Making chainsaw robot, carving logs

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    When I was offered the opportunity to beta test an upcoming robotic arm from Tormach, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. CNC chainsaws baybeeeeee. Aside from being fundamentally awesome, it is a very interesting software problem. Since I didn't have to build the arm I was able to focus the project and the video on the software challenges of making something like this work. Thank goodness I didn't have to build the arm because the software almost killed me. I can imagine all kinds of next steps for this creation like machining textures with the chainsaw or cutting topiaries. I hope you like it!

    * Low Polygon Labrador Model:
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    1. Stuff Made Here

      Hope you enjoy this robot as much as I do 🙂. A big thanks to everyone who helps to make these projects possible through their patreon support. If you'd like to help me make more projects like this (and get more behind the scenes content, an AWESOME discord, livestreams, etc) check out

      1. Trails God

        9:55 you made a optical illusion

      2. Brent Lio

        Have you considered mounting the saw blade not straight outward from J6, but on a 90 degree angle?

      3. Mika

        @Daryl Thomas Ok then Mr. Daryl Thomas

      4. Mika

        @Daryl Thomas wot

      5. Daryl Thomas

        @el chapo 777777777777z77877777777778

    2. CosmicAggressor

      There is a farming term that is applicable here. And I just realized I only remember half of it. Blood something. It refers to the area where if someone is in and you are swinging a harvesting tool they are going to be bleeding. Google has no idea what I am talking about because fortnit still exists, and some people think a scythe is a weapon.

    3. Frank Murphy

      When I was a kid they just gave you a tank of neon, a glass blowing rig, and some wire.

    4. Kolby Bradshaw

      It's another blender user!

    5. Porucznik Borewwicz

      Really great stuff!

    6. ShawnFromFL

      Just placed my 6 month subscription from Kiwico. My 4 yr old son will love it!! He wants to be a scientist when he grows up. Learning the periodic table is his current hobby 👏

    7. Jared Ballou

      Could a larger motor on the base connected to the saw via a stout flexible drive cable be used to deliver enough torque to cut wood at normal speed?

    8. ujfyuiy yuiy

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    9. Pertti Örn

      Yeah, that anti kickback tooth needs to be filed down as you sharpen the chainsaw blade. Usually go somethin like .3mm bellow the actual sawtooth for hardwood. Do try to make the dog out of a log, but you'll need to sharpen the chain a couple of times mid process though😅

    10. Stephen Adamson

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    11. Martin M.

      "You should make one in wood" "I tried ;__; "

    12. JimmyJayJunior

      Yo you should cast that dog into a resin block!

    13. NobodyMinus

      In terms of pretty useless advice here, I think using alternating direction method of multipliers would achieve pretty much the result you were trying to get with gradient ascent but without being so likely to get caught on local maxima, though saddle points can still be an issue. It's usually used to find minima, but would work just as well here.

    14. AC Blaze

      You can file down the rakers. Edit: the "anti-kickback tooth" doesn't need to be up to the top of the flathead.

    15. Seddiki O

      As an engineer I have to say that I have been bamboozled . great vid

    16. jaxen coe

      why dont you just make the algorithm run a decent amount of times more for each cut you want to make to weed out the false summits. just log the results for each run and compare. tallest point wins.

      1. jaxen coe

        cut the log into a cube grid pattern in 3D and take one cube of the log at a time and make those guess on the surface of the wood

    17. Stanky Fahtz

      When I saw the crown. KICK THAT NI…

    18. Landscaping Specialist

      Those little Milwaukee hatchet saws are one of the best tools I’ve ever purchased! I will probably buy a couple more. They are so light and just cut so well. Was very surprised by them

    19. Robert Hart

      Surely a regular 4 or 5 axis cnc router would be a better / easier less time consuming method of making a wooden bear from a log? I definitely understand the fun of a diy project but why this when you could use regular gcode from fusion360 with a CNC router and get better results?

    20. Adam Jakins

      Can you make a CNC back massager?

    21. Kell Adams

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    22. Philipp Schrage

      How can one person be so intelligent, handycraftly skilled AND funny at the same time? Awesome dude!

    23. The Random One

      That first part was a little *SUS*

    24. Michael Mayfarth

      Those little things you called anti-kick backs are actually called Rakers. they keep the tooth from taking off a bigger chunk than it should. you can file them down a little but that specific style bar was never meant to cut with that smaller section of rounded tip. look at the bars they make for chainsaw carvers and you will find much narrower tips that also have more flat area at the end. Hope this helps.

    25. Frank Murphy

      I've spent a good amount of time chainsawing, and I can say that that little chain on that little saw would get dull very quickly, especially if it's always going in tip first, even with softwood. I'd guess that's why it got so hot. A longer chain with a built in cutting oil squirter on the arm seems like it would be crucial. That being said, awesome video as usual. The sheer perseverance your projects take is nuts.

    26. Frank Murphy

      Look at me I'm Stuff Made Here I paid attention in school.

    27. Frank Murphy

      The dunce looks like the kind of guy who would finance a bear carving.


      Thought they were cats.

    29. Nicholas Pakaluk

      For your next project, you should replicate the automaton in the 2011 film "Hugo." If it's possible, of course.

    30. Franco Martins

      "It's built around a pole saw..." *Interested Frank West Noises*

    31. Jeanette Baker

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    32. zas nmj

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    33. Brendan C

      This was so good

    34. palmeristo

      "bear sculptures are really expensive" has terminators arm in his workshop 😂

    35. Chris J

      "When you have a bolt that's really stuck, you get way out here, and snap your wrench in half." LLOL!

    36. Cale Schley

      I can't tell if your wife is putting on a great act of being entirely unimpressed with your antics, or if it's just her natural demeanour. Either way, her input is invaluable.

    37. Dolphin Hates Hats

      Hey Stuff Made Here, just a quick FYI for you.... your background music is way to loud in the bass section. It's sounds 'normal' on my phone speaker, actually sounds quite good, but switching to my quality headphones causes the bass to boom as loud or louder than your voice, and through my big stereo it's damm near shaking stuff off the wall! :) You should produce dance music, you'd be good at it 😁 but on a serious note you could probably cut out or quieten a lot of the bass with no noticeable effect for most viewers, maybe even save some processing time 😉

    38. Loyal Scout

      Your new goal should be to just make a lock LockPickingLawyer can’t pick

    39. daneshannonsparks

      I'm a 3D tech artist and I'm intrigued by this problem. I feel like there's an elegant procedural solution for this. You mentioned that a convex hull wouldn't do the whole job, but that doesn't make it worthless. You can compare the polygons of the convex hull to the polygons of the original model. Any polygons that they have in common will define shearing planes that will need to be cut out of your starting block at some point anyway. Any polygons that they do NOT have in common define the inner surfaces of the cuts you would need to make to define the concavities, and I feel like it's an easier step from there to finding a procedural way to remove them without testing random cuts. I might try to write a Houdini tool that figures this out, but it definitely seems doable.

    40. Tech DIYer

      Best thing ever made here: Im also SADK cuz it didn't work in this video.... Please heart! DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING Mr.Stuff DIRECTOR OF ENGINEER Wife Made Here LOYAL HOUND Dog Made Here V.CUTE BABY Baby Made Here NO ONE WILL READ THIS Well Actually Probably BUT I DON'T CARE I'm in a hurry WHO IS THIS? IDK SOMETHING ELSE ....... AKSFJLAKFJ SADK O_o o_O - -V ---

    41. Tech DIYer

      17:29 also, you should adjust your chainsaw, so it is tighter, and probably put some oil in that bin....

    42. Tech DIYer

      What software do you use? we use fusion 360 for CAD/CAM

    43. foogermier

      Those "anti-kickback teeth" are called rakers. They control how much wood gets chiseled with each tooth. If you were to file them down using a depth gauge tool and a square file, and made sure you had lots of bar oil, you should be able to cut for a while.

    44. The Monster Under Your Bed

      Smart enough to make a robotic chainsaw artist. Not smart enough to realize that a polesaw, only designed to trim 2-3" tree limbs, isn't adequate for cutting through an entire log. Also not smart enough to realize that when you bend a chainsaw bar, you need straighten it/replace it or else you won't get straight cuts.

    45. Kieran Asman

      What tablets are you using to sketch on, and whats the software? I have been looking for a nice tablet to sketch and workout stuff on

    46. It is what it IS

      I have an idea i want to patent tht is an easy solution to one of your more advanced robots. Thought about it before i even seen your video. Easy simple idea tht should sell worldwide and easy and cheap to produce. Would love you to produce it, if u could we can split the profits???

    47. Jostin Smith

      Do you think a square grid would work

    48. Campbell Tate

      You should make a robot/machine that makes your bed! Not the flashiest of ideas, but I feel like getting it to locate and manipulate fabric is a cool challenge you would be amazing at

    49. Robobuzzin ChippyPoof

      this guy would definitely survive a zombie apocalypse

    50. alexandru benza

      "You have a bolt that's really stuck you get way out here and you snap your wrench in half." Gold @5:56

    51. Jayden Lawson

      This could be used in the new Saw movie: X

    52. Cadillac94pimpin

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    53. jake holland

      Has this guy said what his day job is? I know he is an engineer but where and what kind

    54. scott-edwin kimble

      I mean I’m not a coder by any means so the possibility or difficulty of coding to do so, I don’t know, but having it use the tip of the chain saw side to side to “grind” the smaller/tighter areas to get those curves in could work?

    55. DrJibson

      Stuff Made Here, from other stuff, not made here.

    56. DrJibson

      This is the epitome of not actually doing anything new or with substance, but the viewership! You used an already existing arm, with already existing software on top of an already existing polesaw. This is the origin of originality! YOU WROTE SOME CODE and put a saw on an already existing component, the genius. Dipshits enjoy your work. Anyone that cares, despises you. "please consider subscribing, it really helps me out". PANDER PANDER PANDER, I'm an Engineeer!

    57. DrJibson

      So you're a guy that uses a CAD program then has machines make what he designed in CAD. By "he designed in CAD" I mean you used software to create the whole thing, then a robot to make the whole thing. The absolute definition of hands-on-engineering. You deserve millions of dollars. Also, this type of pandering is the most pathetic version anyone could come across. The pocket engineer for views! That was the point of engineering, youtube views, you're doing it right. Makin' that money while saying fuck that shit to actual engineers fighting the barriers that hold us back. You're the man! You know how to string up a noose? People with intellect actively raping the shit out of their piers they refer to as consumers. MY MAN!

    58. Merkwürdiger Hannes

      7:36 XDDDD

    59. Roman Dąbal

      Who would have thought that CNC machines can execute konami code. Glad to know that 😀

    60. parodysam

      What if I want to make something that is not a bear?

    61. Godefroy St-Pierre

      16:43 that was so anti-climactic lol

    62. nightflight

      Have you tried particle swarm optimization for the gradient descent non-optimal peek problem? It's much better than random guesses and is quite easy to implement.

    63. Chica Pumpkin

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    64. sebastian law

      yo turn it in to an actual kill bot and have a squared off area around it, all with motion sensors to cover the whole space, and as soon as the robot senses something entres the area it kills it. it would be a fruit ninja machine if you threw fruit into the area

    65. Ben Ten

      I use the robot to make the robot

    66. Matthew Davies

      I'm just imagining the conversation where you tell your wife the basement now has a killzone or if she is ever watching Netflix wondering if her husband is about to decapitate himself with a coding error

    67. Tony M

      What sketch software are you using on the iPad? Also- I’m dumbfounded by how awesome you are.

    68. 420 Alfonzo

      "Dance till you're dead 10 hours" is the best music for coding. And crying.

    69. TREVIS CO

      your smart

    70. John Elwer

      23:30 the googly eye really finished the piece.

    71. Ced Ed

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    72. Will Kelly

      Ur chain looks dull. To small for the log.

    73. leo shebib

      A fairly simple solution to your false peak problem with gradient ascent is to put in multiple "balls" in different places - run the algorithm multiple times with different initial positions - and compare your results to find the actual peak. 3 blue 1 brown's Machine Learning series has a video on this, episode 2. Gradient Descent around 6 minutes in describes the algorithm.

    74. mateo taylor1763

      “That’s why I have this bar. When you have a bolt that’s really stuck, you push way out here aaaaaaaand.... Snapp your wrench in half.”

    75. Auburn Elvis

      Did you consider re-making the chainsaw? They make carving discs that are basically chainsaw blades fixed to a disc. It seems like starting from there could solve your gouging problem you had with the tree saw.

    76. Hubert Lenningrad

      Not gonna lie, this one was a little boring. You took a premade robotic arm and mounted a chainsaw. I prefer some of your other content (full marks!)

    77. Cloud Wolf

      Gradient ascent/descent has many well known ways to prevent getting stuck from increasing the rate of convergence to using momentum

      1. Cloud Wolf

        @CouchPotator im sure ppl have tried that but the most common methods is increasing the rate of convergence to hopefully "jump" past local max's, or momentum which essentially if a maximum isnt maximal enough u will probably "slide" past it (which is as simple as just taking a LPF (just 2 or 3 + / * operations)

      2. CouchPotator

        Couldn't you form a grid of points and run the algo on each point and choose the best result? Easy optimize, if you hit a spot already looked at, stop that point. Only problem would be the resolution of the grid, but that would be determined by the resolution of the model, which in this case is very low.

    78. Peter Gersbach

      Did you double check the chainsaw blade wasn’t running backwards?

    79. ViconDeutz YT

      If you ever try to do this again use a softwood it will cut a lot easier and you can use the tip of the saw.

    80. Aku Saikkonen

      I love your content and all the great ideas you end up making. It's cool to see both the process and the result. Your content is very educating and fan to watch. Also I like your music taste and would love it if you could link the songs you use on your videos in description. You do great job and the effort you put in to this is on another level.

    81. Robby

      You make some things that are cool but not the most practical

    82. Riley Richmond

      Theres always people who point of flaws or mistakes because they also do the same thing, never see Them here

    83. Rick Cox

      It’s really cool seeing how your channel has grown over the years. Love watching your builds!

    84. Sage Edwards

      To your gradient ascent question, they have a method called stochastic gradient ascent that helps get you out of these problems of "false peaks", and finds the global maximum rather than the local.

    85. Iced Tea

      8:44 furries be like

    86. Panda panda Panda

      I dont think this is what they had in mind when they let you test it

    87. Carter Burzlaff

      Nice TWERK password

    88. APOLO

      Just freaking awesome . You are doing an amazing job!

    89. Josué Barrientos

      I would really like to be able to check out your code. Just for learning how this sort of thing is done, as I really have no idea and it's so interesting.

    90. George B. Wolffsohn

      your wife's answer proves that she really loves you. lucky guy !

    91. Marijn Broek

      Why dont you file down the tooth's tho

    92. Michael S

      Overall 4/20 well memed👍🏻

    93. Ahmed Mansour

      engineering and art are the same thing

    94. Luke Pan

      Wouldnt multi axis CNC hotwires need similar programming? I would have tried investigating what they use. Although admittedly it would be useless for internal geometry like the gaps between the dogs legs

    95. J1mston

      I'm here watching someone explain CAM whilst I'm sat in front of my computer, NX open and I'm programming 9 Axis machines.

    96. Yonnie

      3:25 lol

    97. J Dragonblade

      this is like michael reeves if michael reeves finished college and was sane.

    98. MPGamingCentral

      What you called an "anti-kickback tooth" is actually called a raker, it is there to control the depth of cut for each tooth. Considering you are using a robot to do the cutting, I would assume you could have the the arm control how fast you are cutting quite accurately so they are kinda pointless in your case. if you ever come back to revisit this I would suggest filing the rakers down to help with plunge cutting. All that being said, I'm not too sure why that would be causing a problem. Possibly since it is a pole saw meant for branches, it may have a smaller diameter tip on the bar that might be causing it. However, I am not sure. I do know that plunge cuts are definitely possible with a full size chainsaw though.

    99. Maryum Farhan

      I feel I was tricked into redoing algorithms 102 course and I didn't even know it. I must say I'm loving it. ❤

    100. Jack Austin

      please stop being a better engineer than micheal reeves, youll make him sad and I dont want him to be sad