MARVEL PHASE 5 FULL SLATE REVEAL | All Trailer Footage and Announcements Disney Investors Day

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    The entire MARVEL PHASE 5 SLATE all trailers footage and new series announcements for disney plus, all footage shown at the Disney Investors Day meeting. Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege reveals all new titles and talks about the upcoming marvel phase 4 and marvel phase 5 movies and disney + shows....
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    1. Everything Always

      hey guys, if this is your first time at the channel, make sure to subscribe to get all the best MCU updates... if any of you guys are curious, I just released a new song on Impossible Records, and you can hear it here:

      1. Jay Ward

        May I win whatever you are giving away....hears my address. North pole

      2. Strike Officials


      3. Edit in Kannada 897

        @Rand0m q

      4. ً

        Will have doctor strange in disney plus?

      5. Андрей Конкс


    2. Scrooge Mc Ducking

      8:26 black widow is alive

    3. Leinad Tineo

      Isnt this phase 4 not phase 5?

    4. Anja Ivan

      this is phase 4 though?

    5. Eric Woodward will take your bitch no cap

      I was really hoping for another avengers


      Super us ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    7. BDTiger 07

      As it seems like Marvel knows what their fans want and they give them that. On the other hand, DC (or WB) knows what their fans want but reluctant to do so. Still could not get the MoS sequel and not a cohesive universe. It is really a hard time to be DC fan right now.

    8. Akai yuki

      Why knives loki? i loved his scepter it was so him -.-

    9. Supersnakeboi

      So when does fantastic 4 come out and who will be playing the fantastic 4

      1. Supersnakeboi

        @sam thompson or 2024 as fantastic 4

      2. sam thompson

        As of right now Fantastic 4 has no released date is still in development right now . the only information we got is that Jon Watts will be the Director for it so my best be is that it will be the last movie to be in phase four so 2023

    10. Gabe Williams

      All I have to say is Annihilators! Story Line: Thanos Imperative. ▪️Nova: ✔ ▪️Quasar: Hope to see in MCU ▪️Beta Ray Bill: Stormbreaker in MCU, So waiting on the Character. ▪️Gladiator: Hope to see in MCU ▪️Silver Surfer: ✔ ▪️Ronan the Accuser: ✔

    11. Naomi

      Okay what if Bucky, is in black panther II helping shuri or something like that.

    12. Carlos 2

      So if they’re not recasting Black Panther how will they do BP2, or have they filmed it already. Will they kill him in the movie and pass the role to Shuri

      1. sam thompson

        no they never filmed the second black panther movie before boseman death. Marvel has said the second one will "honor the legacy" of the late Chadwick Boseman. my best bet is that they will kill off the T'Challa character off and pass the black panther down to shuri and new ruler of wakanda in the up and coming wakanda TV series they are development for Disney Plus

    13. unusual person

      Disney plus:"I will be god " Netflix:"you will never be a god" HBO max:"WTF" Telegram:"I make god's bleed "

    14. Nahian Nir

      Every Confirmed Young/New Avenger Wiccan - Billy Maximoff (Wandavision) Speed - Tommy Maximoff (Wandavision) Photon - Monica Rambeau (Wandavision) Miss Marvel - Kamala Khan (Miss Marvel) Iron Heart - Riri Williams (Iron Heart) Miss America - America Chavez (Doctor Strange 2) She Hulk - Jennifer Walters (She Hulk) Mighty Thor - Jane Foster (Thor 4) Echo - Maya Lopez (Hawkeye) Stature - Cassie Lang (Ant Man 3) Hawkeye - Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) Patriot - Eli Bradley (TFATWS) Shang Chi (Shang Chi And The Lengend Of Ten Rings) Moon Knight - Marc Spector (MoonKnight) Black Knight - Dane Whiteman (Eternals) Blade - Eric Brooks (Blade)

      1. sam thompson

        @Nahian Nir Well i haven't seen or read anything that marvel is planning of doing a young Avengers or New Avengers so is all rumors the way i see it tell someone at Disney/ Marvel Announce it I don't believe it

      2. Nahian Nir

        @sam thompson You sure about that? I was just listing them BTW, You have a nice grammer

      3. sam thompson

        no is not confirmed that marvel is going to make a young avengers or doing a new Avengers at all. tell they official announced it's all rumors


      They better do right by Fantastic 4 this time


      Tim Roth is back 😱

    17. Hassan Mehmood

      this is phase 4 not 5

    18. Ma Jin

      Because of MCU... i dont feel like watching any movie genre at all truely...well DC is an animie is so lit😚

    19. Ma Jin

      Man....Feige's giving a really new definition continuing a franchise like that especially transitioning from films to actual life-action series episodically...and now that story lines re-connecting to the upcoming major films.. 🤩🤩🤩

    20. Adrian Eyre

      Can’t wait for she hulk

    21. Erin Shetler

      5:31 lol imagine if it stayed May 7th

    22. jesse mosher

      Its gonna be a great couple years

    23. Warpanda72 Xbox

      Will we get a chance to have Ghost Rider in the MCU with an R rating?

      1. sam thompson

        most likely not when marvel took over the rights to the Ghost rider in 2013 they cancelling any plans for a third film and really haven't done much with it other then it showed up in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    24. USN

      Words can’t describe how excited I am

      1. SuSeviper

        Phase 4 and 5 will be so awesome, can’t wait!

    25. Steffen Wennerstrand

      Kevin Feige made the MCU to become a giant film franchise

      1. sam thompson

        @SuSeviper what if... tv series would explores what would happen if major moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe occurred differently. so it would have to be connected to the main time line of the MCU

      2. SuSeviper

        @Steffen Wennerstrand What If...? Is most likely non-canon and won't connect to the main time line of the MCU, but I am still hyped for it! Hawkeye and Ms Marvel will be canon, and I'm sad not that many are hyping those shows up.

      3. Steffen Wennerstrand

        @SuSeviper I am expecting some new Disney plus shows like what if and Ms marvel and Hawkeye on Disney plus, I can’t see myself that what if having some connection timeline with the other movies

      4. SuSeviper

        @Steffen Wennerstrand We are getting four movies this year actually! Black Widow on July 9th, Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings on September 3rd, The Eternals on November 5th, and Spider Man 3 No Way Home on December 17th!

      5. Steffen Wennerstrand

        @SuSeviper I can’t believe we are actually getting a marvel movie this year!

    26. Milo Cat

      is it bad that this is my only motivation to stay alive for the next couple of years, to be able to see all these? :)

    27. Chris Blansit

      Spiderman Miles Morales

    28. Joseph Sanchez

      Yo bra I’m starting to worry about the last original 3 avengers like Thor replaced what does that mean for Thor odinson

    29. Advait Vuppalanchi

      It's phase 4

    30. Parthipbinu 007

      Is it a dream

    31. Matt Truita


    32. IzmSkizm1

      “What If?” Looks AMAZING to me.

      1. SuSeviper

        I can’t wait for it! I hope it isn’t just Captain America as a zombie but the whole Marvel Zombies situation!

    33. Anthony

      I can't believe he just said Bosman as Africa Panther transcends any other character. Im gona sound like a Republican here but what about RDJ as Iron Man?

      1. Johnathan

        @SuSeviper okay but how does that make black panther a better character?

      2. SuSeviper

        Dude. Chadwick Boseman tragically passed away, he was a wonderful actor, who deserves the praise he is getting. While Robert Downey Junior was awesome as Iron Man, and is the only true Iron Man, he didn’t pass away, and you sound a bit disrespectful.

    34. Anthony

      Disney should fire all males except non-biological persons which identify as male. Or gay sorry I forgot the gays.

    35. Jonathan Vaudreuil

      Hey what is the animated movie playing in this video with doctor strange and the Scavengers?

      1. Jonathan Vaudreuil

        @Everything Always Oh wow. i didn't realize what if? was going to be animated. It looks pretty awesome, so i am definitely going to watch when it comes out.

      2. Kyle Fielder

        @Everything Always I hope it gets a released date in the next month

      3. Everything Always

        What If? animated TV series this summer on disney+

    36. Ruhaan

      They should make a movie on the life of Peggy and Steve after Steve returned the infinity stones and came back back to Peggy.

    37. anjum islam

      Mysterious Character is Red Skull

    38. Vincent Nguyen

      Jesus, ok, I’ll buy Disney plus :/

    39. Fabian

      Kevin fiege is such a Jugend brain

    40. Sam gelinas

      Never seen a teenage superhero hmmm. Dumbness

    41. FlameninjaOp

      Imagine if dc was connected like this

      1. SuSeviper

        I wish DC would have people like Kevin Feige on their team...

      2. VERK

        DC would be a perfect rival if they were connected like this

    42. Lorna Murphy

      Why is have they replaced the Captain Marvel director Anna Boden And Ryan Fleck why cant they keep them

    43. CastleClips

      Is it me or all the directors look Soo similar with the vibe of the picture

    44. Sonam bhutia

      Its toooop muccch

    45. Raven Gaming

      So basically they calculated how many they made until 4 phase and just added that exact movie/shows number to phase 5 wow I mean I am not giving hate or anything I’m just wow 😂

      1. sam thompson

        raven Gaming all of those titles are phase 4 marvel has added some new titles to the list and people get off thinking oh is phase 5 stuff is not at all. They don't understand that Marvel will also be making a lot of TV series for Disney plus taken characters from the films and giving them a TV series along with new characters that we haven't seen before. Second why would Marvel start giving us phase 5 stuff when we are only in 2 shows into phase 4 and 3 years away from the end of phase 4 and start of 5

    46. Leonard Chan

      am I the only one who doesn't like TV series formats, I love marvel but I'm just not inclined to catch WandaVision and Falcon and Winter Soldier

    47. Cherif Mokdad

      I feel that some of the new productions are good and some are not as near as good as the previous ones leading to avengers .

    48. Abby De Leon

      This is NOTHING new, don't be fooled, this is phase 4! And we all knew about it since December or even since the 2019 comic con!

    49. Case Kirby

      Bruh why are they recasting the grown up Cassie Lang from endgame???

    50. Case Kirby

      I wish Morgan stark was iron heart but it’s whatever

    51. klo htoo

      There all fake spider-man there only one real spider-man

    52. LukaBeBass Plays

      Done. I love far from home and I am the biggest fan of marvel EVER

    53. Mo Adam

      I don't know if I'm hallucinating but the middle part of the Doctor strange poster or logo or whatever you wanna call it looks similar to the devil glass portrait that appears in the Loki trailer. Can anyone check it out and let me know if they see the same thing.

      1. SuSeviper

        I don’t really see it... but I really hope Mephisto shows up, we got too hyped up with WandaVision, but I’m still wishing for him.

    54. Purushottam Kumar

      Total tatti movies coming this year

    55. spades

      mcu is the greatest in history but i wish they didn’t kill of the avengers

    56. Leeforleee91

      So iron man and cap are really dead

      1. sam thompson

        Yes iron man is dead, captain America is still alive if you watch the end of endgame you would see older Steve Rogers official retired from Captain America and giving the iconic shield to Sam Wilson aka The Falcon

    57. King Kash

      I kinda feel like this was announced way too early

    58. Stinkin Dinkins

      I'm so happy that they're continuing on with these Marvel Cinematic Universe. I can't wait to see what they do I just hope they don't get to work on us. Keep this money train moving LOL

    59. Walter contacto

      Fase 5 es lgtb y feminazi. Un asco

    60. Pablo Alandete

      Kevin Feige is the GOAT of humanity´s entertainment

    61. That guy lui

      Bro where’s Daredevil? I’m legit depressed.

      1. SuSeviper

        @That guy lui After his appearance in one of those he should get a movie or series IMO

      2. That guy lui

        @SuSeviper True but I would love the series to get reboot

      3. SuSeviper

        Daredevil could be in Spider Man 3, She-Hulk or The Echo series coming out.

    62. kariyo ryan


    63. kariyo ryan


    64. I am L


      1. SuSeviper

        I’m so excited for Fantastic Four - I hope Super Skull, Dr Doom, or Molecule Man are the villains.

    65. Jeh Corin

      I was expecting donnie yen or jet li or jc to be the shang chi

    66. Samarjeet Bhonsle

      Umm wait, I'm confused, since their not recasting T'Challa (which is a good thing) how are they gonna get the movie out? Was it already done before Boseman's passing or what?

      1. sam thompson

        no the second movie wasn't made yet in mid 2019 marvel had began making the script for the second movie that it was in development, but when boseman passing they had to go back and redo the script since they wasn't going to recast T'Challa

    67. Cindy Shields

      Don't forget about Morgan stark she can find Tony's old recordings of him makeing his arc reactor. Then she can make the suits with the help of Friday.

      1. annie r u okay

        for now she can make small cameos in like "armor wars" or "ironheart" stuff like that

      2. Laura S

        Imagine 20-30 years from now the avenger’s future kids having their own movies 🥺


      alguien me podria pasar el link del informe original

    69. ReadyBear 77

      Has she had plenty or Alaqua Cox 🤦‍♂️ 🤭

    70. _ H

      What about Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool joining MCU... I'm so excited for that

      1. sam thompson

        @SuSeviper it would make sense to have him show up there have him help doctor strange or something like that

      2. SuSeviper

        @sam thompson Yeah I kinda agree there, he would be a great little cameo in Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness.

      3. sam thompson

        @SuSeviper I think giving Deadpool a Cameos like Stan lee in all movies and shows would just be a little too much, Me personally have Deadpool show up in Doctor strange in the Multiverse of Madness where it takes place after Endgame and the events of Wandavision to me it would make a lot of sense for him to show up

      4. SuSeviper

        Deadpool should get small cameos like Stan Lee in the new movies and shows in my opinion.

      5. sam thompson

        Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role as Deadpool MCU is working on a Untitled Deadpool film which should start filming sometime after 2021

    71. rRj

      I hope I'm still alive to watch all these.

      1. name .2

        I'll make sure you dont

    72. Zay 6991

      Where's xmen, deadpool, & avengers 5? Few slots were wasted with ms.marvel, guardians xmas, & she hulk...sue me

      1. sam thompson

        marvel is in the works of making a X-Men that will different from the 20 century fox version and also working on a Untitled Deadpool film which should start filming after 2021. I probably be a while we get another avengers movies or marvel mite replace it with the young avengers movie

    73. Rinsible Juice


    74. Jay Ward

      These movies be better. Those shows so far stink......hope Loki Saves us. LOL.

      1. SuSeviper

        I loved WandaVision, and am liking The Falcon and The Winter Soldier at the moment, but I’m most excited for Loki since the possibilities are endless with that show.


      2023???? damn the new gta gonna be out when that drops LMFAO

    76. Aaron Moore

      Really hoping they hold back on Awkwafina providing comic relief in Shang-Chi; she kind of brings movies down for me, like she’s trying too hard.

    77. Renee

      Maybe somewhere in the very far far future let’s talk about re-casting him but I am grateful and thankful that you guys are showing such respect by not recasting his role. Rest in power Chad

    78. Black Water Outdoors

      Ms Marvel sounds dumb comes of as trying to be way too relatable

    79. Steve Sparks

      They have turned it into a clown show! How can we take Wanda seriously anymore?

      1. SuSeviper

        Wanda is one of the best characters in the MCU in my opinion, you say "we" when your opinion is really unpopular.

      2. winter

        Well, that’s your problem buddy.... don’t just add WE into it

    80. Dragon E

      I don’t wanna watch anymore they replaced Steve Rogers with some weird guy

    81. Dhruv Verma

      My fav Spider-Man was Andrew garfield

    82. Andy Donkhead

      Gotta be honest, the "what if" series looks ace. Very intriguing 👍

    83. Atlanto _Jr

      can i please win the ps5 please

    84. Atlanto _Jr

      can I please win the ps5, please

    85. Sevit

      people who don't have disney +: :( :(

    86. Brian Brouns

      So did Kevin Feige just spoiled that time that teyonah parris was playing monica rambeau in wandavision? Because on the uploaddate of the video wandavision was not even out yet

    87. TheDocumenterers

      This lineup will be awesome!!

    88. F

      peggy carter is such an underrated character im looking forward to see her as captain britain in the what if series!!

    89. Adam Yousef

      Wanda vision has made me hate the words Please stand by

    90. Quinn Fowlie

      'Kay, can we just take a moment to acknowledge that the Abomination is coming back for She-Hulk?! 😁😁😁😁😁

    91. Eros ivv

      omg as a comic reader im trippin balls

    92. Addyson Blair

      I can’t wait for the new fantastic 4 and dr strange

    93. aaauto229

      Hey Guys!

    94. Jesse Richards

      Dang the most anticipated one for me was going to be blade & still no update😕 also i seriously hope for a future ghost rider series that makes up for the not so good other 2 films

    95. Sean Broecker


    96. Pulsar359

      So green lighted Fantastic Four, but no X-Men. Baby steps I guess.

      1. sam thompson

        @SuSeviper well if you didn't know Kevin Feige first time producer for films was on the X-Men movies, he was associate producer for the first X-Men movie, Co-Producer for X2 movie, Executive Producer for the last stand movie. So i will say he knows a lot about the X-Men movies and have full trust in him to make good movies

      2. SuSeviper

        @sam thompson Yeah I trust in Marvel and Kevin Feige to look at the mistakes of the Fox X-Men movies and to make sure they don't make them again.

      3. sam thompson

        @SuSeviper yea the concept of dark phoenix was good but the movie was just plan awful for sure but all we can do is hope that maybe marvel will look back to the pass movies that didn't do well and do a remake of them

      4. SuSeviper

        @sam thompson I like the concept of Dark Phoenix, but the execution of it in the movie was awful, but I would love Marvel to give it another try and finally make a great dark phoenix adaptation.

      5. sam thompson

        @SuSeviper Me personally I think Marvel would do the X-Men the justice they deserved to have from the beginning, something that fox could of never do for them other then the 3 great movies they did for Logan, I would love to see marvel to do a remake of the Last stand and the dark phoenix movie but I think either way marvel will just do a better job with them

    97. Charlie glassman


    98. Daniel Jurado

      While I’m excited for all of this, I feel like revealing so much information just like that kind of doesn’t feel right

    99. Marvel Potters

      Uk what no wonder Marvel never fails to deliver I mean they plan for their movies ahead of time

    100. Willis Finchnut

      I’m so excited I literally have a ps5 controller and the two pack of Spider-Man 1 and 2 for ps5. Can’t wait to play as Ms. Marvel in the avengers game too and hulk!!! I miss couch coop