Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment

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    Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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    MR. TIGER’S CAVE HOUSE (虎哥石壁凿豪宅)

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    1. Dan

      New title: “Man Looses His Hearing with No Ear Protection Using Power Tools”.

    2. Dj Ácaro deep Deep


    3. Кошкина


    4. エペかもね?


    5. Deb cothran

      Is he using a hammer drill?

    6. Алевтина Гопка

      Какой же ты молодец!!!

    7. どび

      very nice! very good! very beautiful💕😆

    8. Tami Hegadorn

      It’s all cool and fun till there’s a rock slide

    9. Rusty Shackleford

      Absolutely epic! Thank you for sharing

    10. Dmitry Unknown

      Молодец! Трудящиеся достойны своей награды!

    11. Milan Djordjevic

      Like in a tomb, and that should be good and beautiful?

    12. Drowsy Possum

      I have seen Minecraft in real life and this is it.. I mean literally..

    13. عزام محمد

      اهيب يالكافر سنع

    14. Лев Невелев TONAS

      У кого то явно слишком много денег, там одного оборудования в постройке задействовано столько что на полторы квартиры хватит, а если потраченные ресурсы подсчитать то можно было бы неплохой такой коттедж купить.

    15. Chas D

      Wait until he finds out about lumber and nail guns, kidding, great job.

    16. Tucker Mitchell

      Honestly, this house looks awful

    17. белый

      Ну ты братец и молодец,такого я ещё не видел,удачи и здоровья тебе😁👍👍👍

    18. Роман Ярошенко

      Где он электричество взял?

    19. richard martinez


    20. Yolanda “Yola” carrillo

      La casa de un hobbit ...impresionante

    21. Arman Jovi

      Is there wifi😁

    22. Kittonwy

      Does he just arbitrarily decides when to use power tools?

    23. Robinson

      Meanwhile.... earthquake and heavy rainfalls :- "do we need invitation or what ??"

    24. Gonzalo Guti

      Wow its just like liposurgery but just in the mountain rock lol

    25. Dude It's Tech

      Notice how they drill circle Holes. Just like what was found in ancient pyramids...

    26. Sylvia Tjhang

      This is very dangerous

    27. Kid A

      ear protection... ffs

    28. PROMillenium

      Stone coffin... .

    29. Debu Ghosh

      The tough giraffe regrettably rain because fir periodically crack along a absorbed fender. plant, boiling toothpaste

    30. Dumidor Dumbleplex

      It disgusts me to see China ruining nature

    31. Dumidor Dumbleplex

      Ccp propogandi also China has no access to the Internet its illegal for citizens to access www

    32. Алексей Хомченко

      Зачем я это смотрю?

    33. alex junior bila

      With the tools he has, wouldn't building a normal house a better option though?

    34. Sarel Brits

      maybe he needs a girlfriend then he will not waist his time like this

    35. Stefan Kanchev

      this is not a strong rock this is mostly digging in the dirt

    36. 김갑영

      중국넘들 참 대단하다

    37. Peter

      People have learned nothing from distroy the environment even more,why do you need to carve out a mountain to build a house, like we don't already have enough human distroction and the effects of man made desasters.

    38. foxtrot789

      No link to buy all the tools on Amazon?

    39. Ah Med

      ابداع ♥🌹

    40. sk p


    41. Uncle Kim

      Check the Ladon gas? Be careful !

    42. Nik C

      Well done Frodo Baggins

    43. CannaHeaven

      By the end of the build he'll become super strong, but also deaf since he isnt using any ear protection

    44. 카믹스


    45. Mike Ede

      Incredible! I was just wondering, if I left my phone number and when he's finished what he's doing could he put a shelf up for me.

    46. Danny H

      That was freaking amazing and so impressive!!

    47. Lực Hoangbinh

      Quả núi là nhà của nó

    48. Jonh Wick

      So the accent people had advance technology so who gave it to them.

    49. Jonh Wick

      That is some of the style they use to build the pyramids and acent Temple's

    50. Олег Чемпионов

      это какая то окаменевшая глина. плохо что конуру сделал- входишь и сразу кровать))). надо было двушку вырубить.а так- молодец!

    51. Аквариумный рай.

      Вы ребята скоро гнезда на деревьях будите строить. Пора вам решать вопросы с луной.

    52. Syed Hashim Syed Moksin

      Water does go through rocks

    53. Cty Âm Thanh Sân Khấu Điện Máy RUBY

      Tuyệt vời 🥳🥳🥳

    54. 제리노다봄별

      자 이제 다 치워야지? 혼자 개고생하네ㅋㅋ

    55. Jorge Santos

      Very impressive

    56. Oliver Lebt

      If he used chipboard for his bed he should throw them away, because they are very toxic the longer you stay in a room with them. Please take this warning serious, because I know this by very bad experience on my own health.--- That material should have been forbidden to be produced for inroom use, but it is not, which is a real crime.---- Great achievement. Gongratulations .👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    57. damiion666

      So after all the effort into the project, he still has to pay rent 🙄

    58. Johnny B

      Can i send you a better mask?

    59. cmeier 75

      The ultimate man-cave. Literally....

    60. KMC

      진짜 시멘트 좋아하네요.

    61. nicholas komporozos

      Imagine what these guys can do with a measuring tape and machinery... Now that's real talent!!!

    62. Павел Журавель

      Super Mao

    63. М. П.

      В граните бы попробовал☝🏻🤭😆🤣😆🤣

    64. 조인성

      부식이 중국판이 여기있었네 울 코리아칭구들 어디없나?

    65. M

      we can't do that in the netherlands. We got rules over here.

    66. Francisco Arroyo

      Awesome work

    67. Giga

      What a low quality bullshit lol

    68. debbi ramsey

      Wow. Fantastic

    69. Lucky Jasper

      Men dig mountain

    70. Kathey Hickey Van Otten

      Wow! Amazing job!

    71. Udho Aksa

      Wow paten kakak 🥰🥰👍👍👍

    72. VHS - Video History Shows

      I wonder where he gets his internet from and if he can watch his own video on SEprom!

    73. AGT0M

      Now, that's a man's cave! And here is your caveman...

    74. michael kidanu

      am really like you brother

    75. michael kidanu

    76. عبدالعزيز ابوصالح

      ابدع ماشاء الله تبارك الله

    77. Travis Lechner

      " debris can be removed easily" as he is muscling around a 200lb bolder.

    78. Thuần Vũ

      Oh my god!! That's amazing

    79. Владимир Лушков

      Нет слов-это просто титанический труд. Ролик снять и то работа адская. Мастер ....

    80. ภูผา


    81. Agung Prayogi

      Minecraft irl


      Bengkulu hadir

    83. Kuning Ng

      Is this even legal?

    84. mark markoni

      очень круто а не рухнет

    85. Bismarck Andrei Fernandez Surculento

      Me sorprende que no se le haya caido la cueva encima.

    86. Prometheus

      I can’t believe no-one has said it This is real life minecraft.

    87. Z zz

      That very soft rock seems to me, where I live there is granite as I do not put dynamite the same as I did, I do not in two centuries

    88. RACHID DZ

      فلسطين حرة PALASTEN FREE

    89. David Bov

      I can’t even build my little one a Wendy house

    90. KaBa DaLuk

      If they have thousand person like him, the nature will cry and earth will really soon exhausted

    91. Henrique Negrisoli

      Out standing. Amazing job. Congratulations!

    92. Fesh

      100% some one is going to find this 1000 years from now and have no idea who built this and there is going to be tallk of some unknow tools for precise cutting and shit xD

    93. For His Glory

      THIS IS AMAZING!! WHAT!? One must REALLY know how to do this from beginning to end, because of a chance of the mountain collapsing O.o Little does he know though, in a 100+ years, one this could be a safe haven for someone during the apocalypse

    94. 24 Bellers

      Sandstone. How did he calculate the stresses passing through the walls holding the hill up.🤔🥴

    95. Youtuber Lad

      And there are empty apartment building in China being built for the "people of China". Truly land of free and prosperity.

    96. Poykeh Music

      8:42 The sound of the *electric plane* fits _perfectly_ with the *background music* 😄🎶

    97. 117 john

      这样糟蹋自然 违法