Outrageous Desserts You Have To Try


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    43 Outrageous Desserts You Have To Try
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    1. Fade Chungus

      Fam I just want to wank but these videos are too addicting

    2. Ali X

      Sidemen reacts always good w these 3

    3. COP Gaming

      The best trio to react to any thing is Ethan, JJ and Harry

    4. Jon Bars

      4:48 when the sundress gets caught in the cheeks 🤕🤤

    5. Official JESUS CHRIST

      My Title : top ten ways to be American citizen in one meal

    6. BigRandomUn

      Listening to Ethan pronounce Roti just reminds me of how white this man is.

    7. Jonathan Lubarsky

      3:08 KSI down bad

    8. YEET

      Mo and moshi (no.3) closed down due to covid :(

    9. Joy Sinclair

      9:08 Yo Tobi that Matilda reference :') Makes my heart happy.

    10. Alfie Jones

      My mom looked at me dirty look when ethan said he could wank to dessert videos

    11. jesse calva-lopez

      Just watching this gave me diabetes

    12. Danzbantz 1

      Tobi keeps moaning 💀🤣

    13. Danzbantz 1

      Let’s run this shit DJ caught me off chance

    14. m_iman rifqi

      roti means bread guys

    15. Pearlescent

      "If I wasn't into the gym I'd be fuckin huge" did he genuinely forget?

    16. Dawood Hassen

      No offense but the rainbow cookie was old Ethan

    17. SlyVoxOdyssey

      Ethan's my favourite

    18. Ananda Ram

      5:48 Ethan and tobi perfectly in sync with the song

    19. Sarbjot Singh

      4:51 american behz

    20. FTF Memski

      Our 3 nigerian men from the sidemen making another banger of a reaction video

    21. ThatLonelyDude

      4:48 ayo chill

    22. US3R-PC DA2

      Thank god vik is not in this video...he would be the fun police

    23. malik hadi hammad

      It really makes me consider my life choices watching adult man being trend on by food

    24. Kayden Wagner

      You guy should react to each food in each 50 stats

    25. Poirot

      Caramel egg yolks are actually fucking amazing

    26. You are a stick

      The sus one, the religious one, and the alcoholic

    27. jailbreaken123

      9:13 ethan making a weird sound

    28. BRO TC

      Number 2 Is nicknamed diabetes

    29. Josh A-Z

      Only SidemenReacts video JJ was awake for.

    30. Molly Hughes

      4:20 the legendary blue waffle

    31. Abdurrahman Alsayed

      A lot of these are in Egypt yk🤦‍♂️ Just come and give us a visit @Sidemen Reacts

    32. Edit Name

      2:00 wait a minute dessert

    33. 빈젠조

      God damn it lmaooo I'm from Thailand and Yes that 22 scoop sundae is does exists tho ^^

    34. Anonymous 2.5

      Apparently diabetes don’t exist in those countrys

    35. Alizze Alvarez

      5:39 yes we love Harry 😩❤️

    36. Rasa Merkyte

      Actually, šakotis is in Lithuania.

    37. Jared Franco

      I live near both Kali and The Baked Bear in LA cause I live near them.

    38. Judi Latrisha

      The nutty cheetah electrophoretically spill because enemy histologically bat above a good curve. broad, low fighter

    39. Satanic_reap3r

      Are we going to ignor tobi moaning everytime he saw a dessert he liked

    40. Duke Watson

      The homely banjo utrastructurally request because stool undeniably type pro a dashing kangaroo. cooperative, super wednesday

    41. nword boi


    42. Mission J

      Ethan is a mood when it comes to food 😆

    43. Aman Kadi

      Omds I feel so sorry for Tobi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣JJ and Ethan be making everything dirty

    44. MrNoOne

      Ah yes, finally the three Nigerians

    45. Jason Myers

      7:50 JJ's bite lip🤣

    46. OGUNNS

      1:00 Jaden Smith got something to say about that big Toblerone.

    47. SoAnxiouss

      anyone else from Minnesota and has had the cookies 😂?

    48. Nathan R

      6:23 that Indian sweet is called jalabi it’s like pure sugar lmao

    49. Nathan R

      Strawberry daiquiris are elite ngl

    50. PGR Flames

      Tobi when he sees the cotton candy burrito: that's diabetes Literally every dessert in this video: am i a joke to you

    51. Cookbake Hacks


    52. Black Gold

      As a Guyanese I appreciate Ethan saying Roti correctly

    53. Lav Kaushik

      boys trust me, react to indian food and bag those views and subs.

    54. TheWorldAroundMe

      Hey JJ I see your Volcano on the floor in the back.Once covid is over come to Canada and try out everything here Weeds 100% legal here and all concentrates edibles everything hahaha

    55. Neney987 S

      The way they said roti💀

    56. Kirito

      Did I just see a 27 year old man shagging to desserts 2021 is madd

    57. starbxy_sen


    58. connor shields

      nobody: JJ seeing all the slow motion dishes "O MY GAW"

    59. Joel Thomas

      Aha yer

    60. Lanicia Robertson

      Science if you hear this....nahh mann 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    61. Salty Vlogs

      Love how the UK schedule of posting works out for my insomniac ass

    62. Arian A

      Ethan: ayy jj getting active now Jj: 😴

    63. Arian A

      Its impossibale to watch this vid whilst fasting😂

    64. TheBomDotCom

      All Boston natives know that Mike’s Pastry is way better than Modern Pastry

    65. Hussein A-k

      The second the jiggle cake popped up I knew sum fucked was bouta b said

    66. Hussein A-k

      There has to be a part 2

    67. Sultan


      1. A


    68. Alex Dunne

      Ngl almost got hard from those foods😩😫😩

    69. Skyren Films

      Roti is actually Bread in Malay

    70. MK_TN 555

      Bro am fasting and you are watching that

    71. Venomous Orange

      1:41 ayo what did Ethan say???

    72. coming for you

      bro i have tried a nutella pizza and it was fire

    73. JOKER

      No one: Behzinga: 2:19

    74. Ryan Hill

      Ethan might be onto somet yanno

    75. Andrew “Majic12” Reeve

      As a diabetic this got me thinking some kind of way.....

    76. Elisa Boscaro

      You should see italian desserts!!!

    77. Legacy Eman

      To all the people fasting hang in there 💘

    78. abdallah qatarneh

      wait... so normal cookie dough aint edible??💀

    79. Absolute Absurd

      DUDE ube ice cream is the best thing I ever tasted during my time in the Philippines :DD

    80. Absolute Absurd

      Eating pizza rn c:

    81. Dizzy Shows

      They really said Šakotis and put the location as Poland 💀🔫

    82. easy M.L

      I'm watching this while fasting 😢

    83. Giselle Joseph


    84. Corey H

      11:09 Ethan says he wants to eat Pringles and doughnuts But in the sidemen carpool karaoke he said that he doesn’t like doughnuts.

    85. Ruchunsinle Tep

      The lads at 5:04 😅😂🤣🤣😭🤣😅😂😃

    86. Hala Bukhamsin


    87. Hala Bukhamsin


    88. Raiyaan Zafar

      DID NOONE NOTICE THE "you can do it brucie" FROM MATILDA AT 9:09? BIG UP TOBI G

    89. Samuel Stalder OST

      5:46 - Music syncs up perfectly to when they say "Ooh".

    90. Medioni Asllani

      did Ethan just come out as food sexual?

    91. Taco Bell’s Bathroom

      Jj talking about Craig David at the start of the video like he was lil kid

    92. Formless Avatar

      Seems like most of these desserts were the same... there's a whole world of food.

    93. Ethan McNatt

      Looking at half these foods make my stomach hurt lol

    94. Cameron Modreski

      Petition for a series of them trying these

    95. Asia Osman

      That cheesecake has bunda 🤣🤣

    96. Most Call me Spazz

      Once a fatty always a fatty, Ethan will never change

    97. Duck PT 9

      Bola de berlim from Portugal is... god

    98. Jay drinks water

      lets go minnesota state fair sweet marthas cookies was in this sheesh

    99. Muhammad Madih

      Tobi : 'I haven't had lunch' Muslims across the world : 'I haven't had iftaar'

    100. Anti Manni

      Love JJ-s freedom of living way of living