OFFICIAL TRAILER #2: Rick and Morty Season 5 | adult swim

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    No time to unpack this. Rick and Morty returns for season 5 on Sunday, June 20 at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.
    Song: Diane Young by Vampire Weekend
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    1. LMD1505

      Olokooooo brabo

    2. Masatomi

      Kapitan planeta, voltron O_o

    3. pszSmile

      The graphics are amazing. Can't wait. 😄

    4. Steakduboeuff

      God I love this show Especially how they release 5 seasons in 10 years

    5. ONIJO VG 478


    6. ONIJO VG 478


    7. JileansStuff


    8. Toasty M.

      Coming soon in 2040

    9. MaxyBoys 342


    10. J Bice

      Damn, shout out to Rick and Morty for the Vampire Weekend song! (Diane Young)

    11. Jose Manuel Torres

      can't wait

    12. Dilara Baysal

      "Open the door open the door rick" I'm getting Zendaya vibe.

    13. 30 tabletter ALVEDON

      No dragons fucking rick and morty this season thanks.

    14. Durneel Kneelson

      lol love this show. rick is like all the spirits of smart ass coming out of everyone forming into a single person

    15. marz

      Plot twist: none of this is actually cannon

    16. Nadia I

      i love rick and morty so much that if they did an entire season of the whole family watching interdimensional cable i’d be so happy

    17. Yoongi-Boo -Bae

      OMG I CANT WAIT 😭😭😭💕💕💕

    18. Leszczyński

      0:13 gives jerry a normal little pistol lmao

    19. Portal kang

      I think different family because no space beth

    20. Uzumaki Naruto

      MDS como eu amo esse serie... Ansioso pela 5° Season 👌🏾👌🏾

    21. Amanda Medina

      Hell yeah vampire weekend !!!

    22. Тоша UA

      Before I watch it - will there be spoilers and the funniest jokes of the upcoming season? If yes, I should better wait.

      1. IAmThe Gameboy

        Nope, spoils basically nothing, in fact it'll probably leave you with even more questions

    23. LuCreates


    24. theYellowBrad

      The music is shit.

    25. kat.tozier

      Voltron, huh?

    26. MrGuybones

      Who downvotes this?

    27. Trap City

      Anyone else cannot wait to see the first episode?

    28. Music-Player

      When can I watch it on netflix?? :D

    29. Tanker

      I’m excited.

    30. jimmy cruz

      i guess no evil morty

    31. Артем Колбинев

      where the fuck is the citadel?

    32. sebastian orrego lopez

      el 5 de junio no es sabado :|?

    33. Sunny Bizzle

      This looks like the most colorful season yet! I’m glad this show is doing so can tell by the graphics for this season!

    34. D. Town


    35. amazingabby25

      I hope it’s better than season 4

    36. MaG5246

      Сыендук! Я вызываю тебя!

    37. Alex Lich

      0:46 alberto fernandez muerto :(

    38. Manu Nieva


    39. XxUltra_ GamingxX

      Look like rick is trying to be more positive after he found out that he's a terrible father

    40. Bob Dole

      Looks terrible

    41. alexandre araujo

      Ansioso 😍😍😍

    42. Another Guy

      Anyone know what song this is?

    43. Mirai Kuriyama

      lol that voltes 5 ref.

    44. DudeWat

      So soon? It used to be such a long time between seasons, that I'm not even looking forward to it this time. This doesn't seem _earned._

    45. Dmitry

      hmm anyone - Another world with my smartphone references

    46. Mark Cullen

      Hopefully this season is rly good, season 4 was kinda trash ngl

    47. fouoii gyhh

      para los que no tenemos vida.. Podremos verlo en full hd 4K en paginas piratas 🌚 Vivimos en una sociedad.

    48. Cool Cool


    49. 신준용

      No netflix?

    50. scrappy Mango

      Can't wait

    51. Random Guy

      Bruh the season better be of 50 episodes OR each episode better be at least half an hour long

      1. fouoii gyhh

        I love rick and morty!

    52. Rishik Bhoumick

      june is going to be packed up

    53. Levente Nagy

      in Hungarian, even the 4 seasons were not given up or translated!

    54. A vH

      I hope there is still gonna be dark humour like last seasons

    55. boltonky

      and it will be over just after it started..maybe they need to bring a cross with futurama

    56. Катюша


    57. Master


    58. Alvo Boalsj


    59. Jessica Andrianopoulos

      rick looks happier

    60. jarod phillips

      They just gonna keep doing power rangers?

    61. Joey Enniss

      looks good but man the dialogue seems so much worse than normal, hopefully its just the trailer...

    62. Cj

      I haven't seen Space Daughter Beth in the trailers.

    63. Chopper Dave Show

      Hopefully all the disgusting pedofile jokes stop

    64. Brian Barajas

      That ending is dope. The distortion and all

    65. Indra ashura

      I love rick and morty!

    66. George Gerardi

      1:10 She looks like a female Captain Planet.

    67. Мария Боровых

      Зовите Сыендука

    68. Gerson Igor


    69. патриот казакстана

      Оооотда. Дааааап я так ждал его

    70. Freak factory Studio's

      I tought it was co cancelled?

    71. unk

      hm. no space beth. strange.

    72. Kevin Hill

      "Will you trust me not to kill you?"

    73. Rickasheye Labs

      yay partnership with a platform thats avaliable in like one country/continent the U.S.A when probs get more money by opening up to more platforms from across the world.

    74. O F A L

      why the fuck you changed platfort, now i have to have two to have all what i want to watch

    75. Matthew


    76. CMHolden

      Ey-where's Space!Beth

    77. Daniel Bennett

      OMG 😱😱😱😁😁 I can,t wait to see this❤️🧡💛💚💙🤎🤍🖤♥️

    78. Filstic

      When wil episode 1 Start?

    79. Joky Bones


    80. Zeboi


    81. Stiddo


    82. R0w- 1


    83. ayy lmao

      This trailer sucks

      1. Ahmad Atieh

        U sucks stfu jeez

    84. Nana Yobiniss

      Horrendous music choice

    85. Scott Dodds HOOKGRIP

      And this is just the new title sequence and none of that is actually 8n an episode

    86. willzyx23

      The missed a joke to make Jerry the pink ranger

    87. shani yan

      “Oh my god, come on let’s go.” Says the people waiting for June 20th to come.

    88. Ali XLka

      I love

    89. samjojo 9901


      1. Sedivated

        diane young by vampire weekend

    90. selwonk

      remember when rick and morty was good?

    91. Илья Чагалидзе

      Сыендук ты где есть?

      1. shani yan

        A yooooo

    92. ItsAdenStaltz

      Rick and Morty 100 years

    93. SmiffyLel

      Inb4 another season that doesn’t continue the deeper lore and that’s ok

    94. Natalie Moreno

      It looks like it’s going back to it’s fun light self

    95. simp shrimp

      I'm so anticipated😳

    96. tardun

      Yes! They're back! Fuck you cancel culture!!!

    97. locaL hacks

      I think rick from another dimension gonna make trouble for our rick

    98. CTXGO

      All the military budgets in the world should be redirected into making thousands of seasons of this show

    99. Luke Vire

      Oh shit the season gonna get the family working together

    100. Noelle Bernadette

      0:14 everyone else is with like these big cool weapons and then there's jerry with his tiny little gun😹😹