Molly Sanden - Husavik (Live at Oscars)

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    1. Melodi Pack

      Who knows her from Melodifestivalen and Junior Eurovision are legends✨🥺 Update: This didnt win, but Molly remains a queen 🇸🇪🇮🇸

      1. Alan Graham

        Have all her boyfriends lost the plot

      2. Atooraha Xaafada


      3. Per Ivarsson

        @Johan553 Ingen bryr sig om det, Oscars förlorar inga pengar jag lovar 😂

      4. Johan553

        @Per Ivarsson Nej den här videon ägs av The oscars

      5. Per Ivarsson

        @Johan553 HAHAHA du skojar

    2. MSN113

      Helvete, va bra!

    3. Irisel

      This song makes me cry every time I listen to it. The way she looked at the kids make me even cry harder.

    4. Brandon

      Absolutely robbed

    5. Mats Lindholm


    6. Ella Bell 114

      Moved out into the “big world” 7 years ago, completely heartbroken by the end until I finally came home to my magical Sweden 💛💙

    7. Niklas Lundberg

      Så härlig känsla man får i hela kroppen,när man lyssnar på denna låt 😃

    8. hamed A

      This song hits me deep down in my soul. Songs don't normally do this to me 😭

    9. Bonnie Hillkjhfght

      The discreet architecture commonly manage because desert postoperatively precede forenenst a erect ground. depressed, aquatic detail

    10. Isaiah Smith

      She’s doing our home town proud y’all so proud and brings tears to my eyes

    11. ErinRose Winter

      I wouldn't be able to play violin with her singing like that live. Her voice makes me cry in the most healing way.

    12. Andy007400

      So this didn't win because??? Too many white people being proud of their heritage and who the are?

    13. John Cena

      ShE's SiNgInG iN iCeLaNdIc

    14. Christoph Bardölke

      Very nice song, I listen to it very often. It gives me goose bumps. And the girl in the choir on the bottom left- the has such a cute smile :) Please more masterpieces like this!

    15. hptwin2008

      Absolutely beautiful!!!! Love

    16. Rachhlaur

      Makes me want to go back to Iceland and act like I’m in a damn music video. I’m American af tho…

    17. Judith Walsh

      That was pretty amazing 🤩

    18. Call Me Snake

      I know for a fact Dan Akroyd want this to win.

    19. yuvraj singh

      How can whales sing when Iceland kills them too much.

    20. Ohio Vet Outdoors


    21. Kaj Hoffren

      a singer - nån som kan sjunga - bra jobbat!

    22. Sparx M

      This song and the images of Husavik made me ball my eyes out....I was standing exactly where she was 2 summers ago....eating fresh cod on the wharf and staying that the Husvik hotel, just to the left of the screen...i have so many fond memories of Husavik and my travels of the entire country of Iceland. Iceland changed me....and it will always be a part of me.

    23. Julie Delahooke

      I'm so happy this song got an Oscar nod. Comedies have a tough time getting nominated for them, but I knew this song was super deserving. And now we can say this movie is an Oscar-nominated movie, which is pretty awesome, because it's a great movie!

    24. Old Man Michael Branecki

      was thet in husavik are a backround

    25. Old Man Michael Branecki

      Alittle bit different then in the movie

    26. Jaycee Bicbic


    27. StrickNickland

      Such control. Powerful yet so soft. Love it

    28. ejiro jaboro

      The performance was awesome. Great song, Good singer

    29. Harmoni Lui

      She sounds better without Autotune love her sm

    30. Axle Raymundo

      We we're robbed!!!!

    31. daniventures

      Just realized that her coat is meant to represent the northern lights

    32. Hellen Witek

      It did not win!! The academy did not care about people’s opinion, this song deserved the Oscar

    33. Ingvar Karlsson

      "Where the whales can live 'cause they're gentle people In my hometown, my hometown" Maybe not so safe in Husaby??? The three countries that are still engaged in commercial whale hunting are Norway, Japan and Iceland.

    34. Hellybelle

      This makes me feel really emotional! It's absolutely beautiful; everything from the little children in their warm cardis, her dressed in Aurora Borealis, the stirring music, and her stunning voice! It's just perfect! I want to watch the film now ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    35. Droho

      Jaja ding dong!!!!!!

      1. Elisabeth Lindqvist

        So fucking old....

    36. Najeebah Swanson

      Definitely best song of 2021

    37. Jervynne Leigh

      I can see theNorthern Lights! Molly is such a great singer, this is really Oscar-worthy in my heart ♥️

    38. ⵓⵙⵎⴰⵏ ⵎⴰⵜⴰⵣⵓ

      Her Icelandic pronunciation is so much better here!!

    39. Jörgen Persson

      Far too many white people in this video for the racist Oscar judges to choose this song.

      1. Jörgen Persson

        @Elisabeth Lindqvist Yeeahh that's right the OSCAR jury choosed the BLM song.... Molly is too white. Just listen to the elevator music that wonn. Tin foil?...wake up please!!!

      2. Elisabeth Lindqvist

        Yeah suuuure... Tin-foil hat.

    40. Aries Jae

      This song and movie made me want to learn more about Husavik. It looked so beautiful in the movie and who doesn't like a town with a little fairy tale mystery?

      1. Aries Jae

        @Elisabeth Lindqvist You didn't think the movie was real did you? Husavik is an actual place however and that's what my comment is referring to.

      2. Aries Jae

        @Elisabeth Lindqvist Duh Will is absolutely an American . Also okay lol

      3. Elisabeth Lindqvist

        They are not from Husavik. It's all made up. Molly who is singing is from Sweden.

    41. Steven Gravil


    42. Celina C

      Love love this song so much

    43. Roberto Rolla

      Wonderful.....for me the winner is this song.

    44. hd p

      Are those bunch of litte girls from sweden or usa?

      1. Tobias Lundqvist

        From Iceland of course. This was recorded at the actual town of Husavik. And the girls are from the local school. Molly is Swedish however, and travelled there for the Oscars performance! 😊

    45. paul smith

      That last note has me in tears....thank you

    46. giuliano mamane

      where's the final scream?oooh it was all digital👏👏👏👏

      1. R J

        @giuliano mamane You are Mark Chapman. Obsessed

      2. giuliano mamane

        @R J stalker you mean

      3. R J

        @giuliano mamane You are obsessed over Molly Sanden. Just admit it. I check out her comments because im a fan, thats why

      4. giuliano mamane

        @R J and again still here to stalking me,.."i've seen your comment on other videos"...who's stalking?you're weird...

      5. R J

        @giuliano mamane Always the thinnest arguments. You are the true definition of a real stalker. You are obsessing over her and Ive seen your comments on other videos of her. Its scary for real.

    47. Grace Padron

      Thanks to Netflix we had this masterpiece 👌❤️

    48. Bethany Booth

      She makes me feel proud and I’m not even from her hometown😭

      1. LadyAurian

        Husavik isnt her hometown either, its in an entire different country. Molly Sanden is Swedish, born in the suburbs of our capital Stockholm. Husavik is in Iceland. But the nordics are very tight so it works xD

    49. Robert Kopczyński

      Beytyfull i Love So Much

    50. Diamond Nelson

      She amazing ❤️

    51. Matthias Butz (gnorks)


    52. Amber O


    53. Jörgen Persson

      She was too white to winn......

    54. Matilda sp

      The fact that Girls that not can sing so good, like Britney Spears and Selena Gomez is bigger than Molly is scary for the world!!

    55. Khajit Has no wares

      *a man emerges from the background* PLAY JA JA DING DONG

    56. OP 1000

      I have visited Husavik once.

    57. dax connell

      if there was a people's choice i'm sure it would have taken it

    58. annie Bell

      The kids jumpers are fab.

    59. Clara Alwén

      Omg du är så jävla duktig på att sjunga jag älskar dig du är bäst i hela världen på att sjunga❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    60. Magnus

      Brings tears to my eyes.. vacker sång och ett vackert framträdande Molly.

    61. Bluebuthappy182

      And it didn't win. Well done Oscars, well done.

    62. KellVix

      Me: listening to this My mom singing behind Me: MY VITAMINS!!!

    63. Raymond Anthony Tubojan

      Everytime, it gave chills

    64. JFN

      Molly, I love you!!!!

    65. Danny Geske

      It isnt her HOMETOWN... So its weird for me

      1. White Horse

        Are you from husavik?

    66. andyplanet

      One of the best songs in the world

    67. AnnIry

      goodness gracious. goosebumps from start to finish.

    68. Never Meant


    69. Nick white

      True gifted singer and this song is truly beautiful it amazing voice

    70. Rio Jalene

      I am filipino but i feel at home with this masterpiece

      1. Juan Pedro Dela Cruz

        Im Filipino too. The Oscar winner was actually a half Filipina and i am proud of her but this song should've the Oscars.

    71. Angel Eyes

      I love this song and yes I enjoyed the movie as well! 🤣🤣 the kids though 🥺🥺 just that little bit of extra!

    72. carlo


    73. James Patrick

      I’ve never been so proud to be Icelandic and I’m American.

    74. nigel fletcher

      Lovely voice,the kids are the real Stars

    75. sacredsiren

      How this didn't win is beyond me... her voice is stunning and this song was beautiful

    76. Isa

      Why am i crying WHY THE FUK IM CRYING this is such a masterpiece

    77. Arrúa Areco, Jéssica Belén

      Beautiful. Wonderful. Amazing. Words are not enough for this song and for Molly's voice. The adorable girls choir, the orchestra and the place, this performance perfectly captures the film's essence.

    78. Al Niño

      thanks for being cooler than the 0$¢@®$™

    79. Chingis Roundhouse

      1:58 the way she smiled back at the kids. Damn she is so beautiful.

    80. Seth Lebow

      I’m so proud to be Icelandic but I’m American

    81. Calm.

      Iceland is such a beautiful country. Untouched for millennia and able to be proud of it's heritage and population.

    82. Celine Natchio

      Am I the only one who bursted in tears

    83. OJulian PF

      I will never understand why a Swedish singer is singing this song...

      1. OJulian PF

        @Tobias Lundqvist have no idea about the movie, but yeah, that's tremendously disappointing too I never said I had no problem with that out of my ignorance, thanks for giving this info to me

      2. Tobias Lundqvist

        But you have no problem with an American actor, and an Canadian actress playing Icelanders from Husavik? Not to mention everyone else playing Icelanders in the movie, though they're not really? Hmmmm???🤔🤔🤔🤔

    84. Max Tole

    85. Alejandro silva

      Sooo Cold!!!

    86. Gerson De Paula


    87. A N T O N I A

      Why she didn't 'whistle' like the original in the movie? And it's hometown. Not hometooooooowwwwwwooooooo! Anyway. This is not an oscar winning song. Is simple. Of course not the one who won, but this girl was potential. Xx

    88. Iresh Bolocboloc

      I so love this song!!! 😭

    89. Heezam Roslan

      Speorg note..

    90. Robert Sandu

      Kids are outrageously cute. :)

    91. Emil Eyford

      ❤️🙏 amazing

    92. Kokoroko

      I much much prefer that beautiful, strong, full belt at the end over that "speorg note" in the studio version

    93. Smiling Jojo

      Yeah that was wonderful but can you play Ja Ja Ding Dong?

    94. VIDS

      Molly ❤❤❤

    95. Manos Fuzzman

      Ok... I am going to Husavik!

    96. Erik Sahlin

      OMG! This has to be the best performance ever! It is just genuine! Can't watch this without crying (and i'm a big viking). Molly rules!

    97. Ashley B

      The entire movie seemed a lot like a more adult version of the Greatest Showman.

    98. MrBitchPimp

      I just wonder, Molly didn't get a work permit to do this in LA... Was there maybe a manager there afraid to see her in person since she has been very vocal about her experience of trying to work there before?

      1. Softan J

        The manager thought she should lose weight apparently, she didn't comply.

    99. Ben S

      It's just so magical and beautiful. The flawless vocal, the adorable children's choir, the stunning backdrop, the northern lights, the musical crescendo and epic ending. Just WOW.