, it should've been a pro fight though, but yea Floyd won technically

    96. Brandon Horrorfan13

      Clinching 80% of the fight didn't get Logan Knocked out, also this is a fuckin exhibition not a pro fight

    97. Justice Boss

      Paul Brothers smart they made idiots pay to watch em fight lol


      Mayweather didnt let logan go down to give him 8 long rounds of punishment, thats what real boxers do to punish their opponent, thats what real boxing fans see

    99. csm bright

      Logan Paul lasted 8 rounds because Floyd Mayweather allowed him to.

    100. Flex

      If you land more you win