Meghan Markle's liberation from the royals

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    In an exclusive first look on "CBS This Morning," Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, explains why she is ready to speak her truth in Sunday's highly-anticipated interview with Oprah, airing on CBS.
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    1. Truth 888

      First dragged him out, 2nd drag him down, 3rd nothing left

    2. Ginevra Style

      Wrong title. "The royals' liberation from Meghan Markle."

    3. Eugenia López

      And so are you... CBS. Exploiting the RF for money and viewers

    4. Eugenia López

      Liberation? Exploitation 😂

    5. Minerva Ramirez

      They Say there are 17 lies in that interview...seems like Oprah has been markled.

    6. Wong Sia Wee

      0h should be the other way round...the palace was jubilant over the top when they heard both the toxic creatures decided to leave. Heard there was fireworks to celebrate as well!

    7. Nikki Moore

      I bet they'd all be glad to see the back of the selfish cow. Me, me, me, my voice, me, me, me, my rights, me, me, me, my choice. Does it ever end? Nothing to do with race, or colour, or background, just a self-centred generation Y-er.

    8. cbruben

      The racist is dead, long live Meghan!!

    9. pat kemp

      Who taking O’s place

    10. jaimie atack

      Going on Oprah was as tacky as going on Jerry Springer or Jeremy Kyle ......

    11. Fallout

      Send nutmeg to the nut house

    12. A Foos

      "What is right about this time?" During Prince Phillip's well known illness...that is the right time, MEghan?

    13. londonlass1000

      I’m so sad this has caused conflict between UK and US. We have always been such good friends and allies.

    14. memTV

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Unseen footage Megan Markle interview !! Truth revealed !!😀😳

    15. Maureen Ingleston

      I used to love Oprah, but after the "Bad Wig" and "Bad Interview".............I"M DONE !

    16. Baby Girl

      Well planned Meghan🙄🙄🙄

    17. I M Second

      Wow...she is a long way from Diana who was too busy bandaging black children who lost limbs from roadside bombs to bad mouth her family. No one said getting to End Times was going to be a pretty journey but man is this stuff is so sad. In 20 years when Archie does a "tell all" interview airing the dirty laundry about his mother's mistakes for a few bucks, she will probably get it.

    18. Bij Man

      Oprah doesn't give a damn about Meghan and Harry. She wants a good controversial show and earn millions. She pretends to be a social servant. She is one big family breaking billionaire.

    19. Marina M

      “Did Diana ever do an interview? I didn’t know about that” 🤌🏽🤌🏽🤌🏽The worst actress who will go down in history as the woman who swindled the Royal Family. Narcissist.

    20. Katie x

      why is everyone defending the british monarchy in the comments? their racism, colonisations and bitter history is yet again forgotten about because they have a new woman to attack.

    21. Paul Lally

      Does Meghan not realise Princess Diana was loved by all and still came to a sticky end, guess what's going to happen to Meghan ? She'll be taking a bath and the plug chord will get wrapped around her neck in the most unfortunate of accidents, just like Dianna's car couldn't avoid the only pole in a two mile radius.

      1. Katie x

        Diana was not ‘loved by all.’ Hence why the Monarchy murdered her.

    22. R. Lavie

      Good for them they are out! I understand they needed to speak their truth. I hope they will be happy 🤍🙏 Beautiful couple.🤍💖💑

    23. john3v16jr

      What an enormous fraud the so-called Duke and Duchess of Sussex ARE! If they are so sure that "royalty" is not for them then why don't they forego the privilege of having the title? They are scared that discarding their titles would mean throwing away all the money making opportunities they have. They are biting the hand that feeds them! I just hope the Royal family removes their titles.

    24. cutsie kitz

      There is a catalogue of inconsistencies, from Meghan saying that she had a cosy little wedding in her garden 3 days prior to the main ceremony, to lying about when she last saw her sister Samantha. As for the ALLEGED skin tone remark, Meghan says it was made to Harry, then why doesn't Harry lead the narrative? Why does Harry let the woman of colour air his dirty laundry for him? Can't he speak for himself? No, Harry is much more comfortable to let the woman of colour do the dirty work for him. Harry is a coward, and there is no place in the Army for such cowards. No wonder he had to leave. Or was he kicked out?? There is no room in the Army for spineless people..

    25. Tanya Gross

      Notice at about :26, they cut from Meghan's face because she is starting to use facial expressions to disparage the communications staff who were simply doing their job. Oprah attempts to save Meghan by acknowledging there were other people in the room. Meghan seems to think she is so superior that she doesn't need guidance. She is wrong. Being an actress does not prepare one for the world stage. If only she had been less impressed with herself and more willing to listen and learn, she could have made an impact. But she doesn't know how to do that. She knows how to burn bridges; she does not know how to build them.

    26. Donika Buba

      Lady, you were not blind folded when you married Harry and definitely not This young 20 years old, inexperienced women that you did not know anything about royal family and the duties that come with that. You are really fake.

    27. Noel Everson

      Megan Markel is not black she is WHITE. her father is white. Why do people born of mixed race parents always say they are black even when they are white skinned? Is it so they can play on the sympathy card. Its people like megan that causes most of the problems between the races. She is saying I know I am black even though I am white

    28. J C

      If Oprah colors her hair she is a spot on Bozo the Clown

    29. J C

      Racist interviewing a nobody. Jeremy Clarkson said it best "Meghan Markle a 'silly little cable TV actress'

    30. Carlie Beau

      I dunno. What are they gonna do for cash. Shes black listed. Hes a toad. And well be careful what you wish for.

    31. om shanti

      2 40y old kids ...n 1 60y old baby

    32. Jeevamoney Abisheganathan

      Please Queen E...check background of potential brides...have a lie detector test for potential royal brides...see what happened??MM happened !!

    33. nuke946

      Meghan, I sympathize with your experiences, but in this interview you are not very elegant at all. When you accepted Prince Harry as your husband, shouldn't you already know the consequences and responsibilities of marrying a prince? Then when you can't accept it or live it you run away from it all and then blame other people / parties? Your actions are not wise at all, don't you think it will impact Prince Harry, he has a very close relationship with his brother Prince William, 2 brothers who went through sad and hard times who had to lose their mother tragically. After this interview their brotherhood might be destroyed. Do you think about it. ?

    34. Funda Demir

      meghan there’s a reason why people thing you’re not genuine seriously the way this woman plays the victim card, and acts like she was forced into this family.. If she was a naive and young 18 yr old girl I would understand but she knew what she was getting into just like she knows what she’s doing right now.. Harry you’re going to regret this so much one day.

    35. Linzi Chance

      She has little regard for anyone but herself, think she may watch too many disney princess movies!

    36. Evidence

      MM is so fake. Clear as day.

    37. female hobbit with hairy feet

      Liberation? Hahahaha. I wasn't aware that they had FORCED her to marry into their family.

    38. N. S

      A lot of racism in U.K. but they pretend they are not , they never tell at your face , but you could see that in the event of brexit , at the same time the press tried to condemn when there were cases in the stress plp were said to get out of my country , Nigel Farage was the big example of that despite it , the very well educated , intellectual and inteligente plp are not , so I doubt about royal family I think is hard to believe they would say such a thing about her baby’s skin colour. Now I just think she shouldn’t expose the family of her husband in that way , family is something primordial in everyone life’s and they will always be there for you at your low .

      1. Lynsey Wareing

        @Katie x history is repeating itself do we all remember the duke of Windsor

      2. Lynsey Wareing

        See as you aren’t from the uk you have all the answers as to why we left the eu I’ll just let you know it was mainly due to the amount of money we paid to the eu which we can now spend on our nhs, school etc well could of before COVID We are a multi cultural country who openly accepted our neighbours, respect other cultures and generally just get on with it while I will not pretend there is no racism in the uk the majority are not and as a child when growing up like most of the uk was taught inclusion, inclusion of everyone regardless of colour, sex, age or disability please do your research before throwing blanket assertions out in the public domain. How successful was Nigel???? He stood for election 7 times and made mp 0 times.

      3. Katie x

        They weren’t there for Diana and they were not there for Meghan. As Harry said , we don’t want history to repeat itself.

    39. Kitty Watson

      Here's hoping the Royals are freed from Meghan soon. She lied about soooooo MUCH!

    40. Fernando T

      Wow l feel this interview its just a frivolous banquet of stupidity ... she sounds like a victim.... and this during a pandemic crisis... what a lack of touch

    41. Nalil1225

      Why doesn't she join her father in Rosarito if royal life is so miserable? Let's see how she deals with the crime rate in Mexico because she can't afford to live in the US.

    42. Girish Ewoorkar

      This just proves of karma that for years British royal family destroyed culture,heritage ,people of other countries now even after they have whole world’s wealth with them there’s no peace in their lives it’s just their wrong doings they are paying price of it. Look at other royal families like danish sweden Spain how happy they are although they also ruled other countries but not to extent like British royal family did

    43. yael D

      We missed a universal opportunity to learn a corrected way of creating a bridge within a family after insults and intrigue in order to preserve the value of the family and not give up the pleasure of always sitting at one table. Not wise on her part that she violated protocols and knew in advance where she was going. We missed an opportunity to teach the world how a woman should respect her husband's family and not cut him off from his brother and father. Even though she did so in front of her father and sister. What will they say to their unfortunate children who are left without a family? Her narcissism and manipulativeness put her husband, who lacks a spine, in a negative light.

    44. Cole Tanner

      Cry me a someone in the royal family or working for the Royal family said or wondered how dark the baby would be.. that's about the only fact which I'm sure whoever she's pointing the finger at will deny it, that she's given for racism her entire time there?!?.. her dad said she would put an end to the Royal family.. I bet Harry's all for it.. LOL

    45. Anastasia Tamba

      seems shortmind n unaware of her choice...will it be last?

    46. Anastasia Tamba

      she is very selfish....selfcentered....think only for herself..nothing more.. not even for harry....she brings him far from his family....

    47. Anastasia Tamba

      we will see until when....

    48. Anastasia Tamba

      she divided the family instead of bring union

    49. Anastasia Tamba

      she is childish n unresponsible

    50. Naila Qureshi

      Meghan u did good 👍👍

    51. A Rome

      When are you going to renounce the titles???

    52. Marie Joanne

      Watch Lady Colin Cambell on SEprom for the real information and story.

    53. Marie Joanne

      Watch Lady Colin Cambell on SEprom for the real information and story.

    54. Marie Joanne

      Watch Lady Colin Cambell on SEprom for the real information and story.

    55. Marie Joanne

      Watch Lady Colin Cambell on SEprom for the real information and story.

    56. Marie Joanne

      Watch Lady Colin Cambell on SEprom for the real information and story.

    57. Marie Joanne

      Watch Lady Colin Cambell on SEprom for the real information and story.

    58. Marie Joanne

      Watch Lady Colin Cambell on SEprom for the real information and story.

    59. Jules World

      Poor little rich girl.

    60. Künstlerin-DAB1995

      These two have made themselves look extremely foolish with this cynical, backstabbing interview.

    61. monica sidharta

      Who are you to change the rules of Monarchy. Don't you learn from history. If you want to marry one of them then just enjoy and blend with the rules. Drama queen

    62. Ali Abbas

      She is a user and an opportunist ...she used her ex husband also...why dies she feel so entitled to the royals wealth

    63. C Smith

      I think this is totally backwards! She thought she could get a nice royal bounce to the inevitability of fading celebrity as she was already in the "DA" stretch of the three ages of Hollywood actresses and having to supplement her income as an influencer--another career mode with a short shelf life. She and her loudly ticking ovaries went full out at Harry thinking royal is the only lifetime guarantee of celebrity and she would be the next Grace Kelly, not paying attention to how that ended, with acting like she wasn't miserably married a full-time job. This toddlers in tiaras reject is just miserable she was relegated to kick in the chorus line behind Elizabeth II, the Duchess of Sussex, and the Duchess of Cambridge (aka future queen-consort Kate), and SHE is NO Grace Kelly (in any way)!!!

    64. Sylvia Done

      I’ll bet her diamond shoes are too tight as well. Waaaaa

    65. luciq74

      this was such an act..

    66. Xen Illia

      When Meghan was still scheming to get into the Royal Family they interviewed her friends, remember her friends and people who had known her for years saying how Meghan had only ever been for Meghan. She was always only about herself she uses, manipulates and bullies people, mistreats and abuses those she believes are 'lower' than her be they black or white (!!). Suprised Oprah fell for Meghan's terrible acting though, lost respect for her now. Poor brainwashed, lapdog Harry :'(

    67. Annie George

      No one held a gun on your head to get married into the institution. You willfully, knowingly wanted to be married into royalty.

    68. Jesusandbible

      Edward the VIIIth all over again. Divorcee.

    69. Thinker 4ward

      Leave it to the black girl to rebel because the standards were too high. Why you giving us L's?

    70. NJ

      Rich people fighting for their titles & security meanwhile being maintained from public money, & when they already have enough of it. Shame!

    71. Paige Leigh

      The UK's liberation from Markle.

      1. Künstlerin-DAB1995

        The naysayers were proven right. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but was severely unimpressed by her decision in early 2020.

    72. Jennifer Mead

      Now, I ain't sayin' she a gold digger But she ain't messin' with no broke gingers

    73. Su Jan

      Why represent if you are against? If Harry & Megan are against their Royal family, then they should volunteer to give up their "Duke & Duchess" titles..? WHY REPRESENT (as royal Duke & Duchess) IF YOU ARE AGAINST (the Royal)? They can't be hypocrites?

    74. T P

      Before her wedding I had wondered how a woman who champion's women's rights and liberties would be able to function under strict protocol in a Royal family. It's pretty obvious how the system is after all. Yawn.

    75. mirtha duarte

      I've never wanted to watch a full interview this much in my life 🤚🏻

      1. alffuergregor

        susan zirinsky! She is the head of cbs news who produced the interview with me-gain. Guess what she did in 2004? Remember those paparazzi photos of diana dying in the car? Not a single credible paper or tv station ran these photos .... but susan did ON CBS ... and now Harry who endlessly whines about the media intrusion of his mother .. goes to the very station, to the one and only tv station who showed his DYING mother. Because MeGain is a money and fame hungry monster 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    76. Yo Crazey

      She knew what she signed up for. You married into a royal family, once you do that you no longer a civilian. Now that you found out all that glitter is gold, you want to dishonor the royal family. Well you just can't do that without some repercussions.

    77. norberto valentin

      This woman is a fake

    78. Iowangal Smith

      Brits want to strip Harry & Meghan of their royal titles. They betrayed the Royal family.

    79. Muazzam Slm

      She should've married an actor or a singer and not Harry. Because marrying a royal man has its own obligations and lack of freedom which is normal. Such a spoiled girl she is! She just wanted to set her own rules and be free from that royal stuff... And the suicide part is just a huge lie. You can always divorce and step back graciously or stay in the marriage and try to solve the problem. She clearly had different intensions

      1. Muazzam Slm

        And speak for yourself part.... man what's wrong with you? No one in the royal family speak for themselves, its a royal family, its a business, they represent the history and culture of the UK. You cannot enter this ecosystem and be just by yourself, act the way you want, give interviews like a regular celebrity.

    80. Carla Broderick

      Meghan and Harry are lying about the protocol for titling royals. Only those in direct male line of succession are titled. That lie colors everything she does and we must free ourselves from their manipulation.

    81. emde

      Meghan didn't know of the constraints of marrying a royal! Pretending to be simple, naive and childlike 🙄

    82. Shilpa C

      Such a bad actress

    83. John Arne Hansen

      #China #Deutschland We nees to know about the truth about the Royal Family and theor dirty secret!

    84. Rita Wright

      Megan is very irrelevant talk about the pandemic

    85. Mike Neumann

      Two racist women talking about nothing

    86. Irena Chloubová

      Why Oprah? Are You happy? I mean, in time long run...

    87. Na nasi

      All I see is rich people making up things to get money and distract people .

    88. A SA

      She should have known what she's getting herself into 🙄

    89. Pauline Mat

      Nous vivons dans quel monde? Quoique noble appartenant à une famille dite royale selon la conception du monde, n'a t- on pas le droit d'avoir son intimité? N'a t-on pas le droit de s'exprimer ou de dire non là où on veut vous imposer un oui? L'esclavage je croyais, selon cette même conception du monde qu'il est est dans les coulisses, les salons et même dans les bureaux et bouches de ceux là même qui croient dicter au monde sa pensee. Personne je dis bien personne n'a le monopole de la sagesse. Elle habite en chaque être. Maintenant, il revient à chacun de l'utiliser à bon escient. Comment peut -on insulter quelqu'un de la sorte, le pousser au suicide, lui enlever le droit a la parole, le traiter d'esclave et son fils de chimpanzé et dans vos têtes de noix vides, penser que cette personne ne va se réveiller et se rebeller? Vous, qui parlez de l'égalité, du Commonwealth, des droits de l'homme, c'est une tragi- comédie qui va entraîner votre propre perte. Comment peut -on réduire un être humain à un marche-pied? Vous l'avez fait par le passé par ce commerce honteux meurtrière, deshumanisant appelé traité négrière. Le monde noir et certains qui croient que chaque individu sur cette terre mérite le respect, est encore sous les effets néfastes de cette affaire. Voilà que vous l'exprimiez de façon très littérale sans honte auprès de l'epouse de votre en fut de même de sa belle mère. Le passé n'a pas été reluisant pour vous et pour nous.apprenons des leçons du passé et cultivons un avenir meilleur pour les races. Le mal est fait, avançons et effaçons cette épopée en posant des actions dignes pour notre futur. Cessons d'être les pharisiens. Je pense pour ma part que, une monarchie doit s'émanciper, sortir de sa préhistoire, le monde évolue. Les anglais,ne vont pas porter cette monarchie toute la vie. Apprenons a être indépendants et quittons une fête avant d'être rassasié. L'idée qui taraude les esprits est que cette monarchie a déjà trop profité du peuple, il faut qu'elle s'émancipe. Et je pense que c'est ce que ce couple a voulu puisque n'étant même pas proche dans l'ordre de succession au dit trône. Et alors? Où est le problème de transformer leur émancipation en une guerre froide? Ça veut dire que dans cette institution désuète, il ya des hommes du Néandertal qu'on doit pousser à la porte. Sans ça, même William ne régnera pas facilement.aujourdhui c'est les Sussex, demain ce sera le roi lui même. Commencez à y penser. A bon entendeur !!!!!?

    90. GOD'S Property


    91. kyle ptrick

      what would you expect to a loser, useless, worthless meghan of course she make another scandal, she think it because she belong to the royalty she only order and get what she want and enjoy the luxurious life, welath and did not work as royalty, it's her only knows her skills she apply her acting career playing a victim which far to the reality if you have initiative you work for it to be a suitable into the family, tradition, purpose, before hand she should know the burden as royalty what they vision and mission of their duties and responsibilities, but for her she doesn't have that only she put into her head the royal title, she's not have skills that capable and abilities to works for charities because she got nothing when they left at the royalty that's why she making drama and charade again.

    92. Chloe Chloe

      Such beautiful scenery 🧚🏻🧚🏻‍♀️

    93. Positive Vibes

      You are entering to a royal family and you want this family to adjust for you. Ugh, Meghan, c'mon there are only 2 options, either you dance with the song or you will leave... and that should be before marriage. Sometimes for you to be able to enjoy the walk, you have to fit in the right size of shoes. If not, then move to other shoes. You are talking now for what???? I am sorry Meghan but it doesn't really make sense now.

    94. Jan Psillos

      Oh Lord. We've have completely gone over the cliff into shallowness.

    95. Holly Grail

      CBS, here’s a thought, why don’t you just UPLOAD THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW?? 🙄It’s so annoying to have little clips and bits of this thing....

    96. Christine Garretted

      The colossal sousaphone alternatively strengthen because cd equally dance down a truculent jennifer. opposite, happy napkin

    97. Ane‐grethe Poulsdatter Jakobsen 1.53 ...

    98. Dana Comenta

      She is just sick! Every parent ever made us feel ashamed and made mistakes. Its not same as a boyfriend or a friend, its your family! He has not done any crime. He take care of her with all love when she was a baby and sacrifice. what kind of person "kills" her father with something like that? She is divorce, toxic family, soon the beauty is gone... what else?

    99. seeni gzty

      who has high hopes of selling her crappy melodramatic screenplay of 😭

    100. RB RB

      Oh mahh Ghadd!!!!! I lived in london for 4 years and racism in that country is very rampant. I came from the Philippines and they thought of me as stupid it’s because I don’t have their “ENGLISH ACCENT” and they treated me like garbage. Every workplace in the UK has a policy on racism but it’s only written in paper. If you don’t have their accent and if you’re skin is dark, those policies are ignored and they don’t really matter. The only reason why I stayed there for 4 years it’s because I waited for my visa to come to the United States, other than that, I have no reason to live there for 4 years. Thank God im already here in the US where freedom exist.