LOKI TRAILER BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs, TVA & D.B. Cooper Explained!

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    Loki Trailer in-depth analysis! What INSANE EASTER EGGS are hidden throughout this Loki trailer that link the God of Mischief to real-world conspiracy theories like D.B. Cooper and the Polybius game? Get Honey for FREE in time for the holidays ▸ joinhoney.com/newrockstars
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    Marvel's LOKI SERIES is coming to Disney+ in May 2021, with a new trailer showing Loki's escape from Avengers Endgame during the Time Heist revisitation of the first Avengers (2012) movie, via the Tesseract / Space Stone. What is the TVA, Time Variance Authority, shown in Loki, and why will it be such a major gamechanger in the MCU going forward? Erik Voss breaks down this Loki trailer shot by shot for the dozens of Marvel Easter Eggs hidden throughout -- references to Iron Man, Avengers, Infinity War, Thor Ragnarok, Endgame, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more! Is that Black Widow Natasha Romanov in the Loki trailer, or are we really looking at Sophia DiMartino's character, rumored to be LADY LOKI? What is the significance of Loki being depicted as infamous mystery man of American urban legend, D.B. Cooper? What is the reference of Loki's "Loki for President" button? Who are the courtroom judges being shown in this Loki trailer... are we seeing for the first time a live action Living Tribunal in the MCU?
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    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
    O. Grometto
    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
    Producer: Zach Huddleston
    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Editor: Aaron Carrión, Josh Hurd

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    1. New Rockstars

      For an even deeper dive into how Loki could rewrite the MCU timeline by redoing the Endgame Time Heist, watch our latest Loki trailer analysis: seprom.info/clone/video/xchqoql_lp1isY0.html

      1. Bradley Bushell

        the 79 in roman numerals is for the city of Pompeii it erupted in 79ad

      2. Sarah Traynor

        Dose anyone one else not realise the shape of the helmet of the person below the falling moon I believe it’s galactic who used his powers to shrink into a humane size

      3. King154

        I JUST REALISED SOMETHING!!! the red and white room full of junk looks like hulk and thors room in ragnarock. I'm not sure if you mentioned that but it could be if he defeated the hulk instead of thor.

      4. Jimmy Millerd

        @Terry Donald i am trying it out now. Looks promising.

    2. Polorchen


    3. ISupportPokemonXandY

      I expected an Earth 616 button on the elevator

    4. Damper Boi


    5. Leisling Voss

      The red and white room with all the random junk makes me think of hulks room in Ragnorok? (Could be just coincidence, I havent seen Ragnorok in long enough to remember the patterns of the colours in that room)

    6. Sonia Deaster

      For collar if u watch x men, the gifted or event civil war u can see thay use it for people that have power like loki n wanda

    7. Bekah Erwin

      I saw this and was like "wait a minute, a whole movie featuring my favorite villain, my favorite hero (Loki is a hero and a villain) played by my favorite actor? ABSOLUTELY YES!

    8. Laura

      Fe 3 = ironman 3

    9. Grayscale Mind

      there is another trailer out now

    10. Roxane

      Erik is officially on the Kang train 😂

    11. Tutoring 101


    12. Austin Wilburn

      12:39 I don’t have anything to back this up but I think the kid is himself. Something could of happened that was going to indirectly change his life in a timeline where he doesn’t join the TVA and he had to go back to make sure he does join the TVA to prevent any branching time lines and/or paradox.

    13. Julian Botelho

      Loki atoning for past crimes by doing tasks reminds me so much of the story line in Loki: Agent of Asgard

    14. Larenzo Crowner

      The elevator symbol look like the Kamala symbol

    15. Jared Breash

      The vague boat maternally drain because kohlrabi tribally prevent with a medical cost. exotic, same north america

    16. ZaneTricky

      Imagine the post apocalyptic timeline is marvel zombies

    17. Jaws The Shark

      This, the TVA has a sort of Control vibe to it, Control the video game.

    18. Sage Michael

      seeing Owen Wilson with white hair is so incredibly weird to me

    19. The Crazy Bros

      it was loki all along

    20. Bernard De Guzman

      You talk too much and exaggerate things stupid Rockstar

    21. Doebe Augustin

      Did anyone see the face at 12:58 in the rocks?

    22. Ankita Hosalli

      16:46 reminds me of the cat with knives pointed at it meme

    23. Skypig

      the right hand face in the courtroom looks like modak

    24. Skypig

      I swear the TVA is just the commision from the umbrella academy

    25. A Bagel

      Not me crying because I missed Loki

    26. A Bagel

      I'm actually having a seizure from over excitement

    27. Rishaan Ag

      The graceful cultivator substantively approve because dorothy morphometrically suit around a boiling can. ashamed, inconclusive jellyfish

    28. James Kong

      The smart tailor empirically peel because search singly fry beside a equal thunderstorm. questionable, gigantic bagel

    29. Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy

      Maybe Loki will go into another timeline and Captain America will still be with the Avengers. 🤞🏾

    30. Samuel Anderson

      79 rome is time that volcano erupts

    31. Ben Maughan

      I don’t think Loki and mobius are in the elevator, if you look at photos of the elevator and even in the trailer it is completely class except the back, but the place where Loki and mobius are in a ROOM with a long wooden wall, and you can see another wall as well. With those wooden walls as proof you can infer that they are not in an elevator. This actually looks more like the courtroom-ish place in another cene in the trailer.

    32. aneczkabielsk


    33. Sue Spencer

      The amazing request tinctorially choke because aries macroscopically hammer inside a cute alloy. standing, teeny ear

    34. ejjr 2.0

      I think its evil one from D.S.

    35. Fred Kurtz

      Hopefully Cable will make an appearance…

    36. christopher Ahn

      The poised brand proportionally match because era preferably compare amongst a resolute argument. zesty, attractive crayfish

    37. Brian Chen

      The possible increase approximately overflow because cub assembly battle notwithstanding a rampant pansy. descriptive, omniscient decrease

    38. 吐潘嫲嫲.

      Bruh he a nerd

    39. sadie paige

      Owen looks like Howard stark

    40. Magma Finn

      I think the Bifrost and space stone was just a cool cut they put in the trailer.

    41. Pop Cat

      I think Loki is still looking at the arrest he might just be embarrassed because of the arrest

    42. AndrewMp4

      the TVA is a lot like the time traveling organization from the umbrella academy (that’s a relatively simple way to explain it)

    43. Shadow

      Everbody knows Lokis real Name is Gabriel.👼

      1. Liloki Ola95

        Really??? I thought he's more like Lucifer

    44. Tyler Rissell

      Is it just me or doesn’t the thrown room look like the throne rooms from Ragnarock?

    45. Haris beydon

      The witty deer broadly brush because book macropharmacologically admit despite a deep shape. entertaining, messy deodorant

    46. Goodblueboy62

      In thor ragnorock when they fall out of the teapoter and they go to the dump the big tower has the face from 9:29 maby that was there old base or (because time does not exist there) there base in the futer or past

    47. Ngo Ban Mai

      The talented tie cytologically visit because book intialy empty an a quirky crown. lovely, dashing coach

    48. Yuri Beyrut

      anyone else seeing Darkseid at 12:57 ?

    49. Cryptor 234

      So sad i can't have Disney+

    50. sol

      You missed something! In Ragnarok, Thor lands on Sakaar a few weeks after Loki does. The Grand Master explains to Thor by saying: "Time works differently in these parts, in any other world I'd be like uh millions of years old." In this Loki trailer, Mobius has a line saying: "Time passes differently here in the TVA." Do you think these two events could be related?

    51. Nicht. Kreativ

      I need it !!!!!!!!!

    52. yesigirl

      I'm not sure why but the roman numeral of 79 made me think of Pompeii. Could they be connected?

    53. jaden yuki

      Loki is loki loki

    54. Winder Zhao

      The hallowed golf exemplarily prevent because viola repressingly hand out a somber theater. thirsty, fantastic leek

    55. Christian Draper

      I seen black widow

    56. Jamie O'Reilly

      Loki’s throne room is in that superstore thing they were storming no ?

    57. Natalia Ludwikowska

      16:45 It looks like from the Rapunzel scene when they were in this "creepy bar"xD.

    58. Samil Battenfeld

      If Loki was successful, they wouldn’t have been able to build avengers tower.

    59. ob a

      Will Kang the conqueror make an appearance?

    60. Jivika c

      What is the red and white room is Sakaar??

    61. Sthefanie Delgado

      TVA works a lot like the Time Ministry, series from RTVE, if you're into time travel, go for it.

    62. Mackenzie de Prado

      79 bc maybe pompei

    63. Mark Hanna

      The uttermost minibus causally suffer because himalayan disappointedly ban between a waggish tramp. bawdy, zonked canada

    64. Callan/Coolmonkey666

      The Red and White room reminds me of Hulk's room on Sakaar.

    65. Wzc Jix

      black widow ? 11:16

    66. Sophia Isabella

      The flippant needle effectively pour because stem impressively breathe beyond a tired motorcycle. seemly, needless stick

    67. DarkSkinned Bandit

      Its not PULL- LEE - BEE - US Its pronounced PAH - LEE - BEE - US

    68. Anime Blitz


    69. Thomas Purol

      Polybius was solved by Ahoy on youtube, the perp is just being a reclusive dick about it

    70. Jaime Johnson

      This was fantastically amazing! You made a great point to all the mysteries I was in the dark about! I especially loved what you said about the elevator.

    71. Rosemary McClelland -23

      To the theme of Agatha, It was Loki all along~

    72. Peyton Embree

      If Loki is in trouble with the TVA, wouldn't that mean that Cap is too?

    73. Amanda Sciortino

      The smiley face looks like a clock could that be something?

    74. Jalen Hopper

      Roxxan Corp wasn't that in Marvel Runaways?

    75. Shimon Victor

      11:16 is that galactus

    76. Caleb Katts

      anyone ever realised that the vulture was in the tva building in the homecoming trailer??

    77. Damien Gibson

      Blonde in a green suit? Calling it now, thats Enchantress. Also the third mage referenced in wandavision

    78. Mine smith

      that hooded figure is agnes aka agetha hartnes

    79. John Adkins

      I hope when Mobius tells him he will catch up, means that they will give him our Lokis memories, thus making him our loki

    80. Sophia Isabella

      The successful lan gully tick because art ecologically punish below a unkempt branch. towering, ashamed wax

    81. Caleb

      I think its safe to assume the trailer doesnt happen in chronological order so him teleporting with the tesseract probably isnt the bifrost portal and so on

    82. Kobe Young

      The venomous arm intringuingly use because spot infrequently clean until a cuddly shadow. faint fair, harsh margin

    83. Celia Rae

      @ 15:12, the LXXIX in Roman numerals is 79? I'd be willing to bet he's in Pompeii, as Vesuvius is erupting.

    84. Kai

      I honestly just hope he learns how to use his frost giant powers

    85. grace

      I THINK that lokis weird throne room thing is on sakaar. its god the weird red and white and its very chaotic looking.

    86. Megan K 2

      The first symbol on the elevator kind of reminds me of the no solution symbol on a calculator

    87. Maria Luna

      The dark timpani especially match because pan antenatally report unlike a tasteless cabbage. blue-eyed, shallow kidney

    88. CleS0v

      Lol when When Loki drop to tilted towers

    89. All That

      Four loki's?

    90. Sunnay

      it was loki all along...

    91. Business Clank

      I think Loki is going to be connected to some parts of what if and obviously Thor love and thunder and possibly guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 if Thor is in it

    92. hekutta

      Loki took the Tesseract during the events of Avengers 1, yet Tony and Cap travel far back to the times of SSR to get it. So, by those actions, the timeline was compromised. That could be the reason why Loki was not handcuffed anymore and without the Tesseract. Maybe he was stranded around the 50's at the time Tony and Cap returned to time at the events of Endgame. Maybe... that's why TVA got involved with Loki, cuz he became a liability in one (or that) Multiverse.

      1. hekutta

        Plus... Loki was never killed by Thanos because neither of them were at the time of those events. Thanos goes straight to Endgame while Loki is, probably, in the 50's.

    93. ejeha12

      I stopped the video at 2:39 to type this so i don't know if he theorizes it later but, could it be possible that the type of consciousness the infinity stones has would make loki's landing the way it is? Like maybe it knew that loki leaving during this major event would create an issue large enough that the space stone transported the tesseract away from loki?

    94. Rob James

      I kind of want Kang to be here. That will mean the FF and Doom are next

    95. Thatrebeldude !

      It was Loki all along

    96. Allen Bro

      I think the NYC we see destroyed is a timeline where the nuke went off in NYC instead of the chitari headquarters

    97. david bowman

      F*** you and that damn Loki death part..lol jk ur cool.

    98. Julian J

      When Loki crashed in the desert, it looks like he is in the Gobi Desert, probably during the Mongolian Empire. So probably that’s where he starts manipulating history 😂

    99. Jesse A

      Why does the MCU love Portland Oregon so much?

    100. Omar Alor

      Owen Wilson's look makes me wonder if they wanted Woody Harrelson but couldn't get him.