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    I'm a little shocked at how many of these sensory toys were things I played with as a child and really made me feel calm. These are some of the internet's preferred ways to fidget.
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    1. Fidget collector

      OK so the gummy things you want grandma or mochi‘s and the thing that you had as a kid is a wacky track

    2. Smokey Da chicken

      The snap thing is called wacky track

    3. laila al-nasser

      The jell squish is a mochi

    4. laila al-nasser

      The push pop is a pop it

    5. Lee Rafeld

      The snappy things are actually wacky tracks

    6. Gøtya_Hailey!

      Fact: te Push pop can also be called a Pop it

    7. Robloxlyfidget_TocaBoca

      The snap and click I a wacky track very satisfying

    8. bhupinder riar

      What’s your parents about three with awacky track

    9. Leefy Greenz

      BTW those teach things are called wacky tracks :)

    10. lindsey

      Btw some of them aren’t just toys there fidgets their used for anxiety,stress and autism I have autism i have the pop it

    11. s for scarlett brown

      There not called snap and click there called wackie track

    12. jessica carlock

      That thing that u had to ask Terry about is called a wacky track

    13. Dana Leone

      A fidget cube (my only fidget) you can occupy your hand, and it's not that boring.

    14. London Underhill

      The rectangle thing is a wacky track i think you can get it on amazon

    15. mojomouse85

      Damm I used to be a fidget kinda person, I used to spin my pencil in between my fingers until one day it hit my teacher in the face and almost took her eye out. She gave that nasty look and I never played with my pencil during class ever again 🥲

    16. Erica Dufraine

      Just to let you know poppers are called poppers they're Popits

    17. Natalie Shumate

      What makes me sad is that I never seen or felt a fidget toy and my mom is buying my 3yo brother almost all the fidgets and he brakes them all

    18. Margaret

      4:20 are wacky tracks

    19. Burnt TOAST Is goood

      Right now i am playing with my rings

    20. anand 2015

      I hate u gloom

    21. Alyssa Toliver

      And the the jelly thing CB is a mochi and then the the net and marble is called a marble and mesh

    22. Alyssa Toliver

      Those are not the names the snap things are wacky tracks and then what they called a push pop is a pop it

    23. magix

      2:50 *i think that monkey passed away :(( rip georgie boy*

    24. Nat's Place

      I have the lava tiles in my doctors office

    25. •Rãìñbõw~ūñìćõrñ• In~the~sky

      There are lava tiles at my doctors clinic

    26. Grace Ryan

      if u want something that snaps then go to amazon and type "snapper" then it will come up they are so fun also u an buy a pop tube they are a little loud but it is so fun to snap also u can have a mini one of those to :) hope that helped :)

    27. Allena Thibodeaux

      My school library has a lava tiles

    28. KittenCrumbs123

      The snap and click thing is called a whacky track

    29. Zaida yolanda Rivera

      A push pop is also called a pop it

    30. Ella Bella

      3:12 I have a blue colour changing green one so it’s blue then when you squish it it goes green

    31. Sydney Mocha

      Same Cassie that's still me to this day. 5:33 I don't know if it has to do with my ADHD but haha I can totally relate.

    32. M!cha3l

      No it is £00.38p on m.Aliexpress

    33. kawaii turkey UwU

      For the snap that u want u could try a pop tube :) i have a few and there nice tbh ( VERY LOUD THO )

    34. juju bbybear

      1:56 its not a push pop, its a pop it

    35. LizETheKawaiiDumAngel E

      Its a pop it not a push pop

    36. Fleur de weerdt

      not me playing with my homemade balloon with rice in it- e

    37. Crystal Kate

      Those things are wacky tracks

    38. Vicki Gilbert

      It’s called not a snap n click it’s a wacky track

    39. Rosapanda H

      I have SPD (sensory prosesing disorder) and a few other disorders but i love sensory toys and sensory play I love kinetic sand, play dough, slime/putty and a bunch of other things

    40. BlueParasaur

      I had a tangle when I was growing up and I took it apart and I made a million rainbow rings out of it

    41. domdomdahbom18

      2:53 look at kassie’s curiosity

    42. Kim Ji Woo

      6:32 we have this in Riyadh at a place called Riyadh Gallery I used to play with it all the time

    43. norah's gacha

      Btw that toy you had is called wacky trap)(if I helped you’re welcome)❤️❤️❤️

      1. norah's gacha

        And those jelly toys are called mooches,

    44. Stephanie Rodriguez

      George died

    45. Helen Blake

      Cream of tartar is a ingredient to snicker doddle cookie

    46. Bliqees Jattiem

      The monkey George died on the 12 of June 2021 rip George

    47. Begga Akers

      Us it just me or do other people hate when they pronounce fidget toys wrong it’s just like urgggggggh you know? They save like the push pop water wiggle like those are not the real naaames😤😮‍💨

    48. Sir Clxdy Bean

      Push pop what pop it that’s better

    49. •ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ_ ʙᴏɪ•

      There are called wacky tracks

    50. Kplayz Z

      Gloom: I want a push pop sooo much Me: Its a POP IT

    51. The O Kane’s

      There are lava tiles in some shops for kids

    52. John Wain

      Push pops are called popets now

    53. storm gardner

      the magnetic thing is in Vat19 its on youtube you can search for it

    54. Carolyn Pape

      If you need something quiet, I recommend the rings and needoh's as well as tangles. If you need something loud or something to snap i recommend pop tubes, wacky tracks, or asmr bars. Hope this helps!

    55. Anna Pug Rat Terrier

      Once my 3rd grade teacher gave up basically the last week of school so she put shaving cream on everybody’s desk and told use to play with it so when I got home I immediately told my mom and she said “That helps clean desk” and I was so amazed.

    56. Olivia and Sophia Bxnnies

      My baby cousin was watching the baby sensory videos yesterday and I kinda think the corn guy is cute

    57. García Garcia

      Push pop pop it, thingy you had when you were young wacky track ,ball with hair shagy neto,wiggley somthing water snake

    58. The restaurant

      Push pop😭✋-

    59. PigStep

      The sensory rings are like Edgy teenagers trying to get your attention

    60. Lennea Jannaway

      I would get the skin pick rock because I always wanna pick my scabs

    61. Amber D

      The snap things are called wacky tracks btw😙

    62. Gaming with the Animal friends

      It’s not a push pop it’s pop it

    63. •idiodic_•_cøyfish•

      I have a clicker snail

    64. Nevaeh Bergara

      It's actually called a pop't not a push pop

    65. ROBLOX_livi_potato

      By the way the snappy thing is called a wacky track :>

    66. Anahita Gaming

      The snap toy is called a wacky track

    67. 777AvaT __

      "Jelly Squish" Accurate Answer: Mochi "Pea" Accurate Answer: Pea Popper

    68. Mim’s world 1000 !!!

      Where I live, at our Learning Express Toys shop they have those lava tiles at the checkout area lol

    69. Sweeta Singh

      It is not Warter thing it is water snake 🐍🐍🐍

    70. Sweeta Singh

      It is not pea it is pea proper 😊😊😊

    71. Sweeta Singh

      It is not mash marble it is marble and mash 😅😅😅

    72. Sweeta Singh

      It is not snap and click thing it is Infinity cube. 🙄🙄🙄And yes it is clean

    73. Sweeta Singh

      That is not gummy thing that is mochis

    74. Sweeta Singh

      Thats not snap it is snappers

    75. Sweeta Singh

      It is not push pop it is pop it

    76. Xxgacha_pandaxx X

      There Called wacky tracks

    77. eloraRBLX

      They say it is a push pop but it is a pop it

    78. Emily Whitfield

      Those lava tiles used to be on the floor for the check in at my old preschool and they were the most fun thing ever everyone liked them and the flooring always be filled so some kids would have to be pushed off

    79. Ana Flores

      Me when I see fidgets: gloom those are called fidgets they a lot of them they are simple dimples, and the pop thing are called pop it’s , and btw the snap thing you are talking about are called wacky tracks, marble mesh, and those peas are called peas and the pod or peapopper, the jelly thing are called mochii’s and those rings are called puncture rings (I kinda forgot the name) and they are more! I even have some myself and I play with them all the time

    80. Kiah Harris

      I did that too but I had a pencil not a pen do you know would like you know like a couple of like a month ago since you know I’m on summer break now

    81. Meme Time

      its called a wacky track

    82. Kemi Bencomo

      The snappy toys are called wacky tracks

    83. Emma Sharno

      That Tik-Tok that said push pop when it's actually a poppet all those are all fidgets

    84. _eddie.kaspbrak

      Sensory Ring? You mean Hair Tie? 😂

    85. LaGirla Fit

      rip george he died a couple days ago may you rest in our ooga booga monkey hearts 😔😔😔😥😥😟

    86. Pumpkin pie Gaming

      2:41 sad news, the monkey in the video passed away :(

    87. Bananify

      thats not a fidget cube, its an infinity cube. Fidget cubes are much different

    88. Bananify

      the "little gummy things" are called mochis

    89. София Маринова

      The snapping toys were wacky tracks!☀️

    90. qu3stionable_

      It’s prickly?

    91. Amariah Johnson

      Get a snappers

    92. Gamer_Mal11 :P

      6:39 we have some at the north Ogden Library here at Utah

    93. Glenice Guo

      I am always stressed and wanted the push pop for months but my mother did not want to buy one for me.

    94. Emma Crossing

      4:01 snap n clicks and gummy things are mochis

    95. Rou Xuan Ng

      Talking abt shaving cream makes me remember how me and my sister used to steal my fathers shaving cream to play with it and everytime my father realized almost half of his bottle of shaving cream is gone made us laugh

    96. Floralz Plays

      2:37 who's here after George passed😭 Rest In Peace 🕊

    97. ꧁༒ᴀᴤᴀʜɪ༒꧂

      I dont think anyone would care but....So When I was in the first grade i would get stressed and pick at my eyebrows and people in my class started telling the teacher and the teacher called the school counselor gave me a tangle thing,I was told to bring them home and to go to the counselor's office when I needed to get another fidget toy and the teacher wouldn't care. Apparently they thought I was put under stress at my house,nope! It was the school that made me stressed :) Edit: I lost the fidget toys in my house

    98. EmmaDoesThings

      4:05 i believe that is a wacky track

    99. mariiiiiiiaaaa

      There called wake track's

    100. Amelia Ring

      I'm a fidget toy expert