My Edit Record was BROKEN... (Revenge)


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    My Edit Record was BROKEN... (Revenge)
    In this video I decided to get revenge on @NotLuc for breaking my fortnite edit world record by 1 edit... he was very mad!
    This video is similar to Trying My Fans Impossible Edit Courses and Editing so fast I start floating and Breaking the Edit World Record
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    1. Ryft

      Sorry for the 5 day break back on the grind again now 😎

      1. Joseph Cook


      2. Glen O Sullivan

        No u da best u take a week if u want

      3. aag goku


      4. DWilliamZ

        @Kappxlot2x stop begging for subs be grateful with what you have i only have 7 subs and im not complaining i want to be a big youtuber to but takes hard work so be grateful for the subs you have

      5. Mick VFX


    2. Shaashwat Halwawala

      this is the reason that lowly Nintendo switch players have no fun playing the game

    3. Is this life Family

      Hello trash sake

    4. Elixhehe

      bro u Americans stereotype us Canadians for people in texas like u guys say we have an accent when we don't and how we love wearing winter hats like a Russian but we don't like yall niggas needa stop

    5. Hurston.17

      I have an editing record...As the slowest editor in the whole milky way galaxy

    6. AR _Peeking_MAJESTY

      dude i like your vids a lot and also like it ... but that is just ego u are showing

    7. Rob Berger

      GG bro

    8. Artin Bahrami

      Who’s notluc I thought it was botluc

    9. صالح نقلي

      Luc: I like some cake :ryft what type of cake :luc ryft cake : me hold up that was suspicious but me to i will like some of ryfat cake

    10. صالح نقلي

      Luc: that combo that your on oh buss it buss it

    11. صالح نقلي

      Luc: I really like your skin the hat fits so we'll

    12. صالح نقلي

      Luc: I washed you when your sleeping :ryft wait what :luc sorry my bad

    13. صالح نقلي

      Luc: I watched you when your sleeping ryft: wait what

    14. صالح نقلي

      Botluc is sus luc: oh your my daddy. Ryft:what

    15. Mini Ryft

      First of all NotLuc is a washing machine second of all his real name is BOTLUC!! HAHA last of all do 100k edits when you hit 2MIL

    16. Juan Gelacio Segura-Velazquez

      Who ever see this comment use Code Ryft in they item shop Plz 😭😢

    17. Nicole Jolicoeur


    18. Paula Brannen

      Yo rift let's 1v1 my username is logan_thebest20

    19. Armando Lazo

      Ryft my snail can be you in a editcours hshhsbahhaba stupid

    20. Kai Rivera

      Ryft has the world record

    21. Kai Rivera

      It’s ok rfty

    22. Lone Wolf

      not luke and ryft i can edit faster

    23. PC_Quxz

      Ryft u got in my game


      Ryft is the fastes editor in the world

    25. Fortnite King K9

      Yes sir

    26. Syncs Fishy

      Let’s go

    27. Rift YT


    28. jacob drouin walline


    29. kayla’s vlogs!

      Ur the best ytuber

    30. British Kids Kirkbright

      That is crazy 😜

    31. Diana Herbert

      manz is reading the script during his intro can't you look at the viewers?

    32. Florybeth Garcia

      Who else’s like notluc better I’m inscribe to u ryft cuz he just beat your world record bruh u get mad after that bruh

    33. Paige Nikora

      Dude I can kill not ryft but the other one... but I could not beat his score

    34. scalpxzy Gaming

      Ryft is cuter then notluc

    35. Oliver-james Harvey

      💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💗💖💗💖❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣💖❣❣❣💖❣💖❣💖❣❣💖❣❣💖❣💖❣❣💖❣💖❣❣❣❣💖🤍💖🤍🤍🤍💖🤍🤍💖🤍❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣☠☠☠☠ Swift how did he die

      1. Oliver-james Harvey


    36. Oliver-james Harvey

      Ryft iLoL

    37. Maykel Cuellar

      What can those fingers do

    38. Thor Odinson

      I use code Ryft and I'm on Controller and I edit like you Ryft

    39. sharon- onica Neral

      What i always think is why arent you looking at the cam you just look at your computer

    40. Mary Denhard

      Yo rifty you good ok

    41. Random person Hi

      2:06 u mean botluc😐

    42. Pctrl fares Boxed you

      Yo ryft I sometimes think that you are using macro because you are the fastest editor in fortine mate

    43. oliver Jackson

      Ryft is the king of editing. Notluc? Nah botluc is just the king of bots

    44. Mark Helms

      Why does your videos have so many ads?

    45. Nugz Playz

      Notluc will always be wanna be Ryft

    46. Riley Fever

      not luc is not good

    47. Riley Fever

      omg ryft is so good he is not macros is to fast but ryft is better

    48. xd dogwater

      U need a haircut no affence

    49. Jayden Farbin


    50. Gamer Boii2256

      This was scripted

    51. Sergeant Winter Gaming

      the face on the thumbnail is sooooooooooooo funny

    52. Julian Mendes

      the thumbnail face tho

    53. Aubrie Baruch

      stop being mad it’s just a game you just have to except things it’s apart of life

    54. Mr rible

      Not look sucks🤣

    55. Dina Zarate

      Whaaaat no

    56. K'Den Curry

      I'm kind of a fast editor on console

    57. K'Den Curry

      can you add me rift

    58. William Warriner IV

      how about you guys just be friends

    59. AST Kovixz ッ


    60. character

      You think you're some sort of fast edit or something nah

    61. character

      The only reason you made not Luke do this is because you're too lazy to do 32,500 edits

    62. Fortnite Casey


    63. Xd123 Venables

      Your cracked at the game!

    64. Andy Bendorf

      ur so annoying if anyone does anything you don't like you just get mad at them.

    65. José M. González

      Your the best SEpromr in the whole world and watch every video and I subscribed

    66. Zeus boxed you!

      Can you please react to my montage please!!!

    67. BrettBoys

      Notluc wash compared to ryft

    68. Rick Fields

      I love your videos

    69. XxmintygamerXx

      You look beautiful in the Thumbnail.

    70. Majd 8887


    71. Papi -

      Bruh the thumbnail is when you mess up yo clip

    72. ASH

      RYFT how are you good at the game

    73. Martin P.

      Me:Love you Ryft do you know that you are normal in editing Ryft:No...Im the fastest look the world record Me:I alredy see that.NotLuc is a bot.And me I'm console(slow) Username: ultra_martinjo

    74. Ameer Al-karaki

      I swear I are sooo trash u only can edit ur IQ is trash

    75. Flxck

      That thumbnail though

    76. ChillyShadow

      ugly thumbnail face lmao

    77. Demetrius Dillahunty


    78. past Samurai

      Caught notluc in 4k sus

    79. Spaz

      Hey @Ryft I am a controller editor I need some tips to get better at the Fortnite of u could help me get better I would appreciate that have a great day :)

    80. AGENT


    81. Sean Damron

      i Love your videos

    82. Sean Damron

      My Name is magic_ apple

    83. زينب الرشيد

      Dude ryft

    84. King B

      When i say the title i clicked faster than james charles can say hi sisters and charlie demelo can renagade..

      1. Hael Halefom

        I saw the comment non edited

    85. Max Mega Gaming

      2:59 what more like what are those facel expressions

    86. Nikki Prenoveau

      You suck ryft your so salty

      1. joseph murrell

        bruh he isnt bad

    87. MY GUY SG 8825

      6:54 what

    88. ???? Bet it’s lit Issac


    89. seiom jvony

      Am i a higher level than ryft now? im level 189 in this season lol

    90. Suzanne Gray

      Ryft when Luc acts weird: seriously 😑 ... ...notluc is washed ...why hello there.. ....btw I’m not shrek ............ .............. . . .. . . . . . ....or am i?

    91. Chris Da Silva

      You guys are mad sus

    92. Pink ghoul

      I can edit as fast as you

      1. joseph murrell

        Bruh you dont even have a video of you editing and your on conosle

    93. Charming

      pls fix thumbmail cringe

    94. z Pro Dor

      I hate luke

    95. Game Master

      My leg was broken for six months

    96. Cracked PHL

      My cats dog sister killed me

    97. Asher Taylor

      play warzone

    98. xdToxicLlama

      lol your editing is worse than my free real estate.

      1. Alexa Lopez

        Then post a vid showing the fastest edits u can do and don’t do a single edit do an edit course my guy