Making Of "Meet The Super Kids" Scene | We Can Be Heroes | Netflix

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    A Film Club exclusive look at how the “Meet the Super Kids” scene in Robert Rodriguez’s We Can Be Heroes, was filmed.
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    Making Of "Meet The Super Kids" Scene | We Can Be Heroes | Netflix
    When alien invaders capture Earth’s superheroes, their kids must learn to work together to save their parents - and the planet.

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    1. Netflix Film Club

      What effect would YOU most want to do? 1) Floating on a chair 2) Super stretchy neck 3) Flying through the air while singing 4) Smashing a table or 5) Getting BLASTED backwards on a wire ??



      2. Ricky Lingco


      3. Sydney Sagas AND MORE!!

        Guppy’s power she’s soooo cool!

      4. Céline Rivard

        @꧁Afton Obsessed꧂ mkfkdk

      5. Vanne Marin Sanchez


    2. mundo da brenda

      Wow beatilful and very cool ❤👍

    3. dave sony

      This is my most favorite movie I watch it’s 3 years

    4. airelle ortiz

      hi A Capella i miss you my name is joseph


      nobody speaks Spanish

    6. TriniD

      Wow es eso detras de las camaras😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

    7. Vera Lucia


    8. Leah Buckmire

      Please give us another season

    9. Rayquaza Místico

      I love this movie♥️

    10. mariana carvalho

      Yes ali com mais

    11. حميدة العمران


    12. Lexicon 323

      Flying i want to do a movie

    13. Jessa Chixo

      Floating girl

    14. Rabbit 1234

      How do you make Netflix

    15. Rabbit 1234

      Milk Netflix

    16. Printer Artist I Also Play MC

      props to the greenies

    17. Mackenzie Page

      Imagine what the movie would look like without special effects



    19. stella guzeler

      kfm ne 😧

    20. Shark Lover992

      The guys in the green suit need credit

    21. Faith Sophia

      I love you guys so much that for making the move

    22. Fansaine correa

      I have spoken with the company and they will be able

    23. Ashly meza


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    25. Yaung Pyan

      What is movie name bro

    26. Ernie Cox

      I love the show💃

    27. Im Andres

      0:20 when people are the devil and just exploding things and then floating things into hell 😳😳😳

    28. The Evil Chikey


    29. Tariel Hesenov


    30. Rachel’s Frozen Cover

      I would do 4

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    32. ARTY and CRAFTY

      the green screen guys should be in the credits, they are the real heroes!

    33. Myrtle Nacario

      Claustrophobic can't.........

    34. رنا ركي

      SEprom SwiftKey m

    35. Eddy

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    36. Maya

      So thats how the chairs are flying! Really fun film btw

    37. lindoval fernandes


    38. Aarron and sam Davies

      What do I has to do to get into a movie Netflix I really want one

    39. Anamaria Velasco vasquez

      Ya ví la película y si me encantó 😀😃😀😀😀😀 😇🎂🌻🌻🌻🥰😠🤫🤯🤧🤮😓🤕🤒

    40. La Angry birds

      I love it

    41. Amanda Kulczycki

      I would be too embarrassed to be acapella

    42. isabela

      Eu já assisti várias vezes é bom

    43. Fabiano

      Nossa isso daí é tudo verdade

    44. Narendra Kumar

      Am pro noob in roblox am talking to roblox player noob

    45. Narendra Kumar

      Those are not green screen those are man's who help kids

    46. Maria Americo


    47. aubrei luvsss


    48. Arq. Fco. Hernández

      Wow shoes

    49. Nohelia Mendoza almeida


    50. Samina Murtaza

      Me too

    51. Samina Murtaza


    52. Janeraly Larijn


    53. The Foundation

      Where is the avengers movie in Netflix

    54. Gabriel Reyes


    55. welcome to the dark side

      I seen this movie about 70 times and I LOVE IT U GUYS ARE GREAT MY FAVORITE IS WILD CARD

    56. ZKrlaXX_

      yo si estubiera ay actuando y la niña con esa cara :O me reiriaj jJAajAJjaJAJjaJAJjaJAJ

    57. Elimar Perez


    58. Nasir Haque

      I wish I was a capella

    59. Itala Mainara


    60. Itala Mainara


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    63. yara lol

      the green screen guys need more credit😩❗

    64. Muhd Fikri

      I like it

    65. Pasaje El oro


    66. Isaias Soto

      2 part

    67. Davi Soares de arruda Duarte

      Esse filme é uma merda

    68. Ladykity

      wish i was there omg this seems so cool!! and the green guys are awesome!

    69. Josue De La O

      Oh yeah that's fine but it will take place on my way home

    70. Victoria Huaman Ricaldi

      Soy acapela.

    71. cachorra caramela baby rer

      😘😴🐈😘🌋😄🌋😂🌋😂🌋😃😒😂horivellllllll 😒😒😒😒😒😒

    72. Isaac Urbina

      Is 1: is 2: is súper Cris am is

    73. Mami Sury


    74. Crystal De La Cruz Díaz


    75. 梁凱甄LEUNG HOI YAN


    76. Dessy Iriana

      Why you not tell about guppy or face maker and wild card?

    77. Acire Garma


    78. Manda Cake

      I love this movie :)))

    79. مِـَنوٓر

      شفت الفلم مره علووووو

    80. Alden Ar


    81. Alden Ar

      This is awesome movie im happy to watch this till the rnd

    82. Fancy Anne

      It must've been awkward during the shooting xD

    83. Soph Maree

      4:09 that Wo though

    84. Zack McPhail


    85. Joice Mara Moraes


    86. Pedro Arthur

      Rkdkfjd D

      1. Pedro Arthur


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    88. W’s nerf filmsss

      For the green screen

    89. W’s nerf filmsss

      Our school filmed a Harry Potter video and a our teacher dressed up all green to give hermine the wand

    90. David Illingworth

      I literally watch it all the time

    91. Hao Liu

      That’s a strong man!

    92. Thunder Shane

      It looks so fun to act

    93. ARMITA Azarnoosh


    94. Amber Queen

      I like c appla

    95. Gia phat Tran nguyen

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    96. Zenitsu Todoroki

      0:20 miku be like