Old People Got Weird Products - JonTron


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    1. Melissa Joy

      oK. nOW yOu HaVE mY AtTeNTioN

    2. Jomarel Ramos

      If we get real here for a second, Jon is just a bully making money out of badly educated people.

    3. Felix Knutas

      Cheeze pizza

    4. Louis le Prudent

      What further proof do you need for the argument that advertisers are morally equivalent with pedophiles?

    5. CamelCash000

      People get 3rd degree burns from heating blankets and heated car seats even. Auto off is a necessary feature.

    6. TnT FoX

      Jon takes so long to make new videos that the plants on his set mummify between shoots.

    7. Rimvydas Jasinavičius

      This is too good XD

    8. Gamma gaming

      Hey, jOn, your double chin gone!!!, i don't know how to react, but it's fine

    9. 15thTimeLord

      God I hate listening to her, "it's made of solenoid 'features'" the fuck are you saying

    10. joseph huggins

      brilliant..........idk how i got here but you earned a sub.

    11. cloak gamer

      Return of the king

    12. Gatedemon the warlock

      omg i was drinking my soda then they showed this 8:18 the soda was everywhere

    13. normie twice removed

      The cane fu bit had me in tears

    14. Juan Lopez

      9:35 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    15. Heavy Frompootis

      It's nice to know that the Koreans are kind enough to have shows in English for us English speaking people.

    16. Erick Tellez

      Damn, even after all the videos of this dude being exposed by his own ignorant views and opinions he still has a massive audience.

    17. Arwel Williams

      Bruh, I swear Jon gotta la coca habit n comes back for when he's dry

    18. Leonxrdo

      See ya in 10 months

    19. Sir Daniel Fortesque

      That end bit is too perfect, the cane fu dude talking about our personal territorial spheres n all. Someone make that on replay plz.

    20. duck with knife

      Nobody: Pixar moms : 8:22

    21. Rey W

      Boi, make merch again. I watched you back pre-goosebumps and you disappeared and I was so upset.. then there was game grumps which was eh decent. Now you're back and back again and I didn't even know. Make merch cause I need a shirt.

    22. HauntedRaincoat

      The Robot looks like a Doctor Who "monster of the week" character.

    23. Hekinsieden

      The toilet paper landing "butter side down" got me.

    24. Michael Buehler

      These are worth the long wait.

    25. ProHKReflex

      JonTron. We missed you. :D

    26. qr9.4

      I missed your vids so much

    27. Willem Zoetemeijer

      Everything he says is a Meme

    28. ifeelit

      this guy must have bank to take this long without uploading

    29. Harley HackEmUp

      I'm sorry.... the speaker "links up through infrared rays" ????? You mean the energy that we feel as heat? Primarily from the sun and fire? Yah I'm gonna have to say I don't think the speaker is connecting to the TV through high temperatures...

    30. Froosty

      Welp, here we go for another 10 months without another Jontron video while he makes videos for mobile games on advertisements...

    31. MrRedstone

      HOLD UP It has "solenoids that heat up so it doesn't need heating wire"? Dude, solenoids are coils of wire! They're not supposed to heat up, if they're heating up *that much* that means you're overdriving them and they're fucking overheating! They can get lukewarm, but definitely not 40 degrees what the fucccc?

    32. MisterCaden’s Sandbox

      I’d like to see the robot wake the elderly person up in at 3 am and say it’s 3am in the morning and start turning all its lights to red

    33. A cat with a different name again

      Heard there once was a Vampired called DIO who also fell for such a mask

    34. el buen Erniko

      8:22 AYO AYO CHILL

    35. Sean Barrett

      How are their American accents so good?

    36. Tyler Davis

      Cane fu is a tried and proven technique used for defending yourself from the stairs

    37. WyattTheSkid

      Ah yes, heres our JonTron upload for the year

    38. Broken Heart

      New Subscriber Hello What! What tha F*** The Famous Meme Guy Finally I found that gur Jontron

    39. superzilla784

      "Maybe I'm trying to stay relevant" Jon, even after you die, you'll always remain relevant after all the memes you spawned. Lol

    40. SSj Crono

      14:09 git me cracking up 😂😂😂

    41. taemoopooo

      Quality > quantity

    42. Dan Hannigan

      12:04 best part by far

    43. Tony 3x

      My name is Anthony & honestly I forgot to take my daily vitamin gummies this morning... thank you Robo Buddy !!

    44. koi oaks

      The face mask is literally a Tim and Eric skit. God help us.

    45. Nicholas Smith

      Great video man, tons of love from canada see ya next year

    46. Andre Rad

      Man gets all the warzone w's

    47. Techno Blitz

      yey a new vid

    48. Ice Wolf

      I had another tab open on game grumps and heard Jon say "I've been on a hiatus for a while" I was so confused!

    49. Tony Pepperoni

      I like how the only proof of life we had for JonTron in the past 250 days before this video was uploaded, was a ww2 mobile game ad he was in

    50. SayfRG2874

      This man uploads once a year for atleast 30 mins, but each second is freaking awesome.

    51. Doubleline

      my jontron sense always tingles when you post a video, don't get notifications but Im almost on time

    52. Redx_Gamer

      OMG a frekin neaww vidaedo

    53. Timothy James Hardcastle

      Oblivion music with skyrims hud.. rookie mistake John!

    54. redluc14n

      6:40 I'm insulted

    55. Aleksis Anttila

      I am sunni muslim and proud!!!!! Ishmallah!!!! ☪️🛐😁🤪

    56. unshapen tuna

      8:20 T H I C C

    57. Discorded

      I was choking, and 5:49 helped me choke harder, which saved me from choking, so thanks??????

    58. TheNotoriousJohnnyJ

      Yeah bro I scrunch you wanna fight about it?

    59. Boa The Bat

      See ya next year Jon!

    60. Alistair Fox

      Is honey worth it?

    61. Dark Wolf

      That mask is so creepy I hope she doesn't turn into a vampire 😂😂.

    62. David Hodges

      Finally a video is here

    63. Mama's Little Savage

      Are you a bearded grandma mam/sir? I'm confusion ... 🧐

    64. Schr0dinger's Rebecca

      I miss you

    65. Alice Hall

      Ngl I've been playing so much Warzone lately the Armour breaking triggered me a bit. I need a life.

    66. Hype Dog

      12:21 So that's where Rocky got Paulie a robot for his birthday.

    67. Daniel M

      irreversible damage! damn i laughed so hard at that

    68. Trickster Rickster

      Thanks for another amazing video guy, can't wait for the next one!

    69. Fleef69

      Guy at 12:53 looks like the byproduct of a lab accident that just so happened to involve the DNA of both Lin Manuel Miranda and Nicholas Cage

    70. Light Subterfuge

      I feel like being a Jontron fan is the SEprom version of being a Berserk manga fan with the amount of hiatuses.

    71. Alex Stones

      Jon folds toilet paper in the most majestic way

    72. goldLizzzard

      That cane fu segment was pure lynchian terror

    73. Jacob Aguilar

      Welcome home, brother.

    74. rafecolii

      This is my third time watching this video.

    75. Casey McChrystal

      I hope he posts more in the summer

    76. NCR Trooper

      Hey, weren't u that white separatist?

      1. Obama _man9

        White separatist?, what’s that

    77. Luke Busler

      Isn't like 40 degrees Celsius dangerous especially for the elderly

    78. S Gamble

      Well shit... thought something good actually came out of 2020... Oh well

    79. 15 Ukuleles

      Im not touching that mask, I've seen JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    80. Jcoble


    81. Kruze Held

      John Tron is Gen Z Jay Leno

    82. Brandon Leahy

      Sing a new song fire work was a piece of art sing a new one please.and dose any one agree with me if so leav a comment we need it now more then ever.

    83. N L

      What was that music intro man. Fucking awesome trumpet


      Almost all comments now: 8:59

    85. CrygenicFlare

      8:59 i think i have a new kink

    86. Braxton Meyer

      Please do a vid on the self defense cane video

    87. Dan A

      Glad you’re back with new videos 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    88. Zora King

      Just been rewatching all his old videos for the past month really excited to see he’s back

    89. private Terry

      8:16 around this time I felt like I was going to die laughing

    90. iced_coffeelvr

      I laughed so hard I almost started choking! I absolutely lost it at the Skyrim reference 🤣

    91. Cody Kiehn

      I am having a hard time breathing watching this right now. I'm glad your team is back. Hope on the horizon

    92. SpikerDragon95


    93. JC Rutledge

      She sounded like an IRL Trisha Takanawa with that monotone.

    94. engineer gaming


    95. aqua daily

      I got memories when Jon did his robot voice again

    96. pj carrera

      Good vid boys see ya in 8 to 10 months

    97. Milo Cult

      I think we can all agree that Jon posting after not posting for months is the best drug on the face of this simulation

    98. Anonymous GZ

      JonTron dump truck ass

    99. Dion Z

      What does he do when he's gone man??

    100. Brian McCarty