Oscars Performance | Molly Sandén - 'Husavik' from EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: THE STORY OF FIRE SAGA.


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    Straight from Húsavík, Iceland, Molly Sandén performs the Oscar-nominated original song 'Husavik' from EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: THE STORY OF FIRE SAGA.
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    Oscars Performance | Molly Sandén - 'Husavik' from EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: THE STORY OF FIRE SAGA.

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    1. roddo

      Put the full song on or don't bother. Disrespectful. This might not have won an Academy award but it has pulled many people through lockdown. Edit: and keep in mind that the elves never forget a slight....

    2. MrTolgarion

      This song should have won, no wonder your ratings tanked, you people are simply incompetent at everything you do.

    3. Paul Meenan

      WTF, why no whole song? And for that crime add some ya ya ding dong after..

    4. Alex Ngo

      At the Oscars: Here's we celebrate talent. Also the Oscars: Doesn't even bother to upload the whole video.

    5. DAVID P

      Will Ferrell, your movie got an Oscar nod. It deserved one.

    6. Friðjón V. Sigurðsson

      Molly was robbed. She was already a winner.

    7. Nikko Saba


    8. Ma TrIce

      shame on the oscars - disrespectful as ever to the hard work ... in this case they perform so well while it's freezing and then they were cut off in the middle the song and performance? - shame on you - upload the complete performance!

    9. The Dark Angel

      Multi talent ❤ she has a ultimate beautiful voice 😍

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        hahhah kung!

    10. Fred Rydén

      Helt otroligt och riktig bra framförande av Molly! 🤩🤩🤩 Jag är stolt att hon är en av mina favoriter bland kvinnliga artister. 🎵❤

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Du är best på att stjung

    11. Omar Pastul


    12. Everton Pereira

      The song that really deserved the Oscars. ❤️ It's powerfull and communicate with the movie story.

    13. xLightning

      I cant listen to this without crying but this time i didnt even make it to the start of the song ;-;

    14. Cypress E

      This song moves me to tears every time i listen to it...and i am not even icelandic! This is THE Oscar winning song - they dont need a trophy to prove it

    15. ReMixerMatosis

      Where the hell is the rest of it. Was it an Upload error?

    16. Charming nowhere to hide

      This is a winning song for me!

    17. Valle

      IS THIS ACTUALLY THE SONG FROM THAT EUROVISION MOVIE?!?!? honestly, that´s hilarious.

      1. mikin lirou

        starts .....well done OSCARS - well done !!! 😠

    18. Caio Ponce de Leon Ribeiro Freire

      Where's the rest of the song?? wtf

      1. mikin lirou

        this song gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it! Greetings from Sweden 🇸🇪

    19. mikin lirou

      Ten years from now this song will still be popular. The 'winner' will be dust-binned.

    20. Jeffrey Colwell


      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        I love seeing the children sing as well. I miss being and singing in a choir.

    21. super sonic

      sometimes I ponder, if I won something today was it because of the culture now or because of my talent? anyway, this was clearly a beautiful song deserving of recognition👏👏👏

    22. Kevin Scott Real Estate

      ADD THE WHOLE SONG performance please

    23. Maria Olofsson

      Du är best på att stjung

      1. mikin lirou

        World that Eurovision is full of quality 😊

    24. K.O.D Clips

      hahhah kung!

    25. Tina Amelie

      Seriously? You cut out half the song? Like for what possible reason?? Sad to say it but that’s just disappointing and disrespectful.

    26. laura q

      Podía haber cantado double trouble , eso si que es un temón

    27. Adi 94

      This song should win Oscar

    28. DocBrownbla

      Twitter is raging over Boseman und Hopkins, even when that wasnt a snub. That this song didnt win, was the biggest snub of em all. The only song so perfectly placed in the storyline with the backstory and not just an credit song. Perfectly delivered and well written. Shame on those voters.

    29. drttyu liqm

      everybody is going to remember this song while the winning one is already forgotten before it even won.

    30. Filipe Pessoa

      Only two minutes? Seriously!!!

    31. Grace Etienne

      this song gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it! Greetings from Sweden 🇸🇪


      First, they robbed Molly Sandén, the kids there in Husavik and all fans of Eurovision (and we are many) ......and to top that they cut the song before the best part and the highlight starts .....well done OSCARS - well done !!! 😠

    33. Noelia Garzon

      Ya de por sí es una FALTA DE RESPETO que no haya ganado el oscar tremenda canción y ahora subenm el video cortado. Son cualquier cosa OSCARS!

      1. drttyu liqm

        Bäst jag har lyssnat 10000000000 så många gånger ♥️♥️

    34. Chiquita GoneBananaz

      I love seeing the children sing as well. I miss being and singing in a choir.

    35. Morné Joubert

      Oscars gone woke once again showing Hollywood's true colours... No wonder nobody watches it anymore. How did this masterpiece lose to that rubbish? Oh yes... It was not political enough...

    36. Petra Gustavsson

      Heja Molly ! Very well done !💪

    37. yaliso gioouy

      World that Eurovision is full of quality 😊

    38. Chill Will

      Whoever messed this video up, you SUCK. :-/

    39. Rosario Mitacc

      This song was way better than the other that we can't even remember bu won. Go figure

    40. ERTM Medias

      Maybe The Academy ignore the importance of Eurovision, or maybe the fact this movie it's a Netflix production, but as many said here this was very disrespectful to the artist and everyone involved

    41. Sai Tama

      Greetings from Turkey

      1. yaliso gioouy

        There is just one winner. Husavik

    42. Debbi Claire Jackson

      Beautiful....just beautiful ❤ No.Oscar needed to see this is the winner.....now play jaja ding dong 😉🤣

    43. Mixeddrinks

      how did this song lose... you are the worst award show nowadays.

    44. Shar

      Molly is so amazing and beautiful. The kids made it full circle, so precious and my heart is so warm. What we needed 2020/2021 I am sick of politics, statements and sadness. Big warm hug to all those involved in this fantastic video, eventho they cut the ending here.

    45. Rafael Sousa


    46. pika23

      My hometown of point pleasant nj and it's waterfront area remind me of husavik a little bit. This song makes me so homesick.

    47. Molly Hansson

      Bäst jag har lyssnat 10000000000 så många gånger ♥️♥️

    48. Ralf Meske

      The winner of the hearts. Molly, you are the best... The Acedemy jury was so wrong not to vote for this wonderful song... A shame !!!!!! Maybe a reason - she is European !!!!

    49. GreatGabboVideos

      Absolute trash the video is cut halfway. How this didn't win the Oscar this year is the biggest travesty from that night.

    50. --

      this is the song that deserved to win.

    51. Sarah Stanberry

      I do not understand why she could not be the actress in the movie. She is beautiful and talented. Why just dub her over Rachael McAdams?

    52. Lokitoki81

      Im not crying, YOURE crying...

    53. Klaus Bultmann

      Sorry, the choreography was real bad. Traditionally dressed choir and your unflattering dress. That doesn't go together. Should have been something else but not that.

    54. FeelinErie


    55. Tomas Podoba

      There is just one winner. Husavik

    56. crazypaddyhhcity

      One of the best performances 🙏😍 we like Molly

    57. 34smlS


      1. Tobias Lundqvist

        Gå på toaletten då... .blir äckligt annars vet du! 🖕

    58. Arturo Saavedra

      Is a studio or real iceland?

      1. Tobias Lundqvist

        It's recorded at Husavik, in Iceland. Go look it up at Mollys SEprom channel! She posted 3 videos there, about the whole experience! 😊

    59. Zaky Tifano

      This is just a DISRESPECTFUL ACT by the channel to cut the video which supposed to WIN that night 😡

    60. Diony Alexandro

      Que falta de respeto que hayan cortado este performance. Muy mal Oscars.

    61. Templar Sword


    62. Wilda Skansberg

      Så fint

    63. Helena Rask

      Den är dålig

    64. maafi marmara

      12 point for Iceland 👏👏👏.... but zero point to the noble Oscars for cutting this masterpiece.. Or perhaps you are the jaja dingdong team ? Even both song were good😁😁

    65. Tuveumafoto

      On en reste sans voix !!! Wonderful

    66. Lulu Calliope

      Literally the only thing I wanted this year from the Oscars was for this to win Best Original Song. Oh well...hopefully it'll be performed at Eurovision!

    67. Tuấn Anh

      This sound great😃 Now play Ja Ja Ding Dong.😐

    68. Hugh McBean

      Robbed, should of won the Oscar.

    69. Franz Liszt

      How is this even close to Winning an Oscar? Look at fucking Hans Zimmer and so many others who clearly should have won. And this is coming from a swede.

      1. Franz Liszt

        @liul i know, but Husavik was No way close to be winning material. To win an Oscar the song needs to wake emotions, be Bert fitting for what’s happening right there and then, and Husavik did neither one of those things. It is just like any other song you hear on the radio...

      2. liul

        You're talking about two different categories, Husavik was nominated to the best song, not to the best original score (which went to the movie "Soul")

    70. Isabel TR

      Why is this not a full version?!!! Even if it didn't win, it is certainly one of the best songs in the Oscar's history and will probably survive in the zeitgeist for longer. It's such a disrespect to cut it this way!

    71. Johan Böckelman

      Two minutes? Upload all of it, or nothing. Teasing listeners is disrespectful. Clear thumbs down.

    72. Jack of Many


    73. Waxxfanatic Waxxfanatic

      looks like she jus got out the shower an all kids are wearing there dads shruken jerseys

    74. Junno Mars


    75. Tom Waldgeist

      Why did you cut off the Performance?!

    76. Heida

      What is the point of posting if you're just gonna cut it halfway through??

    77. Heida

      Been a fan of Molly's for years and I'm so happy the world is finally recognising her incredible talent! Therefore I was kinda pissed it was aired during the red carpet pre-show (almost missed it btw) but the Icelandic broadcaster, which almost didn't air it, just kept showing the performance over and over during commercial break because this was such a proud moment! Yes it would have been awesome to win but it doesn't change the fact that this was BY FAR the best song and performance of the night. This is better than 90% of actual Eurovision songs. PLEASE get Molly to sing this in Rotterdam!

    78. Elijah Sackville-Germain-Glücksburg

      everybody is going to remember this song while the winning one is already forgotten before it even won.

      1. Friðjón V. Sigurðsson

        I have never heard the winning song and I don't even know the name of it.

    79. f00k it d00d

      Upload the full version wtf

    80. Juan Carlos Barraza

      bad taste to cut this piece of art, now i know why it dont won

    81. HDTelefonica Gestam

      real winner

    82. Daniel Filippus

      Will Farrell was jealous he wasn't in the song so he pulled the plug halfway through.

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    84. Lucas Gollner


    85. Elisa Narvaez

      I wanted that she wins

    86. Fer Noguera

      *in Olaf’s voice* PLAY THE FULL VERSION

    87. Mark Gill

      We all had a hand in it but the elves did a lot

    88. Jonathan Alejandro

      Lo increìble es que no haya ganado.

    89. SrVodka

      Please, upload the full performance

    90. Daryl Lee

      Seriously fuck oscars

    91. Miguel Almeida

      Should definitely have won the Oscar

    92. Shirdimajid

      Beautiful as always

    93. Mor Agev

      She's such a great singer! She needs to be more popular than those wanna-be and trying hard singers. And the song is extremely beautiful, I can't explain the beauty and patriotism of it. It's superduper extremely stunning!

    94. The1NonlyTony

      The only reason to watch the Oscar's this year. I turned it off after this. This was the climactic moment.

    95. Catalin Boscuta

      WHAT bastards why cut it??????

    96. Abdias Arevalo-Garnica

      First you put this Masterpiece on the pre-show not even the award show, and now you don't even upload the whole song... Oscars I think you are trying to hide the fact you messed up this year. 💅💅💅 Awwwwe, I'm happy for the winners ☺️ just stop being so shady towards Húsavik and Molly Sandén. ❤️

    97. celeroon89

      Wth is she wearing though!? A plastic bag with glitter glued on to it!? Looks like shit

      1. celeroon89

        @namenlos40 Pretty saggy light then

      2. namenlos40

        She wears the northern light. :-)

    98. David George

      Look at this song, or even Lo Si or Speak Now. Way BETTER songs than the one that won. I'm sure most fans can't identify or feel any vibes with that song which seems all political. No wonder fans will be turned off and Oscars are at their lowest

    99. khan

      I of course also wish this song had won the oscar but just like in the movie where they didn’t win the eurovision they ended up being the true winners winning over everyone’s hearts and that’s what this song did too and that’s the true win

    100. Luke Fernandez

      Will Ferrell deserve to keep focus on Eurovision rather than Hollyweird! 🍆🐳🇮🇸✨🌈✨🌋🎶🎤