Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, opens up about her family

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    For the first time Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, publicly discusses her father Thomas Markle and her half-sister's forthcoming tell-all book in this previously unaired clip from her and Prince Harry's sit-down with Oprah Winfrey. Watch Oprah's full primetime special with Meghan and Prince Harry here:
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    1. Brandon Gunter

      Anyone else tired of millionaires bitching about their lives?

    2. brunoky

      she felt she was above her father that's why she has no contact with him he doesn't have money so she shuts him out and treats him like dirt disgusting cow

    3. Leon Kennedy

      Why don't Oprah interview Thomas Market and Samantha Markle?

    4. Iwix Uk

      where I can see full interview?

    5. Ann Griffin

      Oprah you are a PIG!

    6. hien phan

      Harry’ wife has singlehandedly set back the women's movement by elevating the spread-your-legs-and-target-a-rich-man methodology of past generations. Did she go to medical school? Does she know how to pilot a jet? Can she engineer construction of a road? Can she manage a multi-million dollar organization that employs thousands of people? How can she possibly talk about women's progress when she is no different than an empty headed courtesan of times past?

    7. Ginny Hogan

      Listening to Harry’s wife voice is like listening to a garbage disposal. So grating! Not to mention hypocritical.

    8. hoomalumalu

      why is Oprah buying into this??? WTF is the deal with this race stuff??

    9. Ms G

      So as Oprah says right here, the Sussexes WERE NOT PAID FOR THE INTERVIEW. No doubt that willconveniently go over the haters' heads and they will find another stuck with which to beat Meghan.

    10. Diana Lynn

      Markle and Diana should not be mentioned in the same sentence. Markle is a narcissist and does not appear to be honest. The discussion on skin color??? Really?? That is not racist. We always wonder in my family but we look at the darker as more fav. Just for looks. You can twist just about anything.

    11. Hen Pal

      Perhaps people in the U.K. like Piers Morgan, Rebecca English, Ingrid Seward and the hounds of evil known as the British media (tabloids and royal experts) should listen to these and ask themselves- what the 30 shillings of silver has added to their lives. We live in a universe where accountability matters and ask what if the tables were turned? ….just saying.

    12. Malcolm Manickchand

      she is ah great actress

    13. Neelam Jagasia

      An astrological perspective on what happened when Meghan Markle left the UK: @t​

    14. delta fay

      sickening how money makes people act....harry, meghan and meghans family....shameless

    15. Semiramis Munoz

      Orca, have compasión for this couple. Can Harry's wife can imagine Breaking her father hearth?

    16. Pure Vibes Oracle Readings

      This woman energy is way off. Harry has such a great pure soul. Anyone who tries to divide you and your family is not to be trusted. I pray that the family take him back in and reconcile once he leaves her.

      1. arnold sanders

        B-S !!!!!! She didn't divide crap. Harry spoke for himself. You heard him. You just want to ignore it, to satisfy your hatred . Can't believe you want a man to leave his family to go back on taxpayer dime? You heard it. 72 MP;s spoke up and his family said NOTHING !!! I would be bitter too !!!!! Can't trust anybody that FAKE reads cards.

    17. Patricia scout

      Shame on CBS for keeping this going. Hope it pays your bills. Especially since everything was a bunch lies

    18. L 2

      Is CBS "news" ever going to admit they were had by a narcissistic lying actress and didn't bother to fact check basic reality like "news" is supposed to?

    19. Rui Zhang

      What a bad show from a bad actress. No surprise she came up to sell her family stories.

    20. Josh Bixby

      i think meghan used oprah and gayle as an orifice and this has hurt oprah's legacy so sad and gross where is the other side of the story

    21. Nott There Yet

      There was no integrity, Oprah, in targeting another country's royal traditions. Not an interview. A promotional stunt.

    22. Maureen Reeves

      she grew up with the Markle children till she was 6 years old, then her mother left her father and took Meghan, she asked for Alimony for herself and Meghan which he paid and he paid all her debit and set her up in holiday business When her mother went to prison for fraud, for not paying taxes, she tried to put Thomas in prison for the taxes but it backfired on her and he won custody of Megan, when she was 10 she went back to her father till she went to higher education, she did not go back to her mother, she has now ditched her mother.

    23. AmericanLivesMatter we love you India

      Princess Diana said the same thing about the Royal Family :

    24. Albert Chen

      what a shame , Meghan just like a actress actract public attention .

    25. Charles York

      Mending the relationship that he destroyed!!!

    26. Julia Brook-Brazendale

      Her Mother remained in silent dignity she says. Perhaps she could take a few lessons from her then.

    27. Vora S.

      Hahaha she is a witch

    28. cornelia wissing

      Oh dear! Another MeGain 'opening up' ... What about a closing down? Just for a month or so? We're going to be MeGain-fatigued soon.

    29. Shelley OBrien

      This has proven too be a pack of lies.

    30. Adriano silva


    31. Meg Bear

      This vile couple twisted the truth and lied.

    32. ansh da

      09:28 oh come on! An institution has rules and regulations to be abided, nobody is above them, not even the Queen herself. Nobody forced Meghan to marry Prince. She cud have stepped down earlier. Wud ve been more graceful rather than what you are doing now!

    33. Sandra T

      But you are hurting your child. Just stop your nonsense .

    34. Sandra T

      Boo hoo Megan

    35. S G

      Megan is a true illustration of the degree of ignorance in which many people, not all, in the United States live. Not knowing the British royals is a disgrace after having had higher education. But that's the way people in the USA are, they don't know about geography, history and basic ethics in interpersonal relations.

    36. Cindy Leopard

      How dare you two come out and trash Harry's family when his own grandfather is on his death bed...And you say you love this family...What a joke Harry is...These two belong together, nobody else would ever have either of them...!

    37. Cindy Leopard

      Go watch the lies she told about Samantha...Samantha has given pics of them together within a few years...Such a out right liar Megain is...! and now Harry has become the same...! If Samantha only changed her name to Markle after you started dating Harry, then why is her high school diploma, her college diploma...all this stuff in the Markle name...You are just such a damn liar...sickening

    38. Pamela

      She betrayed her In-Laws by talking with Oprah. By the way, she once said, she does not read tabloids, then why does she know the "headlines"

    39. Suzanne Elmer

      Brilliant counselling session.

    40. bezzulboss

      What a liar she is.

    41. Natalie Fonsi

      Charles has been a giant and epic d bag since he was young. It’s no surprise how he treats his child. Especially a child who is so much like the woman he betrayed and abused.

    42. Marie

      I would like them to be stripped of their titles. They lack the class of a Duke and Duchess. Belittling the royal family on a talk show interview shows great lack of respect and moral values. Blood or not, they are no more than Harry and Meghan.... I absolutely agree with Lady C! It's time for consequences to their royally poor behavior and lack of respect. The Queen should : 1. Immediately demote Harry and make him Earl of Dunbarton, at the very best. 2. Find a way of removing him from the line of succession 3. Make sure that neither he or she ever steps foot on a balcony at Buckingham Palace. 4. Freeze both of them out and 5. Remain a loving grandmother.

    43. Marie

      ....Meghan told Oprah her father betrayed her by working with tabloids, As Meghan and Harry degrade and betray Harry's family for publicity and monetary gain.... It's really disappointing to see Harry degrade his family for publicity, especially as the monarch. He knows the rules of monarchy, how it rolls, all of the in and outs. Harry knows they do not involve themselves with tabloids, even in defense. They never have. What makes MM so special that now they must? She's not, and the tabloids are not the priority or responsibility of the monarch.. Harry knows the British taxpayers pay the way of the working royals. Whether born into that or not, stepping back from Royal duties will include the loss of British taxpayers fundng him in any way. Harry was well aware that includes security. British taxpayers Only pay for Working Royals - period. He publicly stated they made the choice to step back. He also stated they intended to financially support themselves. So now, why is he whining saying his family cut him off??? They didn't cut him off, he left them. Prince Charles probably stopped taking his calls because he was tired of hearing all of it and left Harry to figure out for himself the choice he made. Seems Harry was sticking his hand out to Dad for money anyway. On that note, I find it extremely disgusting that they are being paid millions for these Petty whining interviews to belittle his family. Shameful and getting richer. Mm pushed her family aside long ago, now there is more than simply a rift between Harry and his. Harry has done all of this to himself. As for MM .... tabloids were reporting on her race from the get-go.. the family member's comment about how dark Archie's skin would be, could have been an innocent comment referring to what tabloids would say about the baby. ...Harry has said he made it extremely clear to mm of the family that she was marrying into and how the monarch works. Now mm claims she was naive. Mm is a person who likes to be center of attention, wants to be opinionated and thinks she's a know-it-all. She believes in order to bring change, you have to spice and stir the pot. That's not what the monarch is about. Mm wanted to be Queen of voice, however that voice belongs to Queen Elizabeth in service of her people. Mm seems to be playing a role off of Diana in order to manipulate and control Harry. She is now claiming Diana's depression and thoughts of suicide as her own. I can tell you from absolute knowledge, there is not a depressed or suicidal bone in mm's narcissistic body. If there were, it would be clearly obvious. Just as the world knew something was going on within Diana's heart. Mm claims fear of the paparazzi, yet there is no evidence of that. Throughout their time with the firm, mm was all smiles and posing for the cameras, wanting to be photographed. That's not mental distress. However, cameras caught Harry tight lipped and visibly annoyed. Mm never ran or hid herself from the cameras. you don't see pictures of mm blocking her face, like with Diana and Kate. Harry sees Diana's life with the firm as a victim. Seems mm is using every aspect of that for herself to appear as the same victim.. it's like she is mimicking Diana.. it gets the actress attention, it gets the actress known, it gets the actress paid for the interviews and it got the actress back to LA to pursue what she knows, pretending - acting.. it even got her Diana's money. She's using the Royal family as a plot for her audition... as Meghan basks in the shine of feeding the tabloids.

    44. P K

      How can she feel the need to talk about Prince Harry's family when she's so uncomfortable talking about her own?!😠

    45. Sandy Rocha

      She doing same thing wth

    46. Julia Brook-Brazendale

      You two very silly gossipy women - shame on you for talking about a family you know nothing about and just believing everything that comes out of Markle's mouth. That was no interview - it was a gossip fest full of lies you could have so easily debunked right there and then on camera if you'd done any research into the royal family and royal protocols whatsoever. Markle is a proven liar and has dragged two sycophantic women down with her and Harry. Their reputations and yours are dirt around most of the world who have actually done their research know your so called interview was simply a compulsive liar getting carried away with the excitement of thinking she could bring down hundreds of years of monarchy and ensuring her current husband is just as alone as she is now she's thrown her own family away. Hideous women - mind your own business and stop talking about a private family about whom you know absolutely nothing. Lord God please let someone do this to you and your families someday - maybe then you'll have more respect!

    47. farideh khajeh

      My God Oprah, Gail and Harry's wife are so disgusting. They lie so easily 🤥🤥🤥

      1. mjs

        What did they lie about?

    48. Anna Warner

      The grandfather still did not meet Harry nor his grandson. And Harry's wife is advertising that she is spreading compassion across the world.

      1. Neji Hyuga

        @Ethel Newberry Nice reply

      2. Ethel Newberry

        Anna Warner: Somehow the words lying, two faced and user seem to describing MM.

    49. Claire Oconor

      Harry is a good guy who means well but he is being exploited by his wife who is not kind; Harry is in a very ABUSIVE MARRIAGE AND NEEDS TO LEAVE HIS WIFE ASAP!!!

    50. Raj G

      Problem with father Problem with sister Problem with friends Problem with everyone Iam Only Right Always complaining at others

      1. guesswhat74


    51. Raj G

      Me me me My my my😂

    52. Brenda Chryn

      Her mom got payed to say nothing from harry and his wife. That's how they used the card

    53. ELIZABETH Bishbish

      Most of the interview was a lie.

    54. yayin43

      How dumb you are. Doing the interview and mending the relationship? It worsened the situation. Why not do a hard interview and let them answer the hard questions.

    55. Lifeofmuf

      Poor rich couple🐊🤡

    56. Reading More

      Its a shame the way her father has been treated. There is no excuse for this.

      1. Ethel Newberry

        Reading More: The shame rests heavy on her head and she wears it like a crown.

    57. Reading More

      Did you really want your father to come? ..........

    58. carolyn watt

      She's been debucked on most of her crap, hopefully prince Harry can cut loose

    59. Tootsie2890

      Talks about betrayal of her own family only to betray her in laws by the Oprah interview. Hypocritical🤷‍♀️ it’s crazy how she don’t like her father talking to the tabloids about her and yet is talking about her in laws.

    60. Truth Hurts huh

      I saw Samantha like 18 19 years ago lies lies lies the last time you saw Samantha you went to her graduation in 2008 and she said a little before your wedding she had talked to you 3 years before that you lying witch and he really needs to wake up a picture's worth a thousand words Samantha is telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And another thing her name was Markle before yours so if she chose to reclaim her name that's her business. Girl I only got one thing to say Karma is going to hit you 10 times fold I'll keep you in my prayers.

    61. Soraya

      Shame on the three of them for such an embarrassing and trashy put up show interview.

    62. White Ninja

      I don't understand why Harry wasn't there from start it's fishy.

      1. mjs

        It looked like Oprah wanted to speak to her alone first to get her personal experience. There's nothing fishy about that.

    63. SBCKI

      Tugas2 di Istana, numpuk. Tetapi itu perempuan tidak bagus, Buktinya dia tidak bawa Ayahnya ke Altar Pernikahan nya. Sudah membuktikan dia perempuan gak benar. Semua anak baik2 passsssssti bawa AYAHnya ke *ALTAR PERNIKAHAN* nya 👰🤵, ini perempuan dia bisa2nya jalan lenggang kangkung ke Altar, dengan senyuman yang memuakkan, mungkin dia pikir itu Altar, market/ pasar x yaa⁉️ Ini sudah terbukti Mentalnya tidak bagus Gak bisa simpan rahasia keluarga. Gak hormat pada Ayah Anak durhaka👻 tidak tau berterima kasih pada Ayah, lahir ke Dunia, karena AYAH. Gak sopan Gak empati Gak mampu jadi pimpinan Mimpin diri pribadi saja gak bisa😾. Ini perempuan mentalnya berbahaya, dia juga akan mendidik anaknya dengan cara dendam kesumat😠. Ngeriii ooyy, dia punya rencana jelek. Dia mempublikasikan, se olah2 dijolimi, yg sebenarnya, dia minta *DIJOLIMI/ disakiti/ penyiksaan mental* buktinya dia yg minta keluar Istana dan Istana tdk pernah usir dia..

    64. Irabesa Vakamau

      How did her mother end up in jail? Can anyone answer that?

    65. Irabesa Vakamau

      How did her mother end up in jail? Can anyone answer that?

    66. Irabesa Vakamau

      She's a conniving woman a liar liar liar.

    67. Moving to France

      Some members of the 'Royal Family' treated Diana as they are treating Meghan. Harry and Meghan should just focus on the family they are creating together. And not let all the BS darken their days. Life is short.

    68. Fabricated Reality

      I don't understand why these two priveleged, spoiled, entitled liars did this interview....oh wait, they wanted to let the world know that the royal family is "racist" but refuse to say we must think the whole family is racist. They are crybabies...Meghan is a liberal, so of course none of this race baiting is surprising, ugh.

    69. S B

      Perfection? The loooonnnngggg pause between the racism comment and Oprah's "What?" was pretty dramatic... not natural at all.

    70. machow ks

      Who cares

    71. Dee 369

      She has problems with her own family.... It's not a shocker that she shunned her husband's family and ran off....

      1. Siti Latifah

        That says everything where ever she land dramaaaaa maker

    72. Saiyan Elite

      All based on fake news

    73. Aranzazú Martínez

      Oprah was not ¨perfection¨ -_- ... She interrupted MANY TIMES and it was soooo annoying. Also, the music the used for the teasers made it feel like it was a freaking telenovela, taking away the seriousness of the topic. I believe H&M and their story but I disliked so much the way Oprah carried this whole thing.

    74. Sherri Chamberlain

      excuse...different time zones..

    75. mary mcgrady

      She has a very exaggerated sense of self importance!!

      1. Ethel Newberry

        Mary mcgrady: Yes!!! Indeed, so absolutely right you are.

    76. Rachel B

      If the royal family/the firm is so toxic and racist why are you bitching about your kid not having a royal title?!? Also you can’t complain that they cut you off financially when you claimed to step down from being senior royals to be financially independent!

    77. Marion Isbister

      She is just eating her own words, she’s creating the news from her own mouth.

    78. Ding Dong

      I thought prince Harry was smart.... But this proves the opposite.... A ladies handbag who is such an idiot to be manipulated by such a evil and opportunist women...... She is a gold digger.....

    79. Thanh Thuy

      we love Harry & Meghan & Archie ❤️

    80. sandra Lanier

      Her and Orpah are both drama queens. Oprah has gone down hill and this just takes the cake. Meghan is a D Actress at best. The only thing she has ever done in her life was divide a family and take one of them away from his family and lie. One her sister had her name changed before she was done with college. She even showed her college degree with the name Markle on it. There are pictures of her and her sister at family gatherings and getting along. MEGHAN STOP LYING.

    81. Sooya Han

      To be honest, I am an Asian and i live in Asia. I'm not really following the news about the Royal Family, but The Great Britain Royal Family with no doubt is the most popular Royal Family in here. Everyone recognize them, and love them. And to be very honest, after watching the interview with Harry & Meghan, surprisingly me and my family have more respect towards the Royal Family especially William & Kate. They are really fit for the throne, cause they just never priotize themselves and know their duty well. Its sad to see an outsider, came in and acted like she can broke and control one of the longest monarchy in the world! Harry ? Why are you selling your own family ?

      1. Families Supporting Trauma Recovery

        I just can’t believe she makes up that her siblings aren’t siblings. It is irrelevant if she was raised alone. Strange reasoning. I believe she is parroting the original abuser whose hatred she carries. Alienation psychosis.

      2. Families Supporting Trauma Recovery

        Siblings are not just your age. God makes people siblings. And why was she so hateful toward her siblings since she was twenty? Prejudice? Jealousy? But why hate her siblings. Not inviting them and no explanation or saying she doesn’t know them is cruel. Wouldn’t a happy bride feel generosity of spirit? Why were the siblings so shocked? Why did she direct the worlds hatred and abuse at them. How would she feel if they acted like that?

      3. Families Supporting Trauma Recovery

        Super manipulative to make this about him not protecting her children one day. It is such a fantasy story. Two year old. So embarrassing.

      4. Families Supporting Trauma Recovery

        Ill tell you what is betrayal it’s oprah not helping her with that white thing in the corner of her lip.

    82. Big Mama

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Unseen footage Megan Markle interview!! Truth revealed!!😂😮

    83. Zeeshan Baloch

      I lost a lot of respect for Oprah over this interview. There was total lack of professional objectivity. It was simply race - card , sensationalism and conjecture. Too bad, Oprah used to be a role model of mine.

    84. Lind Cobbs

      Whatever happen to the days of keeping family affairs private and among family. A half black woman marries into a white royal family, so what was Megan and Harry expecting not to happen.

    85. Beverly Adcock

      I can't believe my ears. This woman feels betrayed? Seriously! She is spun a web of her betrayal! Pull up your big girl pants by an open apology to both your dad and Harry's entire family. Oprah. shame on you for your biased interview. Not sure i but into the fabrications. Lies and deception! If any one person spike lies about you, what would you do? I think the correct answer would be litigation for defamation of character!

    86. Taylor Yost

      Megan is literally the issue, probably why they dont live in England anymore.

    87. Dear Maria


    88. Connie Jenson

      She loves attention, she wants people to feel sorry for her. Give me a brake!!

      1. Ethel Newberry

        Connie Jenson. She's a Leo, and many Leo's need attention, and will do almost anything to gain it.

    89. Jan little

      Obviously her supporters condone all the provable lies she has told. Do some research. This woman is dangerous. And he is as bad now. Dont ever come back.

    90. A O

      Get the Snickers Miss Drama...

    91. K P

      Easily the tackiest interview ever. Grandfather was in the hospital and all. This isn’t hard hitting journalism, this is family gossip. Also, for two people who left an institution bc the attention was making the wife suicidal, they sure do want to bank on their fame to jockey for power and money. Tacky tacky.

    92. Dorothy G

      Meghan's Mom "remained in silent dignity" but Meghan & Harry have not.

    93. Багира

      MM sounds and looks insane to me. A poor thing.

    94. Mary G

      Haven't seen Interview yet, but it sounds like a jaw-dropper!!! My prayers are with ya Meghan n Harry... that's a lot of betrayal to overcome, especially by her father. It must feel validating to FINALLY say their side of story after years of abuse!!! Time heals and they are incredibly strong, so there's no doubt this coming era can bring about peace for them. Thank you Oprah and Gayle for being such loving friends to the world!!! I always love seeing y'all together, Go Besties!!! Haha 😄 thank you for bringing this story to us!!! Have a great week!!!!

    95. LynnGee

      Meghan is an exact description of a Narcissist.

    96. Tanya Gross

      It would be a welcome change if Harry and Meghan could work through their issues in private counseling--instead of projecting them onto the rest of us on national TV.

    97. Polly Hudson-Ferrell


    98. Polly Hudson-Ferrell


    99. Polly Hudson-Ferrell