OFFICIAL TRAILER: Rick and Morty Season 5 | adult swim

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    Now you can start asking us about season 6. Rick and Morty return for season 5 on Sunday, June 20 at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.
    Stream seasons 1-4 on HBO Max.
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    1. Adult Swim

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      1. Corey Blue

        Why is Comcast putting you guys on the more expense package? I can watch you anymore.


        What happened to mr.poopybutthole’s Santa beard & grandkids he said he was going to have at the end of season 3 never saw that

      3. CODGAMER2828

        You were right this sechuane sauce is f_cking incredible

      4. DeRico Fuller

        As much as everyone loves rick and morty and buys merch, why doesn't it make more money?

      5. Grzesiek Grzesiek

        That will also on Netflix in Polish language?

    2. MisstressMourtisha


    3. Jalmaurer Gaming

      *Theory* and *Spoilers* I think after the events of s4 ep10 rick might have jumped into another dimension because the family disowned him and from seeing this trailer two things are very evident #1 Space Beth is gone #2 At 1:06 Beth sounds reliant on rick due to the fact of when being questioned if she is with rick or not she quickly says I'm in when in season 4 episode 10 Beth shows no reliance on rick that's something I noticed If you agree or want to speculate make sure to *Comment!*

    4. Eiaja Gabriel Tabor

      Y E S

    5. Aleta Nook


    6. Archie Campbell

      will it be on Netflix at the Same time it releases

    7. sleestakgod

      I'll be ready for the new season. And I really want Summer to wear that look she wore in "The Rickchurian Mortydate" again. I like her legs and her sandals. And I want her to step on car pedals with those sandals.

    8. Cat Guy

      Is Rick... grayer than usual?

    9. Donny F

      Starting to think he is A bit of a poor creative, should have so many options for storylines with a show like this but he seems to have already used up all his brainpower trying to be ironic

    10. Qbaca

      I am Rick

    11. _peachiiipop_

      I really hope there's a least some development with evil Morty

    12. _peachiiipop_

      I really hope there's a least some development with evil Morty

    13. Rattled

      I hope we see more stories of the citadel.

    14. YukariWillKillYou

      I’m from a reality where we’re on season 8

    15. Balkondiah Kondul

      Finally 😃😃😃

    16. un lucky

      Is it on netflix?

    17. Bob No

      so what about evil morty?

    18. BFMert

      I wonder the secret of the cat who made Jerry and Rick shocked

    19. Rodica Moraru

      Finaly more rick and morty Rick and morty fore ever a thosand years Rick and morty going on adventures and talking a giant morty on the over analising fandom if anyone wants to theorise about this show that they are destine to fail

    20. Oğuzhan

      Thank you adult swim

    21. W

      Just hope this season doesn't take a Year off half way through.😑

    22. Jasper Clement

      clone beth?

    23. Ronn Carl Faminialan


    24. taybear studios

      okay. now where's season 6?

    25. Lukara


    26. Pedro Gordinho

      Que saudades do Rick e Morty.

    27. Bomez Gomez

      Theirs no such thing as time presence so whtam

    28. Bomez Gomez

      Itwasalwaysthatwey seasononepokemon

    29. Bomez Gomez

      It’s all blasphemy

    30. Thomas Fay

      Wait a minute... 1:19 He didn't just clone Beth...he cloned the ENTIRE FAMILY!

    31. eunsuk seo


    32. Saint Arj

      gotta wait until JUNE

    33. razzor wastaken

      Is that the guy from alpha betas?? All jokes

    34. Joanna

      For anyone wondering the song in the trailer is Blue Orchid by The White Stripes

    35. Yousef Alsammarraie

      will it be on netflix ?

    36. kACpeRski #ZAKOLAK

      What about netflix ?

    37. aayush gupta

      I want an episode featuring Wasp Rick and Wasp Morty laying eggs in the prey's eyes or eating it alive

    38. George The Pooh

      So smooth honestly

    39. Tirth Donda

      let's get SWIFTY!!! yeah get SWIFTY!!!!!!!!!!!

    40. Keegan Mayers

      I want to see evil morty

    41. john meeker


    42. bay boklu göt deliği

      this show is getting worse every season.

    43. Exitum

      I remember seeing articles saying adult swim canceled Rick and Morty. I wonder if it was for publicity

    44. Daxter31

      wooh epic dialogue intro then the white stripes and explosions! yeaah but whats that? music stops! now have time for a epic quote drop aaaand music continues yeeaah epicness and hype i hate trailers like these

    45. me kill

      Just A Question. Will This Be On Netflix???

    46. Hearthstoned

      Let’s hope they don’t separate the season into 5 episode blocks, 6 months apart this time 😢

    47. Plan A through Z

      Holy shit!!!!!! I'm so fucking excited!

    48. Sana omar

      just about three months , a quarter of a year , a season , from now

    49. Messed-up Kid

      Rick is actually Morty’s father 🤔

    50. Sweet Lemonade

      I will never get enough of the best cartoon in the world !

    51. seckin bilgic


    52. Bryan R

      It's nice they're giving a sneak peak at a season more than a year away. 2022 is going to be amazing!

    53. kayden horsham

      Best show on adult swim hands down

    54. leo nardo

      Tema del vídeo?

    55. Kumari Manju

      1:05 Power rangers

    56. cola boy

      what about netflix?is season 5 gonno be on netflix 2?

    57. YI WANG

      When is season five gonna come out?

    58. Francisco de Carvalho

      I just hope this season is better than season 3 and 4. Emplemon said everything

    59. Enola Gay

      isn't this kind of pointless, since for the most part the opening intro has never been about the actual episodes? I would imagine the trailers are the same thing. We would be lucky if even 10% of this are part of any episodes

    60. Shawn McElroy

      Welp. Time to stream 1-4 again.

    61. ꧁Pøňý ø ex membrø꧂

      Quem é br assistindo esse trailer

    62. Jesse Cooke

      Gotta love the white stripes

    63. slu

      A day after the episode airs it'll be on hbo right or do I have to wait for a full season to air

    64. Bre

      Omg voultron?!?!

    65. Mobus Seven

      This was never a democracy. It was always a RIckbulic. Lol😂

    66. Enes Imsirovic

      Realease date?

    67. TheOfficialJag

      Their ghostwriter is all that matters.

    68. Kanye Westbrook

      Was that Mr. Poopy Buttholes kid? They grow up so fast **tear**



    70. Mr Hard Apple

      Different voice actors?

    71. Gregor Samsa

      Great Bday present for me!

    72. TheGunzmo

      Every one that voted down on this thinks the wait is to long.

    73. Double Kill

      When Netflix comes

    74. squanching squanchy

      Squanch yeah you psycho bag of squanch. This is gonna be so squanch.

    75. kahzie

      holy shit

    76. Jake Martin

      Bro bring back the sauce !!!!!

    77. Matthew Lucas Beer

      Did anyone notice that the audio actually “skips quiet”

    78. Starla Emery

      I just realized that when Rick,Morty and Jessica are together in this area that could be the episode where Morty and Jessica are on a date 😏🥴

    79. you dont need to know my name

      I just hope that this serie never ends

    80. Kerem Berk Özyılmaz


    81. helene spiros

      I can’t wait. Big fan of Rick and Morty. Even a bigger fan of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim

    82. mistagreeneyes

      0:40 Were we blades in that one? That's tight! 👍

    83. Lynny

      Hopefully they can go on without Roiland..I think he might be spending some time in GiTmO for crimes against humanity..He's flown with Epstein to the island where they love children..Really love them..Babies..And they have a good time sacrificing them too..So I hope Harmon goes on without Roiland...

    84. Pablo Lopez

      Is no one gonna talk about how everyone hated rick and then out of nowhere they're like "alright lets go on adventures like the season 4 finale didn't exist" im not complaining but some attention to detail would be nice

    85. Suspect


    86. Geezbro


    87. Haluxis

      ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yis :3

    88. nothing personel kid

      When are we gonna see that adventure where the Cthulhu is chasing them

      1. Burak oyunda fan club

        It should be finale i think

    89. Sin Ryden

      will it come out on Netflix the same date? and will it come to EU Netflix the same date?

    90. dhouib hedi

      Is it in 2021?

    91. dhouib hedi

      Hit the sac jack

    92. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

      Тоже ищешь коммент Сыендука ?

    93. Adxictwiny

      They go on a family adventure just like in the last episode of Season 4. This is probably one of my favorite things in the show.

    94. Adxictwiny

      more Rick...

    95. Adxictwiny

      With Season 5, I have to produce more theories and get ready to go crazy ...

    96. Adxictwiny

      İ can't wait omg

    97. Gamer Changester

      Yesss!!! awww! yessss!!!

    98. Borys Bardon

      finally yesssss

    99. nintendo 64

      Lol, is this show still worth it?

    100. mikin lirou

      I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly yelled out in exctasy and were suddenly happy.

      1. Joanna

        Few people ask "Where is jerry." Rick and everyone else ask "Why is jerry."