Making transparent wood



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    A few years ago I tried making transparent wood and it kind of worked. The pieces that I made were somewhat okay, but I was never really happy with the result.
    I finally decided to try it again though!
    Old video:
    Procedure that I followed:
    Procedure that went viral recently:
    CBC article on it:
    Nile talks about lab safety:
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    1. NileRed

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      1. Sarah Chen

        Cool mate

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    2. truearseniiv

      Newton rings at 26:02!

    3. çýbęř ñęø

      Imagine someone making a bathroom using that.

    4. Matthster

      Invisible stairs

    5. Ram Manohar Lohia

      How durable are these processed wood pieces?

    6. zamalek

      Congrats man.

    7. f f


    8. Dusty


    9. Shadow Lurkers

      You need glass to make better glass "Furge"

    10. Divyanshu FF

      Your Chemistry teacher will be Proud of you If seen One of it

    11. Kayla Janaé

      It’s funny how I hate science but Nile is so interesting and it’s teaching me way more than what I learn in school.

    12. Alessio Pinca

      First Company ti produce large scale wood windows?? Waiting to invest in it😂

    13. Jani

      Great job mate. I've waited to see the transparent wood again. And now i only able to say > WOOOW thats on paper is like glass

    14. mason houtzer

      Not sure about specifics but why not use a photo resin like in resin 3d printers and get a slow absorbtion and then low UV lights for slow curing. No idea what heat or if any gasses given off or even if it would work at all.

    15. PessimisticOptimist

      There were old videos you had to take down? Why??

    16. Ghost

      Lignin deez nuts

    17. Jett Gem

      What is it with really intelligent people and closing/placing/doing things with such visible passive violence? I love it so much xD every time he lowkey agressively slamed that door I smiled so wide.

    18. Kolamoose

      Could You use Pine resin or Wax instead of plastic as Filler? Not that it would be clear but just curious if it could fill the same role

    19. nater308

      I know it's already a reality, but what about Transparent Aluminum? This made me think of Star Trek IV, haha!

    20. Kurt Schlarb

      Yeah, I use clear wood every I open the cellophane wrapper on a pack of smokes. Cellophane is made from celluose, which in turn is derived from plants and trees. I wonder if cellophane sheets could be bonded together to form a sheet of "glass." I also wonder why anyone would want to replace glass with wood. I mean glass is mainly sand isn't it? I know where there is a LOT of sand.

    21. Ibrahim Awad Awad

      I would be happy to see this experiment becomes more successful in the future. I would love to implement it in manufacturing new products in the future.

    22. crabbtrixexp

      i've taken sodium chlorite, it will not kill you, people talk about it being bleach because it contains chorine, but it's only one more chlorine atom than salt, i don't know it cured my health conditrions, but it did me know damage, i have regular blood tests and they were fine, but i didn't tell the doctor what i was taking.

    23. Feichen Yang

      AIBN is quite sensitive to oxygen. That's probably why the pre-polymerization was so hard to repeat - good job on finding that out

    24. Ross Voorheis

      Other SEpromrs: get rich and buy sportscars NileRed: _T U N G S T E N C U B E_


      In a million years, invisible trees will be a thing

    26. Bertikatz

      I love the fact that you wear Bobby Dukes merch

    27. CringeO Music

      i can't believe i lasted the whole video and enjoyed it more than almost every video on my recommended

    28. salty murloc

      The effort and time you put into these videos is amazing

    29. Ocean_ _Blues

      Me to my pc when i loose a game: 18:18

    30. Wikterror 2807

      Ok. What would be the point of a Window like that?

    31. Memiko

      just relized you were canadian im canadian to thats so cool

    32. Juyas

      Maybe its imperfect because of gravity... so the bottom is the whole time in plastic and the top slowly looses it to the sides. Have your tried putting it in a fitting box, where the plastic cant go to the sides?

    33. RHiNo

      Liking before watching entirety of video because the Bobby Duke shirt.

    34. Steven Beasley

      If you want to make something transparent sanding and polishing is a great way to see how good it is. All those grooves and pockmarks from the MMA really diffuse the light, so I wonder if some of your earlier samples were better than they first appeared.

    35. mysoulwanders

      Next video acrylic infused aerogel?

    36. Winterviba

      I think you should try and make gum and eat it

    37. NotJoltzdude139

      I like your funny words science man

    38. Natalie Salcido

      I think that its funny that watching nile red gave me a better understanding of chemistry than my school. I'm in honors chemistry because of this guy :)

    39. Jonaly Howell

      Love the tee

    40. Joao Cardoso

      Did you test for its piezoelectricity in this form?

    41. Ir F

      So.. this is basically a wood reinforced plexiglass?

    42. The dreamer

      Hats off to his patience level If I was preparing this I would have broken everything present in the lab on my second attempt 😂😂

    43. Teddy Jhonson

      Its too easy to make it. you dont need to do make transparant wood.We have paper...So why you dont put it into oil....transparant right

    44. Brad M

      Hey Nile Not sure if this had been mentioned before, or you already took this into consideration... The tungsten cube is very, very dense and will take a long time to heat up... This will cause a temperature gradient through your acryllic cure and a gradient in the shrink process. It's possible that the bottom and edges cured faster than the top, and as a result, the acryllic shrunk into the wood instead of pulling in the cured material. I'm sure this could be worked around by putting spacer strips of wood between the glass and tungsten to allow airflow, or some other design from your brilliant mind. Great video, love the final product and hope to see a wood upper window for your fume hood in the future!!! ;) Thanks for everything you do and wishing you much luck with your new lab!

    45. scifinatic Tizz

      Kinda you mean translucent?

    46. Lulaire Noroub

      Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul should legit do and adult version of Beakman's World/Bill Nye.

    47. Siser

      My experience from polymerizing MMA between two glass plates were that you can just wipe the glass with a bit of soap water before using it to prevent the PMMA from sticking to it afterwards. I don't know if it works here aswell but it might be worth a try.

    48. Yaser Abou shaheen

      What did you study in order to gain all this knowledge ? Guys if you know please tell me

    49. MrCoolDogoo 2

      Transparent wood 2 : The Woodening

    50. Among sus Playz

      I can’t imagine just this: Him:breaking throw the window from wood The person who was almost getting robed:You may have outsmarted me, but i outsmarted ur outsmarting!

    51. Anime Elena

      I cant anymore, he is beautiful and smart. The perfect man

    52. Fuckin Great

      Would this make it stronger like Carbon or Fiberglass? After all, you are putting plastic in a sort of fiber...

    53. Skyredbel

      I remember watching this before

    54. Jeremy Cunningham

      So you make paper but just wood??

    55. zijuiy wttuy

      next on NileRed: i made a house fully out of transparent wood, can you see it?

    56. Abigail Brettxneider

      I wonder if turning the whole thing over in the oven halfway through cureing would have similar results to the two cures on opposite sides?

    57. Sjaakie klok

      Should have dissolved the Ligma first.

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        13:44 I used glass to make glass

    58. Xander Paraguas

      Plss i dont understand but its entertaining sksksksksk

    59. sgsellsit

      Uuuuuuuh, why?

    60. Teoh Tung Zhen

      may i know what is the item you use to spin it in the apparatus??

    61. alex lau

      final result is really impressive

    62. Matthew Hakansson

      If trial and error was a person

    63. koretechx momento mori

      Loved the Bobby Duke Arts shirt! For the next effort, I'd suggest looking into using Cactus Juice with the typical wood stabilization processes that are very similar to what you used with the MMA. Best of luck with the new lab!

    64. Üveys Taskiran

      is the wood jpg or png

    65. Add Infinitum

      Where does he even get these lightweight tungsten cubes? The one William Osman got was like 6 inches and it weighed like a 6th of his total body weight

    66. Izzy Cloe

      Is that a Bobby Duke Arts tee? I never knew he had merch.

    67. RobertRPG

      I took 2 naps on this video until i realized it got 40 minutes ....

    68. DualDesertEagle

      What's supposed to be the benefit of "transparent wood" over just plain plexiglass or clear plastic? Also, don't u worry about me getting bombarded with ads, I've got several ad blockers running on both this PC and my laptop.

    69. Mohamed oujeil

      how to remove ligma! nice!

    70. BakchormeeMan

      Hmm.. having transparent wood is pretty cool.. but I’m having trouble finding the reasons why we would need transparent wood.. especially since you need to use plastic to get it.. plus the incredibly troublesome process is a huge minus also.. at the end of the day, you’re getting something that is definitely gonna be super expensive to make for large scale use as opposed to plastic

    71. jonah woolery

      MMS is just bleach in disguise

    72. Monster Pumpkin

      13:44 I used glass to make glass

    73. Rj Peterson

      Grab up some more of that sodium chlorite, absolutely support that market. Anyone out there who actually believes in that magical bullshit needs to be drinking bleach.

    74. Roberta Williamson

      I know this is off topic BUT, SEprom just put in my que " making my favorite poisonous salt" or something like that, mercuric chloride. There is one compound that I would ask that you never EVER put together, METHYL MERCURY, it is so toxic a very very tiny drop ON YOUR GLOVE WILL KILL YOU. Check out the channel "chubby emu" and put in the search methyl mercury, and watch the entire video, and don't skip any of it saying to yourself " I know, I know", a researcher got a drop on her glove and it went through the glove ,her skin and into her blood where it destroyed every organ in her body, there's no antidote that I'm aware of, and I love watching your videos, you may already know how dangerous this material is and that it would be a fools errand to try and make it on your channel, so please please don't.

    75. Marius Overgaard Schjelde

      Him just explaining how the molecule thing works. My stupid brain just seeing happy people with wheel feeds and no heads... 11:34 btw

    76. Krishnateja

      Practice made this wood perfect!

    77. Anton Hagelberg

      For anyone interested, researchers at KTH in sweden managed to make an even more transparent wood and renewable wood using citrus derivative:

    78. Robbie Bolduc

      I love is wewd shirt I WANT THAT haha

    79. M.V EPIC

      did i just watch a guy making transparent wood for 50 mins???

    80. Astro Cosplay

      Not only is this amazing but he speaks so clearly that I understood every word even with auditory processing issues, well done, this is a first

    81. djaye djaye


    82. Arhab

      Thankyou guys for 10 subscribers, now let me have 20 subscribers happiness

    83. Arhab

      Thankyou guys for 10 subscribers, now let me have 20 subscribers happiness

    84. Hugo

      This startup as actually found a way to scale the process. And even to make wood as strong as metal and flamme resistant.

    85. Guanjyn

      Sometimes he seems like a really smart scientist and other times he seems like a kid testing things lol.

    86. Frank H.

      Anyone looking for some strong hydrogen peroxide can easily get it from glow sticks. Comes packaged in a nice glass tube inside the glow stick. Simply cut open the stick and remove the tube.

    87. Yenarb Lubrido

      When my baby goes out into this world and old enough to understand, i'll show him/her your videos.

    88. N P

      This would make a really cool replacement for frosted glass

    89. Nilakshee Chatterjee

      transparent wood house............imagine

    90. dream fan ;O

      MrBeast: disrespeccc

    91. Super duper

      40:00 my wife after deciding she will marry me

    92. Entenkommando

      100g of AIBN? Good luck using up that much :D

    93. Boogaan

      i hear polish. my brain: hmm poland?

    94. ZeshXD

      How to make trensparent wood: 1) remove the wood of the wood 2) Infuse the remaining structure with plastic 3) Get transparent plastic sheet with wood structure in it ':-D

    95. MacTX

      next up, transparent aluminum 👀

    96. Duneydan

      This is so interesting! If only my chemistry class wasn't boring AF I might have continued chemistry but noooo! Acid-base titration... for 2 years! Nothing else!!! Cursed be my teacher!

    97. MatVenture


    98. Marex Kai

      This video looks like what web debugging feels like.

    99. vnxn

      This could be cool on a custom wooden pc case for the side panel

    100. TarixCat

      must have more test tube rockets and rocket fuel