Opening My Gold Play Button (1 million)

Milad Mirg

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    thank you

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    1. Steven Kurtis


    2. Heated

      I wish i can go to 5 sub to 10 in a month lmao

    3. Rayan Adam

      You took my dream

    4. ♡DJ_FOXY♡

      I'm trying to get a play button to I got 27 subscribe!

    5. LoLo the Lop

      You're a star milad

    6. Zenitsu Agatsuma

      No shade but the old play buttons looked cooler but congrats bro

    7. RobBrickz

      First of all, how hard do you really work I mean come on man. There are some SEpromrs who actually do work hard to make content, you’re not one of them Second, wtf do you mean “kids if you put your mind to something, you can do it” bruh you’re not motivational you posted videos on TikTok of working a subway for a few months and somehow got millions of followers.

    8. DGX

      It's very short to the point Inspirational video.

    9. Afshan Rashid

      I am a Little kid on my moms account I really want 1 million subs not subway subs hehe

    10. A M


    11. Maddie Carr

      So exciting I am so happy for you

    12. Brooksgot game

      Look at Milad Man So inspirational

    13. Mays's Den

      He’s so sweet! 😃 So happy for you

    14. bryan jutanzah


    15. undericesinger

      You know you're old when this man said his dream was to get a golden SEprom play button. Lol

    16. Matteo LaSala

      Bro u deserve it I watch all of ur content

    17. jason hancock

      U rock

    18. CaterWak

      Well deserved

    19. Lauren A


    20. Kingler

      Wow he got the play button quick, takes months for some people to receive it

    21. random boy 2


    22. MattRobloxYT

      O congrats

    23. Skye kirah Gabriels

      Well we have the same dream

    24. Adam Quraishi


    25. Mozzarella Stix

      Now ya gotta get the diamond and platinum play buttons

    26. I'm very insucure bully me

      Have your glasses ever fell in a sub?

    27. KarliSetuine Gaming

      Congrats,you deserve it 😊

    28. SHIVAM

      0:11 face reveal

    29. Ghost_Chillin69

      I am inspired. Thank u

    30. Robert Livingston_V

      Lets Get this amazing human being a Diamond play button guy >:3 we just need 100M suscribera Guys

    31. DarkDragon Izzy


    32. Ali Habibi

      Congrats bro. That's crazy 🤪 from 5000 to 1000000 in less than a month

    33. Tigress 007

      Only milad could release successive videos of opening a silver and gold play button

    34. Joe Sentinəl

      Yeah really even some don’t get noticed.......

    35. Joanne D' Mello

      Wow!!! That's awesome Milad...keep it going with the videos...they're always fun and interesting to watch!💜❤🥂

    36. Cool guy 4545

      I find it funny how I watch this guy make subway sandwiches every day but I love it

    37. F1NN

      Nice chest cam 😂

    38. Jennifer Mitchell

      Aww so happy for you

    39. Rainbow dimond

      I’ve been gone for a long time but back and I want to say congratulations on 1 mill subs

    40. John Davies

      4 days and already earned another 6 million

    41. Gamer_ProBoyZ

      Who know the fastest way to 1M is to record yourself doing stuff at work

    42. Addison Peoples


    43. Steve Alvarez

      Is mosly just tik tok that helped u tbh gg but it aont like other ppl

    44. Kumkum Yadav

      Congratulations 🎉❤️

    45. Jordaneye007

      Congrats Milad, you have come a long way, keep making sandwiches and people’s days

    46. Tyler Cai


    47. Josie Del Rosario

      Funfact: milad have his phone on his torso to record

    48. Jenna Castle

      59000 subscribers later

    49. RS Battlegrounds

      Please help me reach 10k subscribers i will be very heappy🤗🤗

    50. Chandan

      part of me was hoping you’d put it in between some subway bread LMFAOOOO

    51. Minecraftpotato24


    52. Galaxy gaming

      Mi dad said that too me

    53. Dark.?

      Milad you have converted me to the ways of subway.

    54. evanjuniorfluffy

      How do people even get a million in few mouths and I’ve been on SEprom for two years and almost 300 subs I’m not complaining I’m just amazed

    55. John Doe

      0:13 what he actually wanted to show off. Rock hard abs from all the subways


      Bro he actually said he worked hard for this lol He makes videos of himself making subways while answering question . I mean like what kind of "hard work" is that

    57. Massimoneptune


    58. A7

      I am 9 years old and I have 8 subscribes

    59. GameDroidYT

      Facelift p

    60. Extr3me

      WOW! I can't believe you did this in 24 days! For many youtubers it takes years to get that many subs... Congrats!

    61. Aarya Bhise F1

      I also wish I will get a play button one day, either silver gold diamond and more

    62. Todd Smith

      24 DAYS!?!?!? bruh

    63. My Game Tips

      Hey Milad I request you very very much. You know the current situation of India. So many people's are dying because of shortage in beds, oxygen, ventilators and basic materials. Please🙏🙏 try to help the people who are leaving their life of this COVID-19🦠😷 I request you to donate as much as possible by your side. Your donation can save so many lives. Please react to this comment. I beg you. The condition in India is getting very much worse. Please Milad Please make this request to everybody you know. Please tell MrBeast to donate also. I know you can do it. Please Thank you

    64. It’s caya!


    65. Joel Neff

      My favorite subway guy and all around wholesome dood. Congratulations on your success and I wish many more your way.

    66. bobby Stanchev

      You gaind 500 000 subscribers for 2 days

    67. ㅤ

      Milad is close to 2 mil!

    68. Rocky Rocky

      I see your face for the first time

    69. Kori Jones

      Its been 3 days and he is already half way to 2 million! Congrats🎉

    70. Cementa Arbulida :D

      Food just fill someone soul ya know

    71. Cementa Arbulida :D

      Know what I'm going to be a gacha tuber

    72. Red Fade

      What i wished as a kid, is a 1 subscriber play button.

    73. Jason Ravichandran

      SEprom algorithm has blessed him by recommending us these videos.

    74. Shuricake

      Man your faster than Dream and Stevee

    75. Alsa Diversity

      Heade 500 k in 2 days??

    76. Mentos

      I have those exact same scissors

    77. Blockablake

      I have hope

    78. JO - 07ZZ 909639 Lisgar MS

      Bra you going to be more popular than pewdipie

    79. Esha Atif

      How does Milad get so many subs? By working at SUBway

    80. Kenn Telesford

      Well done

    81. Arwa hanan Majid

      Face revealed

    82. Fire Chards

      Congratulations on the golden play button

    83. Baby Flathead


    84. Ãlex2021


    85. Christopher Donnelly


    86. MS R N G


    87. Discussion

      Lad you filmed yourself making sandwiches & answering questions - thats not hard work

    88. Fickrett

      Filming yourself Making sandwiches and putting voiceover telling a story. "Worked so Hard for this" Yeah right

      1. Pral Frantic

        Yeah his videos cool and all but don't know if this is considered "hard work"

    89. Naruto Darren

      Congratulations! I’m Darren the one who came into your subway on Tuesday, keep on working hard!

    90. Andrew Kharlamov

      You deserved it bro

    91. shoto todoroni

      Yoooo you deserve it keep making yummy sammies

    92. Adrian B

      Congrats on the button dude🔥🔥🔥

    93. Bahzad Sarwar

      BtW Congrats bro love from Pakistan. ❣️

    94. Bahzad Sarwar

      Face reveal. Done ✅

    95. Mr E

      Who the nerd wearing the camera?

    96. Google Account

      Whoop whoop I don't like tiktok so I'm glad your content is here 💜

    97. Benigna B. Brucal-Soltes


    98. 「Glitched Simps」

      You Derserve it a lot

    99. Jamel Zhang


    100. Fay Razie Sky

      Work hard kiddos