Matte Black Motherboard Setup... Absolutely gorgeous!


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    The new N7 B550 Motherboard from NZXT had some big issues to overcome with the previous N7 B390 boards and their less than stellar features and quality. So let's see how it did! Check out the N7 B550 at

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    1. aragorn4242

      am i missing something ? Don't builders use static reduction methods now ? Or is the bench isolated ?

    2. Nina Minina

      BIOS personalization is so nice

    3. Luke McKenzie

      For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13) Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. (James 4:4) When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:17)

    4. greg B

      i wonder why nzxt didnt do amd x570 mb.

    5. Jonathan Lacy

      I'm not sure if it's an issue now, but the biggest reason why I stopped even considering CAM a few years ago is because some of my games would not run or would not run properly if CAM is running anywhere in the PC. Does anyone know if this issue has been solved or if it is more of a unique issue?

    6. Glenn Drury

      I now have this board in white couldn't be happier.

    7. J2 digital

      Catching up on some of your guys back content. Glad I am! Oddly feeling like a chip pandemic since new content is harder to make for you guys and harder for me to come by.

    8. Tyler .Bobbett

      These are such quality videos

    9. Chuck Reed

      I installed the os on the wrong drive ... 2 minutes later ... for those who are actually capable of understanding how stuff works - we will just move along ... LoL !!

    10. Chuck Reed

      Those nvme covers should incorporate heatsinks

    11. Chuck Reed

      Nzxt is looking for a friend after Steve

    12. Dr. C

      Reality = Beautiful mb with no gpu.

    13. Omega Mark

      You forgot to mention that it has Realtek audio and LAN. Wireless is Intel.

    14. SILENT

      *I'm a simple boi. I see NZXT, i click the video*

    15. DerPolygonianer

      I wonder if the Mainboard also catches on fire? I heard that that is a new NZXT feature. That and changing Parts from Review Samples. I'm kind of joking, but right now I'm not buying NZXT because I want them to maybe learn from their mistakes. Not because of Quality Issues, but because of lying to Customers and then trying to weasel out of the responsibility. I can pass on better looks for that.

    16. Sovereign

      Eh, I'm good on NZXT. Who knows when one of their products will burn your house down due to their idgaf corporate policy.

    17. Akshaylal S

      That's the cleanest looking UEFI BIOS I have ever seen

    18. Your Fan

      NZXT = Cheap c****

    19. Carlo Quitos

      How nice it would be to have a white version of this, but in the X570 chipset.

    20. Jamal Taylor

      Sometimes I miss the days when if you didn't shed some blood it wasn't a real build. Then I remember I still have scars from that, and go back to enjoying cases I can't peel an apple with and boards that don't cause puncture wounds just holding them.

    21. Santhosh K

      HEY JAY can you do a oc guide for amd with pbo2 on the gigabyte board .......noone on youtube is done it for noobs yet

    22. Sarys

      Wow that does look sweet. I would love to have a sweet matte black like that. Then again I hate seethrough and rgb, so I would only get to see it once a month when I clean out my rig. lol

    23. Mario Jasso

      Friend you were really hurting that other n7 motherboard. If you don't want it that bad I'll take it off your hands. I would really appreciate the help.

    24. Boeman

      This was such a long advertisement

    25. costafilh0

      MKBHD enters the room.

    26. Hironii

      Why I can't find this motherboard T.T

    27. GodParticle314

      For some reason, NZXT cam always shows my GPU usage as 0%

    28. Andrew Gillen

      The question is, where can I buy one? i have been looking for weeks, and no one is carrying it, not even for pre-order. When I talked to NZXT directly, they said they will be restocking every two weeks. And yet... I just want a frosty build man :(

    29. Dani Elefteriadis

      18:45 ...that was a really weird cut-away.

    30. qopoy dnon

      I like watching these build videos because it's the closest I'll get in the next 1.5yrs to actually building one.

    31. Papa Xan

      Why are the GPU fans so unsure if they wanna be off or not?

    32. Saotorii

      This looks exactly like that ASRock bios

    33. Viridye

      ok, this looks rly cool. If they will do release for and with new gen cpu's, then it looks as good choice.

      1. qopoy dnon

        He just broke a trace on the motherboard he just twisted lmfao

    34. Kakutasu

      this would look really good with one of those blacked out OEM RTX cards alienware puts in their new prebuilts

    35. Shotz

      Nzxt with the triple CPU digital cooler is awesome so I'm keen to see what they put into gaming motherboards. Hopefully RGB and make it look as cool as the Asus ROG Strix stuff. I'm not a fan of wifi on the boards but I am a big supporter of digital read outs that give me information about what my pc is doing. I'd love to see support for 128gig of ram, ryzen threadripper compatible variations of the board, just the standard stuff, 2x m.2 drives, just really high end stuff because I spend $800-$1000 Australian on good quality motherboards. I love NZXT so I'm really keen to see where and what NZXT do with their boards. I'd love to see them do stuff bigger and better than everyone else :)

    36. Mughug

      Any pink motherboards?

    37. ThinkerOnTheBus

      Hey, Jay, you misunderstood what I had said!

    38. oorcinus

      Did a similar matte black (with couple of small blue accents) look 5-6 years ago on a Sabertooth X99, by removing all the covers and shrouds and airbrushing them, then painting the slots as well (put some cardboard in them to prevent them getting shat up by the paint. Turned out pretty nicely, only downside is matte surface seems to grip very fine dust (the kind that goes through the filters) like crazy.

    39. yasio bolo

      The Formulamatic was the kitchen appliance house wives used in 1950 to mix their drinks while Don Draper was out philandering.

    40. B_chan

      No CD driver disk: *No drivers to download drivers online*

    41. Dmitrij Vitalis

      it's ECS, not EPS for god's sake jay

    42. Blue

      No, the reason people didnt like CAM was because it was a data miner.

    43. Nathan

      I like everything I see, but am still considerably burnt by their data harvesting scam from the CAM software back in the day... it looks wonderful vs other software, but when I had to manually disable network connections for the app so it wouldn't be able to send NZXT my hardware specs/loads/god knows what else don't get sent to NZXT, it was just not ideal.... No idea how they could convince me that scam wouldn't be EVEN WORSE with using their own motherboard AND software.

    44. 0NESIXTY


    45. M R

      Wait. M.2 thermal throttling is a thing?

    46. Jesse The pond hopper

      Awww he needs a night light in his rig lol

    47. Jesse The pond hopper

      Don't need rgb lights for a killer set up lol rgb lights is for the kiddies lmfao

    48. Jesse The pond hopper

      He just broke a trace on the motherboard he just twisted lmfao

    49. Jesse The pond hopper

      No rgb lights lmfao

    50. Gap Recordings Namibia

      I'm always just waiting to hear Jays tongue tie session........ Thanks Jay you made my day..

    51. Thomas smith

      The world needs more green PCBs of beauty.

    52. Ivan De Mesa

      Absolutely perfect

    53. Ron Miche

      Asrock sucks Mine got broken after 1 week 6 years ago and the board from a friend broke after 3 weeks 1 month ago.

    54. vbddfy euuyt

      Nztx has the cleanest stuff. Any of it. And it all looks amazing together.

    55. GunstarGizmo

      1:00 There's more sound interference with antennas situated directly next to the motherboard.

    56. foust117

      That BIOS though, I'm a sucker for clean UI that also tell you exactly what you need and make it painless.

    57. pkt1213

      Great tutorial on the asrock bios

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        this, please show every step because I would love to follow your method and have one of these myself. :)

    58. Kevin Roche

      N7 motherboard you say? Shepard...

    59. TheVillainOfTheYear

      "Ann Tannah"

    60. tomas doyle

      Hey I have an idea for a custom pc build the Dope As Yola Podcast makes super good podcasts/videos and it takes them way too long to edit/upload/oreven move their files for example last weeks one was 4+ hours and on top they makes clips could u make them a watercooled pc w a good gc for their 4k podcasts it would be amazing (plus I guarantee his loyal ass fans would support the shit out of u)

    61. Kenyah McIntosh-Brown

      This is the board I’ve been dreaming of

    62. VRShenanigans

      Too bad those white ones sucked, would have looked nice in my white case

    63. INgunaddict

      Jay! Can you explain the ryzen generations for us newer guys? The Intel side was easy to understand generationally 10600k was last gen replaced by 11600k in this gen. Does the 5950x replace the 3950x? Please help!

    64. C Williams

      Those bios are Identical to the Asrock Phantom Gaming Bios, except the colors are a lot nicer. !1

    65. Geoff Plant

      Have you checked SSD temp with these magnetic covers?

    66. PopeEeMon

      I just built a Ryzen 5 5600 system using an ASRock x570 Pg Velocita and the BIOS/UEFI look almost identical as this NZXT board. I’m guessing since ASRock makes it just put NZXT logo on theirs. It has a ton of features.

    67. Scotfree Gaming

      Does the N7 Z490 also have those magnetic panel covers or is just exclusive to the B550?

    68. Khemore

      JayzTwoCents. Hey mate, i really enjoy your videos thanks for making them. I don´t know if u are going to reply to this, but i´m going to ask anyway :) The thing is i have a MSI GamingX RX5700XT but the cooling is giving me trubble do u know if it´s posible to water cool that GPU? because i been looking but can´t really find anything. Best regards Khemore

    69. Order 666

      Wheres v8 case

    70. This is not A alt

      It says he just uploaded it and I got the notification but it says it was posted 3 days ago

    71. Tim Longson

      Next time you are bored Jay, here is an experiment for you: buy a large off the shelf full PC case, then mod it so that it still looks good, but can hold enough 140mm fan based radiators (like multiple 560mm or 420mm radiators) to be able to get a max overclocked top of the range CPU and GPU to within 5 degrees C of ambient, with fans running at the minimum speed they can go. I know you did the box fan experiment, but that was not within an off the shelf PC case, not practical, and not something that we could copy at home ourselves in a way that would look good on as a complete self contained PC that you want to keep and "RGB up", rather than bits of equipment all over the place. If you do this, please show every step because I would love to follow your method and have one of these myself. :)

    72. ShadowOps Airman1


    73. Joe Fries

      Who else can hear creaking and super light cracking when jay flexed that motherboard...

    74. Ondra Kahoun

      dark mode spotted in CAM = worth it

    75. SniperPenguin

      Im intrigued to see what market this board is aimed at. If you are going to go "All in" with NZXT proprietary setup, surely you would just go pre-built? Or is this basically a branding exercise by them, controlling motherboards for their pre-builts and selling off some excess stock?

    76. AMStorm

      you dont put a cover on motherboard... do you put a cover under GFs bra?

    77. SniperPenguin

      For years I thought ASRock was just Asus' budget brand - Not gonna lie....

    78. Beken Hagyjal

      20:00 A program will never accurately tell how many watts you pull at the wall.

    79. Finn

      Can someone help me with my questions when you buy pc parts do you get the cables with the power supply or do you have to buy cables

    80. Cerious

      Do you have a 3060 ti ? Want to buy it from you im living in europe, im ready to pay 420€ which is around 500$ if you calculate. Someone?

    81. Darren Faux

      You say about using both the 8 and the 4 pin when using a high core count cpu? How do you use the extra port though? Even on my Corsair HX1000 I don't seem to have a lead that connects too it? Can you please advise?

    82. Jason Irons

      I still can't believe people trust CAM after NZXT literally got caught installing backdoor spyware onto it before their great "overhaul" and the fucking moderators all had meltdowns on their sub when people were posting the logs they found of their information being sent off.

    83. Max Strassman

      The motherboard cover is not screwed then I made that mistake myself It's just cliped in you can literally pull it off

    84. EngWa

      Automatic, Systematic, Foooormulamatic. Why it's a JayzTwoCents!

    85. Mark Cowburn

      Basically the same BIOS as an ASRock B450 Pro4

    86. FOUR ACES

      I used Asrock a few times like 10 years ago, I stopped went back to Asus since they're more reliable, more stable and equal if not better performance. I won't build with any other brand now. I don't overclock with exception of XMP on ram. I am truly amazed at all the youtubers who rave about e-waste yet they all seem to do overclocking videos. When they have to be aware as any good tech is that overclocking shortens the life of the system. Spend more on better parts, if you get cheaper parts and overclock then you have to spend much more on cooling to come close to compensating. But I'm old, and scotish I made the last system last 10 years with a gpu upgrade about 5 yrs in. An off topic comments now, who wants to boycott the Newegg shuffle since they won't sell a video card by itself now? Moving more and more of my tech purchases to Amazon because of Newegg's sketchy business practices like what they're doing with the shuffle. PS like your stuff btw tons better than Minus Tech Tips, which is what it's become, with all the sales pitches there's hardly any time for tech tips let alone news.

    87. 1sonyzz

      Boy: will it fit Girl: hardly because, your power cable is not 2 inches long... -JayzTwoCents 2021

    88. Atharyel

      Never would buy an NZXT board, mainly because I hate the CAM software. I had to search forever to find another software which would let me controll the pump speed. Argus Monitor is completely capable of that, so I deinstalled CAM. What bothers me too are the restrictions that NZXT implemented in their AIO coolers … For example if you run CAM and Hwinfo at the same time it won’t readout the water temp, pump speed etc. lol. It’s just greyed out and that’s definitely intended from NZXT.

    89. robert kennion

      did you just say cooling one only one side of an m.2 ssd could still throttle??? Surely the heat will sink through the pcb to the side being cooled....I mean how many m.2 ssds are cooled on both sides?

    90. el takuache cuh

      Wow... wish this was out 3 weeks ago before I got my rog strix b550. It seems like a bargain for the features it has.

    91. Quantos

      One antenna is likely 2400MHz for both wifi and blue tooth, and the second antenna is likely for the faster wifi alone.

    92. Aegis Kay

      Why do I get the feeling Corsair are going to go down this route and outsource a feature rich motherboard for their RGB rich ecosystem?

    93. Micah K

      i still remember back in the day when nzxt would upload a picture of their intel mobos and the comment section would be on fire

    94. shut up bitch

      Is Metro a good game to play in 2021?

    95. Eat Jin

      NZXT CAM causes freezes I would never recommend in my entire life

    96. VoidX

      This is straight a ASRock BIOS,it's the same on my B450M-HDV R4.0

    97. [MK] Vector95

      It looks so freaking cool in black.

    98. cutterboard

      Are such shrouds sensible, or just additional corners for dust to hang on? I mean besides of "looks" which i personally dont care about.

    99. The IGPU Gamer

      6:12 "Assrock for the longest time has some of the best midrange mainstream motherboards you can buy" The intel z590 phantom gaming 4 has entered the chat (hardware unboxed ripped it for a 117°c vrm temp)

    100. David Rook

      I like the idea of controlling the fans without going having to restart and loading up the bios.