Man uses martial arts to thwart attempted kidnapping in NYC park

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    A good Samaritan used martial arts to stop an attempted kidnapping at Madison Square Park this month.
    Brian Kemsley, 33, was in the right place at the right time to interfere in the crime around 3 p.m. Nov. 9.
    "I saw this man playing tug of war with a baby stroller, telling everyone it was his baby," Kemsley said.
    He was in the park with his girlfriend and stood back as others tried to pry the man from the stroller.
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    1. Rajib Dhungana

      Finally I saw a real use of Martial Arts in real life.

    2. 1lolofred

      Good job man !!!

    3. OmikronWeapon

      Respect for the dude, but when I read "martial arts" I want to see flying spinkicks and cartwheels, not "I choked him out".

    4. Avery Leshko

      Me: clicks this for tea. Also me: I'm way to lazy.

    5. TheDrewcas

      Good thing cops weren't there right away, there'd be 3 dead and all footage would be gone.

    6. santa Clause

      The market for baby strollers now has surpassed bitcoin

    7. Andre Medina

      The EDGE is strong with this one!!!!🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️

    8. Regina Lee


    9. Allie Dodd

      This man knows Muay Thai, he could kick your head clean off your shoulders. A bear hug is getting off so lucky.

    10. Passion Knife

      A citizen better trained than the police ;-)

    11. Roger Colette

      very cool

    12. Patrick Williams

      Props to the hero man this is the kind of news we need

    13. Anahata Das

      where are the masks?

    14. Tom Servo

      You know someone's trained when they try to de-esculate the situation, not show how hard they are

    15. Good luck finding me

      Police need this training, then they wouldn’t immediately reach for their lethal

      1. Jessica Laffin

        Or should have background in this.

    16. Donald Max

      The scary thing is I feel like if there’s a single father with his child. A woman could come up and cause a scene claiming it’s hers and the immediate public will almost always side with the woman.

      1. Samsung User

        That is messed up

      2. OmikronWeapon

        Or maybe they were a couple and she kidnapped it.

      3. SeanieD

        I remember seeing a reddit post that this had happened to someone in a grocery store parking lot while their wife was in the car waiting. I'm sure it happens more than we know.

    17. Jack Mesboules

      This is how cops should handle themselves.

    18. Kiron Kabir

      another reason to train brazilian jiu jitsu

    19. Ari V.

      that could have end deadly for the mma guy... that kind of things are not for streets but for the ring. The attacker could had a knife in his pocket and easily could have stab him in the side or throat. Just punch him and knock him out....


      Maybe the kidnapper could not uses his tapout....

    21. Kelly Bremer

      Don't cross your feet! But the rest looks good. Lol

    22. D'Mario Smith

      What if that was the father

    23. Jayden Hull

      Just a warning: Don't mess with a Muay Thai fighter. There techniques are crazy. And they have great conditioning. My advice is pick Muay Thai or Jiujitsu as your Martial Art.

    24. Маrко М

      Police is never on the right place

    25. Ahmad N

      Ok but what if the woman is actually the kidnapper and the guy is the parent? 🤔

    26. SKADZ

      how did they know, its not his child tho?

    27. Whats Up?

      Talking like a true puss.

    28. Skip 420

      that's not martial arts!.

    29. john smith

      The whimsical jacket suddenly improve because education subsequently face on a sick cloud. humorous, truthful fly

    30. HMP P S Y C O S i S


    31. vonholz 81

      Great for saving the baby, why take a kidnapper to a hospital so he can try again later! Jail and throw away the key

    32. Mason Rawls

      What an absolute champ

    33. Gabriela Garcia

      as he should.

    34. jussayin mipeece

      nobody going to say anything about that big woman who dragged he BIG man away and told him to get away and prevented him from helping? Hope they dont have kids that need help at any time.

    35. Zen Starwalker

      Imagine, CPS: Where did you get the baby Sir? There is no birth record for you gf nor any birth papers for the baby.. Creep: It's Manhattan, I found it in the streets, get outta heeeere

    36. MF' Legendary Gaming

      plot twist: mother kidnapped baby

    37. filipe machdo

      One love ❤️ man!!!

    38. Francis Marion

      That's the thing nowadays, there are SO many people out there doing MMA, you never know when you are going to pick the wrong mf to mess with. Its not just wrestlers and karate anymore. LOL

    39. Jessica

      Attempted kidnapping is just as bad as kidnapping. They should NEVER be released from prison or it'll be someone else's child kidnapped

    40. Fercito

      When a common man is better trained than your police lmao

      1. The_Fox48

        Yeah i dont know that a proffesional fighter counts as a common man

    41. L.E. Robbo

      The day a choke was called 'martial arts' is when the true form died.

      1. Francis Marion

        Chokes are mostly used in Ju Jit Su, which i believe is a form of martial arts. MMA is Mixed. Reporter is stupid.

    42. Braxden McNeal

      Ok am I tripping or the man he’s boxing at 1:19 kinda look like jake paul

    43. Lars Petersson

      hobo got a 9 minute long bonus hug at least

    44. krs1

      Right place, right time 😆

    45. Arctic Wolf

      It’s the Jorge Masvidal walk for me 😄

    46. Mr. André

      I wish he’d train police forces on how to subdue suspects without killing (harming) them!! 🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. frost bite

        He Didn't even fight back

      2. Petit panier d'osier


      3. Ryan Mader

        omg yes!, why dont police have to train jiu jitsu for their training.

    47. Steven Staley

      Bravo dude!

    48. Mattias Lindgren

      You did it well bryan 😎👍🇺🇸 well done

    49. two blocks Down

      1000000 hours of training were not useless. You grabbed some 4'9 ghnome from behind. Bravo

    50. Kprojects Kurt

      "i can´t breath"

    51. Jay Are

      This guy should be a cop! this is the mentality we need from all cops

      1. Francis Marion

        @*STERLING* After several years of experience street fighting I concur. You never know when someone is going to pull a knife or has a buddy with a shiv etc. Better to neutralize the first target to be ready to focus on the 2nd.

      2. *STERLING*

        Not really, this kind of mentality works when you are dealing with people who don't pose a huge threat (unarmed, not physically large and extraordinarily strong, not on drugs that increase pain tolerance ). One of The greatest Samurai in history Miyamoto Musashi said that in a serious self defense situation you should always strike with the intent to kill the attacker, by holding yourself back you risk a much bigger chance of getting killed or badly injured.

      3. Anthony Moya

        He’s actually in a hardcore band. Professional musician

      4. Francis Marion

        Yeah but that guy wasn't a cop, and the crazy guy wasn't 7' tall and didn't try to escape from a cop car.

    52. Nate The Goat Hi

      Plot twist the " mom " was the real kidnapper

    53. Jodie Hurrell

      Good people won't stand by and let this happen

    54. xan w

      Awesome Brazilian Jitsu 👍 Ty good citizen I probably choked the dude out n make him 💤 😆 Just for ppls reactions

    55. Justin Woodward

      I'm glad I can make this comment because nobody was hurt, but did anyone else find it weird that the reporter says "with grace and a sense of humanity" as this guy is on the floor with his body wrapped around another man?

    56. mymaster

      This was the cops should be taught!

    57. Amanda Meredith

      I wanna learn 🤗

    58. Carlos


    59. Hi

      Okay no offense but that thumbnail looks gay.

    60. Chicagorilla312

      Martial artist: “I was able to subdue the suspect without harming him” Police department: 👁👄👁

      1. Romy Ortiz Romero

        @frost bite Why?

      2. Francis Marion

        @sher bb yep, idiot.

      3. frost bite

        @sher bb your a ducking idiot

      4. NDZ

        @Captain Velli please dont hurt my family

      5. Captain Velli

        I did the exact same thing, I chased a crazy /drunk guy who was chasing people with a knife, i floored him then just stood over him till the police came, they came in all rushing guns blazing and I was like chill man he's subdued... Little did I know he had another knife in his sock after they searched him so 🤷

    61. John Raba

      Nice work

    62. Harry Hirsch

      professional fighter...yeah right

    63. Za One And Only

      lol i thought i wouldve seen a ninja flipping the kidnapper

    64. lennart hallberg

      Gaga= no longer in possession of all one's mental faculties, especially on account of old age. Lady Gaga was the perfect pick for Joe Biden`s inauguration.

    65. Bull Crusher

      jus remember rear chokin a stranger and being on the ground like that REALLY puts YOU in danger if he has ANY friends around - You will get soccer kicked RIGHT IN THE HEAD - NEVER EVER EVER EVER FORGET THAT POSSIBIITY - and always think twice before leaving yourself that vulnerable on the ground like that

      1. Bull Crusher

        @Nathan u'd be surprized how stupid can be

      2. Nathan

        He's surrounded by sympathizers that wouldn't just step aside so a would be hero can get kicked in the head. Also I haven't heard of group coordinated kidnappings, but if there are people like that they aren't going to be working with someone stupid enough to grab a stroller in front of a crowd in broad daylight.

    66. Julian Dunmore

      Imagine if that actually was an RNC. Homie woulda been out in 3 seconds

    67. J Green

      What if that was his baby?

    68. CH4RLI3 J

      Bro I have been in a rear naked choke how tf will he be safe people die from that’s

    69. Ignes Andros

      Muay thai - professional slap-fighting...

    70. Jtv Love

      Human handcuffs Mai Tai style


      What if it was the man's baby 🤦‍♂️

    72. Willy Mac


    73. mincraftetom loew

      imagine if it was the woman that was the kidnaper

    74. Ivan

      he reminds me of Ryan Reynold, he dope


      Why is it OK for this guy but not for police officers ?

    76. Max Power

      Racist white man stops minority from succeeding - CNN

    77. Mantis Life

      He choked him the f out but he did it with grace so it's cool

    78. dopamine

      MMA needs to be a requirement for all law enforcement.

    79. Rob Creates

      What a top bloke.

    80. Cubefarmer Hkc

      Had it locked in - dude was not getting out of that hold. good job Pro fghter

    81. k , franky, syiem

      He look like a gay the way he talk but he is brave 😍

    82. Daz Reevell

      Sod that I do mma and if I seen someone trying to nick someone's child I would've hurt him and hurt him bad

    83. nathan jensky

      The undesirable option yearly belong because carrot kinetically pack minus a giddy acoustic. unsightly, troubled stamp

    84. Olorin Mithrandir

      some zew trying to get babies to eat?

    85. A to Z

      I don't think you need martial arts to bring someone down using a rear choke hold.

      1. Francis Marion

        and they don't even have to do it to a bum on drugs.

      2. Garrett P

        Takes training to know what you are doing. You could kill someone in seconds, which is why he stop half way and just held him down.

    86. cyan0xide

      im sure that freak got no treatment and is out on the street right now in cuomos ny


      His skills came to the best use!

    88. hippa2dahoppa2

      this is def new york lol. somedays its just people walking minding their own business and other days its this

    89. Cooper Witzberger

      “Rear naked choke”? I’m more than 90% sure that news reporters are just morons in disguise.

    90. A69 Tejas

      I thought he punched him, 2 minutes of my life wasted

    91. B Na

      "good guy" with a gun: Tries to shoot the kidnapper, shoots the mother instead. Pats himself on the back.

    92. •RiNo LiNo•

      Awww they cuddling- Yes ik there is something wrong with me

      1. nari _ish

        Same dude

    93. Cody C

      Bro just doing what bros do. I'm sorry but I've seen far to many people just ignore problems rather than stepping in. Granted everyone is worried about getting sued but still... let's just be good to one another! Life would be a lot easier

    94. Tracer001

      Wow this guy rocks. I am sure most people would just start wailing on this guy, but he showed great restraint. We need more people in the world with this attitude and kindness and courage . Thank you sir

    95. Joshua Torres

      1:45 if he knew how to the *bad guy* could've broken his ankle by raising his right heel over his right tip of the shoe and pushing down, but not everyone knows ju jitsu great job to the white shoe guy

    96. Yep, it’s me!

      1:45 that phot is so confusing

    97. ДолбоклювЫ United

      Wow ! This nice booty on the left is hilarious !! But.... i missed what the story was about :/

    98. 김동현동현

      옛날에 세월호 사고나서 살인 갈취하고 해외 피겨하는데 세월호 안고쳤단 말이냐? 그래서 김연아는 죽은 숫자만큼 별 붙이기위해서 최초로 바지입고 파란색 바지로 평창 피겨도 했다. 미친년은 그 외에도 강애주(or강예주=체대생 트위터)라는 익명의 '자위 동영상'을 찍었고 초코바와 세븐치약을 앞뒤에 쑤셨다... ㅡ.,ㅡㅉㅉㅉ 노무현은 민주는 좋은데 간첩 키우는게 문제 였다. 노무현이 '세월호 없다(세월호 사고 없다)'고 했기 때문에 '선거법 위반' 먹었던 2002년도!. 그리고 자살후 1차사고의 피해자 군인은 2차 표적에게 경고하려고 찾아다녀서 2010년도 단원고 교감에게 말해줬지만..위장 피겨 선수에 의해 믿지 않았다. 그리고 2002년도 1명에 이어 2014년에 304명이 추가 사망했다. 살인 강도가 외국에서 올림픽 나가는것은 애국이 아니다. 그것을 눈감아준 '자살 대통령 노모씨'도 책임자 이다. 그 노모씨는 세월호 안전조치를 하지 않으면서 살인 사건장소를 인멸했다. 세월호 살인 갈취하고도 피겨 올림픽 나가는 것은 애국이 아니다. 정신 병자이자 종북이자 빨갱이들이다. 그들을 사형해야 나라가 바로 선다. (특수전 공개(사고생 정치인이 정치적으로 은폐해가며 자살)-천안함과 세월호는 남북간의 불미스런 일 입니다.)많은 자녀들과 친구와 선후배들에게 알려 주십시요(저는 특수 부대(특전사 제13공수 특전여단) 선도요원1기 입니다.) 최순실이 여적죄가 아니라 김연아,김연이(부모 김명자,김현석)이 여적죄 이다. 촉법 정신 이상자들의 사법농단이 곧 국정 농단이다. 2003년도 사고생 노무현 해양부 장관이 세월호 불량인것을 김연아와 함께 알리바이를 만들고도 국고 손실하고도 숨기고도 자살도주 했다. 착복은 사고생(변,검,판사)의 만행 이다. 함정 수사(함정수사를 배후 찾는다는 핑계로 대표로 받아 들이는 것=노무현 대통령 답지도 않은 대통령은 피겨 메달을 발로 찾어야 했다.)는 불법이기 때문이다. 어린이(김연아,김연이(김애라)=김현석과 김명자의 딸)가 살인 갈취해도 모른척하는 법안을 통해 국방비를 갈취해서 피겨하는데...검찰은 안잡고 판사는 풀어주고 대통령은 자살하고, 결국 다음 대통령도 감옥가고~~~'종북 피겨 어린이 김연아'로 국가 전복 하려는 의도가 확실한데도!!!! 법원과 검찰청과 평창과 국회의원들 두들겨 패고도 남을 일이 국가가 저지른 '세월호 침몰 동계올림픽'이거늘. 노무현이 '97세월호'를 '국방비 횡령 착복 피겨'와 바꿔치기 했다.!.. 노무현이 비밀로 하고 자살하였기 때문에 2010년도에 단원고 교감에게 비밀을 폭로 하는 전화했지만 '안믿어진다=의장 문희상이 교감의 문의에 거짓말이라고 했다'며 탑승해가며 4년뒤 304(305명과는 1명 차이)명을 사망 시켰다.1명은 누구? 2002년도 세월호 사고때 곽모대령1명...그렇기때문에 피겨가 피격하고 ㄱ을 빼서 단원고 ㄱ교실을 남겨야 한다. 부패한 민주당의 살인을 폭로 해야만 한다. 박근혜 대통령에게 시간을 주지 않는 촉불 탄핵은 국가 전복이 였기때문에 노무현-문재인이 재탕(김연아 안잡고..세월호 외인(=2002외력설))숨겨두고 해먹는 것이다.2002부터 노무현은 '세월호 없다(증거인멸).사고 기재하라는 김대중 대통령의 명령은 허위기재이기 때문에 부당하다'라고 했다. 그리고 김연아로부터 '국대 승인'을 했다. 민주당에 침투된 그들은 더러운 매국노 이다. 문재인의 생모가 북한이 있다(인질)는 이유로 세월호를 침몰로 만든 노무현이 였다. '03.9노모씨 왈,'(껌사들을 국밍을,방송 카메라 보면서)이정도면 막가자나느 거지요?' 노무현은 민주는 좋은데 간첩 키우는게 문제 였다. 노무현이 '세월호 없다(세월호 사고 없다)'고 했기 때문에 '선거법 위반' 먹었던 사고생 출신 해양부 출신 대통령 선거 진출자 노무현(02년도 기호2번으로03까지 '세월호 없다.못찾는게 아니라 없다'하며 출마)...세월호 사고때 살인 사건,충청도 국방비 갈취 저지른 김연아 그리고 촉법 적용한 판사 양승태...~ 검찰이 전관예우한다고만 보기에는 '증거인멸한 사고생 노무현'!!! 이렇게 민주당 사고생들은 '세월호 참사 동계 올림픽 자작극 정치'을 준비 했었다. 02년에는 월드컵때 세월호 참사가 날뻔 했었다. 친일 청산과 청남대(충청도 군대=김연아,김연이가 국방비 '착복(=살인 갈취 횡령 은닉)') 개방은 '야바위 공약' 김연아 메달을 받은 노무현 그렇게 세월호는 잊혀 졌다. 그래서 아무런 '예방'조치조차 없었다. 자살한 노무현에의해 수사종결!. 최순실-박근혜는 죄가 없다. '세월호 한딱가리'는 상병 만기 전역자 노무현이가 했다. 김연아,김연이(부모;김현석,김명자)-양승태!!! 그리고...한동훈 검사와 따로 현장에 '02출동했었던 '문재인'은 사면권을 쓸것인가!!! 김대중-노무현과 김연아,김연이의 만행을 만천하에 고백(자백) 할것인가!! ....

    99. Cynthia Wolf

      That was beautiful! an octopus..

    100. Spaghetti

      since george floyd, police can't use headlock restraints, but us civilians can! Nice work!