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    Official music video for “CLOUDS” by NF.
    CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) available 3.26.21.
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    Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
    Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

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    1. Ádhamh Mac Conchobhair

      I have so much respect that he made this to the samsung aspect ratio

    2. Zachary Sklyarov

      OMG I’ve been waiting for a new song!!!!

    3. A Viral Mushroom

      He's not rapping... he's spitting literal fire. Absolute legend.

    4. abex

      Who makes the beats there so good

      1. Nikki

        NF co produces and co directs his music and videos but tommee proffit makes his cinematic beats. He explains how he made clouds on his youtube page. Look up tommee proffit.

    5. Grant Richardson

      for some reason this song brought me here.. what do u guys think of it

    6. First Last

      That’s my high school football team lol

    7. Eligotdabeats 2

    8. David Minott

      Thank you NF from Jamaica

    9. Sam Alvarez

      A moment of silence for those who saw they’re car in this video 😔🏎

    10. Alexios Bling

      Did anyone get the echoed voice in the begging of his video, I can’t understand what it’s saying ?

      1. Nikki

        Heads in the clouds.

    11. Debi Godsey

      This guy is a genius. A humble genius.

    12. King Ja


    13. Alejandra Ramirez

      I love

    14. Christian Meditation

      Jesus Christ is coming quickly! Repent of your sins. He loves you! ❤️

    15. littleworld

      This is on another level 😁😁😚😚😚😄

    16. Excqll


    17. Aaron Ruiz


    18. King Nova

      Every one :get in my van NF :shopping cart 🥺 👉👈

    19. Đan Thanh Võ Ngọc

      Lit 🔥

    20. Durgesh Potdar

      Even if i try ...i will not be able to dislike

    21. ESTAM8 aka OBrizzle

      Just discovered him & thought this track was actually Dope, Lyrics & all... Was just wondering does he curse in any of his raps only cause I went on iTunes to check him out & all his tracks/albums have no explicit sign! Ain’t hating was just thinking he’s a very creative artist cause it’s too easy to swear in raps... 💯

      1. Nikki

        He never cusses in any song or album he has.

    22. Robert Michell

      Dope song nf 🔥

    23. Grant Blahnik

      me still wondering how this video doesn’t have a million likes

    24. Rory Veltman

      The rainy museum shortly empty because saxophone byerly manage atop a near equipment. volatile, rampant eight

    25. bxbyEcho

      He Raps my moods without Cussing perfect🤚🏼😭

      1. GRON DADON

        Yea i stopped cursing in my music go hear it on my page 💪🔥

    26. fikri aizad

      Why u so good?!!

    27. Marwan Ghoneim


    28. 22 gfd1


    29. alex redelman

      People really arn't noticing what all hes done with this. theyre just looking at the surface cause its new and dope but check this out! "I'm high off the music, my head's in the clouds I kinda like it up here, I am not comin' down" -Outcast by NF I havn't seen anyone mention the full circle he made back to that song with the theme of this song. his albums have a theme to them and he sticks to it throughout the album.. now hes coming back around full circle to tell an overall theme. i think hes only putting out about 50% right now. if you notice in "When I grow up" he says "But I'm okay with it, I admit the lyrics are weak I been workin' on 'em, I'll be good eventually I understand you gotta crawl before you get to your feet But I been running for a while, they ain't ready for me, ah" and now we have an amazing rhyme scheme with new fresh words while mixing in the wordplay. "calmly feel myself evolving" - Clouds I think were really just now meeting NF with this song im sure theres more examples of this circling back in this song if you look hard enough.

    30. BossSlayer Gaming


    31. Игровой канал Aragorn

      Из России с любовью!!!

    32. ExxoticPlayz

      My heads are in the clouds for not listening to this

    33. SCORP LD

      HIS RHYTHM THO!!!!

    34. Wicky1199

      All i need to say is... amazing!

    35. NF Trickshots

      NF takes food, guy gets mad and drops fries lol

    36. Dan Marino

      Check out MESUS "clouds" remix. He kills it!

    37. BB Clan Gaming

      Who Else Was Fan Of NF Before He Blew Up ?

    38. Cheezbtw

      Not sure if this is everyone else but I always clap when he does.

    39. Darrian Rampadarath

      nf fans where you at

    40. Grace Collier

      wow i’ve missed his lyrics

    41. Shayde Unknown

      How to lose fat = listen to NF

    42. Jordon Meeks


    43. Ronnie Taka

      🎶"Slowing me down, impossible" 🎶 That part of the clip had me laughing when he tripped... He brought a bit of humour to the clip which I love. 👏👏 Great song 💚❤️

    44. CanOfBeanz

      getting serious jessie pinkman vibes

    45. That One Chick On YouTube

      I think I've repeated this video about 89 times... pretty sure... is this what love feels like?

    46. LaReinadeNJ

      Epic as always!!

    47. Zoe Floreus

      Oh SEprom, how did you know I'd love this? I don't even listen to rap.😍😅

    48. Robinhood 87

      Song gets better with every listen

    49. Boston Paul

      This dude looks like Jesse from Breaking Bad

    50. UnCommon


    51. UnCommon


    52. UnCommon


    53. UnCommon


    54. UnCommon


    55. UnCommon


    56. UnCommon


    57. UnCommon


    58. UnCommon


    59. UnCommon


    60. UnCommon


    61. UnCommon


    62. UnCommon


    63. UnCommon


    64. UnCommon


      1. Jack Danes Jr.

        Bro, WTF Was that for?

    65. UnCommon


    66. tistutijy nah

      Best râper after Ayman serhany

    67. Nickw00t

      I discovered NF recently, I fell in love with his art. The way he talks about emotions during raps, the messages that go through multiple songs, the fact that each album intertwines with eachother, it's absolutely mindblowing.

    68. UnCommon


    69. Judah Davis

      I love NF so much, a lot of people think his music is depressing, but it's not he just talks about his life and what people deal with.

    70. Captain Nicholas

      NF you'll pull me onto the stage on your next concert if i'm there cause i know most of the lyrics to the song?

    71. KENNEDY _K3

      Pesado demais. Essa vibe Dark dele é muito loca

    72. LEOMESSI10 HD

      NF SENT ME 👇👇👇

    73. Robert N Sapp Jr

      New Jumper latest character in movie sequel

    74. HumbleCatPie

      Sorry, NF. You ARE NOT as good as them. You're much better.

    75. Haithem Boussedira Vlogs

      The king is back , ur the man for real That's what u can call a masterpiece ❤

    76. pellie

      Help me I think I have a diseased that's called I cant stop watching this!🥺is that bad!

    77. Nah Bro

      I like it but it kinda feels incomplete, like its missing a crescendo or something

    78. Razzard Shorts

      Well this a legendary one mmmm ohh yay me and the other people in the future I never left oh and to my grandchildren............ NF was a legend in my day Romario hyman©️

    79. vincent toh

      Stuck on dat NF loop

    80. Vlado519

      That beat!!!!

    81. capscup 2018

      I'm convinced this man is a lyrical genius

    82. qtvirus-.-


    83. Littlexbear

      Rappers: Flexing cars, drugs, girl Nf: hey there brother, Want some balloons?😌

    84. derrickgamertv

      My friends: change your style Me:no My friends: AYYY MY HOMIE me: the heck-

    85. The Pseudo Outdoorsman

      At least two of the cars that swerve on the road are silver Chevy Impalas, the same car he crashes in the “I Just Wanna Know” music video. I wonder if that has a special meaning.

    86. Rahul Yadav

      Why his video is not on trending

      1. Danny G Nature and things

        It was when it dropped.. #1 then #6 ....then 10 ..then like 28th .. two days trending

    87. BranduKo


    88. [MODAD] Alpha

      Nice song

    89. 3,000 subscribers with 3 videos challenge

      My Battery: 1% Me: Listens to this song Battery: I’ll wait

    90. HyprJump


    91. Landen Schrimp


    92. Tyler Brooks

      I think I need rehab now

    93. Ducksters 2077


    94. FaceTheOdds

      This will make a fine edition to my... PLAYLIST

    95. END3X-Mobile

      Omg it hits hard

    96. shawn the gamer

      Nf is the best rapper I would rather listen to him then si6nin9 and Eminem.

    97. Soli Jones

      NF it is like the burning building on fire

    98. CHEF Pencil

      I remember years back when NF wasn't even on the charts. Now he's rulling #1 ALWAYS SAID HE DESERVED IT. GET IT 💯💯💯

    99. Soli Jones

      NF you are the best bollon

    100. neypapjr

      My year fixed With this mix And nf will continue to be The number one arTIST !