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    1. bethsie nila 101

      David and liza ❤🤗 Date again but only if you want too 😔❤

    2. CDisc

      First time a girl got friend zoned

    3. bethsie nila 101

      Date liza again You guys are the cutest couple LIZA and DAVID shippers ❤🤗 Date liza pls again

    4. peasantsgalore

      seth deserves better

    5. A Stake

      Let’s talk about Seth

    6. ac 11


    7. ZEztec22


    8. ZEztec22


    9. Kev Loves pp

      This is who david considers a surface level friend

    10. Elena Braccio


    11. Pat Kettle

      He is mean and doesn’t respect personal space . What a joke. Uses anti bullying software to block key words to block people bring up his harassment of others.

    12. Phatcewwchie


    13. Kai Connor


    14. Nathan Cantu

      David simp for madison years ago and now he’s friend zoning her 😭

    15. Valerie Martinez

      Why are you guys deleting comments? I don’t see my comment anymore.

    16. Danielle Gagnier

      JUSTICE FOR SETH!!!!!!!

    17. Henrique Saraiva

      Justice for S€th!

    18. icedbannanas

      Let's talk about what David did to Seth.

      1. Maria Cecilia Peixoto

        please 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    19. Ever Evelyn 💋

      Remember when David tricked Seth into kissing Jason? Then never even apologized even though Seth admitted to being completely uncomfortable and offended by it? Yeah, that shit was wrong and all his little fans just don’t care. Disgusting.

    20. Harami Salami


    21. Julia Larson

      Justice for seth and tp

    22. Trey Miller


    23. KAI SOLO 2020

      Why is this grown man talking to teens

    24. bodoti qwiu

      🤭Is David using Natalie and Jason for background laughter

    25. MrLittleJa

      Man up?

    26. Dylan Payment

      the way she looks at u makws me think there is something there

      1. bodoti qwiu

        We Really want a podcast with corinna

    27. Rex 0!0

      I mean, she is 21 sooooooooo. dive in david!

    28. Cody Ellsworth

      Her next album will be called ‘surface level friends’ im calling it

    29. david dimovski

      the old dude is so old his jokes are oldtimer.

    30. Qorpz.z

      You guys a good couple just take it slow you guys are perfect

    31. Qorpz.z

      Get with Madison

    32. Qorpz.z

      Get with Mario plz

    33. Qorpz.z

      Get with Madison plz

    34. Qorpz.z

      Get with Madison plz

    35. Haroutyun (Harout) Aleksanian

      did anyone notice that david has a book shelf with children's chapter books on it.

    36. Ethan Lebron

      ughhhhh madiisonn is so prettyyy

    37. Julia Vu

      (jason dying) LMAO

    38. Bailey B

      who is this random old guy talking to these teenagers seems weird asf

    39. Views Podcast

      Justice for SETH ❤❤

    40. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    41. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    42. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    43. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    44. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    45. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    46. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    47. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    48. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    49. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    50. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    51. 4bsTOXIC

      Really want a podcast with corinna

    52. 4bsTOXIC

      Really want a podcast with corinna

    53. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    54. apple sauce

      Madison: what is your favor-- David: Boobs

    55. MR ICONIC

      Jackass 2 unrated. Isn't that right.

    56. Jocelyn Muzquiz

      Liza 👁👄👁

    57. Junior Rios

      Date Madison beer

    58. Manasi Sawant

      Who else here googled liza kissing some guy on camera after watching this video

    59. Manasi Sawant

      When David started talking about his ex kissing someone. My heart just went WHATTTTTT!!!

    60. Rachael21


    61. Colin Biset

      What about Seth

    62. Mairead S

      my names jeff? This kid Tristan that I used to go to high school with used to say the same thing all the time, and we ended up just calling him Jeff (he sold fake jerseys too). what is this "my names jeff" shenanigans once and for all

    63. Ralph Dams

      3:50 Madison: Yea we "bonded" real hard

    64. emma mack


      1. jennifer lo

        What did they do??

    65. emma mack

      Romans 10:9

    66. emma mack

      i stand with Seth !!

    67. emma mack

      watch the h3 podcast videos about seth

    68. emma mack

      spread awareness about what david and jason did to seth

    69. emma mack

      talk about what you and jason did to seth

    70. V V

      Ur so gross bro

    71. Mark Morales

      Poor Natalie missed out on a genius.

    72. Hazrd Rose NYC

      David would treat you like a goddess, you’d be lucky to date David.

    73. Crispy

      That's her friend Rebecca

    74. Meagan Marie

      I’m only here for Madison

    75. Akev

      Poor Jason for losing his kite, I feel bad 😞

    76. Jack Gordon

      How is a brand sponsorship so funny lol

    77. Spencer Whis

      I can only imagine how brutal that game they played could be at a big party

    78. Joshua Plantan

      They should just date already

    79. Jan Jan

      I’ve never written a lyric about you David. Humbled real quick 😂😂😂

    80. Ella Pan

      why so many sponsers-

      1. Juan Rafael Castro


    81. Brianna Gutierrez

      Are natile and David not together ?

      1. Brianna Gutierrez

        @Don Vito Corleone oh I thought she was dating David for a second

      2. Don Vito Corleone

        She’s dating Todd

    82. Pual Love


    83. Anonymous

      16:34 Jason sneaking a peek lmao

    84. Elle Belle

      Madison has such “pick me girl” energy

      1. Anthony Davis

        Nah not really

      2. Allison Anne


    85. iixMelon

      Madison talking about cheating was really well said, and i’ve tried this feeling where you don’t want to find out but you have to do it so you don’t get this burning chest feeling, and when you do it and find out that he/she was copying the messages he/she sent for you and paste it to another it hurts like hell, and every time you remember how much you loved and trusted him/her it really hurts

      1. iixMelon

        like you just thought she/he was yours and you did your best to avoid anything that could make her/him jelous, but in return he/she was doing all of that without you knowing i don’t know why or what i am saying im just hurt

    86. iixMelon

      “ he doesn’t have control on his own show “ oh god i love jason

    87. Colby Courter

      David and Madison need to get together

    88. K

      We now know David is obsessed with 💩💩💩

    89. Sean Markil

      The unarmed cocktail acutely poke because stepdaughter distinctly rule save a exciting exclusive dinghy. cold, political tea

    90. K

      David has the most awkward laugh in the entire world

    91. K

      She seems like a really nice person

    92. Peter Bracamontes

      madison beer is hot asf

    93. Pontus

      David Dobrik changes his height everytime.

    94. GG Halls

      Lmao she’s gonna write a lyric about him now, she looked so hurt by the surface level friends comment💀🤚

    95. Marcel Arcaya

      This is cool. But dont bring people like the demelios

    96. Douglas Heid

      They are either all on adderall or they cut every break in sentence down like there was a time constraint

    97. jacky

      No ❤️

    98. Jessica Telles

      David asking all those questions makes it seem like he really does want her and were all here for it ❤️❤️❤️

    99. FSClub Fan And hunterox123 on Twitter

      oh yeah thats Amie

    100. Nathan Manubag

      8:45 ``Jasons Dying`` lmao i cant !!