NHL Game Highlights | Capitals vs. Rangers - May 5, 2021


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    T.J. Oshie scored a hat trick in his return to the lineup to help the Washington Capitals earn a 3-1 victory over the New York Rangers.

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    1. Western Maryland Railfan

      The hell happened in the beginning

    2. yuoop noke

      I think this is why Wilson didn't get suspended ....RATINGS and hype

    3. bilishu aliss

      If it means we get more games like this I might start paying the $5k fines myself.

    4. GZ SPicY x Gio

      Capitals are garbage LETS GO RANGERS

    5. Никита Блеснов

      Объясните пажаласта, по какой причине первые пять минут были потасовки?

    6. gioyu comi

      I can imagine Ovi and Kuznetsov drinking and having a blast watching this all

      1. bilishu aliss

        Rangers are so butthurt it's laughable

    7. Richard King

      HAHAHA These aren't fights! Jersey grabbing and a little tug job. Domi, Probert, McSorley, Kordic, 70's Flyers etc are chuckling at this cute dance.

      1. aola wili

        Tom Wilson just single-handedly defeated the entire New York rangers team!! 😂

    8. Adam Legend

      Huge Ups to TJ Oshie for the Hat Trick a few days after his father passed away.

      1. miko foin

        To bad Ovechkin wasn't there 😕

    9. Matthew Lang

      Tom Wilson lives rent free in the heads of all Rangers fans

      1. hoiy vinosa

        To bad Ovechkin wasn't there 😕

    10. rayminthecat

      That's pretty re god damn diculous

      1. gioyu comi

        Don't mess with wilson

    11. Dung Hoang

      They would better to go to the wwe

    12. Himawan Palastri

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    13. K.A.R.M. Productions

      As my dad would say, "I went to see a fight and a hockey game broke out." ^.^

    14. Строительная Компания Наеблон

      Хорошо потанцевали )))

    15. Connor Prieston

      Don't be surprised if this is Sportsnet's most viewed youtube video

    16. Raymond Clouston

      mmmm.....so there was a game

    17. Vesselin Kovatchev

      Listen to Pierre McGuire's apologetic comments for Wilson! Shame on you Pierre!

    18. Matthew Hall

      I just wish the rangers would have won too

    19. Pushpinder Sekhon

      what a game man

    20. Colin Fitzgerald

      Rangers are so butthurt it's laughable

    21. Colin Fitzgerald

      Tom Wilson just single-handedly defeated the entire New York rangers team!! 😂

    22. jason friesen

      To bad Ovechkin wasn't there 😕

    23. jason friesen

      Don't mess with wilson

    24. Ilya Borisov

      never in my entire life have I ever watched a hockey game highlight... today is a ground breaking moment in my life. i am officially a GIAGANTIC hockey fan. Thank you boys

    25. Snyder Cards

      The only thing the game was missing for the perfect game was a goalie fight

    26. Nelson Atkinson

      Guys, this might be a hunch, but I dont think the rangers and capitals like each other very much

    27. One Two

      A direct quote from the scumbag Gary Beta Bettman Picked to be head of player safety. “Make hockey violent again”

    28. lol trope

      this is so dumb :(

    29. Cj King

      Leg locks are allowed in the NHL now interesting

    30. Angie Smith

      Pierre lePoof is disappointed in the rowdy occurrences.

    31. 0531jos

      Can't wait til we get Reaves next year to go after Ovechkin.

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      3. Charles Fuchs

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      4. Charles Fuchs

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      5. Chris Sullivan

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    33. Misaki Koko

      Best way to describe the game is an adult(Caps) with one arm extended holding back a wildly flailing child(Rangers).

    34. Physics Pilot

      This was ridiculous! Get rid of fighting! I don't want to take my kids to watch that crap! If this was the NFL, MLB, or NBA, the players would be gone and suspended. NHL needs to do the same. Sure, they will take a hit in the ratings because there are plenty of a--hole fans that like this crap. In the long run, the NHL would be better off getting rid of it. More families would go and watch. The a--holes that like fighting would watch it anyway. 5 minute penalties are just there so the players can rest after a fight. What a joke the NHL is. Get rid of fighting and you'll get rid of a lot of the nonsense that Tom Wilson is involved with.

    35. Жека

      Ренжерс вы красавцы !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    36. The Nameless

      What i wanna know is why ovi wasnt in this fight?

    37. Papi Smoke

      I hope each of those players get punished and not be able to play for the Stanley Cup what a disgrace and disappointing for the love of the game playing dirty and filthy like if this is a ufc or boxing fight like I really really hate this a lot nhl gotta set some rules for these dirty players

    38. Sheila Walker

      Love my Caps❤️Oshbabe❤️😍

    39. Cynthia

      Loved it, I hope the rest of the league follows their lead and beats the crap out of Wilson, etc

    40. This Guy

      Props for nyr standing up to the goon squad Leafs needed to do same thing to bruins in years past that's why I loved Kadri getting even for baby Marner and grandpa Marleau

    41. Yura Z.

      рейнджеры молодцы, по очкам проиграли, но ощущение, что соперник физически мощнее.

    42. MyTurtlenamesThis

      If they suspended Tom Wilson, none of this would’ve happened. That just goes to show George Parros isn’t fit for his job.

    43. Andrey

      what happened?

    44. Reggie Dunlop

      "Not Poodle!"......

    45. Terry's Twig Reviews


    46. I’m stupider than the Guy I’m replying to, but

      Bruh this looks like a video game glitch

    47. Calvin Cobb

      This game was both the shitiest game but also incredibly heart felt with Oshies hat trick. Hockey everyone

    48. Robert Vales

      Wait is it just me, or do the Capitals and the Rangers always have controversial moments

    49. SpeedStriker06

      Secret base in 2 years are gonna make a beef video im predicting

    50. Jake K

      How about this George parros the players solve the problems you can’t

      1. Johnny D

        I still can’t believe he runs player safety. That’s like making OJ Simpson the warden at Rikers Island

    51. WDSA

      Relax guys they’re trying to recreate Slap Shot

    52. IM AMG IM AMG

      Вашингтон красавчики 👍

    53. SsS SsS

      панарину наваляли по делу, не хрен лезть на спину Уилсону, тем более если ты не собираешься драться! а про заявления панарина не ехать на ЧМ, так это просто повод, чтобы не играть за сборную РФ. Это и не удивительно, для таких "патриотов", в стране где мерилом всему деньги, так и должно быть!

    54. иван петров

      что за хня? где хокей?

    55. Mr Lockhart

      And the winners are Washington, both game and fights

      1. Johnny D

        @Mr Lockhart lol

      2. Mr Lockhart

        @Johnny D so true :)

      3. Johnny D

        Also receiving 245k less then the Rangers in fines lol.

    56. Fleuk

      Despite all the fighting I feel for Oshie. What a great game by him. I don’t want the fighting to overshadow the hat-trick.

    57. Константин П

      Если бы в России команды вместо хоккея целый период дубасили друг друга, болельщики бы ушли с трибун или подвергли обструкции обе команды

    58. Igor Karpov (KotBegemot)

      Now that was a game... Anyway, who knows what is this song 5:37? It's often played when Rangers allow a goal. Shazam can't figure it out because of the announcers talking. It's bugging me for a while now lol

    59. Johnny D

      As someone who grew up hating the Rangers I have to commend them on doing what they had to do to stick up for their teammate. A 5k fine to a man with a really bad history of suspensions and dirty hits is really insulting. Yes hockey has changed, and i still love the physical part as much as anyone. But it’s gotta be clean. And if the league wants to sit back and let those antics go unchecked then stuff like this will continue to happen.

    60. ShroomGod

      Man I love Brandon smith.

    61. Дмитрий Цай

      Я думаю зрители как раз и пришли на бокс! Это было понятно до игры что будет бойня, некоторые просили контракт лишь бы избить Уилсона, Панару ему не простят!

    62. Logan Pratt

      Game of the year

    63. Seth Shultie

      I must have missed the highlight of Buchnevich cross checking Mantha in the face.

      1. Johnny D

        @Seth Shultie Well we can agree on that. I just think with the league only throwing a small fine made this happen. Personally i love wilson when he’s playing inside the rules. He just went way to far the other day

      2. Seth Shultie

        @Johnny D Kind of different when someone hit you with a glove on than with a stick. Either way both were wrong.

      3. Johnny D

        Sucks when it goes the other way huh?

    64. Quan phung

      Should have given Wilson the Bure Elbow. If anyone deserves it, he sure does. Where was Ovie? Guess Washington didn't want their superstar in on the fighting. How do you do that to a team that isn't even in the playoffs? That's just pathetic.

    65. Spsuperstar

      Shameful the Rangers couldn't put the effort to kick the Capitals' asses after that brawl to teach them a lesson and on top of that they're fined $250,000 by the NHL. Props to the team standing up for their own teammates but dispicable that they didn't get the job done by winning the game. It was a very unfair situation.

    66. JJnS Farms

      can't tell if they fall down from fighting or from being dizy from spinning haha! Love every minute of it!

    67. Tim DaSilva

      George Parros was seen at the game covering his crotch... seems he was extremely turned on with the Donnybrook style hockey he has missed! Could the NHL fail any worse than this? Not a word from the commissioner! Flagrant disregard for "player safety" , mixed with total mismanagement. This is what you get when you have people that no nothing about the game running the league! How many games did Gary Bettman play?

    68. 3girlrhumba

      six fights, five total punches landed

    69. Paul Forget

      That why I don’t watch the NHL anymore. I use to attend many games. I love to see skill, speedy players not oversized goons. Players like Tom Wilson shouldn’t be a highlight of a hockey game. If he wants to fight than he should try the UFC.

    70. MrAnowen

      Нет, такой хоккей нам не нужен!

    71. Mark IV

      One of the Worst Matches I have ever watched of game called Ice Hockey. No energy, no passion, no tackles....just Theatre and slumpy slopped unskilled gameplay.

    72. Samuel Adams

      Make Hockey Fights Relevant Again

    73. Александр Трунов

      А где боец Кузя с ЧТЗ ?

    74. Scorpius

      It is PATHETIC for Pierre McGuire 🤡to say that if Wilson had been suspended 1 game for an earlier game incident that this would not have happened! Somebody should tell McGuire🤡 to get his head out of his ASS, his head is FULL! mia sententia 🦂

      1. Johnny D

        I mean he’s not wrong. If he wasn’t playing then Smith wouldn’t have been able to jump him.

    75. Scott Carey

      Capitals kicked arse with fists and play. Enjoy sitting at home during the post season Rangers hehehe

    76. Mark Ehrlich

      Who let the Hanson Brothers & The Charlstown Chiefs and Reggie Dunlop (Paul Newman) Doug Glatt, Ross The Boss Rhea (Goon) into the Garden? Looking at the Penalty Box I kept thinking of Roy Schieder ( Chief Brody) in Jaws saying " I think we're gonna a need a bigger boat. Officials should have been Michael Let's get ready to Rumble Buffer, Referee Mills Lane, linesman- Richard Steele, Steve Smoger & Play by Play -AL Bernstein, Jim Lampley, Larry Merchant. & Kenny Albert"s brother Marv. Wednesday Night Hockey became Wednesday Night Fights. Haven't seen so many fights since Gladiator.

    77. Suny D

      Thank you for not being like the NHL by cutting out all these fights early

    78. Sam M

      hockey is so sad...nhl ...will not stop this....because this behavior gets viewers...NHL are lame idiots..fines should be 100k...

    79. John Patrick

      Guess the Rags will have to wait next season for their REVENGE...🤣🤣Alright Rags..guess your winning the cup next season....Rags suck

    80. Mount Gilead Ohio Transparency

      Thats the only way Laffiing stock is going to score a goal.

    81. Big Bombardier

      Рейнджеры вперёд. Эти поцы должны быть забиты коньками.

    82. Lee D3395

      so many fights!!!!ugh! why tom wilson?

      1. Jezballz

        Because he is the leagues biggest scumbag.

    83. Evan Sullivan

      such an awesome game! 6 fights! and an Oshie hatty to honor his dad RIP Coach

    84. Dylan Bob

      love this game hahahah its like im watching hockey on a fuzzy old TV with 3 channels again

    85. Ron Simms

      Did the Rangers win a single fight in this game? Where is Brendan Lemyoo??

    86. Zenix Saxzon

      7:28 that's some shot accuracy right there!

    87. Chirpzie

      This is amazing...

    88. Zenix Saxzon

      Fun fact: More punches were thrown in this game than there were total shots taken.

    89. Zenix Saxzon

      The boys in blue said "You choose violence?" No... "You have chosen death."

      1. GOCAPS0808

        The boys I'm blue are all black and blue after the ass kicking they got ! Wilson punished smith, they ran from chara and dillion. And the caps officially eliminated them, and wilson will live rent free in there heads on the golf course... they did injury wilson though... He bruised and bloodied his knuckles from beating the hell out of smith 😂😂

    90. Dan Sharits

      3-1? I clearly counted 4-2

    91. South Florida Archery Guy

      What does the NHL expect? If they won’t take care of business, the player will.

    92. Cam_Hockey33

      I like how Wilson was looking up during his first shift he knew someone was gonna go after him

    93. Scott Scotty

      Watch this game NHL? Squarely on you.

    94. Игорь Федотов

      Ванечек походу сасонова задвинул, осталось у рейнджерс почистить от мусора позицию..

    95. michael angelo

      Caps Suck!

    96. C S

      The sport of hockey needs rivalries and emotions like this. This game was all anyone could talk about , I can't imagine the game of hockey without this. It's just a shame that these two teams wont play each other in the first round of the playoffs

    97. Kyler Murray

      Capitals derseved it and Wilson got lucky big time

    98. Racer14 Guinness Lounge Racing

      You can here the depression in pierre's voice as the Caps take the lead. He's so biased. Plus, he's terrible color guy.

    99. skatiemustard11

      This is the kind of game the the nhl needs more of

    100. oldskool

      No one fought Chara ?